How To Setup Chromecast



How to setup Chromecast is today’s topic of discussion, but before we move further and learn about setting up a chrome cast, I would like to illuminate some basic info on what is chrome cast, how to chrome cast, what are the prerequisites for chrome cast and then I’ll walk you through the actual chrome cast setup guide.

So, are you ready to learn everything about Google Chromecast?? I’m sure you are! Let’s get in the more on the topic.

What is Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is a media streaming device, more like a dongle. If the word dongle doesn’t ring a bell, it’s a 2-inch long stick, which cost ₹3,399 on Flipkart and helps you stream anything from your mobile, laptop, mac, computer, tablet to an output device with an HDMI port.

Chromecast allows you to view every website, photo, youtube, movies, TV and more directly on your TV from the above-described devices. You can choose from over 200,000 TV shows and movies, and millions of songs, radio, and what not!

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Pre-requisites For Chromecast

Before you proceed to buy Chromecast for you, make sure you fulfill all the prerequisites. Let’s figure out what are the prerequisites to set up Chromecast.

#1. HDTV with HDMI port- HDMI port enabled HDTV is must to have. Without this, Chromecast would not connect to the TV. (Most of the HDTV produced in the last decade contains an HDMI port).   

#2. Wi-Fi connection- Wi-Fi connection is a must have to set up Chromecast. Chromecast functions over wi-fi only.

#3. Mobile device- Any Smartphone with Android version 2.3 or higher or iOS device having iOS 8 or higher , tablet, laptop or computer. You can check the more system requirements on the Google official requirements page.

How To Setup Chromecast:

Once you have all that you need to set up Chromecast, you are ready to setup and enjoy Chromecast.  Let’s find out what are the steps involved to Set up google Chromecast.

Step 1. Plug in Chromecast into your TV

This the first step. Plugging in Chromecast to TV is not as simple as it sounds. It’s not tough, though, but it do require a proper technique. First of all, put the dongle out of the box, there must be a USB cable along with a power adapter. Now use this USB to connect to the Chromecast and the TV, since the device it self-needs power.


Plugin Chromecast to the HDMI port of the TV. Now insert one side of the Micro-USB power cable to the Chromecast and other to the USB port on to the TV. If there is no additional port available, you can input this USB cable to the wall adapter as well. Once you make the correct connection, you’ll notice the light on the Chromecast starts to blink. It means you have done the correct connections.

Step 2. Download the Chromecast app:

One you have plugged in Chromecast properly to the HDTV, you need a google Chromecast download on your laptop, computer or mobile device. It is basically an app. For this, you need to visit to the setup page.

Once the app is downloaded, install it as per the instructions provided on your screen. After the installation of the app, you’ll be asked to enter your Wi-Fi credentials. Make sure you enter the same network details, you use on your TV. Because having the same Wi-Fi connection is the must.

Step 3. Set up Chromecast:

With proper installation of Chromecast app, you are still not ready to cast anything on your TV. Google Chromecast extension download is still left. Open the google chrome browser and you’ll see a blue Add extension button. Just click on it and install it as per the instruction on your screen.

After the installation, you’ll get to see a small icon on the left side of your browser. By clicking on this icon, you can cast anything from your chrome browser to your HDTV.

Step 4. Watch and enjoy your favorite things on your TV:

To cast anything from your google chrome browser to your need, all you have to do is just visit the website, youtube or anything you want to cast on o your TV and touch/click that small icon on the top left on your browser.

The very next moment, your laptop screen will be mirrored on your TV screen. You can use the volume up and down keys on your mobile to operate the volume and other settings.

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Google Chromecast is really easy to operate with. There is not a long list of prerequisites. All you need is an HDTV, wi-fi, any smart device and of course, google Chromecast. Besides this, not even a remote is required to browse the entertainment. You can easily browse channels, adjust volume and operate Chromecast from the laptop, smartphone, tablet or any other compatible device.

After learning how to setup Chromecast, I’m sure you are convinced that how easy is to deal with Chromecast. Do let me know, how helpful was the guide to you!

Sonam is an IT engineer by education and passionate freelance writer/blogger by profession. She is a tech enthusiast and loves to read and write about technology and WordPress builders from blogs like Havas Digital Server. Her hobbies include reading, watching TV, delving into new things and creating interesting content to help people with all things tech!!

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How to Connect Laptop To TV



Connecting the computer to tv is a way too easy procedure. There are several ways by which you can connect computer to tv easily. In this article, I will show you how to connect the laptop to tv in an easy manner. You should also see how to Watch Netflix on TV.

To connect laptop/computer to tv, you don’t need any training or something like that. All you need is the basic knowledge regarding the ports and the connections of your TV and laptop. If you have so, you can easily connect your PC to TV and enjoy watching movies, videos and hell lot more stuff on the large screen without putting any additional efforts.

And, If you don’t have knowledge regarding the cables, then still not to worry. I will let you perceive the required knowledge concerning the cables.


In order to learn how to connect PC to tv, I have listed down the details of the cables that are to be used to connect both the systems, along with the procedure to connect them.

How to Connect Laptop to TV

If you have ever been looking for ideas or the guide which could tell you how to connect a laptop to a tv or could answer your queries like, how to connect my laptop to my tv or how do I connect my laptop to my tv, then you have come to the perfect place

To connect Laptop to tv, you will need to have some basic knowledge of the ports. If you already have that then you can easily connect your laptop to tv, just by connecting them together.

Connecting PC to TV requires the proper cables. Check the cables described below and try finding out which cable do your device restraint. Below, I have described almost all the cables which are needed to establish the connection.

HDMI: HDMI i.e. High-Definition Multimedia Interface is one of the highest quality connections available. Almost all HDTVs and the laptops that are not too old will possess this connection.

Connecting with a Laptop with the help of HDMI cable is the best yet easiest way. This cable provides the best quality HD picture and sound quality also, it doesn’t cost much.

DVI: (DVI) i.e Digital Video Interface is a video display interface developed by the Digital Display Working Group. This is rectangular shaped port along with 24 pins that are distributed in three rows.

VGA: VGA port is a rectangular shaped port with 15 pins in 3 rows. VGA that is Video Graphics Array is commonly found the connection in TVs (HDTV) and in computers. VGA doesn’t support sound, if you want sound, then you will need a separate audio cable. To make the connection audible,

S-Video: Connection with S-video is one of the easiest ways. Most of the laptops and the digital TVs are equipped with S-Video port. The cables usually have either four or seven pins.

These were the basic four pins which are required while making the connection of laptops to TV. Now determine which video output port(s) your laptop has. Televisions that are recently launched most probably contains all type of connections. You will have to find the same connections in your laptops. Likewise, all the latest laptops have almost all the ports. So in short, the newer your device is, the easy it would be for you to connect them.

Now that you have discovered which ports your laptop and tv has, its time to establish the connection. Let’s see how to do that.

How To Connect Computer To TV

The steps to connect your laptop to the Pc are given below.

  • As I said above almost all the computers and TVs are equipped with the S-video Port. So, your laptop can be connected to the TV by S-video port using a very cheap S-Video cable. The cable, as I described above would be of 4 or 7 pins.
  • If you have an older monitor, you may not find the S-Video port. In that case, you can use the 15-pin VGA cable to connect your laptop to tv. In fact, VGA it offers better picture quality than the S-Video cable.
  • If your TV or the laptop is newer then they may have DVI ports. So in that case, DVI Male to Male Cable or DVI to HDMI Cable can be used to get your laptop hooked up to your TV.
  • Moreover, If your TV doesn’t have the DVI port but has HDMI, then DVI to HDMI Adapter Cable can also be used to connect the laptop to TV.
  • Now I am supposing you have connected your laptop to TV by using the physical cable. Now the next step is to connect the audio cable if you are using VGA or DVI. Because, both the cables transmit the video only not the audio.
  • So to make the connection audible, the audio cable is needed.
  • Once you are done with connecting the audio cable, you can watch your favorite movies on your tv and can enjoy fully on the big screen.

Note: 1: Connect the physical cable before turning on the laptop/computer. Because sometimes it gets fail to recognize the external display. So make sure before turning on the system the cables is connected.

2. If your PC or laptop, is not showing screen properly then you may need to set up the resolution for the screen of the TV, go to Control Panel > Display > Adjust Resolution and select the TV in the Display drop down box.

Go to Control Panel > Display > Adjust Resolution and select the TV in the Display box.

There are alot of devices which are doing better than a PC or a computer and are compatible with TV. Apple TV is a popular devices. Here is how to Setup and use Apple TV.

That is all. The easiest way to operate your system on your tv. You can enjoy watching videos, movies, songs etc on your tv with just using a cable. Isn’t is too easy?

Well with that, I have come to end of the article. I hope you enjoyed our guide and have learnt  how to connect laptop to tv. If you have any problem, feel free to ask in the comment section..

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Social Media

How to Delete a YouTube Account



As you all know YouTube has become very popular in the present era. YouTube a video sharing site, has integrated into our lives, lets you broadcast videos of yourself, create a playlist, allows you to watch various kinds of videos and allows you to share them with your friends.

By having a YouTube account, you can like, dislike, subscribe, and comment on the YouTube videos, and add videos to your playlist. However, there may be some instances where you wish to learn How to delete a YouTube account.

After deleting the old channel, if you are looking to create a new Youtube channel, here is how to make Youtube Channel.
Note: The following steps will only delete your YouTube account; your Google Plus, Gmail, Google Drive, etc. will not be affected by this.


How to Delete a Youtube Account – How to Delete a YouTube Channel


Step 1: First of all, sign in to your YouTube channel that you wish to delete. Logging in to your YouTube channel is very straightforward, just like you sign in to various social networking hubs – enter the active email ID and password and then click on the sign in button
Step 2: After you have successfully logged into your YouTube account, you need to navigate to the concerned channel’s (which you wish to delete) dashboard. You will be able to find the “My Channel” option on the top left side of your screen, below the “Home” section.
Step 3: This will open up your YouTube channel and the list of all the videos, that you have uploaded via this channel will be displayed here. Now on the top right corner, you will find a gear icon i.e. settings (straight opposite to your channel’s display name.) Click on this icon.
Step 4: After clicking this, a new pop-up window appears on the screen. In the bottom, you will find “Advanced Settings” option. Just click on this option.
Step 5: In the bottom you will find “Delete Channel” option. That’s it! Your entire YouTube channel gets deleted once you click this button, so think at least twice before you click it.


Step 6: If other details too are asked like – the reason for leaving YouTube, then you need to answer it. You may have to enter your sign in details, like password, in order to confirm that you wish to delete permanently the channel and its contents.

Note: By doing this, you will lose all your subscribers, subscribed channels, videos, likes, comments, playlists, etc.

How to delete YouTube channel – Method 2

This method of deleting a YouTube channel is actually a bit advanced and less time consuming as compared to the previous one.
Step 1: Go to www.youtube.com, click on “Sign in” on the top right corner in order to sign in to your YouTube account.
Step 2: Enter the concerned Email ID and password, of the channel you wish to delete.
Step 3: Now go to www.youtube.com/account_advanced. This link will directly take you to the page where you can remove your channel.
Step 4: On the bottom of your screen, you will find “Delete channel” option. Simply click on it.
Step 5: The reason for leaving YouTube may be asked, proceed to enter your reason.
Step 6: Also, enter your password and click on “Delete my account” button.

How to Delete a YouTube account – How to Delete Youtube Videos


Sometimes, instead of removing the whole YouTube channel, you can actually learn how to delete videos on YouTube. YouTube also gives you the option to keep your videos private or make them visible only to the people who have the link. Here are the few easy steps to learn how to delete a YouTube video
Step 1: Alike the above-mentioned steps, simply sign in to your YouTube account from the official website.
Step 2: Enter your Email ID and Password and click ‘’Sign in’’. If you have already signed in, your username will be displayed on the top right corner of the screen.
Step 3: Now on the top left corner of your desktop, you will find an option namely “my channel” just below the home button.
Step 4: Click on my channel button, and on the top right you will find the “video manager” option. Video Manager also allows you to Edit Youtube videos.
Step 5: Now, this will show you the complete list of all the videos you have posted, along with the dates.
Step 6: Now select the video(s) that you wish to delete.
Step 7: In order to select the video, click on the box on the left, you need to place a checkmark, to choose the video.
Step 8: Subsequently, you will also find the “actions” option on top.
Step 9: when you click on actions you will find a scroll down menu, with various options to change your video settings, such as, public, private or unlisted. According to your preference, you can make a certain video private or public, or unlisted (only people with the link can be able to watch the video). However, below you will find the “delete” option.
Step 10: Click on delete option. If you choose this, you will be asked again, if you are sure to proceed. Continue by clicking OK.

Step 11: Now click on “yes delete
And that’s how to delete YouTube video, from your channel.

How to Delete a YouTube video in Android

Step 1: Sign in to your YouTube account either through your browser or the official app. However, the app is always recommended for better performance and experience.

Step 2: Now click on the “account” option. Regardless of the platform, this option is usually found at the top right corner of your smartphone’s screen.

Step 3: Now, since we are going to delete videos, it’s time to select the “my videos” option.

Step 4: Now go to and select the concerned videos that you wish to delete.

Step 5: To the side of each video, there would be three vertical dots. Tap on them and a menu will appear – tap “Delete

If during watching Youtube videos, Youtube is asking to verify age, here is how to watch Age Restricted Videos on Youtube.

Final Words

Have you ever owned a YouTube channel and wanted to delete the entire channel or any videos, but did not find the appropriate hub to learn the process? Well, then your hunt to get to delete YouTube stuff ends here.

The above-mentioned methods are all the exclusive means to delete YouTube video(s) and channel(s) from any PC or laptop regardless of the OS.

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How to Do Hotmail Server Settings for IMAP, POP3 and SMT



Hotmail now known as outlook.com is one of the very first email service providers. Like every other email services, Hotmail can be accessed from any computer with the internet connection.

But do you know, you can access your mailbox even from your desktop?? Yes, you heard me right. You can not only have access to all your email on your local computer but other devices including iPhone, Android and tablet.

There are a number of local email client Softwares such as outlook express, thunderbird etc which lets you access your mailbox right on your computer or other such devices.

But, in order to associate your email server to the mail clients, you essentially need to know about Hotmail server settings.

Hotmail allows access to the mailbox from the server to your computer via the three protocols IMAP, POP3 and SMTP. Where both IMAP and POP3 serve the same purpose and referred as Hotmail incoming mail server protocols.

While SMTP, on the other hand, is referred as the Hotmail outgoing mail server protocol. In today’s guide, we will study in-depth about what are valid SMTP, IMAP and POP3 settings, and which protocol is superior over other, just stay tuned!

How To Do Hotmail Server Settings

Hotmail server settings are a very crucial part, which is to be done very carefully. If not done properly, you can’t establish a connection in between your mail client and email server. In result, you’ll not be able to access your mailbox via your desktop or mobile.

Before going on the settings part, let’s take a look at some points which are mandatory to know!

IMAP or POP3 which one is better??


As I mentioned above, both IMAP and POP3 serves the same purpose. But there is a major difference in working with both the protocols.

POP3 protocol keeps your email client out of sync into the email server. Meaning, suppose your mail client is associated with your server and you have all your emails downloaded on your device whether it is a computer, mobile or any other compatible device.

Now, if you delete any email after reading it on an email client on one device, it might still be there on your email server or on any other device which is connected to that Hotmail account.

On the contrary, IMAP has no such drawback. IMAP is superior over POP3 in a way that its keeps the synchronization between all your devices and your email server connected to that particular account.

If you read, reply, or delete any message, the simultaneous action would be performed on all the connected devices. IMAP sync in all the activities on every device.

So in every manner, IMAP makes a better choice over POP3.

Now let’s see what are the SMTP, IMAP and POP3 protocols settings you’ll require when connecting your email client to the email server.

Hotmail IMAP Settings

IMAP is responsible for downloading emails from your email server to your local computer. After knowing the difference between both the incoming mail server protocols, you must have decided to go for IMAP since it helps to keep the synchronization between any email app and the server.

If you have decided to go for IMAP, then following are the settings you would require to setting up your email client.

  •  Server: imap-mail.outlook.com
  • Port: 993
  • Encrypted Connection: SSL
  • Username: Your email address
  • Password: Your password

Hotmail POP3 Settings

Even though IMAP is superior over SMTP, but in different circumstances, you may have to select POP3 as the incoming mail protocol. So, here are the POP3 settings you need to know.

  • Server: pop-mail.outlook.com
  • Port: 995
  • Encrypted Connection: SSL
  • Username: Your email address
  • Password: Your password

Note: To setup your email client via POP3 protocol, you’ll require to enabling your Hotmail account to allow POP access. A method for this is given below in the guide.

Hotmail SMTP Settings

Following are the settings you’ll require to setting up your email client with SMTP protocol as the outgoing mail server.

  • Server: smtp-mail.outlook.com
  • Port: 25 (or 587 if 25 is blocked)
  • Authentication: Yes
  • Encrypted Connection: TLS
  • Username: Your email address
  • Password: Your password

SMTP settings will be same for both the incoming server protocols.

Enable POP access on Hotmail

To enable POP access, you need to go to your Hotmail account. Below, I’ve given a step by step guide with screenshots on how to do that.

Step 1. First of all, enter your login credentials and login to your outlook or Hotmail account.

Step 2. Once you are on the home page, click on the small gear icon located on the top right corner just beside your name and display. See the below screenshot if you can’t find the option.

Step 3. On clicking, this gear icon, a list of options will abruptly open. One of the options is “Options”, click on that.

Step 4. Now under Managing your account, click “Connect devices and apps with POP”. If you find difficulty in finding the option, see below.

Step 5. Now under POP, select Enable and click on Save. That’s it!  

Now since you have got all the necessary information regarding Hotmail server settings, you are ready to access your emails from your computer, android or tablets.

Now send as many emails as you want, read emails and delete them if you want. You are completely in sync with the email server.

Whatever activity you’ll perform on your email client on one device whether it’s about reading an email, replying to it, or deleting it, it will get synced back to your email server and it will affect on every device connected to that particular Hotmail account.

You are completely in sync with the email server. Whatever activity you’ll perform on your email client on one device whether it’s about reading an email, replying to it, or deleting it, it will get synced back to your email server and it will affect on every device connected to that particular Hotmail account.

But there are certain requirements which should be possessed by your email client in order to establish the connection and sync in your emails from the mail server.

Make sure the email client you are using supports Hotmail HTTP access. Since Hotmail uses HTTP protocol for connecting email clients to email servers.

Now it’s time to wrap up the article. I hope this guide was helpful to you. If you liked the guide and found the information useful, share it on your share mediums so that other people can take benefits from it.

For any doubts or queries, feel free to comment below. We are just a click away!

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How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership?




People have realized the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and have started working towards getting fit. Gym is the first thing that comes to one’s mind when it comes to toning down the body and staying fit. There are millions of gyms across the globe, which aim at helping people build a fitness routine in their everyday life.

Healthy eating habits have also kicked in and a lot of health-conscious people are avoiding junk food and changing as vegans or healthy eaters. People have realized the need to stay fit and started enrolling in gyms. These gyms aim at helping its customers to tone down and stay fit.

Planet Fitness also has the same intention to help people get fit. It is a famous gym franchise, which offers low monthly payments. It requires a contract, which limits cancellation and it also provides a fee schedule for early cancellation. The best way of cancelling Planet Fitness membership is by writing to the Membership Services department.

There are a lot of people who take Planet Fitness membership and after a few months they realize it is not for them and they it. Though cancelling a gym membership is not good news, many people feel that they can instead enroll in to some sport and engage in some sort of physical activity. So this is why in today’s article, we show you how to cancel planet fitness membership.



How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership?

For all of those who are not sure about how to cancel planet fitness membership, here are some things that you need to pay attention to.

#1. Finding the Contract

Even though you might have enrolled with a no signup fee scheme, you still have signed an agreement, which designates how you can cancel the membership and in what situations you may be allowed to waive off the cancellation fees.

#2. Read the Contract  

The contract lays out the terms and conditions, and you should be aware of it. Check if you have a monthly contract or an annual one, whether you paid monthly or annually; it is likely that you signed a one year contract. Check when your contract is up. It will be easier to wait for a month or two until the contract is up.

#3. Be Attentive to the Billing Cycle

Generally, for a monthly contract, one must cancel the membership before the 10th of the month, as you are usually billed before 20th, and the company also needs time to process your request. For an annual contract, you need to cancel before the 27th of the month prior to when you are billed.

Always think of a fitness contract just like a leasing contract, giving 30 days notice and paying fees for early cancellation are usual with gyms.

#4. Get the Gym Fees Waived

If you can provide a written proof that you are injured or that you must relocate out of range of a Planet Fitness, you can have the fees waived.

If you are injured, try getting a note from your doctor confirming that you will not be able to use the gym facilities.  If you are relocating to a new place, it must be at least 40 kms away from any Planet Fitness location. Request your employer to write a relocation letter, and ensure to map out the distance before mentioning where you will be moving.


If the above-stated situations do not apply to you, you will be asked to pay the cancellation fee. However, if you have a solid reason for cancelling the membership, you can escape paying the fee. But be very sure to have written statement of your situation as nobody just takes one’s word these days. 

You should have your membership identification number, personal information like your address, driving license number or your date of birth. Write a single page document requesting to cancel the membership. Ensure that it is in accordance with the contract’s specifications.

Specify in your letter that you want the cancellation fee to be waived off if you are eligible and state the reason. Include all your personal information; you need to mention the last four digits of your social security number and your driving license number and then sign on it.

Here are some important things you need to do when you cancel the membership

  • You can call the respective department requesting for a meeting to cancel your membership.
  • Try meeting up with a representative of Planet Fitness. Tell them that you want to cancel your membership and provide them a written documentation. Once the cancellation is done. Have a copy of the letter with the signature of the representative. It will be useful in future, if they ever get back asking you to pay the fee.
  • Make arrangements to cancel the future monthly payments. Clear off any sort of cancellation fees so that you can be sure that your membership is fully cancelled.
  • Note down the name and number of the representative; this is important in case you get into trouble after canceling, like if you are charged a huge amount all of a sudden, you can reach out to the representative for help.
  • Check your bank statement to ensure that you are not being charged the membership fee on a monthly basis even after cancelling the membership. If you find that you are being charged, then contact planet fitness immediately and fix this issue as soon as possible.
  • In case the gym is still asking you to pay the fee, provide them the written document of cancellation to prove that you actually cancelled the membership.

These are the few things you can do in order to cancel the planet fitness membership. It is of utmost importance to read the terms and conditions when you sign up for something like this in future as you might be charged hefty amounts in case you fail to live up to the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract.

And with this, we come to the end of this article!

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How To Install Net Framework 4.5 in Windows 7



If you are willing to install net framework 4.5, it simply means either you are facing some issues running a software, or you need it as a pre-requisite for downloading a program from the web.

We often face the situations, where we need to download net framework 4.5 on our systems otherwise the program fails to run and we see an error message saying net framework 4.5 download is required.

Such issues arise since the software we try to get are built on the .net platform. And those programs which are built on .Net framework, can’t run without the .net framework.

To run such programs, .net framework essentially needs to be there on your computer to provide them with the necessary functionality they require to running smoothly.

And if you are a programmer, .Net framework can be an utterly useful tool for you to develop programs and applications. Its gives you a secure environment and easy drag and drop interface to develop applications.

No matter what your purpose of getting .net framework is, we will go through a step by step guide to installing .Net framework. Nowadays, new windows like windows 8 and above come with pre-installed .net frameworks but if you are using windows 7, then you will have to install it by yourself.

But if you already have .net framework 4 installed on your computer and you want to upgrade it to 4.5, then let me tell you, once you install .net framework 4.5, your previous version of .net will be overwritten.

And if at any point of time you want it back, you’ll have to download .net framework 4.0 again. So, if everything is clear to you, we shall move to the guide!

How to Install Net Framework 4.5 in Windows 7

Before we start downloading and installation procedure, your computer needs to fulfill certain criteria. So what are those criteria, let’s figure out!

System Requirements:

Your computer needs to fulfill the following criteria in order to Install net framework 4.5.

#Operating system requirements:

To run the .Net framework smoothly on your computer, you, at least, need to have Operating system Windows 7 with Service Pack 1. Since we are here to learn the installation procedure on windows 7, I’m assuming you already have that! And below is the list of supported operating systems.
  • Windows Vista SP2 (x86 and x64)
  • Windows 7 SP1 (x86 and x64)
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 (x64)
  • Windows Server 2008 SP2 (x86 and x64)

#Hardware Requirements:

  • To install net framework 4.5, you need to have 1 GHz or faster processor.
  • Minimum 512 MB of RAM is compulsory to have.
  • Since .net frameworks consumes a lot of hard drive space. So, minimum 850 MB of available hard disk space is a must, if you are willing to have the .net framework on your computer.
  • In order to install the .net framework, 2 GB hard drive is also mandatory.

#Internet Connection

Yes, internet connection is also mandatory in order to install the .net framework. If you don’t have it, forget about the installation!

If your system fulfills all the above-mentioned criteria, then read the below installation guide and get the .net framework on your computer. But one thing, there are two ways you can install the framework on your computer.

The first way is to install the framework directly from the Microsoft website i.e. web installer, and another way is to download the setup file first, and then install the framework like a usual software.

Both ways are easy, you can follow any of them as per your suitability. I’ve described below the second method i.e. installation through the setup file.

Step 1. First of all, you need to download the setup or installer file for the .Net framework 4.5. For this, click on this link, navigate to the location on your computer where you want to download the file and click on the save button.


Since the installer file is very small in terms of size, so within few seconds the installer file would be downloaded. And you will see a file named dotNetFx45_Full_setup.exe.

Step 2. Once the installer file is downloaded, navigate through it on your computer and double-click on it in order to begin the installation. Alternatively, right-click on it Run as administrator.

Step 3. As sooner you click on the .net framework setup file, you’ll be prompted to allow the program to make the changes on your computer, since the program is authentic, click on Yes! Otherwise, the procedure will be discarded right at the moment.

Step 4. Now rest of the installation process is exactly similar to other Softwares. On clicking the Yes button, you’ll be prompted with the agreement window.

Read the terms and condition(I know you won’t, no one does :P) and accept the license terms by checking the box and click on the Install button to begin the installation process. If there is any confusion, please refer to the below screenshot!

Step 4. Now do as directed on your screen and follow the instructions carefully.

Soon the installation will progress and you’ll see the following screen.

Don’t click on the Cancel button, otherwise, the installation would be canceled.

Step 5. Now once the installation is complete, you will see a screen similar to the following. Just click on the Finish button and you are done.

Once the installation is complete, it is recommended to restart your computer. That’s it! Easy, right??

The .net framework consumes a lot of your hard drive space as I told you in the beginning of the guide, so it might cause you slower system, performance.

If so, you can easily uninstall the software. for this,

  • Click on start menu and go to Control panel.
  • There, search for the option Programs and Features and open it.
  • You’ll see the list of programs install on your computer. Scroll down and search for the program Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5.
  • Now click on Uninstall/Change button.
  • Confirm the process and net framework will be removed from computer.

I hope the guide would help you to easily install net framework 4.5 and remove it if needed. Even though the steps are very easy to follow but in case you find it difficult, do let us know via the below comment box.

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