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Top Apps for Planning a Trip

One of my favorite bits about any trip is the planning that goes into it and over the last few years there has been a real boom in the number of useful travelling apps which are available to use on tablets. These apps make quick work of planning even the most comprehensive trip and I find them absolutely essential.

From apps which let you look at European train times in English to apps which let you check the weather in your destination and apps which alter your alarm clocks to soften the blow of jetlag there are plenty of options out there to help you ensure all aspects of your trip go as smoothly as possible.

Below are a few of my favorites.

FlightTrack – £2.99 on iPhones and iPads

We find this app absolutely vital when taking any kind of flight, short or long haul. FlightTrack allows you to track thousands of flights using zoomable maps. It includes information on departure gates, and also includes details on any flight delays or cancellations. Perfect for the on-the-go traveller who likes to plan things at the last minute.

Packing Pro – £1.99 on iPhones and iPads

Packing is definitely an art – and one which we’ve never quite mastered to be honest. Luckily there’s this handy packing app which does all the hard work for you. Just type in where you’re going and for how long and it’ll give you a suggested packing list which is split into several different categories.

Our favorite category is essentials – who hasn’t forgotten their travel adaptor, phone charger or boarding pass at some point!

If you tell the app who you’re going away with it’ll also give suggested lists for different party members, which is really useful if you’re traveling with children. There are the chances when you misplaced the iPhone and you may need to track your iPhone. You can track iPhone easily with easy steps.

Onavo – free on iPhones and iPads

This app is a complete slice of genius. It is basically a VPN app and it manages to reduce the amount of data which your phone or tablet uses to download emails, surf the net, check Facebook or send a wish you were here tweet. It’s brilliant for avoiding those dreaded “I left my internet connected all week while I was in Spain” phone bills.

WorldMate – free on iPhones and iPads

If you’re the kind of traveller who likes to make the most out of each day by being super organised then WorldMate is for you. Simply forward all of your flight, accommodation, car hire, restaurant and anything else confirmations to trips@worldmate.com and it’ll put together an itemised itinerary for your journey.

If you don’t mind paying for the premium version you’ll also be sent alerts if your flights are late or your boarding gate changes.

HopStop – free on iPhones and iPads

This handy app includes comprehensive public transport information for almost 600 cities around the world, from New York to Auckland, London, Moscow, Paris and Sydney. But it’s not just major cities which are included so you’ll still be covered if you’re visiting quirkier places – a trip to St John’s in Newfoundland or Huntsville, Alabama anyone?

Public transport options covered on the map include subways, trains, buses, light rails, trams, ferries and streetcars.

And for when you’re home…

JetLag Genie

This ingenious app is designed to slowly get you back into your home sleeping routine. If you type in your flight info, usual sleeping patterns and any tasks or jobs you need to get done during the day this app will come up with a personalized schedule including naps, periods of sitting in the dark and prompts to change your watch.

All of these steps aim to significantly reduce the impact of jetlag and we find it essential in getting back into daily life following a long-haul trip.

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