How to Recover Forgot Apple ID Password




Apple ID is the main key to access your iCloud, iTunes and iOS Apps. You will need Apple ID to download iOS Apps or to buy songs on iTunes. In order to download the Apple stuff first, you need to make Apple ID. Forgetting a password is such a bad feeling, but you can always reset it or recover it. There are multiple ways to recover you forget the Apple ID password.

You can do this recovering process on every iOS device whether it’s iPhone, iPod, iPad or iMac. You can also recover the password for Apple on your Windows PC using Google Chrome. We will be teaching you different ways to recover so that you won’t get disappointed. Also see how to create iCloud Account.

This recovering process can be done through your email address or using your phone number or both. This can be very helpful if you are setting up a new iOS Device. Remember you can always contact Apple center if you want assistance through official methods to recover your password.


#1 How to Recover Forgot Apple ID Password Using iPhone or iPad

This Apple ID password reset process is the simplest if you aren’t acquainted with such processes.

Step 1. Using your iPhone or iPad, go to app settings by clicking on the gear-like icon. Subsequently, scroll through the menu and tap on iCloud to recover Apple ID forgot password.

Step 2. Go to the Email Address option at the top of iCloud setting. Although there will be various other options available, we need to select this option to learn how to reset Apple ID password or to recover Apple ID password.

Step 3. Tap on “Forgot Apple ID or password?” which will be written in blue Color beneath the password entry. You’ll get two options after that will help in Apple ID reset password.

Step 4. If you don’t know your Apple ID password then type your email address and then tap on “Next”.

Step 5. If you don’t remember your Apple ID, go to “Forgot your Apple ID?” and fill the Entries which will be given afterward like your full name, Email Address to recover your Apple ID. Then you can go to resetting your Apple ID Password if alike me; you too forgot my Apple ID (Yours).

Step 6. Fill up Some Securities Questions for some security to Apple. This will ensure that your Apple ID is secure.

Step 7. After answering the questions, continue for the further process.

Step 8. Now you can reset your password for the Account and login as usual.

Tip for Answering Security questions – Make sure your security questions are not easily guessable. It’s best to simply mix up random characters and store them on your password manager.

#2 How to Recover Forgot Apple ID Password Through Mac or Window PC

Step 1. Open Google Chrome if you are using Windows or Safari if you are on Mac. (Any other browser can also be used to recover Apple ID password).

Step 2. Type iforgot.apple.com on the search bar and click on the website.

Step 3. Go to “Enter your Apple ID” to recover your password.

Step 4. Click Next

Step 5. Go to “Reset my Email” and then Apple will send you some instruction on your recovery Address. This email can be any, other than Apple email Address.


Step 6. Fill up Some Securities Questions for some security to Apple. This will ensure that your Apple ID is secure.

Step 7. After answering the questions then continue for further process.

Step 8. Now You can reset your password for the Account and login as usual.

#3 Forgot My Apple ID Password? Recover Through Two-Step Verification

Using two-step authentication can be very convenient and useful if you give it a try. Anyone can use this process to easily recover your Apple ID password on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 1. Open Google Chrome if you are using Windows or Safari if you are on Mac. (Any other browser can also be used to recover Apple ID password)

Step 2. Type iforgot.apple.com in the search bar and click on the desired website (result).

Step 3. Go to “Enter your Apple ID” to recover your password.

Step 4. Click Next to proceed.

Step 5. Enter your Recovery Key.

Step 6. Tap on Next.

Step 7. Choose your Alternate/recovery Device which you already have and is usable.

Step 8. Tap to Next.

Step 9. Enter Your Verification Code after that.

Step 10. Tap on Next.

Step 11. After tapping on next, you can create a new password for your Apple ID and store it in your Password Manager.

#4 How to Recover Forgot Apple ID Password

Step 1. Again Open Google Chrome if you are using window or Safari if you are on Mac. (Any other browser can also be used to recover Apple ID password)

Step 2. Type iforgot.apple.com on the search bar and click on the website.

Step 3. Enter your First and last name and Email address.

Step 4. You can also use your recovery Email Address that you may have used before.

Step 5. Click on Next.

Step 6. Go to “Reset my Email” and Apple Authorities will send you some instructions to your recovery Email address. (Other than your Apple Email Address)

Step 7. Answer the Security questions at the next step auto reset your Apple ID on the website.

Apple Centre Authority will search for the concerned Apple ID Associated with your email address and will give the permission to recover Apple ID using your Email Address or Security questions.

Subsequently, you can go with any of the above-mentioned process(es) to recover your Apple ID password.

Final Words

So here we conclude the list of various methods to answer your question – I forgot my Apple ID password. How to recover it? These methods are quite convenient and easy to go with. Once you implement the steps mentioned above, you can access your Apple ID once again in almost no time. If you wanted to change your Apple ID, here is the blog post telling you how to change Apple ID.

However, for security reasons, though the steps are simple one needs to perform the process with great precautions; Any mistake made while entering the details may lead to chaos.

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How to Jailbreak iPhone 5?




How to jailbreak iPhone 5

What is jail-breaking an iPhone? And how can I jailbreak my iPhone? If questions like these haunt your mind, then you’ve come to the right place.

If this term sounds new to you, jail-breaking is the solution to the desires of several individuals who want to discover a new method to bypass the restrictions set on them by the web application security of Apple. Once your iPhone is jail-broken, you can get access to a range of features that the manufacturer has locked up. Then comes the question how to Jailbreak iPhone 5? If you have iPhone 6 and looking to jailbreak iPhone 6, here is how to jailbreak iPhone 6.


What is Jailbreak iPhone?

Even simple features like a customized ringtone, video recording, ability to customize the general user interface with personal icons and zooming in for enhanced picture focus are blocked off before the jailbreak implementation. With a jailbreak, iPhone 5 owners can access all these restricted features, thanks to its capability to run on third-party apps that the manufacturer has opted not to distribute by itself.

These locked features are generally standard in other smartphones, which is why many people consider a jail-broken iPhone to be a necessarily properly working contemporary mobile phone. Jail-breaking your iPhone 5 is, in fact, a relatively economical and an attractive concept, but the technique used for jail-breaking differs for different iPhone models.

So, get yourself acquainted with the process for your specific model before going ahead. This guide is to help those people who are wondering how to jail-break iPhone 5.

A cost-effective iPhone jailbreak can make almost all Apple iPhones like iPhone 4, 5 or also more advanced editions like iPhone 6 unlock the great features, including downloading, installing and running many notable apps, customize choices, tether with iPad and laptop, etc.

How to Jailbreak iPhone 5?


Some iPhone owners may regard untethered jailbreak to be a challenging and long method. Maybe you’re thinking “Should I jailbreak my iPhone?” A correct jailbreak is pretty easy to do without affection your terminal’s performance, though fully reversible, performing well for all iPhones. Get to know how to do that in the following section. Here are the instructions.

Before You Jailbreak

Before you start the jail-breaking process, here’s what you should know:

  • Back up all important data to iTunes or iCloud.
  • Install the latest iTunes version.
  • If you’ve already got an upgrade to any iOS9 version from an OTA (Over The Air) update system, you must first ensure to restore to a fresh iOS 9.0.2 edition from iTunes. If not, you may experience a jailbreak failure.
  • Also, ensure that there’s no passcode lock set on your iPhone 5. You can set this again after jail-breaking.

The Jail-Breaking Process

Here’s the simple step-by-step guide to jailbreak iPhone 5 that can be followed to make jail-breaking possible:

  • To start with, connect the device to your PC and carry out a manual backup of all important data.
  • Create a new folder with the name Pwnage on your PC and download the recent edition of Evasi0n to this specific folder. Further, it’s also recommended to download the advanced iOS 7.0.6 firmware for the iPhone into the same folder. Before jail-breaking, a complete restore is suggested by experts.
  • Now, go ahead with extracting the zipped up Evasi0n file to the folder that you created on your desktop.
  • Now is the time to launch iTunes.
  • Make sure that your device is connected to the PC through USB and choose it from the window’s top right corner or the left sidebar.
  • Press down the Shift key and hold on to it. Now, select the Restore tab on your iPhone.
  • You’ll find a popup window appearing from which you need to choose ipsw (your iPhone firmware) from the Pwnage folder. Click open.
  • Click on the Restore tab when you are prompted to confirm your restore.
  • After successful restoration, right click on the icon with the name evasi0n7.exe and choose the option ‘Run as Administrator’ from the background menu for launching the app.
  • Get rid of any lock screen password you’ve set on your iPhone 5. After that, you can select the Jailbreak tab to start the process.
  • The application will retrieve details from your phone for generating jailbreak data. Following this, it will upload the data and inject evasi0n app 1 and evasi0n app 2 and then configure system 1 and system 2. Finally, it will reboot.
  • Now you will be prompted to unlock your iPhone 5 and tap on the new app icon with the name ‘evasi0n 7’. This application will open and close immediately.
  • Evasi0n will now cause the device to reboot again. It will modify the roofs and complete the process.
  • The device will reboot now with Cydia on the SpringBoard.

Presto! You’re now done with iPhone 5 jailbreak process successfully. After you jailbreak iPhone 5, remember to switch on Find my iPhone and set a passcode or Touch ID for your device. Now that you’ve jail-broken your iPhone 5, make the most out of its features that you earlier couldn’t enjoy using.


Once you have performed the iPhone 5 jailbreak, your device can offer more functionalities that a standard device. Some of the associated advantages are:

  • Unlock the network
  • Modify the system files
  • Install apps rejected by Apple and other third party apps through Cydia
  • Install any program for free
  • Customize a device that’s installed with previous iOS editions
  • Bluetooth connectivity and transfer with other devices like PC, iPod or any other Bluetooth-enabled device

Jail-breaking also comes with certain disadvantages like the possibility of warranty voiding and impairment of functionality for some apps installed on Cydia. However, the process of jailbreak is fully reversible through a simple iTunes restore, and you can get the device back to its original form. Here is how to revert Jailbreak iPhone to unjailbreak.

Like Jailbreaking, you can also get access the root files of Android also. Here is how to root an Android phone.

And with this, we come to the end of our article! Hopefully, by now you’ve mastered the technique of How to Jailbreak iPhone 5. If, however, you still have any queries or questions left, do consider leaving us a comment down below. We will try our best to solve your queries.

For more such interesting articles on iPhones and more, be sure to pay our site a regular visit! And before you go, consider spreading the word on social media if this article helped revive some life into your old iPhone!


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How to Stop Automatic Updates



how to stop automatic updates

Are you annoyed by the automatic updates on your device? Do you want to get rid of these because it unnecessarily eats up your device memory and data pack? If these questions hold truth for you then you are certainly at the right place.

In this article we will tell you how to stop automatic updates in easy and simple steps. So, let’s get started with this.

Also, we will tell you how to stop automatic updates in android, iOS, Windows phone and in Windows 7.

How to Stop Automatic Updates

Before we begin delving deeper into the topic, let us first take a quick glance at the Operating Systems that are being covered in today’s topic! First up we have Android, followed by Windows and iOS. On the desktop side of things we have Windows 7. With that said, let’s get right into the article!

#1. How to Turn Off Automatic Updates in Android?

In order to turn off automatic updates in your android phone, you need not to install any third party application. You can easily do so by using the play store. In this section we will show you how you can do so.

Step #1: In order to disable automatic updates in Android you will first have to visit your Play Store. You can do so by navigating for the Play Store icon on your android phone. Once found, you have to tap on it in order to open it. Tapping on it will open the play store for you.

Step #2: Now in this step, you are required to locate for the menu of Play Store which is usually positioned at the top left corner of your play store screen. Alternatively, you can access it by swiping from the left corner of the screen.
By doing the required, a menu will appear in your screen. This is exactly what we are looking for.

Step #3: Now, in the menu you have to locate for the “Settings” option. Once found, all what you have to do is to tap on it.


Step #4: Once you are done with the previous step then as a result of that the settings window will open up. Now, in the settings section, you are required to locate for “Auto update apps” which will be filed under the general tab. Once found, you need to tap on it.


Step #5: As the result of the previous step, a pop up window will appear in your screen which will have the related options for automatic updates. Now, in order to turn off automatic updates in Android, you are required to tap on “Do not auto-update apps” option. This will activate the corresponding radio button and this way you can easily turn off automatic updates in your android smartphone.


Additionally, if you want to turn off automatic updates for some specific application then you can easily do so by going to the desired application page on the Google play store and then tapping on the three vertical dots like icon which is usually positioned at the top right corner of the window. After that, you have to check auto update apps section. Under this you will have to tap on the corresponding radio button next to the “Do not auto-update apps” option. Whoa, you just turned off automatic updates for the specific application.

#2. How to Turn Off Automatic Updates in Windows Phone 8.1?


You can easily disable automatic updates in windows phone 8.1. In order to disable automatic updates in windows phone 8.1 all what you require is to open the “store” and then tap on the three horizontal dots like icon which will be positioned at the bottom right of the screen. Now, you have to tap on “Settings” option.

Under the settings section you have to tap the switch corresponding to the “Update apps automatically” in order to turn automatic updates on and off.
Yeah, this is all what you need to disable automatic updates in windows phone 8.1.

#3. How to Turn Off Automatic Updates in iOS?

For disabling automatic updates in iOS, we first have to go to Settings and then iTunes and app store. Once you have done the required then you have to locate for the “Disable all automatic app updates” and then turn off the corresponding green switch next to it and this is all what it takes to turn off automatic updates in iOS.

#4. How to Turn Off Automatic Updates in Windows 7?

Step #1: If you want to turn off automatic updates in windows 7 then as the very first step you have to reach out to the windows update section. For this you can either type “windows update” at the start section or you can follow the following route: Control Panel -> System and Security -> Windows update.

Step #2: Once you are at the “Windows update” section then all what you have to do is to locate for the change settings option which is positioned at the left pane of the window right below the “check for updates” option.

Step #3: Now as the last step, all what you require is to click on the clickable area below the Important updates head. Clicking on it will open a drop down menu for you from where you can choose the nest suitable option for yourself. Since you have landed here so, we assume that you would want to turn off automatic updates. So, the recommended option is to select “Never check for updates”. Though it is not recommended by the windows.

Step #4: After this all what you require is to click on the “Ok” button and this way you have just turned off automatic updates in windows 7.

Final Words.

This final words section brings us to the end of this tutorial cum guide on how to stop automatic updates ? We hope that we were efficient enough to satisfy your curiosity about this topic.

We firmly believe that we have left no stone unturned while getting into the nitty-gritty of the topic and making you understand the entire concept of it. But if you still have any query regarding turning off automatic updates then feel free to drop your query via comments below. We will try our level best to resolve that.

Moreover, if you found this article helpful and worthy, do show your love by sharing it socially.
Thank you for passing by and giving it a read.

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How to Use And Set Up Apple TV



How to use apple tv (2)

Technology plays a major part in our lives, with all the amazing gadgets that include the TV as well. We rely on it to watch movies, TV shows, and news, etc. It’s always fascinating to have your internet connected to your TV and be able to watch Movies on Demand, and TV shows, sports live, on a bigger screen.

One of the fastest growing brand in this field is Apple TV, and not many people know about it’s working. Hence there are always questions like – How to use Apple TV or How to hook up Apple TV. Also take a look at watching TV online.

Exactly, this is the idea behind Apple’s new product; Apple has launched Apple TV, an innovative way to connect your phone and Siri. Since our latest smart phones focus on bringing technology to our pockets, but it’s more fun when we upgrade our big screen televisions.

Apple TV works by including various kinds of entertainment apps like Netflix, NOW TV etc. By the addition of all these apps you can enjoy watching your favourite shows anytime on demand. If you are using Netflix, you may need to clean your Netflix History. Here is how to clear Netflix History.


Also, it’s easy to find the movies of your favorite genre or search by the popularity or the latest releases, which makes your TV watching experience more personal and user-friendly. It comes with a Siri remote control, which lets you find your favorites either by swiping or by voice commands.

Apple TV also comes with the wide range of apps from movies to news, to sports, and games, the list includes virtual classrooms, Photos, music, and podcasts, audio books, etc. gives you endless possibilities to enjoy watching TV with your entire family.

How to Use Apple TV – Setting Up Manually

Step 1: Connect your Apple TV to power and then now connect your TV with HDMI i.e. you are actually required to connect your iPhone with HDMI port (via USB cable) in your Apple TV’s concerned HDMI port. You can also use your Ethernet as a replacement of USB connection simply by connecting TV to your router via the Ethernet cable.
Step 2: Now the setup screen would appear, it would generally be up in a few moments since it is supposed to load all the data – from your iPhone or the Ethernet connection. Now you can use your remote, by just swiping for selecting the desired option(s) that appear on your Apple TV’s screen.
Note: If you are unable to use your remote, it is advisable to bring remote really close to the Apple TV, nothing serious, though; just a matter of range of frequency. Meanwhile, you can also try to use menu button, volume up button for few seconds.

It is often misconstrued as Apple TV not working or Apple TV remote not working. However, the matter is something else. So do not panic and continue learning how to install apple TV.
Step 3: Now select the language that you wish to choose for the execution of further steps, and enter your country. For instance, English is the most common choice as it is a universally accepted language.

Step 4: Now manually, enter your username and password, of your iTunes account to continue further.
Note: You can also skip this step, if you wish to setup your device and import settings from your device including your iTunes login information.
Step5: Now you will see an option on the screen, that if you would like to remember the password. Click on “Yes”. This is because one your username and password is saved (remembered), you need not to enter it each and every time, thereby saving your time as well.

Note: If it’s asked to send verification code, do enter it on your Apple TV.
Step 6: You will be asked another option that you would wish to send data to Apple, this is optional, hence up to the user.
Step 7: Now TV will start connecting to the internet via your access point that was provided to it from any of your iOS based device(s) like iPhone, iPad etc.
Step 8: Once it gets connected, it would take few moments to get activated, it will also sync the details like date and time.
Step 9: If all the steps mentioned above are successfully executed, next you will be able to see “accessing iTunes store” displayed on your screen.
Step 10: After all your data is synched completely and all other necessary stuff are done, you will see your Home menu there. It can be accessed and controlled by both – the remote control of the Apple TVor by your iPhone.
Step 11: And now your Home screen appears, here you can again log in with your Netflix or hulu accounts.

How to Set Up Apple TV – Using iOS Device, Via Bluetooth

Step 1: First you would need to determine the version of your iOS device – i.e. whether it is 9.1 or more.
Step 2: Unlock your iOS device. Make sure your Bluetooth is on, on the phone. Also, make sure the device is near TV. Now you will see the message in your iOS device to set up Apple TV, click on continue option.
Step 3: You would need to enter the username and password of your Apple ID, and also to choose your preferences. If you have forgotten the Apple ID password, here is how to Reset Apple ID Password.
Now, the process is simple just go along with the instructions that appear in your iOS device. And then go with the instructions on your TV.

How to Connect Apple TV Using  Bluetooth Pairing

Step 1: In order to get started, first go to settings, option in your device, then go to general option, and in that you will find “Bluetooth” option.
Step 2: Now you will see the language section on your TV screen. Also, you will get notified that you can use a Bluetooth keyboard to setup your Apple TV. To get started place your device closer to the TV, and then unlock your device.
Step 3: You will find a pairing code on your TV screen, enter it on your keyboard, and press “enter”.
Step 4: Once the pairing is done, you can connect your Wi-Fi hotspot using up and down arrow keys, and start using internet.
Step 5: After connecting to hotspot, you will now see home screen.

Final Words

We all love watching stuffs on a bigger screen and admit it, larger screens have a unique and unmatched charm. So, this a complete and detailed guide on how to use Apple TV and set it up via various methods.

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How to Leave a Group Text?



A person who has gotten stuck in an unwanted group text knows how annoying it is and how terrible it can be. Your phone blows out of proportion, and all you hope for is to quiet down the thread soon. Here are details on how to leave a group text.

For quite a long time, the only solution to get out of a group text was to block your friends, or flat-out asking them to stop texting you. But luckily, Apple’s latest mobile operating system update, the iOS 8 version, fixed this issue. If the recipient is using iOS 8 and iMessage has been turned on by them, then he/she can leave the group text.

Among the features in the newest Apple’s operating system were many improvements. The improvements in the messaging system were also done. This app includes numerous functionality upgrades that magnify the most-used aspects of the older version, from the great iMessage compatibility to more control over how texts are shown and responded to.


iMessage already has a well-featured group texting system – it left something to be craved, and it was tough to wade through the mass of notifications, especially when dealing with groups consisting of many people. How to get out of a group text details are mentioned below.

How to Leave a Group Text in iOS 8

The steps to follow for how to leave a group chat are mentioned below.

  • To get the advantage of this feature, one needs to download the iOS 8 version. Navigate to Settings, go to General, then Software update on your device.
  • If your device already has iOS 8, then the first step is not required.
  • Open the group text you wish to leave. Select the thread you wish to exit.
  • Select ‘Details’ located in the upper right corner of the screen just under the menu bar. Selecting this option will bring up a new menu with various options related to the group conversation.
    Here, you will be given with options to interact with individual contacts, add different people to the conversation, and delete yourself from the particular group. The option of sharing your location with people is also given if you are all attempting to search for each other.
  • Select ‘Leave this conversation’. If you decide you don’t want any kind of involvement in the group conservation, this is the best option for you. When a person chooses to leave the conversation, he/she will not get notified about further messages, and will not be able to read or respond to the messages in the group.
  • There is also an option of ‘Do not Disturb’. This mutes the conversation you don’t want to get notified about. But you can read and respond to the text messages normally; it’s just that your phone will not buzz every time a new message is received.

But there is a catch! According to iPhone FAQ, you can only exit iMessage group chats if there are four or more than four participants. But if you are in a group conversation, which has only two or more people, the option to leave the group conversation will be grayed out.


The information on how to remove yourself from a group chat is given. Group chats facilitate some amazing conversations with your buddies and are also the best way to update many people without having to send individual text messages.

But as amazing as they can be, they can also be equally irritating. We have all been there. We either get pre-occupied with some other thing or lose interest in having the conversation, yet your friends continue to buzz on.

There are notifications after notifications, which force you to keep your phone on silent mode. But fortunately, there are ways to leave the group. This content will let you know how to get out of a group text.


GroupXit is another app designed to exit the group. The app pulls the group threads a person that is currently in from the native messaging app, permitting him to choose which thread he would like to erase from sight and even which particular friend he would like to mute.

And not to worry about being missed-out important updates because you can opt to get an alert for particular keywords. But this app only works on SMS and MMS messaging and not on Apple’s iMessage Protocol; it is only valid on Android and an upcoming iPhone version. This is how to leave a group message.

When a given message is sent or received, mute an annoying group thread, or ‘lock’ a text that is especially important. A person can even swap in an entirely new messaging app if he/she is not satisfied with the ‘Stock’ one. There is an app called Android Stock Texting. The steps to follow are

  • Log in your Android phone’s stock texting application.
  • Search for the ‘Settings’ option by clicking on the multiple lines on the left side at the end of the phone screen.
  • Select the ‘Message Settings’, where a person can set some basic controls for individuals and group conversations.
  • Enable the ‘Thread Group Conversations’ option by being sure that the checkbox next to this option is green and highlighted. Enabling this option indicates that if a person gets a group text message, he will only be replying to the sender if he chooses to reply.

When replying to a text message, check to see if it is a group message before sending a reply. If there is an indication with multiple gray heads in the corner of your Android screen or if the message lists more than one contact, it is a group conversation.

When replying to a group text, hold down your finger on the text and choose the ‘respond to sender only’ option. In third-party apps, do some research and get educated on how to use these apps.

Finally, if you are a sender of a group conversation, you might want to think about issues of privacy and if this is the facility you must use, then look for a third party app that controls the group conversation and offers protection for privacy features and the capability to set up various ‘groups.’ Hope the above information on how to get out of a group message helped.

And with this, we come to the end of our article on how to leave a group text. if you have any queries, do leave them in the comment box below.

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How to Transfer Music from iPod to Computer?



For those of us who love to hear music, Apple’s iPods can be a lifesaver. But whether you be an old user or a new one, before you can enjoy your iPod, you have to fill it in with the music. Now while this isn’t rocket science, there are a few tricks to the trade, and as such, old users often need a refresher course on it as well! So let’s get right into it, shall we?

How to Transfer Music From iPod to Computer?

So today we are going to focus mainly on the top two operating systems in the world, Mac OS X, and Windows. First up we have for you guys, the process in detail for Windows Computer.


#1. How to Transfer Music From iPod to  Windows Computer?

Below, we have described the best ways to how to transfer music from iPod to the computer when it’s running Windows OS. You can also transfer music from iPhone to Computer.

Method 1: Transfer Music From iPod to Your Computer By Primomusic

Primomusic helps you to transfer your music files to transfer from iPod to computer faster and with less complication.

Step 1.

At first, downloaded PrimoMusic.

Step 2.

Launch PrimoMusic on your computer.

Step 3.

Then connect your iPod touch to the computer with a USB data cable.

Step 4.

Now click on the ” Export to Mac/PC ” option in the left panel of the screen.

Step 5.

Select all music file or choose the music you want to transfer to the PC.

Step 6.

Once the selection is complete, click on the “Export” button to transfer iPod touch to the computer.

Method 2: By Using iTunes


 How To Transfer Music iPod by iTunes?

For using iTunes backup, you have to transfer your music from iPod to iTunes at first. Let us know how to transfer music from iPod to iTunes before.

There are several ways to transfer music from iPod to iTunes, and it is up to you which option you would be suitable for you.

You may choose any of the options given below to update your music files from the iPod to the iTunes:

1. Automatic updations of all of the existing music files and playlists from iPod to iTunes.

2. Automatic updations of the selected music files or songs or playlists from iPod to iTunes.

3. Manually transfer music files to the iTunes. When you choose to transfer music to iTunes manually, it will allow you to drag and drop individual songs and playlists from iPod to iTunes.

Method 3: By Using Bluetooth or USB cable:

You can also transfer your music files of iPod directly to your Mac or PC without the help of any third party app. This can be done in two  possible ways, they are:

1.By the Bluetooth.

2. By the USB cable.

Follow the steps given below to transfer songs from iPod touch to PC  :

Step 1.

Connect the iPod to mac with the USB cable.

Step 2.

Now go to the iTunes and in iTunes select the devices.

Step 3.

In the PC or Mac select the iPod.

Step 4.

Now open the music files in your iPod.

Step 5.

Then choose the songs you want to transfer.

Step 6.

Next,  press the transfer button.

Method 4: By Using AnyTrans App

This is probably the easiest way to transfer your music files from iPod to Mac or PC. Using this transferring app is very much effortless.

The AnyTrans app is much helpful for transferring data from iPod to computers with windows OS.

 Click here to download AnyTrans now for your computer.

Step 1.

Download AnyTrans App.

Step 2.

Run this AnyTrans App on your PC.

Step 3.

Connect your iPod to the computer.

Step 4.

After connecting your iPod, you will get to see the app on the left side of the PC screen in the Media options.

Step 5.

Now click on the Music tab to get the songs list window.

Step 6.

Select the songs you want to transfer from iPod to PC.

Step 7.

Then click on the PC tab.

Step 8.

Choose the music you want to transfer to PC.

Step 9.

Then click on PC button.

#2. How to Transfer Music From iPod to Mac?


Now we come to the second part of our article where we show you how to transfer music from a computer running Mac OS X to an iPod.

Method 1: By Using USB Cable

Step 1.

At first, disable syncing. To disable it, press and hold the Command+Option keys when you plug in your iPod to the Mac.

Step 2.

Then make the hidden folders visible.

Step 3.

Now enable your iPod for disk use.

Step 4.

Then copy your iPod’s music files to your Mac.

Step 5.

Your music is successfully transferred.

Method 2: By AnyTrans App

This is probably the easiest way to transfer your music files from iPod to Mac or PC. Using this transferring app is very much effortless.

For transferring data to the Mac, the benefit of using the app is, this AnyTrans app is also compatible with Mac OS X,  OS X 10.6, OS X 10.7, OS X 10.8 and the OS X 10.9.2 version also.

Click Here To Download AnyTrans For Your Mac 

Step 1.

Launch AnyTrans App on your Mac.

Step 1.

Then connect your iPod to the Mac by USB.

Step 2.

Click on the Audio tab of your Mac.

Step 3.

Now choose ‘Music’ option.

Step 4.

Select the songs or music files you want to be transferred to the Mac.

Step 5.

Lastly, click on the to Mac button.

And with that, we come to the end of our article on how to transfer music from iPod to computer. In case you are wondering to transfer photos from iPhone to Computer, you can easily do that. If you have any more queries or questions on this topic, be sure to leave a comment on the box below. We will look to get back at you at the earliest with a solution.

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