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How to Use Snapchat Effects?



Snapchat is clearly the next big thing in the world of Social media platforms. It is definitely paving its way through the means of videos and snaps.

The feature that embellishes the platform, even more, is the Snapchat special effects or Snapchat filter effects.

So, you must be wondering how to use effects for Snapchat? In this article, we will tell you how to use Snapchat effects?

How to use Snapchat effects?

Snapchat offers many effects which one can use to enhance the snaps. Let’s see how to do Snapchat effects.

Since there are multiple effects so, for the ease of convenience we have divided the article into multiple sections.
In the firsts section, we will see how to get effects on Snapchat?

Section 1:

To apply face effects such as face swapping, animal faces, character transformations Snapchat makes use of lenses. Lenses are nothing but particular virtual effects that are used during the recording of the snap.

It is applied by the means of Face detection in real time that is one can watch his/her actions while the effects are being implemented simultaneously.

You may have to go through your device details as the lenses feature of Snapchat may not be available for old devices. For Android users, you must be equipped with Android 4.3 or higher to avail this feature of Snapchat.

Also, you must ensure that you are having the latest version of Snapchat on your device. Now, we will see how you can use the lenses feature. So, let’s get started:

Step #1: First of all, you will have to open the Snapchat application on your device.

Once you have opened the device, then you now need to navigate to the selfie mode.

Step #2: Now, position your device in such a manner that the whole of your face is visible on the device screen. This is important because Lenses makes use of the Face detection feature.

Also, make sure that you have proper lighting conditions failing which you may not have the desired results. Sorry, for the bad image quality over here.

Step #3: Once you are done with the mentioned then now, you are required to press and hold the screen till the geometric shape on your device gets completed. Once your face scan is completed then now you will be provided with various lenses.

To choose the lenses, you will have to swipe left and right. Some of the very famous lenses are “Puking Rainbows”, “Zombie” and others. You can choose either one of these. However, you may see different lenses every day. It is because Snapchat jumbles the lenses in a day or so.

Step #4: Now, to apply the selected lens, you may need to follow the onscreen instructions. Like for instance, while using the “Puking Rainbow” effect, you are required to open your mouth wide so that the effect can take place.

Step #5: The moment you are ready then you can now start recording your snap. After recording the snap, you can send it to your recipients.

Section 2:

This section is concerned around “How to use Snapchat filter effects?

At the first step, you need to understand what a Snapchat filter does? Snapchat filters add effects to the snaps once they have been recorded or snapped. On a lighter note, they are very much similar to the garnishing done to the dishes once they are ready for being served.

To enable filters on your Snapchat, kindly follow the following route. Just tap the Ghost icon which is the official mascot of Snapchat. After this, you are required to tap the gear icon which resembles settings.

From the subsequent window, you now need to select “manage” and then toggle the filters switch on.

Now, once you are done with the prerequisites of adding a filter then let’s get started with the process:

Step #1: Simply record a snap or capture a picture.

Step #2: Now, in order to add a filter to your snap, all that you require doing is to swipe left and right for choosing different filters.

Here are some of the different filters which we got by swiping left and right.

Here is one another:

Kindly take note that, you won’t be able to add filters to your snaps if location services are not enabled on your devices.

To enable location services on Android device, you will have to open the Settings application and then navigate to the location and the turn on the location services which is positioned at the top of the window.

For iOS devices, you are required to launch the settings app and then navigate to the “Privacy” option and after that location services. Once you are at the location services menu, then you will have to toggle the location option to on mode.

This way, you can easily enable location services on your device.

Step #3: You can choose from a variety of filters, such as “Geo-Filter”, “Video-Only filter”, “Data Filter”, and “Color filter”. You can add more than one filters on your snaps. To be more exact with the data, you can add up to 3 filters on your pictures while up to 5 filters on videos.

Additionally, if you want to add text-based filters, then you can also do the same by just typing the text which you want to put on the video or picture. For this, you will have to tap on the photo or video. After this, you will have to type in the text which you want to display.

Once you have completed the text then now all that you require doing is to tap on “Done.” This will automatically add the text to the middle of your post.

So, this was all about “How to use Snapchat effects?” We hope that after going through this article on “how to do effects on Snapchat?” you will be able to make use of ” New Snapchat effects“.

If you find the article worthy enough then do not miss to hit the share button. Moreover, if you know anything apart from the information mentioned over here about Snapchat add ons then do let us know through the comments section. We would love to hear from you.

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How to Use New Snapchat Update?



Snapchat is one of the best apps for instant messaging. Snapchat, if you know, is the only app of its type who is self-destructive in nature.

This features, however, was enough to distinct this app from the other messaging apps, but the recent update of Snapchat has made this app stand out of the crowd in many ways.

Initially, snaps and short videos could be sent via this app, and text messaging could be done. But the new update has brought down to us the ability to not only audio chat but live video chat!

Not only this, there are so many new features in the new version of Snapchat that you will end up loving this app even more.

The features include the Snapchat add ons like lenses, chat 2.0, replay, video calling, audio calling, face-swapping, celebrate a birthday and many others!

Are you excited to learn how to use a new Snapchat update??

Well, no worries!! We will walk you through the step by the guide on how to work the new Snapchat update. The lenses, video/audio chat, replay and everything the new Snapchat has come along, including how to update the new version on your phone, everything!

I know you can’t wait to learn how do you use the new Snapchat and leverage all those amazing features. Let’s head over to the guide!

How to Use New Snapchat Update:

Before that, make sure your phone has the latest version of Snapchat. If you don’t have the latest Snapchat on your phone, go to the play store or app store, and update your app!  

Let’s get started with the most amazing features i.e. video/audio chat. Then we will go through the other features one by one!

I can assure you, after reading out the tutorial, you won’t ever have to ask from anyone how do you use the new Snapchat!

#Video/Audio Chat:

Among so many changes Snapchat has brought to us, the most awaited feature is Video and Audio chat.

Although we already have many apps which support audio and video calls this new feature On Snapchat has made this app a close companion to the big instant messaging apps Whatsapp and Facebook messenger.

Making a Video or audio call on Snapchat is extremely easy! Just go to the contact list on your Snapchat app and tap the contact name you want to talk via audio or video call.

Just beneath his/her name, you will see a text box to type the text message and just below that text field; there would be multiple options like phone icon for the audio call and Camera icon for a video call! Just tap any of these two options accordingly and you are done!


After Audio and Video chat, the most adorable and appealing feature offered by Snapchat is the number of lenses. Snapchat uses the face recognition technology to provide you with amazing lenses!

The lenses let you add the special facial animations and effects including those of a puking rainbow, heart eyes, crying face, Dracula face, birthday celebration and what not. Moreover, the app keeps rolling out the new lenses every now and then.

But this feature only works on the newer version of Android. Those with the older Android phone can’t use this feature.

Also, the front camera on your phone should be turned on while using Lenses. To use lenses on this app, long tap your face while in selfie mode or while video chatting with someone.

This step will load the lens just below the screen. Tap on any of the lens icons to see the lenses taking effect. You can swipe the lens to the left to see the more lens.


You can make your images look more appealing by adding the filters to them. You can add the current date, different colors and effects, local weather and several other features.

But by default, this features comes disabled. You need to enable filters on your snap chat to utilize this feature.

To enable filters, Go to Settings(by tapping the gear icon)> Manage> Additional Services. Now check the option Filters. 

To use Filters on your Image, take a picture and swipe left or right to see the filter previews. Keep doing this until you finalize the option you liked the most!


Face-Swapping is another great update we see in the Snapchat new version. You can easily swap your face with another using Snapchat. Swapping can be done even from the Photos already residing in the gallery of your phone!

Stickers, emoji, and text:

New updated of Snapchat has brought us more than 200 stickers, several new emojis and of course the ability to add a caption to the images.

Using the Stickers and emoji is all the same as we normally do. But for the text, you need to enable from the Additional Services menu.

Once you click a picture, you will see a T icon on the top of the window to add the text.

Snapchat Chat 2.0

The new Snapshot has brought us great features for the chats. Which includes more than 200 stickers, audio, and video notes up to 10 seconds, sending multiple photos at a time, video and audio chats along with the ability to send snaps while online.

Want more features?? I don’t think so!

Story replies and Replay Purchases:

Along with the above features, the new Snapchat version gives you the ability to Story replies and the replay Purchases.

You get one free option of a replay once in 24 hours, but you can buy the replay if you want.

The new Whatsapp version gives you the ability to buy the Snapchat replay via the in-app purchases.

On every 3 replays, you need to pay $0.99. Pretty reasonable, isn’t it?

So that’s how to use a new Snapchat update!

The new update has surely brought us the amazing features which none of us would prefer to miss! So try these features out and let us know your feedback about your favorite features.

We have told you enough that you can easily use the new update of Snapchat without looking for any further instructions.

If you still have any query on how to work Snapchat update, feel free to drop us a comment. For more such articles on Snapchat, do click on this link!

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How to Get White on Snapchat?



Snapchat has released its new version in the recent past, and assuredly the updates are huge!

The new features released in the new version of Snapchat is the ability to make an audio or video call, various Snapchat camera effects, replay, birthday celebration, more than 200 new emojis for the chat and a lot more, all in just one app!

This new version of snap chat lets you add countless effects on your pictures and make them look extraordinary. In one of our previous articles, we have given detailed instructions on how to use the Snapchat new update.

Now you might wonder, why this tutorial now?? The previous article was dedicated to giving you an overview of the Snapchat new updates, but this guide is specifically designed to teach you how to get white on Snapchat!

By white I meant the white effect! The tutorial won’t only teach you getting the white and black effect on pictures on Snapchat but all the effects!

So are you ready to learn how to get special effects on Snapchat??  Read along!!

How to Get White on Snapchat:

The Snapchat effects are so great that it makes the images look surprisingly incredible. Let’s see how to add such amazing effects on photos and make them look ultimate!

Trust me; you will go crazy when you see those effects, filters, and lenses taking place on your face. The Snapchat uses face recognition technology to let us put such lenses


Step 1. The first step to getting started on how to do the effects on Snapchat is to update the Snapchat version on your phone. This is a very important step hence you can’t skip it until you already have an updated version of Snapchat. For this, you have to go the relevant app store and update the app. Also, you need to have the latest model of Android in order to make full out of the app and use the crazy effects.

If you are done with both of the above-mentioned things, you are good to go!

Step 2. Okay, so it’s time to add the filters to the images. Remember, the lenses come turned On by default and we can use them directly to enhance the images, which we will learn to use later in the guide. But the filters come disabled by default!

So in order to use the various features on our images, we need to enable them first. For this, open the Snap chat app on your Mobile and Go to Settings by tapping the gear icon on the homepage.

Now navigate to the Manage and then Additional Services. There you will see many options along with the Filters. You need to toggle this option ON in order to enable the filters. Once the filters are enabled, you can use them on your images.


Step 3. Now you need to click an image in orde to add effects on it. Trust me adding filters is far easier than you think! The Snapchat helps you add several filters on your images apart from the basic effects. The filters like weather, current date, temperature and more filters are there to add.

But to add these filters, you need to keep the location ON. So make sure you have turned on the location on your phone.

To see how filters work, you better click a beautiful picture with the camera on your phone. Tap the large white circle on the Snapchat app and click a picture or record a video. Now swipe the picture left or right with your finger to see the different effects on your Image. Once you see the appropriate filter on your image, you better save it. Or you can share the image on various social mediums if you want to!

Step 4. Now coming to the Lenses. As I told you, lenses come enabled by default so you don’t need to enable them manually. But to use the different lenses on your images, you need to have the front or rear camera ON! This is a really important step to add the special effects on your pictures!

So the first and only step, to use lenses is to keep your phone into the selfie mode. Because the Snapchat lenses only work when they recognise your face as Snapchat uses the face recognition technology. Without that, You can’t add lenses to your image!

Step 5. Once your phone is in the selfie mode, you can click the crazy pictures with lenses. But unlike the filters, you don’t need to click the picture first and then add effects. Instead, with lenses, we add the lenses first, and then click the picture!

To use the lenses, open the selfie camera and position it on in a way to show your full face. Now long tap your face and you will see a number of lenses loading at the bottom of the screen.


Just tap on any of the lenses and follow the onscreen instruction to get the best results. For instances, if you are using the puking rainbow effect, you need to open your mouth, or to showing tears, you need to do different kinds of expression.

Don’t confuse yourself much. Just read the on-screen instructions carefully and give the desired expression.

You can load more lens by swiping horizontally in the left and right direction! Once you finalise any image, you can save it and share on the social platforms or can simply keep on your phone gallery.


Bonus Tip: While using lens or clicking picture, make sure there is decent lighting to make the pictures look more appealing! Also, while using the lenses, your full face should be shown.

So take care of these things and give astonishing effects to your images.

Have more queries on how to get white on Snapchat??? 

If so, drop us a comment below! We will reach out to you as soon as possible. Also, if you found the tutorial helpful, share it with your friends and help them get lovely effects on their pictures.

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