How to Use BitTorrent Effectively



Somewhere down the line, many or most of us use torrents. Yes, we do. There might be the case that you want to know that how to make an efficient use of BitTorrent? So, if you are looking for this or something similar to this, then your quest has come to an end.

In this article, we are going to reveal some of the best practices using which you can use BitTorrent effectively. So, get ready to learn how to use BitTorrent effectively? So, let’s get started:

What is BitTorrent?


As per Wikipedia,
BitTorrent is a communications protocol for the practice of peer-to-peer file sharing that is used to distribute large amounts of data over the Internet. BitTorrent is one of the most common protocols for transferring large files, and peer-to-peer networks have been estimated to collectively account for approximately 43% to 70% of all Internet traffic (depending on geographical location) as of February 2009. In November 2004, BitTorrent was responsible for 35% of all Internet traffic. As of February 2013, BitTorrent was responsible for 3.35% of all worldwide bandwidth, more than half of the 6% of total bandwidth dedicated to file sharing.

In order to use this file sharing system, one must have a BitTorrent client. Popular BitTorrent clients are Vuze, uTorrent and many more.

The protocol was designed by a former student of University of Buffalo, Bram Cohen in April 2001. As per the statistics of 2013, BitTorrent has a real-time user base of 15-27 million concurrent users. The BitTorrent protocol is used for reducing the server and network impact of distributing large files.

You will be glad to know that BitTorrent specifications are free to use and are based on open source model.

How to Use BitTorrent?


1: Use trustable sites.

Using trustable sites is the key which is highly recommended as well as beneficial for you. It is because some torrent sites may contain malicious stuff which can harm your system as soon as you download through them. So, beware of these. Make sure to use such sites which are being moderated from time to time and are secured enough. Do navigate through their privacy policy and see the content, reviews and comments.

One more point to add is that going through the comments section can give you a good overview of the site’s reliability as well as the trust factor.
You will expose your system and the information to risk if ever you will consider downloading stuff from not so trusted sites.

Additionally, there is one demerit of using BitTorrent, and that is when you download some stuff using BitTorrent then some of your identifying information like IP address id exposed to anyone who is sharing the same torrent at that particular instant of time.
The third-party websites can use this information. So, in order to prevent this, you can consider using PeerBlock, which is an IP blocking program. This will certainly do the needful without even exposing your identification details.

2: Speed up your BitTorrent Speed.


Yeah, you heard it right. You can certainly do this with just a few tips. If you are connected to the internet through a router, then you should consider randomizing and forwarding your router ports. It is more likely to happen that if some of your ports are closed than your BitTorrent speed is going to be affected.

As router ports are the one which allows internet packets to pass through it and reach your system. The process which is involved in this method is known as port forwarding. You can give it a try because this trick undoubtedly works.

Apart from the above method, you can also encrypt your BitTorrent traffic as some of the web sites can incur in between resulting in the throttling of your speed. The option for encrypting your BitTorrent traffic is present in the application itself, and you can easily find it under “Protocol Encryption”.

Alternatively, using proxy and VPN is like being on the safer side as some of the peers might be snooping on you. You can also block such peers because they may cause serious harm to you as by default your identification details are open to them.

3: Make Use of BitTorrent Clients.

BitTorrent clients are programs which are designed for peer to peer file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol.
In order to maximize your efficiency while downloading torrents, you should consider using BitTorrent clients like Vuze or µTorrent. Although, there are many other BitTorrent clients which are quite efficient as well but for the purpose of instances we are listing some.

Vuze is much like a Swiss knife with ostentatious features like search console, sharing, content guide and much more while on the other hand uTorrent is quite simple yet effective. Both of them has their own specialty and are widely used.

Go for the one which suits your requirements as both of them are quite capable of doing the needful for you. In Vuze, there is a tool with which you can auto configure the speed of BitTorrent. So, if you are an avid torrenter then this is where you would like to pay a heed.

4: Do Not Seed More Than Necessary.

It is not recommended to seed more than the necessary. We advise you to delete the torrent once it is done with the downloading. This will increase your chances of being on the safer side.

Wrapping Up

This wrapping up section brings us to the end of this article on “How to use BitTorrent efficiently?” We hope that this article has helped you in your quest for using BitTorrent effectively. If it has helped you in any way then do spread the words by giving it social flares and sharing it with your peers.

Moreover, if you are left with any kind of feedback or query, then do let us know by dropping a line in the comments section right below. We would love to hear from you.

Thank you for passing by and giving it a read.

A student of life, writer, technology freak, and a thinker. Like to invest my time into Digital Marketing and help clients easily reach their marketing goals with proven strategies and roadmaps.

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How to Block an Email Address



Are you annoyed by the not so interesting and off-topic emails in your inbox? Do you want to block an email address? If you want so, then you have landed at the right place. In this article, we will tell you how to block an E-mail address? So, let’s get started:

How to block an Email address?

In this section, we will tell you how to block and email address on three major email clients that are Gmail, Yahoo! and Hotmail.

How to block an Email address on Yahoo!?


Step #1: As the very first step in the process, you will have to log in to your Yahoo E-mail account. For this, you will first have to go to the Yahoo! home page from where you will have to navigate for the login section. In the fields, you have to enter the corresponding details which include your E-mail address and the password. After that, all that you have to do is to hit enter or click on the login button. Once you have done the mentioned then you will get logged onto your Yahoo! account.

Step #2: Now, you have to navigate for the “mail” option which is usually positioned as the first option on the left-hand side of the web page. If you have found so then you have to click on it. This will open your Yahoo! mail account. If you are in the Yahoo! mail account then you are good to go to the next step.

Step #3: In this step, you will have to click on the gear-like icon which is positioned at the top right corner of the web page. This will open a contextual menu for you and from this, you will have to select the “Settings” option.

Step #4: As a result of your activity in step #3, a subsequent web page will open up as the settings section. From this “Settings” section, you have to look for “Blocked Addresses”. Once you have found so, you have to click on it. Now, you have to type the particular web address which you want to block. Remember that, you can block up to 500 email addresses on one account.

Make sure to take an appropriate backup of your mails because once you block an email address, all the e-mails will be deleted immediately and you cannot recover them back. So, better be careful. However, you can unblock the email address anytime just by highlighting it and then clicking on the remove button.

How to Block an Email Address on Gmail?

Method #1: Manually setting up filters.

Step #1: In order to block an email address on Gmail, you are required to first log in to your Gmail account. You can do so by entering the corresponding credentials of your Gmail account. Once you have logged into your account then you can proceed for the next step.

Step #2: Select the email address which you want to block. Once you have selected the email account then all that you have to do is to click on the “more” tab which is positioned at the top right corner of the web page. Now, once you have clicked on it, a drop-down menu will open for you. From this menu, you have to select “Filter messages like this”. This will open a pop up window for you. From this, you have click on the “Create filter with this search”.

Step #3: The previous step will open a subsequent window for you. From this, you have to select the appropriate option. The most recommended option is to select “Delete it”. After this, you have to select “Create Filter”. This will create the corresponding filter for you and will perform the desired action which you have selected.

Method #2: Using Extensions.


You can consider using a Google Chrome extension which is exactly designed for doing the needful for you. Though there are many extensions we recommend you to use “Block Sender for Gmail” chrome extension. After installing this extension, you will see a new option in your Gmail account as a “Block” option.

Now, all that you have to do is to select the E-mail address and then click on the block button. This will block the email account from sending you emails.

How to block an email address on Hotmail?

Step #1: As the first step, you have to log in to your Hotmail account. For this, you have to go to www.hotmail.com and then sign in to your Hotmail account by entering the corresponding credentials. Before going to the next step, you are required to have your Hotmail dashboard on your screen.

Step #2: In this step, you have to click on the gear-like icon which is positioned adjacent to your profile name at the top right corner. This will open a menu for you from which you have to select “More mail settings”.

Step #3: Now, in the subsequent window which opens up as a result of the previous step, you are required to navigate for the “Safe and Blocked Senders” option. Once you have found so, you need to select “Safe and Blocked Users”.

Step #4: On the next web page, you are required to click on the “Blocked senders” link. Now, on the new web page, you have to enter the e-mail or domain which you want to block. Once you are done, then you have to click on the “Add to list” button. This way you can easily block an e-mail address on Hotmail.

Let’s Wrap it Up.

This let’s wrap it up section brings us to the end of this article on “How to block an Email address?” We hope that this article has helped you in your quest about blocking an address on Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail. If it has helped you in any way then do spread the words by giving it social flares and sharing it among your peers.

Moreover, if you are left with any kind of feedback or query, then do let us know by dropping a line in the comments section right below. We would love to hear from you.

Thank you for passing by and giving it a read.

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How to Add Money to PayPal



PayPal is one of the easiest ways to give payments as well as to receive payments. It is used all over the world because it is so convenient to use and it makes our transactions so simple as well as extremely safe. PayPal is one of the biggest companies that deal with online payment. If you don’t have a PayPal account yet, here is how to setup PayPal Account.

It is the best option for online shopping as well as for making payments online! It makes are transactions so much safer! By using the following methods and steps, you will be able to understand how to add money to PayPal.


#1 How to Add Money to PayPal -Through Your Bank Account

Step 1. The very first thing you need to do is to link your bank account with PayPal.

Step 2. Log in to the PayPal account of yours and you will see that near the top of the page there is an icon. That icon kind of looks likes a wallet.

Step 3. Click on the icon.

Step 4. Click on ‘Link a Payment Method’.

Step 5. After this, click on ‘Link Bank Account’.

Step 6. Now you need to select your account type and enter the routing and account numbers and click on the ‘Continue’ button.

Step 7. Click on ‘Add Bank Account’.

Step 8. Confirm the bank account. There are 2 ways to confirm it:

#1 The quickest way is through ‘Online Banking’. Just click on the wallet again and hit ‘Confirm’ next to your added account and your account is confirmed in just some minutes.

#2 The other way that might take some days is that PayPal will transfer little amounts of money to your bank account so that it can confirm that your account is a valid account. This process is only needed if you do not have an online banking account.

Step 9. It is really essential that you have entered your bank account number properly so, please recheck before adding your bank account.

Step 10. Now that your account has been linked, you can transfer money from a bank account to PayPal. Log into PayPal, under your PayPal balance, there is an icon of ‘Add Money’. Click on this icon. Now, select the bank account from which the money is to be transferred, enter the amount to be transferred and click on ‘Add’.

Step 11. Transactions may take the time of some days to complete depending on your bank and your PayPal use. Click on the ‘Activity’ button on the top of the page after you log in to check if the transaction is done or it is not, and if your transaction is not made then click on ‘transaction is processing’ to be able to see the expected clearing date.

#2 How to Add Money to PayPal by Using PayPal Cash

Step 1. For this, log into PayPal.

Step 2. You have the option to select a retailer whom you can refer to when using PayPal cash. On the website, there will be a list of retailers, and you can choose the one which is closest to where you reside or in whichever area you prefer.

Once you select the retailer, you will receive an email with a barcode. You can print this or just use it by showing your smartphone.

Step 3. Now you just have to take this code and go to that retailer that you chose. Take the amount of cash that you want to deposit in your PayPal account and the retailer will transfer this money.

However, there is a service charge of $3.95 which you need to pay in order to be able to use PayPal cash. This process does not require processing time, and your money will be instantly transferred to your PayPal account.

#3 How to Add Money to PayPal by Transferring Money Between PayPal Accounts

Step 1. To pay for certain things and services you might have to use PayPal so by this method you will be able to transfer money through PayPal to other people. People prefer this method to pay for some services as PayPal makes payments extremely safe.

Step 2. Here as well you need to have your bank account linked and verified. The steps mentioned in method #1 can be referred to link the account.

Step 3. Now log in to your PayPal account. Click on the ‘Send Money’ tab and enter the exact amount of money that you want to transfer. Enter the email address associated with that person’s PayPal account to whom you want to send the money. You work here is done. Now the money will be transferred in a few days.

Step 4. You can even request money through PayPal from other accounts if someone has not paid you on time you can just send a request. For this just log in to your PayPal account and click on the ‘Request Money’ tab and then enter the person to whom you want to send this request to, this person’s email address as well as the amount of money that you want to request for, from that person.

Step 5. Now this recipient will receive an email which says that you request money from them and to make things easier for them, there are even instructions on how to use PayPal.


You even need to understand how to receive money from PayPal if someone sends you money

When someone sends you money, you will receive an email. Now you can log in and see the money and decide the further steps. You can use it in both ways, transfer the money In a checking account or you can just use the received money through PayPal.
Whatever you prefer.


To Use PayPal, you can even link your credit cards and debit cards! You can link these two and the best part about using PayPal is that it makes all your transactions really safe as the places where you are using your credit or debit cards just receive your PayPal account number, and they will have no access to any information of your bank or your credit and debit card.

Now you know how to add money to PayPal account and your paypal account is now all set to send or receive money using Paypal. You can also get Paypal Prepaid card that you can use as the Debit Card.

Final Words

So this concludes our post of adding money to your PayPal account various methods. Here, we have covered the three easiest and convenient ways with which you can transfer money to your PayPal account, anytime.

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How to Watch TV Online?





Don’t tell me that you hate watching TV!

Nine out of ten people love to watch TV shows. But what if you are limited in an environment where you can’t get a TV? Can you miss your favorite TV shows?

But from this moment you are not going to miss any TV show because I am here with a guide to show you how to watch TV online.

I know it’s better said than done. A lot of TV channels are there in every country and even in every locality. So, incorporating all the channels in one platform is a tedious task and almost impossible. Also, take a look at the blog post explaining to you how to get Netflix on TV.

How to Watch TV Online

Instead of introducing a single system that allows you to watch TV shows online for free, I will be sharing a set of websites. You can watch shows online free through each of them.

If you find any issue on one website, move on to the next one to watch TV online free.

#1. HotStar


HotStar is relatively new to this TV streaming field. But the hands behind this website are not new to the TV domain. Do you know the Star network? The same company owns HotStar as well.

Along with TV shows and movies, this service allows you to watch sports live as well. The best thing I like about this one is you don’t have to be a registered user to immerse yourself in the magical world of TV shows and movies.

On top, you will see a perfectly crafted navigation bar that includes links to different genres, movies, TV shows, sports and languages along with a search field, which will ease your quest to find favorite movies.

Most of the time, you will get what you want from the featured content on the homepage itself. If you just scroll down, you can see some other popular shows and movies too.

#2. BoxTV


The next pick in our article on how to watch live TV online is BoxTV, which was making waves until the launch of Hotstar. Though the grace has faded a bit, BoxTV offers a similar kind of free TV streaming experience as in HotStar.

The top-most navigation is spared for the small but beautiful header logo, links to TV and Movies along with an intelligent search using which you can search for movies, genres and actors as well.

The slider here grabs the attention of a lot of eyeballs because all the posters are designed in a spellbinding manner.

You will get TV shows and movies in all the Indian languages and English also. So, this deserves a spot in your bookmark bar.

A paid subscription option is available for those who want to take watching free TV shows online to another level.

The language selection can be done from the secondary blue navigation bar placed just beneath the slider.

#3. Crackle


Are you looking for a way to get all the English series episodes in one place? Then, Crackle is the best website for you as it contains English serials only. If you like to peek at the site’s matrices, you will find that this one has got a high PR and good ranking. So no way for it to be a scam.

The first thing you notice on this website is the design itself. Their team has done an exceptional job of creating a minimalistic yet beautiful and functional design.

On the homepage, you can see a featured slider that contains links to different episodes of an exclusive Crackle show. The content below is also occupied by the same show episodes.

Unlike most of the other TV streaming websites, this one has an FAQ link on the navigation bar that kicks all your doubts off your mind.

Even though you can get some added benefits by signing up, you can stream shows without being a registered member.

Use the search form given above to find your favorite shows like a breeze.

#4. TVPlayer


TVPlayer is another best online live TV streaming website to entertain you. Seeing their homepage is a sheer pleasure as it is built in a breathtaking manner.

On the homepage, you can see a top navigation bar with links to the TV guides, channels, apps, etc. If you are not ready to waste time on anything, click on that big blue watch now button. You will be directed to a TV-like interface then.

The very first thing their system does is checking your location because they only allow live streaming for UK people only. If you are desperate to see their content and you are not living in the UK, you can make use of proxies or similar stuff for it.

The top navigation bar has a Plus link that enables you to purchase their premium version for more features.

#5. BlinkBox


You have to be disappointed here if you are not a UK native because this one is not available for everyone in the world.

The top navigation bar contains three beautifully crafted dropdown menus that let you browse through TV, movies, genres, latest and best selling as well.

A search form is also given to help you make the quest for a singular movie easier.

The homepage has a number of featured shows that are popular on BlinkBox. As I already said, this service is available for UK people only even if anyone can visit the website.

You need to login to watch free movies online. If you are a UK native and ready to give your email for the best TV streaming service, you are good to go.

You can also stream the best entertainment using Apple TV. Using Apple TV, you can easily stream services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now which provides you with high-quality entertainment in your living rooms. Here is how to setup Apple TV.

Bottom Line

I hope you now know how to watch TV online. Tons of websites are there that claim to provide the best TV viewing experience ever. But about 75% of them are scam and loaded with unwanted ads. Good entertainment services ask for the paid subscription and you can enjoy those services on any streaming devices like Chromecast. Here is how to setup Chromecast.

But you will find that all the websites shared here show justice to the visitors with best- in- class content and smooth user experience.

You can let us know your suggestion using the comment form down below in case you want any other site to be included in this list.

Don’t forget to spare a second to share this post.

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How to Upload Multiple Photos to Instagram at Once?



How to upload multiple photos to Instagram one of the unsolved queries of Instagram users which makes them wander here and there for the Answer.

Instagram doesn’t offer any official solution for uploading multiple photos at a time. If we try to do so, all the photos will be uploaded one by one making our followers annoyed!

And some pictures indeed look in greater when they are uploaded in a group. Unlike Facebook, Instagram doesn’t support photo albums, so there are no chances of uploading them together.

The simple workaround for this problem is to group all these photos together and then upload them as a collage. Great solution, isn’t it?? It indeed is, but the problem persists.

Although, now we know the solution to our problem is to group the pictures into one but how to do more than one photo on Instagram is still a question. Let’s find out the answer.

How to Upload Multiple Photos to Instagram:

Instagram, however, doesn’t offer the inbuilt feature of combining multiple pictures into one but probably the Instagram team was aware of this desire of their users. This might be the reason that Instagram took a bold step and introduced a completely separate app for collaging multiple images into one. The app we know as Layout from Instagram.

This app is available for IOS and Android. This is not the only app available for grouping Instagram pictures into one. In fact, some apps like InstapicFrame, Photo shake, Diptic, and many other apps are available out there which functions almost the same as Layout from Instagram.

It’s not possible for us to cover all these apps in-depth in this very article but we will indeed give you an idea of how these apps work by giving you the step by step instructions of working of Layout from Instagram and InstapicFrame.

#How to Upload Multiple Pictures at Once Using Layout from Instagram:

In order to use Layout from the Instagram app, you first have downloaded this app from the Google play store! It’s a free app, simple and very easy to use the app. To install this app on your Android, Go to play store, search for Layout from Instagram. Click on the first link and install this app.

Or simply click here and install this app. Once you have this app on your phone, just open this app. Have a look at the below screenshot to see the first screen you will see while opening the app.


At the bottom of the screen, you can see the options. The first option is the Gallery, which carries every photo on your phone. The second option is Faces, which contains all the photos with people’s faces on your phone and last but not least, the third option is Recent. The recent tab contains up to 30 recent used photos on your phone.

Tap any of the options as per your priority and choose up to 9 photos you want to merge in your collage. To select the photos, a long tap on the images. The selected images will have a tick on it.

Once the images are selected, you need to select the desired frame. Click on the Choose Layout option at the top of the screen. See the above screenshot.


Once you’ve selected any suitable layout for your images, it’s time to edit the images with the right effect and make them look beautiful. It’s the best time to show your creativity and to make the collage look beautiful. See the below screenshot to understanding this step better.


To edit any image in the layout, just tap that image and put the appropriate effect. You can use the pinch in or pinch out to set the image correctly. Or if you want to replace the image or frame, you can do that as well. For this, tap the REPLACE option at the bottom.

Moreover, you can also add the mirror effect in the layout or Flip the images by taping over the MIRROR and FLIP option at the bottom respectively. Once you are done with all the settings, save your collage and upload it on Instagram, or you can share them on any social medium if you want.

Another best feature of Layout from Instagram is Photo Booth. Photo booth captures your pictures simultaneously with the front camera on your phone and lets you create a collage out of these recently taken pictures.

To use the Photo Booth, tap the Photo Booth icon. You will see the icon on the screen. Once you tap on this icon, the Photo Booth will take up to four photos of your continuously. Now you can select the desired frame for your photos, edit the images and can save to upload on Instagram. You can see the below screenshot to see where you will find the Photobooth option.

#How to post multiple photos on Instagram With InstapicFrame:

Working on InstapicFrame is extremely seamless and hassle-free. Here are the quick steps on how to use InstapicFrame to group multiple images into one.

Go to google play store and install the InstapicFram app on your device. Once the app is installed on your device, open it up. In the Layout for the Instagram app, you selected the photos first and then you selected the layout of the frame. But in the InstapicFrame, you need to select the template first and then you need to select the photos.

So when you open the app, you will see the following screen.

Once the appropriate frame is selected, tap the empty area on the frame and browse the image you want to upload. You can also click your current image if you want. Once the image is selected, you need to select other images as well by clicking on the other free image slots.

Once the images are uploaded, tap Done. You can also edit the images if you want. Once all the changes are done, save the image on your mobile. You can also directly share the image.

By getting to know the working of above two apps, you might assume How to Upload Multiple Photos to Instagram using the other apps too! There features as well as their working is almost same.

It’s time for us to wrap up the article now! I hope the article was helpful to you! For any doubts or query, just drop us a comment!

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How to Subtract in Excel?



Subtracting a value is one of the most basic things you learn in elementary school. And learning Excel is undoubtedly like the new ‘elementary school’ for office workers.

It’s safe to say that Microsoft’s Excel is one of the most used software across the world for collecting and saving various types of data.

So if you know the basics of using Excel, then you can easily get the required job done in half the time and quarter the efforts. That’s why today we have brought you a guide about subtracting a value in EXCEL.

Uses of Subtracting in Excel.

Before learning how to subtract in excel, let’s have a look at tasks we can perform once we have learned it.

First of all, of course, Subtracting in Excel will help you to do calculations faster. You won’t need a calculator opened side by side and switch between tabs, instead, you can just enter the values in an Excel Cell and get the job done.

But that’s not all; the subtraction option is also used for getting more complex inputs like if you have a list of employees, then you can easily get data like how many employees are reaching the retirement age by subtracting the number of total employees with the number of employees under 55.

This can save you lots of time and work and can help you in getting important data in real-time. That’s why people believe that even the simplest Excel formulas are the lifeline for your business.

How to Subtract in Excel?

By default, there is no function to subtract values in Excel. We use the SUM function to subtract any value. There is a total of two ways to do so. One is by directly entering the values in numbers or by referencing to cells containing numbers.

Both are more suitable for different situations, and we have made a detailed guide on both below-

Method 1: How to Subtract on Excel by Direct Entering the Values?

Sometimes all you need to do is a simple subtraction and it’s really a pain in the neck if you open a calculator for every subtraction. But if you know how to do it in the excel sheet itself then the job becomes easier. The follow the below steps to do so:

Step #1: Type the equal (=) sign in the cell you want the subtraction result to appear. Always remember that any formula in Excel begins with an equal sign.

Step #2: Type the first number of the equation. For example, let’s say we typed 11.

Step #3: Put the dash (-) sign after the first number. It’s the sign for minus in Excel.

Step #4: Type the 2nd number. For example, if the 2nd number is 4 then after entering it the formula will look like this = 11 – 4

Step #5: Now hit the enter button and the computer will automatically show the result of the equation. In the above example, it will show the number 7 as 11-4 will be 7.

Method 2: Using Subtraction Formula in Excel

The above method is good for quick calculations. In this, we will make use of an excel formula for subtraction. But what if you need to record lots of data and subtract them all?

In this condition using excel, excel subtraction formula is the best method. For example, if you enter the data of Apples and oranges you sold each day in the month.

And then you subtract the number of apples from oranges to know the difference between the two. But after a month, you get to know that you were entering the number of apples wrongly, and now you’ll have to re-enter the numbers.

Now if you have used the above method and calculated the difference by directly entering the values, then you’ll have to recalculate each one of them too.

But if you have used the excel subtraction formula, then you can just change the values in the range cells and the calculated data will be updated automatically. Here is how to use the subtract formula in excel-

Step #1: First, write the values you want to use in the formula, for example, we are going to subtract 128 from 345. So first enter 345 in the third line of B Range and 128 in the 2nd line of B range.

Step #2: Now enter the equal sign (=) in the cell you want the results to appear in(B4 in this example). Always remember that the formulas in Excel are started with an equal sign.

Step #3: Now enter the first cell reference after the equal sign. In this example enter the value B3.

Step #4: After that, add the dash sign (-) which is the sign of minus in Excel.

Step #5: Now enter the second value after the dash sign. In the current example, we will enter the value B2. After it, the equation will look something like this-
= B3 – B2

Step #6: Now press the enter button and the result of the equation will show in the cell. in the current example it will be 345 (B3) – 128 (B2) = 217.

Now if you ever need to change any value of the equation, you can just change the value in the related range cell, and the equation will be updated accordingly.

Method 3: Subtraction in Excel using Formula with Direct Values

So till now, you have learned how to subtract in Excel by entering direct values and subtraction in Excel using a formula. But there is another way you can use the Subtract function in Excel.

It’s not really a different method than the last two, rather than its a combination of both. It’s used when one of the values has to remain the same.

For example, if you have 100 candidates, and you know that every one of them is at least 160 cm long. But now you have to know the difference between each one of their heights and the standard height (160 cm in this example.).

Now if you put the number in a cell and then use its cell reference in the formula then, it will be easy, but a whole range cell where just one cell is in use will not only look ugly but also it will confuse others if the same data is used by multiple people.

So in this condition, we will use the following technique to subtract in excel-

Step #1: Enter all the data in a range cell in different cells. For example, if you need to enter the info about the heights of all candidates then we’ll enter them one by one. Let’s say that heights of 5 different people are 175, 165, 167, 180 and 178. Now we enter these numbers in the 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 lines of B range.

Step #2: Now go to the range where you want the results to appear and put an equal sign (=) in the start.

Step #3: Now enter the cell references in different cells where you want the result to appear. In this example, we enter the cell references B1, B2, B3, B4, and B5.

Step #4: Now enter the dash sign (-) after every cell reference. It’s the minus sign of Excel.

Step #5: Now enter the value you want to subtract. For this example, we have chosen the value 160 so after entering it the example formula will look like this = B1 – 160

Now when you hit enter the results of the formula will show. In this example the result will be 175 (B1) – 160 = 15.

Wrap up

So these were the three ways you can use to subtract in excel. Which Excel tutorial would you like us to write next? Do tell us in the comments section.
Do we hope that we were efficient enough to help you in your quest of how to subtract on excel?
Thank you for crossing by and stay tuned.

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