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How To Take a Screenshot On Windows



A screenshot is a picture captured by a user to record the visible items displayed on the mobile device, monitor or other output devices.

Many times we face a situation where we feel the need to capture the screen to explain critical things rather than explaining them verbally. Right?

And that is only possible if we can capture screen(i.e referred as a screenshot). That’s where we feel the need to take screenshots of the screen.

So, today I have come up with a post where I will show you how to screenshot on windows just by using the keys from the keyboard without any other third party software.

How To Take a Screenshot On Windows

Taking a screenshot on windows 7  is just a keystroke away, all you need to do is just press a few keys and you are done. I will be showing you how.

In the below guide ‘how to screenshot on windows 7’, I will cover the three methods two for Windows PC and one for the laptop for taking the screenshots. Firstly, we will start by taking the window 7 screenshots in PC.

Method 1:

How to Take a Screenshot on Windows PC

In this method, you can take the screenshot, of the entire screen. Let’s see how to do that:

  • First of all, open the window or the page you want to capture.
  • Press the “Prt Scr” from the keyboard. You may find this option between the function keys (F12) and Scroll lock key.

The print screen button may vary as per the systems like “PrtScn,” “PrntScrn,” ” Print Screen SysRq”, “Print Scr,” or something similar to that.

  • Once you click on the print screen button if you notice your cursor would blink for a second which means your screen has been captured and saved to the clipboard.
  • Now, you can paste that anywhere you want. It can be MS paint, MS word or anything. I am pasting it in MS paint. See the screenshot below.
  • To paste the image, press “Ctrl+V”, you can also paste it from the edit menu by selecting Paste.
  • Once you have pasted the image, press “Ctrl+S” or from the edit menu click on “save” to save the image. Choose the destination where you want to save your image and the file type you want to save it.

That’s all you have successfully taken the screenshot on windows 7. (The dimensions of the image will be the same as your desktop resolution, but still it’s versatile you can re-size and crop up the image accordingly).

“The recommended file type for the screenshot is PNG, but you can still save it as JPG, GiF, Tiff etc”. 

This was the first method to take a screenshot in Windows 7, but if you are a Windows 8 or Windows 10 user, then also, you can take the screenshot by using the same method.

Now moving to the second method:

Method 2:

How to Take a Screenshot on Windows Of The ‘Active’ Window

Taking a screenshot on windows is one of the easiest tasks possible, regardless of which version of the operating system you’re using. But a trivial change can make your task even easier. I will show you how.

If you follow the above guide you will definitely be able to capture the screen of the whole page or the current window.

But, the whole window might be of no use sometimes. Like capturing the windows that are opened and to avoid capturing taskbar icons follow the below steps.

  • To take the screenshot of the Active window press “Alt+Prtscr” from the keyboard.
  • Only “active” window will be captured and would be saved to the clipboard. You can paste that anytime, anywhere you want.
  • By using this method, you don’t need to crop the image since the only visible window will be captured, and you’ll end up saving some of your time.

For Windows 10 users: Pressing Windows logo key+PrtScn (Windows key with PrtScn) will save the screenshot directly in Screenshot folder. You can find the screenshot folder in your pictures directory.

Method 3:

How to take a screenshot on windows on a Laptop

If you are a laptop user then the PrtScn button can be hard to locate. plus pressing only PrtScn key doesn’t work in the laptops. You will have to use a combination of two keys.  

  • If you want to capture the image, you will have to press function key i.e. ‘fn'(located at the bottom left) along with PrtScn (Located at the top right corner)
  • Once you press both the keys, your screen will be captured and will be saved on the clipboard.
  • Paste it to the paint and save the image to the computer. That’s it.

This was all about how to screenshot on windows. If you want to take screenshot windows 7, the above guide may help you. In all the windows, the method of capturing a screenshot is almost the same.

If you have read the guide on how to capture a screenshot windows 7, you must have clearly got all the ways to take the screenshot on windows 7, laptop and Windows XP.

With the wrap-up of this guide, I’m expecting there are no more doubt remained regarding how to, take screenshot windows if any, do ask in the comment section.

Sonam is an IT engineer by education and passionate freelance writer/blogger by profession. She is a tech enthusiast and loves to read and write about technology. Her hobbies include reading, watching TV, delving into new things and creating interesting content to help people with all things tech!!

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How to Disable Windows 10 Notifications?



In this exclusive How to disable Windows 10 notifications guide, you’ll discover everything related to notifications and Action Center so you can customize your Windows 10 in a way you want.

Microsoft included the Notifications inside the Action Center in Windows 10, but sadly the compony received negative feedback across the world. Who would like to receive a barrage of notifications?

Besides, If a developer added the notification functionality in their app, only then you will receive notification from that app.

The action center and notifications took the place in Windows 10 by replacing the Charms bar. Charm Bar was there in Windows 8 releases. I do not know why but Microsoft had a lot to negative feedback from peoples using the Windows 8, and finally, Microsoft pulled the charms bar down, but they have to replace it with something which will provide features of charms bar.That is why Action Center is included in Windows 10. The notifications are the soul and heart of action center.

That is why Action Center is included in Windows 10. The notifications are the soul and heart of action center.


You can view all the notification and have access to various windows function such as brightness, Wifi, etc. Action center is accessible in one click by clicking its Icon, which is located taskbar’s notification area.

The notification and action bar works like notifications system we can find on Android and Windows-powered phones.

How to manage Windows 10 notification

You may want to disable notification coming from a particular app, here is how to do that. If you completely want to remove all kind of Notifications skip this section and read the next method.

Suppose you installed the Facebook app, so you cannot toggle notification unless you get first notification from Facebook (such as of comments, messages notifications.)

You have options to enable to disable notifications from specific apps, and you can also turn off notifications sounds.

Step 1. Open Control Panel, and click on System tab. You can also begin by clicking on the Action Center icon and choosing All Settings.


Next, click on the ‘Notifications & Actions tab. Scroll till you find this heading ‘Show notifications from these apps. All apps which Microsoft entirely removes that Notifications functionality will be demonstrated here. i.e. Insider Hub is an app which is allowed to send notifications with a sound.

You can completely disable all notification from this app by clicking the-the toggle button.


However, if you click on the app’s name a new box will open with a list of settings. From here you can set notification preferences such as showing banner, playing a sound when notifications arrive.


If you wish to disable entire notifications from an app, set the Notifications option to off. It will prevent all the notifications from the app. Such as Facebook and Twitter.

That is it; you can always turn off notification from a particular app. Sometimes it happens that you were enjoying a moment, and suddenly a disturbing notification pops up.

How to Disable Notification Sounds in Windows 10.

In notification settings, when you scroll you’ll see Apps list, choose an app and click on it and turn this following option to off (Play a sound when a notification arrives.)

If you wish to entirely disable Windows 10 notifications you may need to follow the next method. It is useful if you just like you do not want any Notifications.

How to disable Windows 10 notifications

Besides, Notifications are the necessary and worth addition in Windows 10, but interest varies person to person. Many people may want the Charm Bar, but that is entirely removed by Microsoft in Windows 10 release.

Just like that, Many people may want to remove the Notification or simply want to turn off the Notifications. In this section, you’ll learn how to turn off notifications on Windows 10. So without wasting time lets start the tutorial:

Step 1. You need to open the Notifications settings; there are several ways to do so.

→ Press Windows icon (or click start icon) and type ‘Notifications & Action.’

→ Right Click on Date and Time display which is located in the Taskbar’s right corner, and Click on ‘Customize Notification Icons.

→ Control Panel – System – Notifications.

Step 2.

  1. Toggle off both options as highlighted in the below image.
  2. Now under “Notifications” section, set following options to Off:
  • Show me tips about Windows
  • Show app notifications

You can go notifications setting any time to enable the notifications. Share this post how to disable Windows 10 notifications with the peoples who is having negative views on the Notifications features.

Disable Notifications & Action Center by using Group Policy Editor

This method is recommended if you are a tech savvy. This method will completely disable the Notifications & action center. Here is how to do it using Group Policy Editor:

Step 1. Right click on start menu and click on RUN, type gpedit.msc inside the RUN prompt and hit Enter. A box prompt will be opened; it is Group Policy Editor.

Step 2. Now navigate to User Configuration → Administrative Templates → Start Menu and Taskbar

Find ‘Remove Notifications and Action Center’ setting there and double click on it.


By double-clicking a prompt will be opened, choose Enabled and then click Apply or Ok button. Now you have to sign out or restart your computer. So next time you start the computer you will not see any notifications and Action Center.


To enable it again, go over and set the “remove Notification and Action Center” to Disabled.


That is it you just learned how to disable Windows 10 notifications make sure to read next paragraph so you can revert it anytime.

To re-enable notifications & action center, double-click on ‘Remove Notifications and Action Center’ setting in Group Policy Editor and set it as Not Configured and save it. You might need to restart your computer to see the effects.

Final Words.

Windows 10 has flexibility; it enables users to customize some of the features in a way they want. However, Notifications had a significant impact on Windows 10, yet some people may want to remove it because of the number of reasons.

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How to Stop Pop Ups on Windows 7?



How can I stop pop-up ads in Windows: Today we’ll show you some methods you can do to get rid of pop ups in Windows 7, Because Windows 7 is a hit, and still thousands of people using it.

Every second window 7 users don’t like the pop-ups, in fact, they also ask “How to stop pop ups on Windows 7” to Google. We got you – No matter which browser you use, we’ll show you how to do that when you are using Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox.

Windows 7 is a bit old and comes with older version of netFramework so you might be interested in installing the NetFramework 4.5 on your Windows 7 computer. Besides, the latest version is only available for newer Windows version.

There are some other kinds of pop-up such as a pop-up from an outdated security software which is keep sending you unwanted pop-up and if your PC is at risk, windows 7 ill warn you concerning you o take an action. However, these kinds of popups can be closed in a click and have options to remain-hide in future.


When you start your Windows, nd you see some pop-up from a software asking you to purchase it, it is time to kick the software from your Computer. It is evident that you had a bunch of software installed which you do not need. We are going to cover this first and after that, we are going to cover How do I stop ad pop-ups on my Windows 7 PC.

How to get rid of annoying pop-ups on the Desktop

Windows itself sends some pop-ups, but the numbers have been reduced in Windows 7. But not entirely, because some of them are important. Some software you have installed time ago may still nag you. We’ll show you how to uninstall a program which is causing deadly-pop-ups.

Regarding your security software, it might be outdated, and it will show you pop-ups often telling you to update it or renew or pay them. Sometimes you just don have to pay them or renew. You can just uninstall them to kick from your computer. There are much free security software that works and are free for the lifetime – Comodo security is just a name.

Also, you can simply remove any unwanted security software and just turn on the windows bit defender. However, you have the choice you can renew your beloved software to stop receiving popups from it.

Now here is how to remove programs you might no longer need or snagging you or even asking you yo upgrade or pay. If you are not going to use that software anymore you, and yet they are asking you to pay you only want to avoid those pop-ups.

If you have a hard time to find out what software is displaying the pop-ups you can use Task manager. So when a popup is bothering you simply open task manager and you’ll know the software’s name. Also from there you can directly kill the process which is causing the pop-ups

In Windows 7 here is how to uninstall a program: Open Program and features. (click the start button then – control panel – Program – Program and Features)

You’ll all program installed on your PC, simply select a program you want to remove and click Uninstall and confirm.

How to Stop Pop Ups on Windows 7 When Using IE (Internet Explorer)

Internet Explorer is always there after you install Windows 7. IE is the default browser in Windows operating system. If you are using IE to browse the internet, you might face some weird pop-ups. Most of them are advertisements; they are not like Adsense.

To prevent pop-ups showing on the internet explorer your need to follow this guide. For that, you need to open the Internet Explorer.

Click on Windows 7’s Start menu and open IE (Internet Explorer) On the right side top you’ll see gear icon, click that button, then selects internet options.


A new display will open, go to Privacy Tab and under Pop-up Blocker, tick the option that says ‘Turn on Pop-up Blocker’ Now click Apply or Ok. It will block any irritation pop-ups. After that, you should not see any pop-ups while browsing the internet.


But, even if you ticked the option (Turn on Pop-up Blocker) and you are still facing pop-ups you need to tighten the Pop-up blocker setting. For that hit the settings again and click the ‘setting’ button under Pop-up Blocker option. You need to change blocking level, change it to High from Medium. Setting High option will block all pop-ups. Now click Ok to save the setting. Next time you will not see any pop-ups while you are using the Internet Explorer.


That’s it; now you might stop reading How to stop pop ups on Windows 7 if you are only using Internet Explorer. There are more advanced web browser available for Windows 7. Google Chrome and Firefox are just two names. If you are using Chrome or Firefox, we’ll also show you how to stop those pop-ups on Windows 7 as well!

On Chrome, the default settings always block the unwanted pop-ups, and when blocked you’ll see an icon at the corner of the address bar. Clicking on that you can allow that pop-up to launch, or you can add it to exceptions, so next time Chrome won’t block that pop-up. You can also go to the settings to confirm the same, and can manage exceptions to the Pop-up Blocker setting.


On Firefox and Opera or any other browsers, they all have Pop-ups settings. You just need to go your browser’s Settings and find the pop-up options. From there you should be able to stop seeing any further pop-ups windows.

Over to you: Some websites use pop-ups to offer some service and in that case, you should allow that website by adding them in exceptions. However, most of the pop-ups are advertisements, and it is far better to prevent loading them. It is okay to upgrade your windows 7 to windows 8 to receive the latest from Microsoft. Otherwise, you can directly jump into Windows 10 which is the latest operating system by Microsoft.

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How to Use Command Prompt?



A command prompt is such a powerful system application in Windows that it can help you become a power user. So, if you want to know how to use the command prompt, then you are in the right place.

In this article, we will tell you about command prompt commands and how to use the Windows command line? There are a lot of things you can do in Command Prompt. Here are Use Command Prompt tricks.
So, let’s get started:


What is command prompt?

This section will put an end to your query on what is a command prompt?

A command prompt serves as an entry point for typing MS-DOS and other commands associated with a computer system. It can help you perform tasks without using the GUI provided by windows.

To be more precise, if you wish to become a power user of windows then learning more about the command prompt will certainly help you achieve that level.

How to use command prompt?


Step #1: Open the command prompt.

In this step, we will show you how to open a command prompt in the Windows operating system. Well, this is not a cumbersome task, and once you go through the whole step, you will feel that it’s a piece of cake for you.

To open command prompt in Windows 7, consider following the enlisted steps:

*. Go to the start button and click on it.

*. Type “cmd” or “Command Prompt” without quotes at the field where “Search Programs and files” are written. Doing this, you will get an option as below.

You are required to click on it, and this will open the command prompt for you.

In some cases, you might need administrative privileges. So, in that case, you will have to click right on “cmd.exe” or “Command Prompt”. From the list menu which appears, you have to select “Run as administrator” and this will do the needful for you.

Alternatively, you can also go this way. All that you need to do is to make use of this shortcut “Windows + r”. This will take you to the run section where you need to type “cmd” without quotes. After this, you need to hit enter.
Following any of the two methods, you can easily get access to the command prompt in Windows 7.

To open a command prompt in Windows 10, you will have to follow the following steps:

Multiple ways are using which you can get access to the command prompt in Windows 10. For ease of comprehension, we will be listing one or two here:

Method 1: By searching.

Navigate to the search bar of your windows and type cmd. Select the appropriate option and this way you can easily get access to the command prompt.

Method 2: Using File Explorer.

At first, you require launching a file explorer. Once you have done the same then, you need to navigate to the following location: C:\Windows\System32. There you will see a file named “cmd.exe.” This is exactly what we require which means that you need to click on it.

Method 3: Using Run.

This is one of the easiest methods of all. All that you require is to press Win + R, and this will take you to the run dialog box. Now, you have to type “cmd” without quotes in the respective field and hit enter. This will help you access the command prompt in Windows 10.

Step #2: Playing with commands.

Command prompt is a very powerful system application. If you can have a command over this, then you can be a power user of your system. In this step, we will be showing you what you can do with the command prompt? So, let’s get started:

1) Opening any system application.

Did you know that you can open any system application using the command prompt? If not then we will show you how you can do this.

Since we have told you how to open a command prompt in the previous step, so we won’t be going over there. So, say if you wish to open notepad using command prompt then all that you require doing is to type “notepad.exe” without quotes at the command prompt and hit enter. Within no time, this will open the command prompt for you.

2) IP address.


Let us suppose that you wish to know the IP address. You can find it very easily using a cmd command as “ipconfig”. All that you require doing is to type this at the command prompt terminal and hit enter. Within seconds, you will have your IP address in front of your screen.

3) Changing color of the command prompt terminal.


This is a cool yet a basic command using which you can change the background and the text color of the command prompt terminal.

For this, you require typing “color help” at your cmd terminal and hit enter. This will display color name along with their associated codes that are command prompt codes. Like if you type the following command COLOR 8A, then this will change the terminal text to green and the background to light gray. Cool, isn’t it?

4) Using Powercfg.

It is one of the most powerful commands in command prompt. Using this, you can track down the status of energy consumption by your system. Let us suppose if you wish to see all the power saving states of your system then you are to type the following command: powercfg /a. This will list all the states available on your system.

5) Shutdown.

If you wish to shut down your system using command prompt then, you should consider using the following command “shutdown /s /t 0” without quotes. Additionally, if you need to restart your system using command prompt then consider using the mentioned command as “shutdown /r /t 0” without quotes obviously.

6) Tasklist.

If you wish to see all the tasks currently running on your system, then you should consider using this command “tasklist” without quotes. This will list all the tasks which are running currently on your device.

So, this was all about how to use command prompt? We hope that you will now feel that using commands for command prompt is a piece of cake. You can also Restart/Shutdown a Remote Computer using Command Prompt. Along with that, if there is any conflict in your IP, you can fix the IP Conflict using Command Prompt.

Do not forget to share it with your peers. Stay tuned and keep visiting!

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How to Connect to a Wireless Printer?



So, do you want to connect to a wireless printer and don’t even have a single idea of how to do that? Well, you need not worry about it anymore. Today we will show you how to connect to a wireless printer quickly and easily! We will figure it all out for you. All that you need to do is to execute all the steps carefully!

So, in this article, you will get to know how to set up the wireless printer? Along with Printers, you can also connect two wireless laptops. But today, we are talking about connecting wireless printers.What are we waiting for, let’s get started:

How to Connect to a Wireless Printer?


If you are to connect to a wireless printer, then you will first have to figure out that what device you wanted to connect with. You should also be aware of how to install a wireless printer?

The first one is by Wi-Fi access point; the other one is through connecting systems individually, and the last one is by using a Smartphone or any equivalent device.

Additionally, you might know that in order to connect to a wireless device, every compatible device is equipped with three different modes. Wi-Fi direct, Ad Hoc, and Infrastructure. Using Wifi, you can also print photos from iPhone. Here is how to Print from iPhone.

To make use of the Infrastructure mode, you will require an access point. Once you are aware of the access point, then all of your devices can join in your network by using the access point. To make it more comprehensive for you, it is more like a pass key to enter a particular network.

You may also need the SSID of the network, and password if any. Make sure to be equipped with all these before we proceed further.


You will be glad to know that going via the infrastructure route requires only two steps. One is establishing a Wi-Fi connection between the device that is the printer and the network, and the other one is to install the corresponding drivers which will ensure the job to extra perfectly. By job, we infer printing here.

Step #1: So, in this first step of this two-step process, you will have to establish a Wi-Fi connection. It may vary from device to device how you make a wireless connection. So, it’s better to consult your device manual for it. It will give you a better insight of how to do that particular task.

Step #2: In this last and final step, all that you require is to install the corresponding drivers on your device after being connected to the network. Believe us; that’s not a very daunting task. You just have to follow the onscreen instructions and hit the continue button.

Now, this way you can easily connect to a printer and make use of it to do the needful jobs.

Now, if you feel like going through the Ad HOC method, then you would like to read further. Superficially, Ad HOC means temporary. That implies that the connection will be on a temporary basis. So, get the job done, unplug from the network and move on.

All that you require is to enter the SSID, security type and the password at the corresponding interface of your printer on your system. Once you are done with it, you will now be able to do the job which you are intended to do. It is pretty much like the previous method which we have discussed so far.

How to Connect your Printer with an Android Device Wirelessly?


In this method, we will make use of a service by Google which is known as “Google Cloud Print.” By making use of Google Cloud Print, you can store and send your print jobs anywhere you want. Before proceeding forward, you should also know how to setup wireless printer?

Step #1: In this first step, you will have to ensure that your computer is connected to your network or your system. It is damn easy to proceed further if your printer directly supports Google Cloud Print. Else we will have to work another way round. For that, we will have to make use of a system to which the printer is installed. After that, we will access Google Cloud Print from there.

Step #2: As stated above, if your printer has support for Google Cloud Print then skip few steps and jump down straight to the printing process. But for that, you will have to log on to the Google Cloud Print using your credentials. After that, all you require is to add your printer there. Yeah, this is it.

If the thing mentioned above is not possible then, you will have to pour down your efforts in doing some additional tasks.

Step #3: The additional tasks include launching the Google Chrome browser on your system and navigating to the settings section. This will open a new tab for you from which you have to click on the “Show Advance Settings” link.


The only disadvantage associated with this method is that you will only be able to make a print out of your printer if the system is on.

Towards the bottom of the page, you will see “Google Cloud Print” section. You are required to click on the “Manage” button.


Step #4: Now, you need to click on “Add Printer” to add your printer. Select your device and add your printer to your Google Cloud Print account.


Step #5: Now, you only need to install the Google Print Application on your Android device and then use it for printing your jobs wirelessly.

With this, we have reached the end of this article which equips you with the knowledge of how to connect to a wireless printer? 

We hope that by going through this article, you will be able to know how to connect the printer to WiFi. Using this idea, you can have your Instagram photos printed. Here is How to Print Instagram Photos.

If this article has helped you in your quest of finding the best available service for you, then do not forget to share it with your peers. Also, do tell us that which method do you prefer to connect the wireless printer. We would love to hear from you.

Thank you for passing by and giving it a read.

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How to Use Microsoft Paint in Windows?




Have you ever wondered how to use Microsoft paint in windows? You must have. When you are new to the computer field or if you have recently bought a computer then the question of how to work with paint in windows must have stricken through your mind.

Not only you, every next person who is new to the computers often struggle with the solution for the same. For your information, Microsoft Paint is a simple computer graphics program that runs with all versions of Microsoft Windows.

MS paint allows its users to create the simple sketching, make painting and editing basic images. That too without the need of any advanced software such as Photoshop. Yes, with paint you can do many things I will show you how. If you want more advance program for the same purpose, you can consider using GIMP which are advance options. Here is how to install GIMP on Mac.

How to Use Microsoft Paint in Windows

In this tutorial, we will be providing you the complete step by step guide on how to use paint in windows 7. If you don’t know even the basic of paint, still don’t worry, we will cover the guide from the scratch. The guide is will tell you the basic uses of all the tools.

I have also provided the screenshots along with the steps for your better understanding. I hope you will like the tutorial. So, let’s not waste much time and get started with the guide.

Step 1: First of all, launch the MS paint program to your computer. To do so, go to start menu and go to all programs. After that click on accessories. After clicking on the accessories, a list of programs will open up. Select Paint.

To be more specific, Start> All Parograms> Accessories> Paint. 

Check the screenshot below.


Step 2: After clicking on the paint option, a new window will be launched. This is where we can edit images and make paintings. The screen would look like, I have mentioned below.


Step 3: As you can see in the above image, at the right side of the screen, there are showing colors. This is what is called a color box. And at the left side of the color box, there are various shapes provided. , the box with various tools is called toolbar. All you have to do is pick the tool and use them accordingly.

You can also use the magnifier for the closer view. Left clicks give a closer view. Right clicks zoom out. The tool you will find in the tool box as mentioned above.

For example, I am picking the tool, rectangle, and star.  


Step 4: Now, if you want to fill the color to the shapes, you will have to pick the tool, fill with color. First, select the tool and then pick the color of your choice. To pick the color, all you have to do is, go to the color box and click on the color.


Once done, selecting the tool and picking up the color, go to the shape you want to fill the color in and click on it. 

Similarly, you can use any other shape and color. The line tool is used to draw a simple line in the paint, the rectangle for making the rectangles, ellipse tools are used to draw the circle or ellipse shapes. similarly, callouts, like oval callout, cloud callout etc are used to add the callout to the images.

Pick any of the tools and start creating the designs.

Step 5: To add text to the drawing, select the Text tool from the toolbox. As sooner you select the text tool, Your cursor changes to an insertion bar. With this cursor, drag the area that you would like to resemble on your drawing.

Now, until you’ve completed these steps, don’t click anywhere outside that selected area. Once done, simply type the text.


Step 6: Until you leave the text box, you can change the font, resize it and change the color of the text. When the text is highlighted, the options for text formatting would appear at the top of the screen. Check the image below.


Similarly, you can erase the drawing if required. All you will have to do is click on the erase tool and pick the same. After selection drag the mouse over the drawing and move your cursor. And you will see the drawing would start disappearing.

You can also add various effects to your drawing with the help of brushes. At the home tab, when you click on the Brushes, you will see, various types of the brush will appear. You will have to select them accordingly.

The selection of the brush type depends on your demand and choice.


So this is how a simple design in MS paint can be done. However I didn’t create any such drawing but I have shared the uses of all the tools with the example. I hope after following the above steps, you will end up creating a pretty design.

Once you are done with the creation, you can save it to your system. To save the image, click on the paint option at the top left corner of the page.

Clicking the paint option will open up a drop down. Click on Save as. 


After clicking on the save as option, a save as dialogue box will pop up. Simply enter your name and click on save.

Ok, so this is how to use Microsoft paint in windows. In the guide above, however, I have covered almost all the possible tools, but in case if I have missed out any, then you can tell us.

Painting, sketching etc, depends on your creativity. Our responsibility was to letting you know all the possible and useful tools, it’s you who has to decide how these tools should be used and how creative you can make by using the same tools. Photoshop is the robust program to show your creative skills. Here is how to install Photoshop on Windows.

I am sure, you must have found the guide useful. If it is really so, you can share it on your social media platforms. You share would be appreciated.

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