How to Speed Up YouTube Videos?



How to Speed Up YouTube Videos?

It’s a slow day, you’re at your house, in your pajamas. Then you decide to take some action and do something constructive- that is, browse youtube. As you switch on YouTube and type in the name of the video you’re anticipating to watch, you’re excited.

The video starts up, and you get happy- but happiness, this happiness is short-lived. Why? Well, because the video that you’ve been so excited to watch starts buffering, and then you wish that you knew how to change speed on YouTube.

All of your happiness drains out and the smile is replaced by a frown. But all you need to learn is how to speed up YouTube videos.

We all know this feeling too well, don’t we? Since most of us spend a lot (read: A LOT) of time on YouTube, checking out different videos, and exploring unknown areas.

Hence, it’s quite a pain when the video we have been anticipating about refuses to play smoothly, disallowing you from having a good time.

So to address this global issue, today we shall present certain ways that might be able to reduce this pain.

These methods and hacks will show you how to speed up YouTube videos, which can make your tubing experience far more easy and convenient.

Any consistent YouTube user is likely well aware of one incredibly frustrating word: buffering. Depending on your network, you may spend more time blankly staring at the loading screen than you do enjoy the content.

Now, while you might suspect your ISP of limiting bandwidth while using the popular video-streaming service, even the fastest Internet connections can leave YouTube users out in the cold.

How to Speed Up YouTube Videos:-

This is a common phenomenon and affects millions of people worldwide. Then, why does it happen?

YouTube uses what’s called Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP — known as DASH for short — to break down the entire video-content sequence into a swath of HTTP-based files that each contain a mere fraction of the full sequence.

As the video plays, DASH selects which sequence to download and play based on network availability and performance. It’s quite a lot of work, whether it’s a three-minute clip or a lengthy two-hour video, irrespective of the length.

Although DASH aims to help speed up downloads and make them more efficient, it also tends to slow down operating performance while using even the fastest of Internet connections.

That said, there is a way to remove this roadblock of a problem, as disabling DASH when using Google Chrome or Firefox, or opting for YouTube’s “Feather” beta or HTML 5 trial, can speed up video playback.

Disable Dash in Google Chrome, as Mentioned Above

Disabling the DASH functionality via YouTube Options, a download-able Google Chrome extension, is one easy way to get rid of the constant buffering and learn how to speed up a video.

The best thing about this particular way is that the installations free, plus you don’t have to go through a number of hassles to install this, as the installation is quite painless.

The catch here is that when you use this extension, you will be letting go of bulk of playback options and opting for a barebones interface while viewing videos.

Following are the steps to use this method correctly

  • Go to the YouTube Centre Download page within the Mozilla add-on store. Click the yellow Add to Firefox button near the top of the page to automatically download the add-on. Afterward, click the Install button at the bottom of the resulting pop-up window to confirm the download.

Then proceed on to the home page of YouTube. Click on the Gear Icon located to the right of the sign-in button to access YouTube Centre’s settings panel.

Next, click the External Players tab within the left-hand navigational pane and uncheck the box directly to the right of DASH Playback to disable DASH when viewing videos on YouTube. The add-on will automatically save and apply the changes when finished.

YouTube’s HTML 5 trial

Not everyone prefers downloading additional browser extensions and additional ones. Some people just don’t want to go into all that trouble.

Thankfully, opting into YouTube’s HTML 5 trial is another viable method for downloading and subsequently viewing YouTube videos sans flash streaming, while placing users on the cutting edge of Internet technology.

Though the HTML 5 player is available on the five most popular Internet browsers — Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera — it’s still in development and does occasionally face some stability and occasional compatibility issues. Once requested, videos will play using HTML 5 whenever possible.

Follow the following steps-

  • Go to You tube’s HTML 5 page
  • Click the blue Request the HTML 5 Player button located near the bottom.

A different alternative-

Besides offering the HTML 5 trial, YouTube also offers another alternative- known as you tube’s Feather Beta. Commonly known as you tube’s Feather” beta, the software aims to serve up YouTube playback with the lowest latency possible.

For this purpose, YouTube limits the number of available features while viewing videos, essentially stripping away typical options and making use of advanced Web techniques for reducing the total amount of download-able data.

The recommended videos section also undergoes some changes- it is then reduced to a mere five suggestions, the share boxes are gone entirely, and other notable components are tucked to the wayside.

It’s similar to the typical YouTube layout, not very different- but with minor changes, and comes with an uptick in video playback speed.

Reduce Video Quality

YouTube has been working hard to make 720p and 1080p streaming available with many of its videos, which is great if your Internet connection can keep up.

However, that requires a lot of bandwidth. Although YouTube will try to choose the right quality for you based on your Internet speed and computer’s specs, it doesn’t always hit the mark.

To avoid the buffering, if your internet speed doesn’t support it, go to the bottom right corner of the video From here, set the video quality to a lower number to reduce video resolution.

The videos won’t look as nice, and you will miss out on the HD quality but in some cases, it may be the only way to get a video to buffer quicker. Also, at least they will play properly.

Final Words

So the above mentioned are all the possible methods to learn how to speed up YouTube videos by applying various strategies. Now, that you have learned this easy technique, you can merrily spend your weekend by watching some funny movies, or even learn some things.

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How to Save Instagram Videos



How to save videos on instagram

Instagram is a fun platform where you can share your daily life through photos and 15-sec videos of what you are surrounded by, the things you like, the people you hang out with, and everything else. It’s basically like your photo-life blog.

We all follow some people on Instagram with amazing feeds, who post great photos and videos. Then are there are artists, actors, etc. who post amazing work(s), fan accounts of celebrities that keep us updated about them, etc, etc.

At times we all feel like saving these photos and videos either for future use or simply because something really touched our hearts or something we simply enjoy. Hence, in the following few steps we will teach you, how to save videos from Instagram! If you wanted to download Facebook videos, here is guide to download facebook videos.


#1 How to Save A Video From Instagram – Through Downloadgram

Step 1. For Insta Download you need to have the links of the videos that you wish to download from instagram.

Step 2. Go to the user’s account (Instagram one) of whom videos you want to download.

Step 3.Click on the video that you want to download.

Step 4. Copy that video’s URL from the address bar.


Step 5. Go to Downloadgram and paste this URL in to it.


Step 6. A button will appera named as ‘Download Video’. Simply tap on that and there you have the video.

Step 7. Your work here is done! Now through Downloadgram your browser will start downloading all those videos of which links you had pasted prior.

If Downloadgram is not what you are looking for, then there are other alternatives that can be used to save videos from Instagram as well. Let us have a glance at them too.

#2 How to Save Videos From Instagram by Setting an IFTTT Recipe

But, before proceeding directly to the steps, first let us understand what actually is the IFTTT recipe ?

To simply begin with, it is yet another method to download videos from Instagram. It actually stands for ‘If This Then That’ and it is an automotive service that will assist us in this part of tutorial to download Instagram videos.


Step 1. To be able to use this IFTTT recipe you need to have an IFTTT account in the first place.

Even if you do not have one it is fine, we can always create a new account, right?

Step 2. You also need to have an Instagram account as well as make sure you have a drop box account.

Step 3. The next step is to select. Do you want to download each of those videos that you upload or every video that you like?

Step 4. Once you are done with the selection, choose a recipe.

Step 5. IFTTT will lead you accordingly and tell you how to enable that recipe.

Step 6. Now automatically your work will be done!

Step 7. Now any of those videos will be downloaded automatically that you like or add.

Step 8. It will be added to the drop box folder that has been chosen by you.

Now, you actually know how to save videos from instagram through this IFTTT recipe.

#3 How to Save a Video from Instagram Through SaveDeo

SaveDeo is quite popular. You can say it is similar to Insta Download, so if you like that method of download but are not satisfied with Insta Download, SaveDeo is here to save you!

This is also really easy to use; And not just Instagram you can use this same thing to download videos through YouTube and lots of other places.

Step 1. Here also you need links of those videos that you want to download.

Step 2. Similar to Insta Download here also go to the user’s account who’s videos you want to download and click on the video that you wish to download.


Step 3. Then copy that video’s url. Now Paste this copied url in the box in SaveDeo and click on the ‘Download’ button.

Step 4. You will see that now SaveDeo will redirect you to a new page where you will be able to see a preview and there will be a download link too.

Step 5. When you click this link, the video will be visible in your browser outside Instagram. You can also share this.

Step 6. When you will right-click on that link you have to choose the option of ‘Save link as..’.

Step 7. Now the video is downloaded in your computer!

Step 8. Go to the recent downloads list. Here you will be able to see the video.

You can also download Instagram photos. You can see the guide to download Instagram photos. Printing Instagram photos is the best thing you can do with the insta photos.

#4 How to Save an Instagram Video Through Flow For Instagram for iPad As Well As iPhone

Step 1. Download this app called ‘Flow for Instagram’.

Step 2. Now you can just click on the user’s video that you want to save

Step 3. You will notice there are three dots in the right corner, on the bottom of the video.

Step 4.  To be able to save that video, tap on those three dots. You will be able to see the option of ‘Save to Camera Roll’.

Step 5.  Now, you can access the video on your iPad or iPhone anytime, does not matter if you are online or offline.

#5 How to Save Videos on Instagram Through SaveFrom.Net

Step 1. Open your web browser and go to this site

Step 2. Now open Instagram in another tab and go to that user’s profile who’s videos you want to save.

Step 3. Now to save videos from Instagram, you need to click on the video that you want to download.

Step 4. Copy the link from the address bar now and paste it in the box in the save from (dot) net website.

Step 5. Click on the button next to where you just pasted the link to the video that you wanted to download.

Step 6.  Now you will be able to see the option to download that video. You can even chose the quality of the video you want to download in and this works perfectly well for YouTube, Dailymotion, etc.

Step 7.  You will be able to find this video now in the ‘Downloads’ folder now.

Final Words

These are some of the few ways for how to save videos from Instagram. Now you can save all those videos that you want but this does not work for private accounts. Also always remember even if you have downloaded a particular video you still do not have any right on it. Remember always, there are some ‘Copyrights’ too.

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How to Send Text Message from Gmail




Though the evolution of many chat applications has eclipsed the charm of text messaging, yet many people still prefer text messaging over other means. If you are one of those, then this article is for you.

So, in this article, we will tell you how to send text message from Gmail In easy and simple steps. Also, in this article, you will get to know the other alternatives of sending text messages online. So, let’s get started:


How to Send Text Message from Gmail?

Step #1: The prerequisites in order to send text messages from Gmail are the recipient’s phone number and their operator that is Vodafone, AT&T, Verizon, etc. You must be equipped with these in order to get started.

Step #2: Next up, you are required to log on to your Gmail account. You can do so by going to mail.google.com and then entering the corresponding credentials of your Google account. Once you have entered the mail address and the password, then you are required to hit enter or click on the sign in button. This will take you to your Google mail dashboard. If you have gone so far, then you are good to go to the next step.

Step #3: Now, in this step, you are required to compose a mail. For this, you have to click on “Compose”. This will result in a window where you will be provided with appropriate fields like “To”, “Subject” and “Message”.
In the address bar, you need to enter the full 10 digit number of the recipient which you have collected in step #1.

Step #4: This step requires providing the information about the operator or carrier of the recipients’ number. The general syntax of the address will become the number followed by the special address.

If the carrier is Verizon, then the address will look like:   thenumber@vtext.com.

If the carrier is AT&T, then the address goes as:  thenumber@txt.att.net.

If the mobile operator is Alltel, then the address will become as thenumber@message.alltel.com.

For Sprint, the address goes as: thenumber@page.nextel.com.

Step #5: Now, you can type in your message, and once you are done with the message then all that you have to do is to click on the send button. This way you can easily send text messages from Gmail.

Though this service is exclusively free but some standard charges may apply on the recipients’ side if he/she reverts back. One key advice to take a note of is that always try to keep the message short and precise. Furthermore, no attachments will be displayed correctly as the recipients get’s it through text.

Some Other Methods to Send Text Messages Through Internet:


In order to make this article more informative, we would like to add some other methods using which you can send text messages to any mobile number through the means of internet. All that you require is to have the recipients’ mobile number and a stable internet connection. So, let’s get started:

1: Way2sms.

If you are a resident of India and would like to send a message to your friends, relatives and others for free through the internet, then way2sms will be our first recommendation. As stated by the website itself, the site is helping over 40 million users to connect through text messages via their platform with over 25,000 users joining their platform daily. You can consider going for this for hassle free text messaging.

All what you have to do is register on this platform and then follow the onscreen instructions to send a text message. Moreover, they have also come up with their Android application making text messaging way too easy for its users.

2: Skype.

Skype is a pioneer in the field of video chatting and conferencing but did you know that you can also send a text message using Skype. The only cliché here is that it is not free. You have to purchase a Skype credit for this.
With Skype, you can send text messages all around the world.

3: GizmoSMS.

The fact which embellishes this website is that you can send text messages to any number worldwide and that too for free. Additionally, you need not register for the website in order to avail this feature. You can still send free messages. The only cliche is that you can only send up to 80 characters. Without signing up, the message will not be sent to your number.

4: Yahoo! mail.

You can also send text messages via Yahoo! mail. In this section, we will show you how you can do so.

For this, you have to log in to your Yahoo! Mail account and then have to go to the mail section. After this, you have to click on the chat option or the smiley like icon adjacent to the notepad. Once you are on the subsequent follow-up page, you are required to enter the number to whom you want to send the message in the corresponding field.

Once you have entered the number, then you need to hit enter. After this in the pop-up window, you have to type your message. The moment you are done with the message then all that you have to do is to hit the send button. This way you can send text messages via Yahoo! mail.

Wrapping Up.

This wrapping up section marks the end of this article on “How to send text message from Gmail?” We hope that this article has helped you in your quest for sending text messages from Gmail. If it has helped you in any way, then do spread the words by giving it social flares and sharing it with your peers.

Moreover, if you are left with any kind of feedback or query, then do let us know by dropping a line in the comments section right below. We would love to hear from you.

What programs do you use while sending text messages to phone through the means of the internet? Do tell us.

Thank you for passing by and giving it a read.

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How to Connect Two Laptops Wirelessly?



How to Connect Two Laptops Wirelessly

Data transferring has always been an essential part of the modern age. However, when it comes to connecting two laptops to share data between them is very confusing. In this individual guide, you will discover the whole how to connect two laptops wirelessly thing. It is not as easy as connecting two Android phones wirelessly for sure.

You might be able to connect two laptops directly via wifi direct if they are from same vendors and supports WiFi Direct. For that you might need to read the documentation comes with your laptop.

Don’t not get confused if we say this is a how to connect two laptops using a wireless LAN guide. Wireless LAN or Wireless Local area network is a type of connection without any cables. So Yes, It is actual a How to Connect Two Laptops Via Wi-Fi guide. Note, that we demonstrated all the steps according to as on Windows 10 or Windows 8.

The instruction used in this guide may vary somewhat or significantly with the different operating systems. Such as Creating Homegroup steps are different on Win 10 and Win 7.

Basically, you may either want to share internet connection to another laptop or setup Homegroup so your can transfer files between two laptops via wifi. In this guide, we tried to cover both and discussed the easiest workaround to getting things done.

To make this tutorial more recent and up to date, we are considering creating an Ad-hoc connection on a Windows 10 laptop. An Ad-hoc connection is similar to creating a hotspot on an android device.

Creating an Ad-hoc on windows 7 and vista is easier, but in Windows 10, it is a bit tricky. We are going to cover the new setup method for Windows 8 and 10 here, and it is only work of several commands and a few mouse clicks. If you wanted to set a quick wifi connection, this could save your day in case.


How to connect two laptops wirelessly

Let’s jump strength and see how it can be done.


Step 1: You need to open Command Prompt as admin by pressing Win+X key to getting started. Alternatively, you can right-click on the Start icon and then chose the Command Prompt(Admin).

Step 2: Copy the following command and hit enter, you can also type the command in the command prompt, but I guess copy-paste it for ease.

You may want to name your Ad-hoc connection as of your choice. Replace “ad-hoc name” with your desired name, and change the “password” word to something of your choice.

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=adhocname key=password

Step 3: Now copy and paste this command and hit enter. That is all your ad-hoc connection should be created.

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

So for reference: use this whenever you may like to stop this connection.

netsh wlan stop hostednetwork

In the image (2): If you are getting that, just turn on WiFi on your host laptop. (open the image in new Tab to view in full resolution.)


Step 4: open Control Panel and find “View network connections”, or just search it by pressing Windows button and then typing its name. (You can also click on the Cortona icon in taskbar and search it.)


Now please note, the below section is for sharing your host laptop’s internet to another laptop. (skip in case you just want to setup a homegroup.)

Right, click on your Connection (Like if your host Pc is connected to Ethernet Connection click and select its Properties and click on Sharing Tab, on there enable the “Allow other network users to connect through this computers internet connection” option and set the newly created Wifi-connected in the drop-down list.

Now when you turn on the WiFi on the other Laptop, your Host’s SSID will be shown, click on that and enter the password (same password you set earlier) it should be connected in a few seconds. Do you think that was difficult? No-nada.

PS – Sometimes even if you followed the steps correctly, your laptop might not be able to turn on the Ad-hoc network. I was personally having that problem when I was having Windows 8 installed on the same laptop; later I upgraded to Windows 10, and it worked flawlessly. It does not mean I am forcing you to upgrade your windows. Just in case ad-hoc is not enabled successfully, Restart your Laptop and try the Steps again.

Now comes the second part how to connect Two laptops through Wifi. We are going to enable HOMEGROUP Setting on the Host laptop, follow these steps to enable or create Homegroup on your host laptop.

Setting Up Homegroups.

Similar to Windows 7 and Vista, Windows 10 also has the option to create Homegroup and share data between connected laptops. Keep in mind setting homegroup is the important task, So you need to follow this how to connect two laptops wirelessly guide very carefully.

Open the Homegroup settings. You can search it by pressing the Windows button in the taskbar. A Homegroup setting page will be prompted. On the host laptop clicks on the “Create A Homegroup” button.


In next window, you can set each type of data to be shared with another laptop which will join your Homegroup later. Choose the from the options, like what you want to share.


After selection items permission level, click the ‘Next’ and a password will be generated, make sure you note this password as it will be used for others to join your homegroup.


Once you saved the password, (which you may change anytime by going homegroup setting.) click on the ‘FINISH’ button as the final step to create Homegroup.

You can also want to check ‘Advanced Sharing Settings’ to take care of a few things. Such as turning on your homegroups discovery will let other laptops to search and join your host laptop’s homegroup.


Open MY PC (host laptop) and in the Left sidebar check for Homegroup Tab, click on it and you’ll see a name of your newly created homegroup. If do you see a name its mean your Homegroup is successfully created. (out of the box, don’t mind the Hollywood serials.)


By clicking on that, your shared folder will appear, you can copy any files from your PC to these folders. It is because you just can’t directly share your entire Local disks with another laptop which joined your homegroup.


Now open your other (or friends) laptop and turn on the WIFI to discover the homegroup of host laptop. You’ll see the SSID of Ad-hoc connection which you created earlier on host laptop.  Click on it and when prompted enter the password to connect to it. (Note, the Ad-Hoc password is different from Homegroup’s password.)


It will start looking for other Homegroups in the range and will connect to it. On a successful connect you will see the clients under the Homegroup windows.

[Addictional method] Update: You can also use ShareIt software to transfer files between laptops. Install and run the program on both laptops. You need to create a hotspot on laptop A using the software. on laptop B click on ‘Connect to PC’ and when you’ll see the laptop A’s name, tap on it and join it by entering the password (which will be created auto by the software).


To know the password click on the ‘eye’ icon which is located under the hotspot name.If you are getting a error while creating hotspot, make sure you turn on your laptops’ wifi.


Once the connection is established, you can choose any file to send it to other laptop A. same applies to transfer files from laptop B → A. This is the screenshot when I transferred some files between laptops.


Final Thoughts

That is it; now you can go ahead and have other laptops to your network. If you have any doubt on how to connect two laptops wirelessly the comment section is one-or-two scroll away. However, if you have any problem connecting two laptops through wifi just to share data- You may want to stop and find your USB Drive.

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How to Play Minesweeper Like a Pro



We all like playing games. Right? It is one of our favorite pass times. Minesweeper is such a game with which one can find a medium of escape from the worldly things for a while.


So, if you want to know how to play minesweeper like a pro then you are certainly at the right place.

In this article, we will tell you how you can be a pro while playing minesweeper with some simple tips and tricks. So, let’s get started:

What is Minesweeper?

As per Wikipedia,
Minesweeper is a single-player puzzle video game. The objective of the game is to clear a rectangular board containing hidden “mines” without detonating any of them, with help from clues about the number of neighboring mines in each field. The game originates from the 1960s and has been written for many computing platforms in use today. It has many variations and offshoots.

How to play minesweeper like a pro?


1: Select the level of difficulty.

If you are a beginner then you should go for the Beginner difficulty level. Although, you can also opt for Intermediate, Expert or custom difficulty level. But we would recommend starting with the basic step first that is the beginner level if you have just begun playing minesweeper. You can certainly choose the difficulty level as you will proceed further.

Going for the custom option allows you to determine the number of squares in a grid and the number of mines. You can definitely play with the numbers and set them accordingly.

To choose the difficulty level all you require is to click on the game option usually positioned at the upper right corner of the minesweeper window.

2: Pay heed to the numbers.

In your minesweeper game window, you will see the number of mines that are placed in your game platform. It is usually placed at the lower-left corner of the window. Apart from the count of mines, once you have begun your game the time count will also start. So, make sure to give heed to the time and mine count. These factors play a pivotal role in determining your end score.

3: Click towards the middle.

If you are taking a chance of clicking any random square, then we recommend you to preferably click towards the middle if ever there is any scope of it. Though not a proven trick it somehow works as per the experienced birds. If 4 or 5 squares pop up after you click a random square then after that you should consider evaluating the numbers from now. If only one square pops up then you should click and find another random square.

Additionally, if you right-click on a tile then it will mark the tile as a suspected bomb.

4: Make use of “process of elimination”.

Flagging potential mines while proceeding forward is quite a good habit while playing minesweeper. This eliminated the possibility of clicking a mine to a great extent and as you move forward towards the end of the game you will find this quite useful because this works like a charm.

5: Practice as much as you can.

Nothing else is a sure shot way to play minesweeper like a pro other than practicing as much as you can. “Practice makes a man perfect”, this quote holds utmost value in this case also.

The more you practice, the more you get familiar with the grid patterns and occurrences of mines.

Here are a few quick tips with which minesweeper will become an easy game for you:

1: If ever you have to make a guess then make sure that you take your chance on a tile which is associated with low risk. Alternatively, if you want to be a pro at minesweeper than you have to think like a pro. Go slow while making up your moves rather than clicking wildly.

2: Always start the game from the exact same place and use the power of flagging tiles.

3: Try to think logically and you will find your way.

[Additional Information]: How to play minesweeper using cheats?

This section will tell you how to make use of cheats while playing minesweeper. However, this is for information purposes only and we do not advise you to use these very often.

Step #1: In this step, you are required to make your desktop background as dark as you can. You can easily do so by going through the appearance section of your operating system. Most preferably, you should make it black.

Step #2: Once you have done the required then you need to open up minesweeper.

Step #3: In this step, you have to hover the cursor over the field.

Step #4: After successfully completing step #3, you are now required to type the following characters “XXZZY” without quotes. Remember that it is not a necessity to type the characters in capitals. You can type it either way.

Step #5: In this step, you have to press the “enter” and the “shift” key simultaneously and after a jiffy, you have to release it all. Now, you again need to press the “enter” and release.

Step #6: Now, if you will observe closely then you will see a very small dot in the top left corner of the window. This is what the hack does. The dot will appear as black if you will hover at a mine and will go white if you are not. As simple as that.

Does this bring us to the end of this tutorial cum guide on how to play minesweeper like a pro? We hope that we were efficient enough to satisfy your curiosity about this topic.

We firmly believe that we have left no stone unturned while getting into the nitty-gritty of the topic and making you understand the entire concept of it. But if you still have any queries regarding minesweeper then feel free to drop your query via comments below. We will try our level best to resolve that.

Moreover, if you found this article helpful and worthy, do show your love by sharing it socially.

Thank you for passing by and giving it a read.

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How to Get a PayPal Prepaid Card




If you are looking for an alternative to your debit card then, PayPal prepaid debit card is certainly a good choice. With PayPal prepaid card you do everything which any other debit card would normally do and you know what getting a PayPal prepaid debit card is not that tough.

Now, a question arises that what procedure is to follow if one wants a PayPal prepaid debit card. You need not worry because in this article we will tell you how to get PayPal prepaid debit card just by following some very simple steps. If you don’t have a Paypal account, here is how to setup Paypal account. So, let’s get started.

What is PayPal?

According to Wikipedia,

PayPal Holdings, Inc. is an American company operating a worldwide online payments system. Online money transfers serve as electronic alternatives to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders. PayPal is one of the world’s largest Internet payment companies.[6] The company operates as an acquirer, performing payment processing for online vendors, auction sites and other commercial users, for which it charges a fee.

What is PayPal prepaid debit card?


According to PayPal,

You can use the PayPal Prepaid MasterCard, to eat, drink and shop everywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted. Order online and there’s no purchase fee to get the card.

You must have a PayPal Account to have access to your PayPal Prepaid MasterCard transaction history and other online features.

How to Get a PayPal prepaid card?


According to PayPal, there are 3 ways by which you can get a PayPal prepaid card. The first being the one in which you have to fill an online order form and the PayPal prepaid card will officially be mailed to your mailbox. We will also tell you about the processes for the same in this section also.

The second one being the option of getting a temporary PayPal prepaid card from a retail location. However, if you do not activate the temporary PayPal prepaid card within 120 days of its purchase, then your card will expire and become unusable.

The third and the last one is receiving a no-obligation offer for the PayPal Prepaid Card in the mail.

In this section, we will discuss the very first one in which we have to fill an online form in order to get a PayPal prepaid debit card. So, let’s get started:

Step #1: The very first thing which you will need is a PayPal account. So, make sure to have one and if you are not having one then you have to sign up and create an account for the same. You can easily do so by visiting www.paypal.com and then navigating for the sign-up button.

Once found, you have to click on it. As a result, you will be redirected to a web page where you will then have to select an account type. You will usually get two options; one is an individual account, and the other one is a Business account. Choose the one which is convenient for you and proceed further by clicking on the “continue” button.  However, in order to apply for the PayPal debit card, you must have a verified premier or business account. So, take note of this.

After this, you will be asked your profile details which include, name, address, phone number, and other necessary details. Kindly enter the same and move forward.

After this, you will be asked to link your debit card or credit card to your PayPal account. However, this step is optional and yeah, you can certainly add those later on. If you have done the required then all that you have to do is click on the corresponding button as “Link card” or “I’ll link my card later”.

This will redirect to you a web page that will tell you that your PayPal account has been created.

Also, do not forget to verify your PayPal account. You will get the verification mail in your registered mailbox.

Now, we assume that by now you have your PayPal account, and this certainly means that you are good to go to the next step.

Step #2:  Now, in order to file an application for the PayPal prepaid card, kindly visit this link. This will open a web page for you where you will be asked to enter certain details like name, address, city, zip code, Email address.


Once you have entered the corresponding details, then you have to agree to the terms and conditions. You can do so by clicking on the checkbox next to it. After this, you will have to click on the “Complete Your Order” button. Denial or approval of your PayPal debit card may take a few minutes of time.

Step #3: Once you have filed the application then you will have to wait for two to four weeks in order to receive your PayPal prepaid debit card. Your Pin details will also arrive separately. So, have patience. It will certainly reach to you once your application is approved.

In normal circumstances, your card will be activated once you will log in to your PayPal account after the receiving of the card or you can consider calling the toll-free telephone number in order to activate your PayPal prepaid debit card.

Step #4: Now, once you have received and activated your PayPal prepaid debit card then you are all set to use your card. Obviously you need money in your PayPal account. There are various ways to add money to PayPal. Moreover, be aware of the spending limits of your PayPal prepaid debit card. 

Let’s wrap it up.

These let’s wrap it up section brings us to the end of this tutorial cum guide on How to get a PayPal prepaid debit card? Doing transactions through PayPal is easy. You can easily send or receive money through Paypal. If you don’t have any experience of using Paypal, here is how to send or receive money using Paypal.

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