How to Set Homepage in Chrome?



Everyone uses the internet these days, and if you use the internet, you will definitely work on some browser. It can be Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or anything else.

You can customize Google Chrome to set homepage in Chrome, or a startup page. Ideally speaking, these two pages are different unless you set them to be the same. Before learning how to set homepage in Chrome, let us see the difference between the two.

  • The startup page is the one that shows when you first launch Chrome or any browser on your computer.
  • The homepage is the one that opens up you when you click the Home button.

If your startup page, homepage, or search engine is not the same that you have set up, then it means that you have some unwanted software or malware in your system and need to address it immediately.

Internet browsers are preloaded with a default startup page, which can be anything like Google.com or Bing.com. It opens upon launching your web browser. And if you are someone who takes a lot of Screenshots on Chrome, you should see this post where you can see how to take screenshots on Google Chrome without third-party apps.


These preset pages can be changed easily to have a default page of your liking. The steps for changing the default homepage vary slightly from browser to browser, but more or less they are same and very easy to set.

To know how to change homepage on Chrome, here’s what you need to do. If you are looking on how to set the homepage on Chrome in mobile versions then that is not possible as mobile versions open the last page you were viewing.

  1. Click the Chrome menu button and select ‘Settings.’ This will lead to the opening of a new tab with the Settings menu.
  2. Now, check the ‘Show Home button’ in the ‘Appearance’ section. This will enable the Home button to the left of the Chrome address bar.
  3. Click on the ‘Change’ link to set your homepage. This will open a new small window with the current homepage, which is by default Google. So, if you want to make Google my homepage, then that is done by default.
  4. Enter the address of the page you want to set as the homepage page. Select ‘Open this page’ and then either type or paste the address of the website that you intend to set as your homepage. You also have the option of opening a new tab page, which contains Google search bar and links to your preferred sites.
  5. Click ‘OK’ and save the changes you made and finally click the Home button. This will make the page that you entered in the last step as your home page.

How to Set Homepage in Chrome as Google?

The homepage is the most important page on a website, but it’s also the most misunderstood. On a website, the homepage typically includes a navigation or menu bar that directs users to other pages they can access within the website. You can also set Homepage in your local language. Here is how to change the language in Google Chrome.

This navigation should be easy, and whenever the user wants to go back to the homepage, he should be able to do so by clicking on the home button on the website’s menu bar. It can be considered as a table of contents in which information on the contents of the entire site can be found and accessed.


In reality, a homepage has two major objectives to fulfill:

  1. a)      Start a conversation with the visitor:

As this is the first page that comes up on starting the browser, it is liable to start the conversation by engaging the user with a captivating headline, sub-headline, and body copy that answers the three key questions the visitor has when they arrive at your website:

1)     Where am I?

2)     What can I do here?

3)     Why should I do it?

  1. b) Direct the visitor to the appropriate area:

The second objective of your website homepage is to direct the visitor to the area of the website that has answers to the questions they came with. So, to summarise, the goal of a website homepage is not to generate enquiries or sales.

It is there to start an engaging conversation with the visitor by answering the key questions and then directing them to the area of the website that allows them to get the info they required.

Now that you are through with how to make Google your homepage or how to set Google as homepage, the other question that pops up is can you have more than one homepage?

The answer is YES; you can. The multiple websites that you frequently visit can be set as homepage tabs, which will launch simultaneously whenever you open your browser screen. After you learned to change homepage Chrome, let’s now see how to set multiple homepages in Chrome.

  1. In Google Chrome, click the menu icon on the top right corner of the screen next to the Web address input field.
  2. Choose ‘Settings’ from the drop-down options.
  3. Under the ‘On Startup’ section, select ‘Open a specific page or set of pages.’
  4. You will now see a link ‘Set Pages.’ Click on it to add new pages by entering their web address in the required field.

If you are only concerned on how to set Google as homepage, then it is very easy. Just follow these steps.

  1. Click on the menu icon represented by three lines on the top right corner of the screen next to the Web address input field.
  2. Choose ‘Settings’ from the drop-down options.
  3. In the ‘Settings’ screen, you need to check the box labelled ‘Show Home button.’
  4. After getting that box checked, click on ‘Change.’
  5. Write the URL as ‘https://www.google.com,’ and you are done.


If the homepage is set according to the preference of the user, he feels at ease and loves to visit it more and more. Here, we have tried to address the concerns of people who are looking out for how to set homepage in Chrome.

There are many Internet browsers, and all have numerous versions. Setting up a homepage is an option in all the available browsers though it might not be possible to show steps for all versions in each browser. With a little intuition, a user will be able to change it though. Google Chrome also tend to get heavy when being used for a long time. If your Chrome is not responding or processing slow, you should clear the cache of Google Chrome.

Veda L is a technoholic geek, who loves to build websites, and she's a PL-SQL developer too. Apart from coding, she loves to blog about her experiences in making money online through content marketing blogs, monetizing them through Adsense, and more.

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How to Make an Infographic?



How to Make an Infographic

How awesome it would have been if developing infographics was so easy to create just like any online blog post! Yes, the fact is that visual content plays a very vital role in the credibility of any content, and it requires a lot of efforts and skills to do it. But it is not that difficult to learn how to make an infographic.

But keeping in mind the relevance of visual content in today’s digital marketing paradigm, it is very necessary that you create your profile – may be personal or enterprise, it should have the proper infographic for its explanation. It is something that makes your post catchy.

This is the reason we take the pain to create infographics, but it’s worth it. Anyone who has the urge to learn can create attractive infographics, which are of high quality and can be developed quickly.

How to Make an Infographic using Templates

creating an infographic

Today, the internet is loaded with free infographic templates that can help you to create your own infographics with just a few mouse clicks. Here, you just need to insert the content and get the things going on.

This article gives some easy tricks on how to create an infographic. Powerpoint is one of the powerful tools that can help you create enormous infographics beyond your imagination. Now, let us see how you can go ahead and deal with it.

The steps are quite easy, and you can do it within one hour.

1. Be Ready with Your Content and Template to Getting Started

The first step is to collate all your data and content, which you will be using to collate your templates meant to represent the data. The main motive behind the usage of the template is to attract users to read your content.

There are enormous template options available in the market. All that you need to do is select the perfect one for you. The template represents side by side comparison, flowchart, timeline, and data-driven infographics.

Creating an infographic is easy, but you should have the intent to understand its relevance and have the patience to create. It’s easy, but it takes time.

You may either collect third party data or utilize original data. In case you are using third party information, ensure that you re-write the stuff so that it can be made generic.

how to create infographics

In case you are using third party information, you may cite your sources at the bottom of your infographics mentioning the URL of the sources. It will link your page to the source URL.

For instance, if you are using any blog post to develop your infographics, it will also make your infographics look professional and clean.

It will also make your infographic more credible in terms of offering more and more value-adding information and will drive traffic to your website.

Always remember that the talent behind a good infographic is to develop it quickly. And it is very easy to create an infographic and deliver within the stipulated time with the help of a set of templates.

So, if you are thinking about how to make infographics, templates are the answers to it.

2. Customize Your Infographics

It may take time, but for sure you are going to enjoy a lot. All you need to do is set the ready content and activate your template with a catchy title. Never forget to format your data and content with appropriate formatting and font size.

A pie chart or a bar graph will be an add-on to your infographics as it will help the readers to relate to the information you provide and get a proper sensitization of your upload.

Changing and adding font style and color can be a good way to make an infographic that looks more original. Moreover, adding your logo or signature can be a good option for branding as people will come to know about its creator.

So, now you are ready with ideas for developing a simple infographic. You may now go ahead and learn how to create infographics, which are complex and require more advanced applications.

3. Use an Embed Code and Publish

The only thing that can help you to get optimum traffic is to put in embed code that will link your infographic to the relevant sources. You may also use a ‘Pin it’ button so that visitors can share your post.

It is very necessary to get a shareable option on your post. It is also necessary that visitors share them on their blogs or websites as it will make your approach more and more scalable.

Infographics are something that is quite flexible; sometimes, it can be merely a process flow or just poster for any upcoming release or product.

create an infographic

A flyer can also be an infographic on the online paradigm. Today, as per the fresh algorithms set by Google, it has emphasized a lot on the visual content and pays more attention to it.

It is written that this year onwards visual content will be something that would be ranked much better when compared to text content.

An infographic is something that is attached to any blog post or any type of social media post. Most of the social posts have to be visual. Any explanatory post must be equipped with a well-furnished and described infographic so that it can be related by the viewer and easy to understand.

Many animations and graphic applications like Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Page maker, After-effect are flooding the online market today. They can be easily downloaded and utilized to make attractive infographics. These applications are very easy to learn and implement.

But, to learn how to make an infographic you have to spend time on the applications. The internet is loaded with numerous tutorials that can enlighten you about the usage of the application.

Learning to create appealing infographics is a truly rewarding form of art as it can give your business a lot in the path of its success. So, don’t underestimate its power. It’s time to learn infographic creating and give your business a new perspective.

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How to Insert PDF into Word Document?



Many times situation occurs when you have to insert pdf into word document! The situations like while preparing a report or any official documents, or while creating some of your course notes.

In those cases, learning how to Import PDF files into word. 

It’s technically easy to Add a PDF to a document but only when it’s a one-page pdf. For the multi-page pdf to insert into a word documents, we have to either convert it into an image or ms word doc.

Let’s figure out what are the multiple ways to Embed PDF in Word. 

How to Insert pdf into Word Document:

The method to insert a pdf file into a word document may vary as per the different Microsoft version you have. The screenshot for the below guide has been taken from the Microsoft version 7 specifically.

For the versions like 10, 11 and other, almost all the steps remain the same except the location of the options. Now without making any delay, let’s figure out how to attach a PDF file to Microsoft Word Documents. 

Method 1. Insert the pdf as an object in the word:

This method is best for you if you have only one-page pdf to embed into your word file. When you use this method for inserting the multiple-page pdf into word, only the first page of the pdf will be visible there. Although, clicking that visible page will get redirected to original pdf but it’s not the best way to insert pdf.

If your purpose of inserting pdf into your word document into creating the official doc or some kinda notes, I’m sure you would like to represent all the pages of your pdf into your word file.

Anyway, let’s see what are the steps to insert a one-page pdf into a word file.

Step 1. Open the word document where you would like to attach the pdf. When the word file is opened, click on the Insert menu from the top and Under the text group, click the Object drop-down list and select Object out of them.

If you can’t locate the options, have a look at the below screenshot.

Step 2. On clicking Object, a new Object window will pop-up.

Step 3. Now go to the Create from File tab. Now click the Browse button shown in the below image and browser through the file located on your computer. When the file is located, click the insert button to insert it.

Step 4. Once the file is inserted, click Ok to close the window.   

Step 5. Once the pdf is inserted into the file, it will look like the below screenshot. Although the pdf I’ve inserted has multiple pages, but only the first page is visible in the file.

Step 6. If you want to insert only the pdf icon but not any page, check the option, Display as an icon in the object window. You also change its icon if you wish to. Just click the Change Icon button below the PDF icon in the object window and click Ok.

See the below screen to understand the procedure.

Method 1. Insert the PDF as an image:

If you have multiple pages to insert into the Word document, you will have to convert your whole pdf file into an image. And inserting an image into a Word file is as easy anything.

So the major part of this method is to convert a pdf into an image. There are multiple tools available on the web which offer pdf to image conversion. But we will be using a tool called pdf2jpg. Here’s how to use this tool.

  • Go to the website pdf2jpg.net. 
  • Scroll down a little and click Choose a PDF file button. Now navigate to the file you would like to get converted and click Open.

  • Once done, choose the quality you would like to have for your jpg image and click the Convert PDF to JPG button. Have a look at the below screenshot.  

After the pdf is converted into an image file, save it and head over to the below steps to insert it into the word file. Inserting an image into a word file possesses almost the same step as inserting a one-page pdf. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1. Open the word document where you would like to insert the pdf. Click on the Insert option from the menu and click Pictures under the Illustrations group.  See the screenshot below.

Step 2. Now navigate through the picture on your computer and insert it in your word file. Simple enough, isn’t it??

This way, you can insert as many pdfs as you want regardless of how many pages the pdf contains.

Method 3. Convert the pdf into a word document:

This is yet another way of inserting a pdf file into a word document. There are countless free online converters available on the web. You can use any of them and convert your pdf file into a word document. One of such tools is Zamzar. It’s a free tool and provides conversions from one format to another in just a few simple steps.

And once the pdf is converted into a word file, you can use it as a normal ms doc file.  There are other methods also which you can use for embedding a pdf into a word file.

Like you can extract text from a pdf file and copy them to word using the Adobe Reader. Simply save the file as text and that’s it. You are done.

Moreover, if you have some bucks to spend and you don’t want to spend your time converting your pdf into an image, you can use a premium tool called OfficeExpander. This tool lets you insert a multi-page pdf into a word file without having to convert it into any other format.

These are almost all the possible ways to insert pdf into word. If you know any other better way for doing the same, mentioned in the comment section below.

Also, if the guide helped you learn the things, feel free to share it on your social mediums to help others, you never know who need this guide after all.

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How to Merge Word Documents



Have you ever wondered how to merge word documents? You might have! In our daily life, the situation often occurs when it feels the need for combining the word documents into one.

If you have been using MS word, you probably have felt the need of merging up more than one document into a single word file. For instance, if you write a thesis, dissertation or book, you will create all the pages separately, like page 1, page 2 and so on.

But after, when you are done writing up all the pages and want to merge them up in one single document, how would you do that? How would you merge word documents? Probably, you will create a new document and copy all the pages one by one page and paste them into the chief doc (main document).

But let me tell you this is absolutely a wrong way of merging up the documents. This article explains how to combine Word documents into one document.

So let’s get started, and learn how to merge documents in word. 

How to Merge Word Documents

To merge up the files, you can use two ways. One by copy-pasting as I said above and another way is by creating a main document and combining them.

In this article, we will let you know to merge up the multiple files into one file in almost all the versions of MS word. No matter you use MS word 2007 or 2010, you will get to learn the procedure for all. Just keep reading the article until the end.

In order to provide you the tutorial with screenshots, I have created three-word file name file 1, file 2 and file 3. And the main file that is named with the Main file. I will merge up the file, file 1, file 2, and file 3 into the principal file that is the Main file.

Ok, so here go our guide on how to merge two-word documents. The steps are given below. Follow all the steps carefully and see how the multi-files are merged into one.

But before moving to the guide make sure to follow some prerequisites given below.

  • First of all, make sure the files you have saved are in the same extension.
  • Also, the files that you are up to merge should be in a particular order. Word will merge your files in alphanumerical order.

For example, if you have named your files as file 1 introduction, file 2 projects, and file 3 docs, then the word will combine all the files in the same order.

But if you have named your files as an introduction, projects, and docs, then the files will be sorted in alphabetical order. And the order would be docs, introduction, project.

So if you want your files to merge in some sequence, then you will have to save them with a particular order or sequence.

How to combine word documents in Word 2007 or later

The following procedure is for MS Word 2007 and later versions. If you own some older version of MS office then still not to worry, below I have covered that also.

  • In MS Word, go to the Insert menu from the top menu bar.
  • In the Insert tab, at the rightmost side, you will see an option, Object. Click on that. Don’t click on the object, but on the small arrow just beside the object option.
  • After you click on the Object, you will see two options, Object.. and Text from the file.  See the screenshot below.
  • In order to insert the file, you will need to choose the second option that is Text from the file. As sooner you click on the option a dialogue box will open. Here you will need to select the files you want to merge.

For instance, I am selecting the files named file 1, file 2 and file 3. See the screenshot below.

  • After selecting all the files you want to merge you will have to click on the insert button as shown in the above screenshot.
  • And you are done! After clicking on the insert button, all the files you selected would get merged into the main document. Now save the main file at the location you want.

This is how we merge a document to the current file or multi documents into one single file.

If you have a single file that you want to merge in the current file, then you need to open the current file first and then select the file you want to merge by going to the Text from file option.

And if you want to merge multi-files as said above, then you can press CTRL key to select multi-files in one go.

If you have an older version of MS office like 2003 or so, then the procedure of merging file would be a slight different from the previous one. The procedure to merge files in MS word 2003 is given below.

  • First of all, go to the Tools menu from the top menu bar. Here you will need to select the Compare and Merge Documents option. See the screen mentioned below.
  • When you click on the Compare and Merge Documents option, you will see, a dialogue box will open. Here you have to select the files you want to merge.
  • open the files by clicking on them and click on Insert as shown in the below screenshot.
  • That’s it. After you click on the insert option, you will see all the selected files will be opened up in the Mian MS word file.
  • Now save the file with the new name at any location you want.

Isn’t merging files in MS word is easy? Let me know your views on the guide and the procedure I have mentioned. If you have any other way other than the mentioned procedure do let us know.

Also, do drop your comments and views regarding the guide on how to merge word documents. In the case of any confusion, you can ask them without any hesitation.

If you find the article useful share it with your friends and relative.

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How to Cite a Website?



Citing a website might sound a new term to many. It’s not different than acknowledging someone’s work by giving them credit for their work!

Many people including writers, bloggers, news websites and others mention statements of other people with their names and this is what we exactly call citation.

If you know the term plagiarism, you might understand Citation better by exactly counting it as just the opposite of plagiarism. Plagiarism is representing others’ work as our own, without giving them any credit for their hard work, whereas,  in the citation, we mention the name of the author after or before mentioning their work.

Citing can be done to any website, photo, art, music, report, etc. The other name for citation is Quoting. So next time when you read the term quote or cite consider them both as same!

While preparing any report or doing some research, we often stuck around some content on a website, which we just want to put as it is to our report. Apparently, it is unfair to do it without giving the credit to the website for their good work.

Therefore it becomes really essential for us to cite the website, i.e give credit to the website for their work and it is the best way to show your curtsy too!

If you don’t know how to cite a website, then probably the article is for you! There are a number of ways we can cite a website, let’s find out what are those ways!

How to Cite a Website:

As suggested above, there are a number of ways you can make the citation of a website. We won’t be teaching you here all the ways for citation but the two most used ways i.e Modern Language Association’s (MLA) and American Psychological Association’s (APA). 

These both methods follow the different guidelines to show the website as a source you have researched and show your curtsy towards the website for providing valuable contents.

Both the methods i.e MLA and APA use their different sets of rules and format for citation. I’ll walk you through the step by step guide for citing a website through APA and MLA!

Citing a website in MLA:

Below steps will tell you how to cite a website using MLA citation.

Step 1. If you are supposed to cite a website where you know the name of the author, you need to follow the below format.

Last Name, First Name, “Article Title.” Website Title. Website Publisher, date of publication, month, year. Date/Month/Year you accessed the content. 

You can well understand it better by the following screenshot.

Although, in MLA we don’t require to add the URL of the website some websites may ask you to do that’s exceptional. If you want, you can add the URL of the resource at the bottom of your content under the title references.

Or simply place it just after the format given above. To be more specific, the website URL should be given just after the date, the content has been accessed.

The above format is applicable when you know the name of the author. But if you don’t know the name, follow the format, given in step 2.

Step 2.  Not every time you will see the name of the author on the article you took the reference from. In such cases, you can follow the below format for citation.

The correct citation format to be followed when the author’s name is unknown is as follows.

“Article Title.” Website Title. Website Publisher, date of publication, month, year. Date/Month/Year of the day you accessed the content. 

You can see, there is no difference in the format accept the name in the beginning. See the following image to see how it works!

Isn’t it really easy to cite a website with the MAL method?? The steps are equally simple for APA citation as well. Let’s find out!

Citing a website in APA:

Unlike MLA, we need to embed the URL of the website to be cited in the text of the website. This is really essential to do that, hence you can’t skip this step.

In MLA, we do it in some circumstances, while in APA, we do it on a mandatory basis. Below steps will tell you how to cite a website using APA citation.

Step 1. If you know the name of the author of the article, then below citation format is applicable for you!

Last Name, First Name (Year, Month Date of Publication). Article title. Retrieved from URL

Yes, in APA, we write the date of the content published before the title of the website. The last name and first name of the author separated with the commas, then the date ( in the format Year, Month date) when the content was published. And then comes the title of the article, followed by the website URL.

Exactly the same, as the below screenshot.

Step 2. And if the author’s name is unknown to you, the following Format needs to be followed.

Article title. (Year, Month Date of Publication). Retrieved from URL

You can see the difference. If you still have any doubts, about how this method works, have a look at the below screenshot.

When you use others’ work like photos, tweets, FB status, any article of a website on your report, website or book, it becomes really essential to give the credit to them for their work to avoid any kind of copyright infringement and to show your thankfulness.

The above guide was compiled to teach you how to cite a website using MAL and APA methods. There are many other methods for the same which you can easily get from other resources on the web.

The Citation is also handy for your readers. By getting to know about the resources you have researched, they can explore the topic more clearly and in-depth, if they desire to!

On that note, we have reached the end of the guide. Feel free to share the guide if you found it useful and drop your comment below if you encountered any problem while following the steps.

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How to Create a Pie Chart in Excel?



Creating a pie chart in Excel is one of the most used functions of this application. But let me tell you a secret, I really hate this feature!

I mean when I was a kid, I spent hours and hours to do all the calculations and then make the pie chart. My drawing was very bad that meant I spent countless hours trying to make a perfect circle.

And then let’s just not talk about making the lines of the perfect angle inside. And then when I grew up I thought it was the time to show my superhuman skills of making a perfect pie chart.

But then Microsoft made Excel pie charts means all my skills are of no use now (I hate you! Bill). Anyway, Pie Charts in Excel is one of the most amazing features of this app.

We can create not only the perfect pie charts in terms of Angles but also they are great in terms of looks. So today we have brought you a complete tutorial on how to create a pie chart in Excel?

After going through this article, you will be able to make a pie chart.

What is a Pie Chart In Excel?

Before knowing how to make a pie chart in excel, you need to know what the Pie Chart actually is. Well, in simple words pie charts is a chart to display data relative to other data in a circle. Each set of data has his own value or slice in the circle (or Pie).

Now Microsoft had taken this and changed the approach. Previously you had to create a pie chart with your hand, and you had to calculate the size/angle of each slice manually.

Now you can just enter the primary values of the chart and then create a flashing attractive pie chart within 5 minutes without any calculations and drawing skills.

Uses of Pie Chart in Excel.

So now you know what a pie chart is so it’s time to know how can you use it. It’s a basic human behavior that we understand the things we can see more easily rather than the things we have to read and understand.

So if there are lots of data which are related to each other and you want to explain it to somebody else. Then creating a pie chart is the best option.

For example, if your boss gives $1000 each month to spend on staff. And at the end of the month, he wants to know how you spent the money.

Now if you’ll try to explain to him that you spend $50 on tea, $10 on buying pens, $10 on buying paper, etc. then he might order to through you out of the office for confusing him with lots of data.

But at the same time if you know how to create a chart in Excel and then show it to your boss then it will be far more easy for him to understand it.

How to create a pie chart in Excel?

So now you have enough knowledge of Pie Chart, and it’s usages so now it’s time to learn how to create a pie chart using Excel. Relax it’s not rocket science, in fact, you can create a pie chart within 5 minutes. Just follow the following steps to do so-

Step #1: Enter the necessary data.

For creating a pie chart you first need to enter a set of data in the Excel Spreadsheet. Type the names of all categories in one cell range and the value associated with them in the other cell range just in front of the related categories.

For example, we are writing the name of animals found in an area and their population in the other category. See the image below for better understanding:

Step #2: Select all the necessary data.

Once you have entered the necessary categories and their values, you’ll need to select them. Just use your mouse and select all the cells you want to use in your Excel Pie Chart.

Note that you should not leave any line blank while writing the data.

Step #3: Adding the pie chart.

Once you have entered and selected the values, now it’s time to add the much-awaited pie chart. Click on the Insert tab and choose ‘Pie’ from the options that appear.

Once you click on it, a new pop-up will appear, it will contain all the styles you can use for your pie chart. From there select your pie chart. For this example, we are selecting the 2D pie chart which is the first option from the pop-up.

Congrats that’s all you have to do. Your pie chart will now automatically appear in the Spreadsheet as seen in the below picture.

Now if you like, you can play with your pie chart. You can click on any slice of the pie and then take it away from the chart. This will be very helpful while giving a presentation. You can take the slice out of the circle which you are trying to explain. So people will easily understand which slice you are talking about.

Pie chart Frequently Asked Questions

Pie charts are the most commonly used features for business, so obviously people always have what-if questions or how to question it. So we have created a handy faq section to answer questions about pie charts-

Q: I entered a wrong before creating the pie chart excel?

It often happens that you notice that you have entered a value wrongly after creating a pie chart. Well, don’t worry. You won’t have to create the whole pie chart again. Rather than you can just change the numbers, you entered in the spreadsheet, and the pie chart will be updated automatically.

Q: I can’t find the pie option in Excel 2013?

With the 2013 version of Microsoft Excel, Windows have made big changes in the UI section. So if you are used to working with the older versions, you may find it hard to locate the pie option.

But don’t worry it’s just there. Once you open the Insert menu, you can find the pie options there. For your ease, we have marked out the pie option in the picture below-

Q: What is the design tab and how to find it?

A design tab is a unique option in the Excel 2013 version. You can see it on the menu above after you have inserted the pie chart in it. Here is a quick look at all the options available in the design tab-

  • Add Chart Element- it allows you to change the chart title, legend or data labels.
  • Quick Layouts- they are different preset charts. You can use any of them if you don’t want to change every part of chart one by one.
  • Change Colors-it allows you to change the colors in your chart.

Wrap up

So this was the complete tutorial on how to create a pie chart in Excel? Do you still have any questions in your mind? Do tell us in the comment box.

Stay tuned and thank you for giving it a read.

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