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How to Restore Disabled Apple ID?



how to restore disabled apple ID

Apple Inc. is a Software and Electronics company that stands at the forefront of technology and technological innovation. Based out of Cupertino, California, it specializes in developing and selling consumer electronics, software and web-based services.

Founded in 1974 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak (the Woz) and Ronald Wayne, Apple is best known for innovating the personal computer, the smartphone (iPhone) and the iOS operating system; the company has created a brand image as an innovator of technology and excellence in their products.

Through the years Apple products have ranked as the most premium and top-end products, making it one of the most important and popular companies in the world today.

Having an Apple ID is very important for Apple gadget owners. And when it gets disabled, users are clueless about how to restore disabled Apple ID Ids are a common problem these days.

What Is My Apple ID?

For those who own Apple products like the Mac and iPhone, the Apple ID is a focal point of their interaction with the product. Acting as an all in one account for all your Apple device needs, it gives you access to features like the iCloud,iBooks and App Store.

Although by default it requires you to put in your credit card details to make it work, you can skip this little compulsion by trying to download a free app from the app store and clicking ‘skip’ when asked to put in your credit card details.

Your Apple ID stores important information and back-up data from your phone and Mac to make the experience of using Apple products easier and better.

You create an Apple ID when you buy your first Apple product, and it stays active for life so that any info or settings from your previous Apple products can be synced and your usage preferences reused to enhance your Apple experience.

How to Find My Apple ID?

To find your Apple ID, open up your iPhone or iPad and go to settings. Open the iCloud app and you should find your Apple ID written down there.

If you’ve completely forgotten your password and aren’t logged on, consider going to the iForgot web site (www.iforgot.apple.com) and entering your Email ID or Username to recover it.

Why Is My Apple ID Disabled?

Sometimes, however, your Apple ID can be disabled. This happens when:

  • Security password is incorrectly entered multiple times.
  • The security question is incorrectly answered several times.
  • Apple detects a security threat or hack of your Apple ID.

So, if you are thinking “Why is my Apple ID disabled?”Apple Inc. takes security very seriously, and it’s proven this time and again, most recently with the controversy, it created with the FBI.

If your Apple ID is disabled, it’s usually because they feel that your account is under attack by hackers. When this happens, you should see one of these notifications based on the device you have:

  1. “This Apple ID has been locked for security reasons.”
  2. “This Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons.”
  3. “You can't sign in because your account was disabled for security reasons.”

Whatever the relevant case is, re-enabling your Apple ID is relatively simple. But there’s a catch to this too. If you fail to unlock your Apple ID multiple times, it will block access to the unlocking system, and you will have to wait for the cool-down timer to try again; this typically takes about 24 hours.

Step by Step Guide – How to Restore Disabled Apple ID

The procedure, however, is pretty simple. All you have to do is:

  1. Open Apple Safari in your Mac or iPhone.
  2. Visit Apple’s iForgot website at iforgot.apple.com
  3. Fill out your First Name, Last Name and Current E-Mail ID in the form that appears on the site.
  4. Click ‘Next’; this will take you to the two-step verification screen.
  5. If you have two-step verification enabled, you’ll need to enter your Recovery Key; if not – skip to the next step. If you don’t have your Recovery Key, generate a new one by using your phone number. Once you’re done with this, enter the number and click ‘Next’.
  6. Enter your verification code on the next screen and press continue
  7. Apple will then ask you to reset your password – enter your new password and confirm it in the relevant boxes and click Reset on the form.
  8. Your Apple ID is now re-enabled.

Good Job! Your Apple ID is not re-enabled. You can log in from your devices again to start re-syncing data as you go!

Your Apple ID has a lot of things plugged into it, so remember to re-enable these syncs individually by opening the apps at least once. These include:

  1. Your iCloud Account – The app that syncs all your photos, videos, documents and allows you to share them easily and quickly.
  2. Your iFamilyAccount– The family extension of your Apple ID, where up to 6 people can share the same ID for music, apps and other Apple App Store related expenses.
  3. Your iTunes Account– The place where every Apple audiophile gets their music fix.
  4. Your Find my Phone Account – The GPS locator that helps you to find your phone in case you misplace or lose it.
  5. YourApp Store Account– Where you can download apps for your iPhone, iPad and other Apple products.
  6. YourFacetime Account – Apple’s patent video chatting and conferencing tool.
  7. Your iMessage Account – The easy way to send messages to your other friends who use Apple Products (especially the iPhone)

But, that’s not all! There are plenty that you might be using that need login as well. So, go through all the relevant apps and start the re-sync process.

Well, that’s all we have to say about Apple Inc. and its account recovery options. Use your Apple ID carefully in future and keep your Username and Password saved somewhere safe to make sure that this problem is never triggered again (by you at least).

We had a great time compiling this info about how to restore disabled Apple ID for you. If you have anything to say, post in the comments section below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Good luck and have fun!

Vinith Kumar is a seasoned author, who has been writing on technology niche since 2009. He has penned down thousands of articles to date, and he's now a contributing author on KnowledgeCage to contribute his experience in building this portal.

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How to Save Snapchat Videos?



Snapchat is the new trend after the “Selfie” generation, right? Every teen ( Oh and of course even adults) are either in love with selfies, or instant snaps and sending them over Snapchat, and that's what's happening right now to this world all plain and simple.

While Snapchat boasts an extremely easy user interface and features, not everything on it might be as simple. For eg. when you're having doubts like How to save Snapchat videos it might not seem like your cup of tea.

But well, that's what the internet is for, right? To solve your smallest possible problems, and that's one of the goals of me writing this piece right now. Okay cut the chase, I'll just be talking about, and showing you how to save videos from Snapchat in the easiest possible steps.

SnapChat owes it's popularity to the instant “send and receive” image and videos function, which was kind of unique to it. And well users “thought” that videos and images are deleted immediately from Snapchat servers once they're seen, well it seems that's not exactly the case.

And that's the reason it's not as hard as it might sound, the whole save a video from the Snapchat thing, trust me it's not.

You don't need to hack into any kind of database and feel like the hackers from the movies, in fact, if you passed your 5th grade in one attempt, means you've enough common- sense to get along this guide on how to save Snapchat pictures and videos without much trouble.

Of course, Snapchat lets you “replay” the video if you make an in-app payment of some amount, right?

The worst part? You can only re-play the videos once!Ah, talk about “things money can't buy” !). But then again there just are certain moments you just need to grab forever huh? After all, it's one life we've got, why “delete” any part of it?

So that's where this little tweaks, pranks or apps come into play. We will basically be needing two major materials in order to save videos from Snapchat:-

  • Az-Screen Recorder ( Don't worry I've included a step-by-step guide on it in the below sections !).
  • A bit of brain. ( I suppose you got that !)

So we are all set, I won't go storytelling, here's the real deal…

How to Save Snapchat Videos and Pictures:-

As I already said, it's no rocket science. All you need is a bit of common-sense (ummm…well or maybe a couple of third-party apps, don't worry they're free ! ).

The common-sense part…

If you're trying to save Snapchat pictures and videos, then one of the easiest ways is to, open the image/video on the screen, and take a screenshot of it using another cell, simple. Or record the video of it using another cell phone.

See? Told ya, needs no rocket science. This way your sender won't also be notified of your mischief with their Snapshot! So, of course, I personally feel and believe, it's one of the easiest and “don't get caught stealing” kinda ways to do this.

How to Save Snapchat Videos or Pictures Using Third-Party Apps:-

Well, in case you aren't looking for “just pictures”, or maybe the above “common-sense” method didn't work for you, and you are indeed in need of downloading a picture or video from Snapchat, in that scenario the following third-party apps can be lifesavers for you.

There is quite a number of them, allowing you to download pictures and videos of your SnapChat, for free! But a lot of them have been removed from Playstore and AppStore (for obvious reasons), so I'll just be talking about the one I've myself used, tested and been happily satisfied with!

Az-Screen Recorder ( No Root )

Remember my “record video using another cell phone” trick above? Well, this is the “more professional” version of it. And the best thing is you don't need to stress yourselves with a lot of technicalities.

Well as the name might've suggested to you by now, Az-Screen Recorder “records your screen.” I mean it in the sense that, it records whatever's playing on the screen. So if you run this little app and play a video, that gets recorded too, all plain and simple huh?

The best part is, while this kind of apps keeps getting removed from the play store, this one hasn't been a victim yet.

So you click on the above link, and you should be taken to the Play store, and you should be able to install it without a problem!

Once you've downloaded it, just click on it and start recording. And then open your Snapchat.

Open the video you want to record, and let it be recorded on the app. ( Which is automatic, of course). 

Once you've finished the video, slide down your navigational bar from the top, and click on stop Recording.

See?  Simple huh? Now you have a shareable video file, just like any normal video file. You can even copy it to your computers, send it to friends, or make a time-bomb with it. ( Well, just ignore the last option, that's me being too expressional ).

How to Save SnapChat Stories:-

I don't think I still need to walk you through this part, right?

Who said the above app saves videos and pictures, but can't save stories huh?

You open the story, it appears in the chronological order, and then you either snapshot it using another cellphone or use an A-Z screen recorder to record the whole of it.

Basically, the thing is, the above app is the magic wand for Snapchat. What kind of spells you churn out of it is totally on your creativity. So make sure you're making good use of it.

So I'm guessing if you've ever wondered how to save Snapchat videos in your whole totality of unspent life, this solves your problems, huh? Not just videos, Now you can easily save Snapchat pictures or even stories using the same methods, so that's one less problem to worry about!

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How to Record a Phone Call on iPhone?




Recording calls can be very helpful at times as you tend to forget something and just by listening to the recording, you can recall everything.

If you are a journalist, an entrepreneur or learning to be a good communicator, call recording will be an advantage as you can learn and remember many important meetings or conversations.

Of course, there are other more inoffensive reasons for recording calls. The recording of calls on the iPhone is as easy as recording on other phones, but the iPhone does not have it as an inbuilt feature. If you aren’t aware of how to record a phone call on the iPhone, here’s a quick guide.

Are you wondering how to record phone calls? iPhone can acquire this feature through various apps available in the app store. These apps will give you some great options for recording phone discussions. But please be alert of the laws in your state when using them.

There are both federal and state laws related to this, and it goes without saying that you should examine them before recording any phone discussion.

There are four basic ways to know how to record a phone call on the iPhone:

  • Using an iPhone app
  • Using Google voice
  • Using the third-party calling apps

How to Record a Phone Call on iPhone – Using an iPhone App

Due to the legal hitches of recording a phone call, many apps from Apple have been shut down to avoid problems.

There are specific apps that will direct the calls to their call centers, permitting them to record your call, and collect it on their servers. Learn how to record a phone call with the help of an iPhone app here.

Step 1- Go to the App Store, but make sure that you have a three-way calling phone plan before it.

Step 2- Explore and find out the best app that suits you. You can search call recording apps in iTunes, and some may be free while some may cost you till 10$. Usually, most of the apps are free, but some charge you according to the calls made. Some apps record the call to third party server or Cloud.

Step 3- Open your app and make a call. When you make a call, it will be linked to the server and combined with the calling line. Some services will automatically send a notification to the call receiver. Even recorded calls are for a certain time limit.

Step 4- Listen to the recorded call. The recorded calls will be displayed in a cloud or provider’s server. Some apps provide online storage in which you can edit your calls according to your needs.

Using Google Voice

You can record calls by creating and signing in Google Account. Here’s how to record on iPhone using this.

Step 1- Create a Google account if you don’t have.

Step 2- Download and install the Google Voice app on your iPhone. Head out to the Google Voice app in the App store. Install it.

Step 3- Log in with your Google account information and then click “Get a Voice Number” in the left-hand column. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen. Google Voice is only available in the US.

Step 4- Fix your Google Voice account to record calls. If you've selected to get a Google number or port your current number to Google Voice, you can arrange your phone to record inbound calls.

Go to Google.com/voice > settings > calls > call recording enable > save changes. These settings will enable call recording by pressing four at any time. Google Voice does not record outgoing calls, and it will always tell the receiver of the call that the call has been recorded.

Using Third-Party Calling Apps

If you’re wondering how to record on iPhone using third-party apps, here it!

Step 1- Download an app that allows you to record calls like Skype and follow the instructions as you did for Google Voice. Always set up an account first. For, e.g., you can download Skype from Skype.com.

Step 2- Generate an account on Skype or Google Voice. For Google Voice, you can follow the steps given above. For Skype, either sign in with an existing account or create a new account.

Step 3- Download a sound recording app from the app store on your iPhone. There are many free apps available, which will have some limitations on the timings for recording the call. Some will record only the call receiver’s voice and not yours.

Step 4- Open the call recording app. Some apps will be displayed on the screen while recording and some will operate from the background. The third-party calling apps are required because all apps do not work with standard calls.

Mostly, all apps will function even when other programs like Skype are running on the iPhone.

Step 5- Record the call through an app. Now you just need to dial a number and enable call recording to record that particular call. After recording the call, you can also edit it by transferring that call to your computer. It will also save space on the iPhone.

Other Ways of Call Recording

There are two other ways to learn how to record phone calls on the iPhone. One is through recording software, which is downloaded to any device with a microphone.

Quick Time Player, Audacity, Linus and Sound Recorder (for PC) are the applications, which can install on those devices for recording.

You can record the call by putting your iPhone (on speaker mode) in front of these devices to record the call. It will be helpful only if done in a quiet room by facing the microphone towards your iPhone.

The other way for how to record a phone call on the iPhone is through Mac. Open FaceTime > Preferences > iPhone Cellular Calls > On.

After these settings, place your iPhone and Mac on the same Wi-Fi network and download the Mac recording app, for example, Audacity, to record calls. You can record the call by placing your call using FaceTime.

Now that you know how to record iPhone calls, you can listen to all your calls. Recording calls for informative or business purposes is not at all legal. But recording it for offensive purposes is entirely illegal.

Many problems came up when these recording apps were used for blackmailing or listening to private conversations. That is why many laws came up regarding call recording.

One should be aware of all the rules before recording any call. It is also important to inform the person whose call and for what purpose the call is being recorded. After taking the consent only, calls should be recorded; otherwise, there are serious punishments for this.

How to record calls on the iPhone is no more a concern with this useful guide.

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How to Fix iPhone Not Ringing?



iPhone not ringing

Imagine you are waiting for some important phone calls. You have cross-checked your iPhone to ensure the ringer is on, and the phone volume is turned on all the way up.

When you get a call, you miss it and later have this puzzled look on your face with the question iPhone not ringing? This must have been the case with many people out there who have an iPhone.

Sometimes, even my iPhone doesn’t ring, and I started finding out the reasons for why is my iPhone not ringing? So, we will discuss how to fix this issue.

How to Fix iPhone Not Ringing?

My friend inspired me to write this article when he said, “My iPhone won’t ring on all calls”, and he said he misses a lot of calls because of this. So, this article is for all those people who have similar questions.

There are a lot of people on various online platforms asking a very important question “why won’t my iPhone ring.” Well, there are a few reasons why an iPhone won’t ring. We will have a detailed discussion on the same and also see how to go about fixing this problem.

Apple is one of the pioneers in the smartphone business. It has earned its fame because of the quality of the products it manufactures. The iPhone sales have steadily increased over the years as each version has something to offer to its users.

This is one of the most user-friendly phones that one can have. The pricing is fairly high; however, it is almost impossible to find this kind of a quality product from any other competitor.

The kind of features iPhone offers is a top-class; if you can use at least some percentage of the features that iPhone has, you will thank the makers a hundred times for such a lovely phone.

If you are reading this article, you most likely know that for your iPhone to ring, the ring or silent switch, which is on the side of your iPhone, should be set to ring. If this switch is pulled upward towards the screen, it means your iPhone’s ringer is on.

If this switch is pushed down towards the back of the iPhone, it means your phone is on silent, and you will be able to see a small orange stripe next to the switch. You will also see a speaker icon on the iPhone screen when the switch is flipped.

If your iPhone is not making any sound at all, this article about what can be done when an iPhone ringer stops working will show you how to fix this issue. If you have already tried this, then here is why your iPhone is not ringing.

Follow these Steps to Solve the Issue with Your iPhone, Not Ringing

Here is the solution. First, turn off the ‘Do not disturb’ mode. Most often, the reason an iPhone does not ring for incoming calls is that the user accidentally might have turned on the feature “Do Not Disturb” in Settings.

As per Apple’s support article, ‘Do Not Disturb’ will silence the calls or any sort of notification and alerts.

How Can I Find Out If the “Do Not Disturb” Feature Is Turned On?

The simplest way to tell if ‘Do Not Disturb’ is turned on is to check the upper right-hand corner of the iPhone towards the left of the battery icon.

If Do Not Disturb is enabled, you will see a small moon-like icon there. If you would like to explore and deep dive into the ‘Do Not Disturb feature and set up an automatic schedule, then go to Settings –>Do Not Disturb; you will be able to see all the options available to you.

How to Turn Off the Do Not Disturb Feature?

After Apple released iOS 7, it has been quite easy to change the “Do Not Disturb” option as you like. Say you can turn it on or off as you want. Just swipe up from the bottom of the phone to see the command center. Now, you will see a moon-like icon; either tap it on/off and that is about it.

iPhoneRinger Not Working

There have been a lot of comments from users who have tried implementing all of the mentioned suggestions and whose iPhones are still not ringing.

If you have made it this far, then there is a good chance that you may most likely have some hardware problems. Most often, when gunk or liquid gets into one of the phone ports(like the headphone jack or the charging inlet), it stops ringing.

In such cases, you can take an antistatic brush and try to brush out the gunk from the headphone jack or the dock connector port. Antistatic brushes are quite useful for cleaning any sort of electronics; these are available on online stores for purchase.

If you are successful, the issue should be resolved by now. However, most often, the damage is already done. If something has shorted out inside your phone, the only solution is to take it to the local Apple Store or check out with the Apple support team for a solution.

You can also get the phone repaired. There are a lot of Apple service centers across the globe; it is best if you can get your phone serviced and sort out this issue.

Apple has one of the best service centers out there, and these kinds of issues are very rare. Most of the time, users themselves can fix the issues they have on their phones; a lot of solutions are available online.

There is, of course, Apple support, which provides solutions as well. I hope this article has provided solutions to the users whose iPhone stopped ringing due to some reason.

In most cases, if you try out the above-mentioned tips, the phone will start working normally. You can also try restarting your iPhone and see if that works as well.

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How to Turn Off Private Browsing?




How to turn off private browsing

How do you keep your browsing history on Safari a secret? Are you tired of deleting your surfing history at the end of every session so that your wife doesn’t discover the anniversary present you’ve been researching online?

Your best solution for this is to use private browsing, which is a vital technique that has to be learned in today’s modern internet age.

Private browsing is a great way to safeguard your private details and block a few sites from keeping a track of your behaviour. This way, you can browse through websites without creating any kind of history.

It’s important to know how to turn off private browsing or turn it on both on your laptops and mobile devices.

Private browsing is certainly a convenient way to ensure that your children don’t go searching for what you purchased for their birthday or Christmas gifts on Amazon.

It’s easier now than ever before to turn on private browsing on your Apple devices, but you only should be aware of the location of this magic toggle switch to turn on or turn off the feature.

Private browsing gives you enhanced control over the way in which you are tracked when you use web browsers. Have you ever felt the need to switch off the browsing history on your Safari browser?   In this post, we would be discussing Safari private browsing.

Safari browser has been updated in many aspects with multiple new features over the years, and one of the best upgrades is its ability to enable or disable private browsing. Safari, by default, doesn’t remember your search history, the auto-fill details or the web pages you visit.

When private browsing is activated on Safari, you can visit sites without leaving behind any record of your visits in browser history, cookies or cached files. When private browsing is enabled, Safari appears dark or black instead of grey or white.

What Does Private Browsing Do?

Private browsing is known for achieving these three simple but important things:

  • Your Apple gadget will not track your web browsing history, which means the sites you visit or the searches you perform aren’t recorded anywhere.
  • Your device will block some kinds of tracking cookies from external sites.
  • Safari app’s border will change to a dark colour to indicate you are browsing in private mode. That’s important so that you get to stay aware of the mode in which you are browsing in.

Now, let’s move on to look at how to turn private browsing off when using Safari on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Using iOS8

Do you want to turn private browsing off on iOS8? Here’s a simple guide to doing that.

  • Open Safari browser on your Apple gadget.
  • You’ll find two overlaid squares. Click on the right bottom icon.
  • Click on the term ‘Private’ at the left bottom corner and disable the current private browsing mode.
  • Click on ‘Done’.

This would have turned the bottom bar and the search bar to a different colour, indicating that you’ve returned to the normal browsing mode from the private browsing mode.

Using iOS7

In this operating system, Apple shifted the switch from the iPad settings Safari section to the Safari browser. If you’re using iOS7, following these easy steps can help you turn off private browsing.

  • Open the Safari browser on your device.
  • Click on the icon that reads Bookmark at the bottom (the icon that shows an open book’s picture).
  • You can find ‘Private’ in the bottom left corner. Choose whether or not you want to keep all your present tabs open for browsing privately.
  • Click on ‘Done’ at the top right corner to stop browsing in privacy mode.

It’s as simple as that!

Using iOS6 and Earlier Versions

Do you use a very old operating system – iOS6 or earlier versions? You can still turn on and turn off private browsing. Here’s how to turn off private browsing.

  • Go to the home screen of your device and click on the Settings app.
  • Click on Safari from here.
  • You can now easily turn off or turn on private browsing using the toggle switch next to ‘Private Browsing’.

Now you also know how to turn on private browsing. Enabling or disabling private browsing on any of these operating systems is very easy and can be done within a few seconds.

In most of the above cases, every time you switch on or switch off private browsing, you will be prompted to select whether you want to: close all open tabs; keep all tabs open or cancel.

You need to select one of these and in all cases, it’s advised to close all the tabs and start fresh all over so that you don’t get confused.

How to Turn Off Private Browsing in Safari

Now that you know the ways, you don’t have to be concerned over ‘How do I turn off private browsing?’ on Safari. You can easily use the internet in privacy and maintain the secrecy of your browsing history on the Apple Safari browser.

So, go ahead and share your Apple Macs with your friends or relatives without worrying that they would get to discover your browsing history of accessing embarrassing sites.

Even though you may trust that people will not bother you by questioning you about your search history, there are chances that they could accidentally stumble upon something that you may not want them to know about.

If you are viewing a site that you want to keep to yourself without divulging to anyone, you should enable private browsing before visiting such sites. This is exactly why the private browsing feature was devised for!

Learning how to browse in private mode is easy today, thanks to new features on Safari like Private Browsing, Frequently Visited, Top Sites, and Smart Search fields that have taken web browsing to the next level.

Share your views about Safari’s private browsing feature in the comments section below and let our readers learn more about this wonderful aspect.

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How to Use Apple Magic Mouse?



Apple magic mouse is a multi-touch mouse that is manufactured and sold by one of the best brands in the world. The Apple magic mouse is probably the first consumer mouse that has multi-touch capabilities. At the very first glance, the shape and size of the Apple magic mouse look pretty.

Most of the mouse options available on the market are big to fit the shape of the user’s palm.

However, the magic mouse has a surface, which defines a gentle arc, and the height at mid-point is just a little more than half an inch, which makes sure that the resting of a palm on the magic mouse is an act to be performed either by children or adults who have very small hands.

A better way to use the magic mouse is to hold its sides between your thumb finger and pinkie and then rest your index and middle finger against the top edge of the mouse, and finally the base of your palm against the bottom edge.

By doing so, your hand gets to rest above the mouse without ever touching the multi-touch surface.

Complete Guide For Apple Magic Mouse

The mouse grip is pretty automatic, and it leaves the index and middle fingers ready to perform clicks and most gestures without the need to change the position of your hand.

The magic mouse’s grip might be a bit uncomfortable in the beginning; however, in a short period of time, it becomes very easy to use. Unlike the typical mouse, the magic mouse is best served with a light grip that leaves the hand and fingers ready for action.

How Connect Magic Mouse?

To start off, the magic mouse should be a proper mouse. It should move smoothly from any kind of surface and rightly track the movement so that not only does the cursor on the screen move freely, but also let the user’s hand move freely when he is performing any action using the mouse.

The magic mouse glides on 2 plastic rails that provide good resistance to keep the movements smooth. To connect it to your Macbook, follow these instructions

  • Firstly, you will have to plug in a USB cable to the lightning port on the device, and then connect the other end of the cable into your Mac.
  • Now just ensure that the device is switched on.
  • The device will appear in the Bluetooth preferences, and it will automatically pair with your Mac.
  • The Bluetooth Preferences window will display the connection status and then charge the level of your device. When the device gets charged, you can unplug and use it.

The Magic Mouse does provide tactile feedback by producing the same clicks and pressure found with mice that have standard mouse buttons. You can easily scroll vertically and horizontally; these are the simplest gestures that can be performed.

Scrolling is very easy and effortless; a gentle swipe of a finger in any direction generates a scrolling motion in a window. There is a scrolling option called momentum, which allows your mouse to register the speed of the swipe.

It will convert this into the speed of your scroll and will let the scrolling to continue a bit after you stop the swiping motion. This type of scrolling is best for large documents with a lot of pages.

The Apple magic mouse review has been pretty positive as users find it very easy and comfortable to use. This brand always comes up with something extraordinary and has always thought out of the box with regards to introducing new products for its customers.

There is a feature called the two-finger gestures, which is usually performed with the index and middle fingers; it is identical to the one-finger side-to-side scroll – it's just that you will have to use two fingers instead of one.

What is the difficulty? Both the fingers should be in contact with the Magic Mouse surface when the swipe is performed, and this can be a difficult task at times for users.

How to Charge Magic Mouse?

The process of charging the magic mouse is quite simple; just follow these instructions.

  • First, you should remove the 2 AA batteries from Apple Magic Mouse.
  • Now, you should be inserting the Mobee Battery Pack in place of the 2 AA batteries.
  • Now you can connect the charging station to any USB port that is available.
  • Finally, place the magic mouse on the charging station and you can leave it until it completely gets charged.

The Magic Mouse is one of the best devices that Apple has ever made. The brand always comes up with something very innovative for its customers and delights them; however, this product has some flaws, which is natural for the first generation of any new product.

There were a lot of people raising concerns like “Apple magic mouse not working”. If the device is connected to the MacBook in the right way, or if the tips as mentioned earlier are followed, you will have a solution to this issue, and you can get the mouse to function normally.

People also find it difficult to perform the two-finger swipe. It is a problem that people can easily resolve by bringing in some basic gesture customizations to the mouse.

These two flaws are really the only downsides that are worth mentioning for daily use of the Magic Mouse. The tracking ability is just flawless on the surfaces, and it is a very comfortable mouse to use. The single finger gestures are simple, which makes magic mouse a pleasure to use.

One more point that is worth mentioning is that this mouse presently has no mouse drivers, which enable gesture support under Windows. So, in case you use it with Boot Camp or maybe some other virtual environment, it will act as a standard two-button mouse.

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