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How to Print Instagram Photos?



How to print instagram photos

Instagram is one of the easiest ways to create fairy-tail kind photos in a snap. Using those filters, nearly any picture can be turned out into something you love(like a keepsake). Moreover, for the purpose, we curated a list on how to print instagram photos including websites offering the kind of service.

I am trying to remind everyone of the real reason you fell in love with Instagram; as a way of expressing yourself. Moreover, for sure, I am sending this out to the world. I suggest you do laundry often. You might wonder at how easy it is to put together a killer look, especially when you have the option to choose from all of your options — I know you are!

You can always use a generic printer to print your Instagram photos. Nope, not really. I'd love the polished, professional, and always put-together Instagram photos kind service. We got you — in this list you'll get to know websites which help you figuring a remarkable way of how to print Instagram photos.

For sure, you'll need an Instagram account as these sites will be required to authorize access to your Instagram account to fetch photos. Make sure to upload good quality pictures for instagram for best output.

It is required to login into your Instagram account, you can either use your computer or phone to log into your account. If you are creating a new account, you are required to download the Instagram app on your mobile first. Afterward, you can sign up for Instagram.

You can make an Instagram account easily with your Android or iPhone. If you have an Android phone, download the app from the play store and install it.

Once the Instagram app is downloaded, go to your app drawer and tap on the Instagram app. on the welcome page, enter your credentials and you are ? to go.

While we had checked more than the listed websites, we put together a list on how to print Instagram photos, so next time you can utilize this in a manner to decorate your home or to keep memories always with you.

How to Print Instagram Photos:-

1. Artifact Uprising — It can be a perfect and sublime addition to your home walls, you'll get many options on this website, they do offer instagram photos printed as in a book (starting at
$69.00) — Sneek peeks below. Also, you can make stunning photo calendar or purchase a wood Block + Prints at $23.99. You can also get simple everyday kind photos at $1 / per photo.


2. Blurb – It is a good idea to pick out all photos before they might fade away from your memories — or even Sunday before the week begins — so you are not scrambling to find that pic. This way, if you can bring a way to share your Instagram photos in a modern style, your photos are just waiting, ready to go. Blurb offer 60 pages softcover books at $19 and hardcover book is for $32.


3. Printstagram— This individual The company offers multiple ways to print Instagram photos, but Metal panoramic can be the perfect addition to your home starting at $85. Modern Framed Print (from $35) and stickers books from $18. Especially for your living room the 20 by 40-inch Posters which can contain 50-400 photos clean-grid arranged on thick paper for $25. That is it? No, they have more options, you may want to check their pricing.

4. CanvasPop— You do not need to pull your photos to your phone, Canvas App can print photos directly from your logged Instagram account. The filtered output is very worth to stick into your home gallery. You can create high-res 20-inch square-streCHTED CnvS prints for $114. You can also order multiple canvases to decorate your wall and to make it artful.


This not ends here; you have plenty more option to choose from, see below image. The new framed prints are worth if you want you to build dreamy-home.

Using canvas app is simple. First, you need to select your canvas size, frame and edge options. Second, Sign into your Instagram account and choose the images to be printed. Third, let theme do the work.

5. Casetagram— Do you want to create custom cases for your device of choice, iPhone 6/6S, IPad and Mini, IPod Touch, Galaxy Note, Nexus 4 and Galaxy S II-IV for a price between $35-$55. You can make customization to your layout and collage.

6. PostalPix—You can use this app on your iPhone, letting your print 4-inch squares directly from your Instagram account gallery for 30 cents per photo. More sizes are also available such 2, 5, and 8-inch square prints.

It is mobile convenient, and shipping is fast with pro quality resolution. It can be your first stop for your basic Instagram photos prints.

7. Postagram— makes it easier to let people know that you think about them, the compony's service is to mails a postcard with a pop-out Instagram photo (you can choose any) with a birthday message at $1 per piece. Don't you think it is a better alternative to birthday E-card?

8. Stitchtagram— Stroke all your cherished memories with a fifteen-inch cotton pillow for $68, images will be pulled over to your Instagram account.

9. Instagoodies— Make 1-inch sticker books for $14. Those stickers can be attached to your PC monitor, phone cases and wallet – a quick flash of happiness.

10. Stickygram—Create a 9 photo magnet set, and put it wherever you like, i.e. refrigerator.

You can also print pictures from phone with a printer such as ‘The Instax Printer'; the printer can be integrated with your iPhone. Moreover, you can directly print Instagram photos.  You'll get Instagram picture size according to the printer output.

However, wait, if you just want a simple print of your Instagram photos, here is how to do that. We call it Native method. Native method to print pictures from phone, it's quite simple.

The native method is printing Instagram photos in the house. For this, you need a smartphone or PC and a printer. Simply save any instagram photo to your computer, open the picture and click on Print. You must have a printer attached to your PC or a wireless printer. (below screenshot is of Windows 10 machine)

Over to you, Instagram-nerds:-

In this article, you discovered some interesting information on how to print Instagram photos, shoot your best website and your experience. Make sure you choose good Instagram photo size, as you might not want a horrible Instagram photo print.

Devendra is an introverted-extrovert with a thirst for life.

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How to Get Likes on Instagram?



How to get instagram likes

Instagram, literally the app that motivated more startups than anyone else. Well, why? Because the way the founders learned to code after job, quit their job, took the leap of faith and all that shit “is” actually motivational enough.

So well I just thought with over 500Million users on it, it'll be a good thing for me to share how to get likes on Instagram, right?

Well I know you're eager to get all that you can how to get more likes on Instagram, right? Well, let me take you on a thrilling ride, on how exactly was Instagram born, trust me you're going to love it.

How it All Happened…

Instagram took only around 8 weeks to get built. But well, the back-end story is pretty exciting.

So there's this Systrom guy, who meets couple guys from a financial firm at a party and shows them his prototype of a text-messaging app, called burbn. (You'd be surprised what sudden party meetings can do for you!).

Because that party meeting raised Systrom around $500000 from the two firms so that he could actually build his idea into an app. Which he did.

Well, the decision wasn't definitely so simple. They had Burbn, which was almost like Instagram but it was a lot more complicated. So instead, he and his co-founder Mike decide that they needed their attention on one single thing.

And so what they do is, they cut the crap out of Burbn, and keep just the photo thing, the like thing, and comments! And well, that's pretty much how Instagram came into being!

The twist? Well, they both weren't “professional” coders! In fact, they had very different kinds of jobs, like marketing and stuff, so well it did come out as a surprise to the world when two “marketers” programmed an app that took over the world overnight!

How Instagram Got More Likes Than Any Other Company:-

Yeah, back at that time, definitely Instagram wasn't the only photo app in the market! So, why on earth was it a hit and better than other apps?

Well because,  back in those days, there wasn't any app that allowed people “square images.” Yeah, no matter how random or “not so important” it sounds to me or you, this is what Instagram built it's billion-dollar industry on!

Not just that, it has this special filters on it, huh? So it was the only app that allowed you taking images, and add filters at the same time because most of the initial Instagram users were on the iPhone, and iPhone doesn't have a “great” camera.

So well, everyone welcomed an app that could make them look like models no matter how they looked! Or we can put it as Mike and systrom just knew what the world lacked: – A good camera on an iPhone, and successfully turned that into their billion dollar business!

Well, in April 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for $1Billion! (Don't sigh, I know that feeling!) . So now, well both Mike and systrom were literally billionaires! For what? Writing pieces of codes that weren't even their “childhood dream”!

But well, Instagram does a perfect job even now, so yeah I'd say they deserved it!

How to Get Likes on Instagram:-

Well, finally the story you've been waiting for! Yeah, this section covers how to get free likes on Instagram, so read along.

What we basically will be doing is, like-exchange, but in bulk. Means you do it 20-25 for someone, you get 500+ more likes on Instagram in return! (I'll explain how so worry not!).

Okay, so log in to your Instagram account, and click on the compass icon near your picture button!

Now, tap on Users or Hashtags button.

The next screen would let you type your search query. So search for #SpamForSpam.

And the first result is where you need to go.

  • Now just visit any profile, and like up to 20-25 of their pictures.
  • And then comment #Spamback on any of the pictures, or more than one works fine too!

Now, just wait and see the results roll in.

How this exactly works is, you liked only 25pictures, but well other #Spammers will see that picture, right? They'd know you're someone who's in the business and thus they'll go back to your profile, like your stuff and ask you to like them back.

However, liking in return or not is your choice!

Untapped Tips to Get More Likes on Instagram:-


Well simply because they are proven to get you more likes! To integrate as many hashtags as you can in your pictures!

No Filters!

Yeah, your filters make your images look great, but “normal” pictures, without filters apparently get more likes! Maybe because they stand apart from the crowd, or just look “honest”. But well in any case, “no filters” thing works!


Make sure your photos have the perfect blend of brightness in them. No one likes to “imagine” what's in the image, so make sure you're posting a picture that shows what it holds!


Well yeah, instead of posting about your hands, wrists or maybe your new tattoo, try using your face, faces always show a better connection and thus you get more likes!

Final Words:-

That was about how to get likes on Instagram! I'm sure it's no rocket science. You post something good enough, in the best possible quality, and well people will like it.

Although, you might be able to get a lot more likes with some tricks, by maybe posting your “private personal jet”, but that's not exactly practical huh? So Use the tips I've got above and you shouldn't ever have to worry about how to get more likes on Instagram for free.

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How to Link Instagram to Facebook?




How to Link Instagram to Facebook

Are you an Instagram user? Have you ever wondered how some people post the same content simultaneously on both Instagram and Facebook? Then, you must read a guide on how to link Instagram to Facebook.

Chances are your friends on Facebook are more than your followers on Instagram. Even if it’s less, you must know how to link Instagram with Facebook because it will increase the reach of your Instagram account.

So, here in this article, I am going to address the same subject to help you establish the connection between both social networks like a walk in the park.

How to Link Instagram to Facebook?

You can connect Instagram with Facebook in different ways. Here you will read a few of the easiest methods.

Are you ready to dig deep into the core of this article? Here you go!

How do I Link My Instagram Account to My Facebook Profile?

You are going to find the answer to the above question here. So stop racking your brain and, follow the steps given below to complete the process.

Step 1: I hope you are an Instagram user that your smartphone has its app. Hence, open the Instagram app on your phone.

Step 2: Check out the image given below. You will see such a page while firing up the app. All you have to do here is to access the Settings.

how to link instagram to facebook

For that, simply hit the gear-like button given on the top-right portion of the screen. In order to change every option related to Instagram, you need to go there.

Step 3: Once you are on the Options panel, you can see a set of settings. At first glance, you may be confused not to see any option for the linkage. But don’t worry!

How to link instagram with facebook

Just scroll down till you see Linked accounts under Settings.

Step 4: Tapping on the same will bring you to a new screen where you see the names of many social media networks.

The option we require sits on top of everything. To connect your Facebook profile with your Instagram account, hit on ‘>’ right to Facebook.

How to Connect Instagram to Facebook

Step 5: You should have the official Facebook app on your mobile to establish the connection. In case you don’t have the Facebook application, go ahead and install the same from Play Store.

Don’t forget to log in using the correct credentials as well.

Step 6: Once you are logged into the official Facebook application and, tap on Facebook from Linked Accounts, you will be shown a new window ‘Login with Facebook’.

 How do I link my Instagram account to my Facebook profile

You can see your name there (continue as ‘your name’). All you have to do is pressing the blue button there (on which you see your name).

Step 7: Next, Instagram will ask you to set up a privacy related setting. You need to select whom you want to see the updates getting posted from the Instagram app. There are multiple options for it and, you can go with friends, everyone, close friends or anything given.

 How do I link my Instagram account to my Facebook profile

Step 8: Once you complete all the seven steps given above, you don’t have to worry about how to connect Instagram to Facebook profile because everything has been done.

Make sure the Facebook icon (seen by following gear-like button>> Settings>> Linked Accounts) turns blue. The blue color indicates your updates get posted on your Facebook account as well.

How to link instagram with facebook

What if you want to connect your FB business page to the Instagram account? You can read how to do the same in the next section.

How to Connect Instagram to Your Facebook Page?

Connecting Instagram account to your Facebook page isn’t a mammoth task as you have done three-fourth of the same following the above section.

That means you need to go through all the seven steps I have shared in order to connect your Instagram account with the Facebook page.

Step 9: In case you have gone back, click on the gear-like button from the app homepage to access the Options panel.

Step 10: Then, scroll down a bit to see Connected accounts under Settings. Given that you have linked both your Facebook and Instagram accounts together, you can see Facebook icon in blue, unlike other services.

Tap on the same to manage the connection.

Step 11: You will see two options on the page followed then; Share to and, Unlink. The latter is used to cease the connection. Apparently, the former is what we need here.

How to link instagram to facebook

Choose it.

Step 12: You can either choose your timeline or the pages you are administrating. By default, every Instagram update is shared with your timeline until you alter the settings.

How to link instagram to facebook

As we need to keep on posting updates to a page, you have to choose one from any of the pages given right there.

That’s it. From now on, you will see every image you post on Instagram will simultaneously be shared on Facebook as well. As I said earlier, people get to know your Instagram account and obviously, it will increase your followers as well.

Don’t Spam

If you use one Instagram account for both personal and business use, I recommend you shouldn’t connect it to Facebook because back-to-back updates from Instagram may look spammy on your timeline or an FB page.

Better you maintain two Insta accounts for business and personal use. And, it will not create any issue even after you connect to Facebook.

Wrapping Up

I hope you now know how to link Instagram to Facebook. You have got a clear idea of what to do and what not to.

Do you know any easier method than this to serve the purpose? Then don’t hesitate to share the same with us using the comment section down below.

Moreover, I hope you will share this tutorial with your friends on social media. I swear, they will thank you later for that.

Are you having any doubt regarding this topic? I am all ears and let me know of the same right NOW. I will try my best to clear your confusion.

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How to Make a Collage on Instagram?



Picture collages help you in combining different images into a single frame. Photo collages look incredibly beautiful and a great way to have some different pictures into one. So, if you want to have all the pictures of your recent college tour or the family picnic, then you can certainly go for the photo collage.

So, if you want to know how to make a collage on Instagram, then this article is for you. So, let's get started:

How to make a collage on Instagram?

For ease, we have divided the whole process into two sections. The first one is to install a separate application by Instagram which is named as Layout.

This application will help us to make a collage. The next section deals with the selection of desired pictures for the collage. So, let us start with the first part:

Section 1: Installing Layout.

Step #1: It is the most obvious step of this entire process. In this first step, you will have to open the Instagram application on your device.

For that, you will have to open the app drawer and locate for the Instagram application. Once found, you now need to tap on it and this will launch the Instagram app for you.

It is recommended to have the latest version of the Instagram application.

Now, you need to look for the next steps for further proceedings.

Step #2: After executing the first step, you will have the Instagram dashboard in front of you. Now, in this step, you are required to tap on the camera like icon which is positioned at the bottom of the application just after the search icon. You can refer to the following screenshot for your ease.

Step #3: Now, to proceed further, you need to tap on the Gallery option if it is not open by default.

After this, you need to locate a rounded square icon which is divided into three sections. You can always refer to the screenshot just below.

Step #4: The previous step will open a new pop-up window which will display you a button named “GET LAYOUT.” You need to click on it to get to the next step.

Step #5: After executing all the previous steps carefully, you will be redirected to the Google Play store for installing the Layout from Instagram: Collage application.

You need to tap on the Install button, and this will begin the downloading for you. Once the application is downloaded and installed, then you now need to tap on “Open.”

Step #6: Now you have the Layout application installed in your device. Now, for the very first time when you open the application, you will be asked to swipe to continue. So, just do the required until you get the “Get Started” button.

So, this was all about the very first section which deals with the installation of the Layout application. Now, we will see how to make a collage using the layout application.

Section 2: Making Collage using the Layout application.

Step #1: By now, we assume that you are well equipped with the “Get Started” screen on your device. In this step, you are required to tap on the “Get Started” button.

Step #2: Now, after the firsts step, you are required to select the location from where you want to select the pictures for the collage. The application provides you with the Gallery, Faces, and Recent options. Just choose the desired one. Once you are done with that, then you are now required to select the pictures for the collage.

Apparently, you can select multiple photos. After this, you need to move on to the next steps for completing the process of making a collage on Instagram.

Step #3: Since you've selected the pictures then you now need to choose the layout. You can choose from the various layouts which the application has to offer. For this, refer to the top section of the application just below the “Choose Layout” text.

Tap on the selected layout, and this will take you to a subsequent window.

Step #4: In the subsequent window, you can edit your collage with different customization settings like flip, replace, mirror and many others. Once you are done with the mentioned, then all that you require doing is to tap on save option which is positioned at the extreme right corner of the window.

This will save your collage, and now as the final step, tap on done and you can now share it on your different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and others.

Just like you add filters to your pictures on Instagram, you can do the same with your collage also.

So, this is how to make a collage on Instagram.

Just in case, if you want some of your pictures to have a different Instagram filter then you are advised to edit them separately and save it. So, you can use those pictures for your collage.

Alternatively, you can make a collage of your pictures using some third party applications and then share it with your Instagram followers. For your convenience, we will name a few such applications so that you can refer to them, just in case if you want to try something new.

Other than this, you can even create an awesome collage using photoshop, but that's like going the hard way.

Here is the list of some free online collage maker that will do the needful for you:

1: www.fotojet.com

2: www.photocollage.com

3: www.photovisi.com

These online applications are incredibly easy to use and help you in creating beautiful collages quickly.

So, this was all about How to make a collage on Instagram? Do we hope that this might have helped you in your quest of how to create a photo collage on Instagram?

If you liked this article, then do let us know through the comments section. We would love to hear from you. Also, share this article amongst your peers.

Thank you for crossing by and giving it a read.

Stay tuned and keep visiting for more.

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How to Know if Someone Blocked You On Instagram



Instagram is one of the greatest social media platforms which allow the users to share and post pictures and videos. It is certainly emerging out as a giant in recent times. Amongst the many features of Instagram, there is one more feature which lets you block someone.

So, if you want to know if someone blocked you on Instagram or not then this article is for you. In this article, we will tell you how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram? So, let’s get started:

How to know if someone blocked you on Instagram?

Method 1: Hit and Trial method.

Instagram provides no such official method with which you can know if someone has blocked you on Instagram or not. However, you can certainly follow this hit and trial method in order to be aware of those folks who blocked you on Instagram.

For this, you will have to go to the suspect’s profile. If you are able to search for the desired profile through Instagram search field, then this is the very first indication that you are not blocked by the user.

Instagram states that if someone has blocked you on Instagram, then you are not granted permission to visit their profile through searching them through the search field.

If somehow, you are able to get into the profile of the suspect who might have blocked you on Instagram then follow the steps mentioned below in order to confirm it further.

If you have followed the suspect earlier and the follow button is still up for you, then this confirms indication that you might have been blocked by the user.

Now, once you have tapped on the follow button once again and nothing happened then, this is another indication that you are blocked by the user.

Alternatively, if the mentioned action works smoothly and the screen shows that you are now following the user then everything is alright, and you are not blocked by the user.
This way you can iterate this hit and trial method for each and every suspect.

Method 2: Using third-party services like Unfollowgram.

When a person blocks you on Instagram, as an immediate effect he/she automatically unfollows you.

This means that with the use of third-party services like unfollowgram which keeps a track of “who unfollows you on Instagram”, you can get a list of those folks who unfollowed you and might have blocked you. After this, you can apply the hit and trial method which will do the needful for you.

How to block someone on Instagram?

You might want to know how to block someone on Instagram? This way you can easily block the person who has blocked you on Instagram.

Step #1: As the very first step of this section, you have to open your Instagram application on your device. In order to do so, you will have to navigate for the Instagram app icon and then tap on it.

This will open the application for you. Once you are done with all this, then you are good to go to the next steps.

Step #2: Remember that you cannot block people through the Instagram website. You will have to use the Instagram app for the purpose. Additionally, you can block only one user at one time.

Now, you are required to open the profile which you want to block. You can either search using the username or get into the profile through the news feed.

Step #3: In this step, you have to locate for the menu button which is usually positioned at the upper right corner of the window.

If you are using Android, then the menu icon will look like three vertical dots, and if you are using iOS then the menu icon will look like an arrow coming out of the box. Once you have found so, then you need to tap on it.

This will open a dialogue box for you with options. The very first option will be “Block User” and after tapping on it, you will be asked to confirm your action.

Remember, blocking an account on Instagram means that the corresponding users cannot search or view your Instagram profile and pictures. When you block someone on Instagram, the blocked person will not be notified of the same.

However, if you block someone on Instagram, and he/she mentions you, then it may still appear on your news feed. Also, blocking someone doesn’t mean that the likes and comments which he/she had made on your posts will disappear. They will exist. However, you can manually delete them.

[Additional Information]: How to Know Who Unfollowed You On Instagram?

In this section, we will tell you some methods with which you will be able to know who unfollowed you on Instagram. For this method, you will have to make use of third parties monitoring sites like Unfollowgram, Unfollowers or Justunfollow.com.

All that you have to do is to create an account by registering on these sites and then link your Instagram account with these.

After this, they will generate a list of your followers and after this whenever you will check again for the unfollowers list, the site will compare your existing Instagram followers to the index which they had stored on their servers when you had first created the account.

The names which are missing will be displayed in front of you, and hence, you will have the list of unfollowers.

Final words.

This final words section brings us to the end of this tutorial cum guide on “How to know if someone blocked you on Instagram?” We hope that we were efficient enough to satisfy your curiosity about this topic.

We firmly believe that we have left no stone unturned while getting into the nitty-gritty of the topic and making you understand the entire concept of it.

But if you still have any query regarding “who blocked me on Instagram” then feel free to drop your query via comments below. We will try our level best to resolve that.

Moreover, if you found this article helpful and worthy, do show your love by sharing it socially.

Thank you for crossing by and giving it a read.

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How to View Private Instagram.



Instagram has quite a story I must say, to begin with, it's a social network centred around sharing photos and videos.

Over the years, it has gone constant updates and changes, and so right now it's probably the most advanced, and socially successful photo-video sharing platform out there on this planet.

Even if this post is centred around helping you to view any private Instagram profile, without using any software or online scams, let's still have a story.

The $1 Billion Story…

Oh hey, what about a little story before we actually dive into what this post is about? Of course, I'm going to show you how you can view private Instagram profile photos online, without spending a penny or buying a tool of course, but still…a story isn't an entirely bad idea for starters right?

So, there is a guy who has a 9-5 job, like a lot many of you ( and he wants to ditch it, like a lot many of you). Isn't really the sharpest nail in the toolbox, but is passionate. Passionate about codes, new ideas and stuff like that.

I'm pretty sure you're familiar. So, what this little guy does is, he starts learning how to code, after his work hours.

Spends a couple of months with the codes, and tries to build a new app, called Bourbon. Well, wasn't a great success. So this guy goes back to the source code, and prototypes a newer version, with more details and better User-interface, centred around “photo-sharing”.

Well, with a bit of marketing and the app's potential, that little guy who learned to code after his work hours get funded for $500000. And from there, the journey wasn't that hard. Probably you already know what this story was about, right?

Well yeah, that's how Instagram was founded, and that little guy is called Kevin Systrom in case you didn't know.

That little photo-sharing app was acquired for $1Billion by Facebook, has around 400 million monthly active users! And around 75 million daily users! Now that, is some success isn't it?

Now, that's a lot of users, and with lot's of users, there comes the problem of “lots of stupidity” to deal with too, right?

So there might be moments when you might want to restrict our profile, make it private so that only a selected view can see your photos and videos! After all, why on earth should the whole world witness your moments and memories, right?

What does Private Instagram Mean?

Well, as I said, Facebook is quite strict when it comes to its user's security. And so, as soon as it acquired Instagram, it integrated the option of making profiles private.

What this basically means is, only those who have been allowed by you, as your followers, can have access to your stuff, including photos, videos or whatever it might be.

That's a reasonably great option when it comes to privacy freaks, at least I am one. It's better to know your stalkers, right?

With the private option, you'd have a clear list of all the members who are in your profile, and thus you'd know that your content is visible only to them and not to some random guy 83243 miles away from you, and that's a great relief.

Well, first let's work around how to make your Instagram private, right?

How to Make Your Instagram Private:

All you need to make your Instagram private is three taps on your device.

The first tap is needed on your device to get to your “profile” section.

Secondly, you need to tap on the “edit your profile” option.

Now just slide the button to “on”.

That's all you had to do. Well, now your profile's private!

That good for those who are concerned about their privacy. But what if “you” are the 83243 miles away random guy, who is just desperate to get into someone's private profile? Or maybe their neighbour having a secret crush?

Whatever your need might be, there must be a solution to help so that you can view private Instagram photos online, right?

How to View Private Instagram Photos :

Let me make something clear before we start this. There just is “no” tool or software out there, which will automatically do it for you. Take it from a guy who has been in the security research field since 13.

Do you think Facebook is running a multi-billion dollar corporation, with such security loopholes that any Tom-Dick or Harry can write a couple of lines of codes and get into Facebook algorithms?

And even if someone did, Facebook would pay him enough money to patch the glitch, that they won't be selling that software for 50-60 or couple 100$'s online anyway.

That being said,  viewing a private Instagram isn't a “Walk to moon” kind of impossible task either. What I'll be sharing here is a simple Social Engineering technique, simple, but effective.

After all, we are all humans, and trust me it's much easier to decode humans, then decoding codes.

So we will be needing a new Instagram account to view the private profiles, it's not something very complicated, just take care of the below precautions and it'll work out.

  • Create a new Instagram account! You already might have one, but create a new one.
  • Avoid linking cell numbers to the profile.
  • Create a “female” profile. No matter your target is a male or female, everyone falls for females.

Now, let's work on making the profile look professional and legit.

  • First, make sure the profile is Public right now.
  • Upload some natural looking, real pictures into the account. Means, you might take a picture of your friend ( with their permission of course), or if you know the target manually, then just use any of your online friends' pictures (again with their permission), as your target might be knowing your real friends.
  • Now, try to get some followers from Fiverr. You can normally buy 30-40,000 followers for as low as $5. Just check out Fiverr.  $5 isn't a great amount of money, that's probably less than what you spend on coffee daily. But if you want it to be a totally “investment-free” procedure, you can also work on getting some real followers, which might take a bit of time.
  • Once you reach a good number of followers, turn the profile to “private”.( You can refer to the above section if you're confused about how to do it. )
  • Now, just head over to your target profile, and follow them.

Once they accept it, which they will, because you have a handsome number of followers, real looking images, and are a female, I don't think I need to tell you that your mission is accomplished, right?

Although, it's not the best practice to do on a social network, it's not a crime either. Unless of course, you're duplicating someone's identity by using their images without their permission. So make sure you don't indulge in such activities, and you're free to experiment the way out.

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