How to Play Fantasy Football?



how to play fantasy football

Football is one of the most loved games worldwide. You can find football fans at every nook and corner of the world. This game is popular since ages, and it excites a six-year-old the same way as it excites a sixty-year-old.

If you mention about sports, then football will definitely top the list. That is how much people love this sport. This article is for all the football lovers out there. We will discuss how to play fantasy football. Sounds exciting right? Let’s move on.

Let us first understand what fantasy football means. Well, it is an interesting concept where you can become the general manager of your football team, which is completely yours; you completely decide on the kind of players you want to buy.

You can choose to pick a list of NFL players for your team and use these player’s real life statistics for competing against other teams, which were selected in a similar way to see which manager or owner did a better job. So, all the people who had this question as to what is fantasy football should have got an answer by now.

How to Play Fantasy Football


Fantasy football allows you to try out your skills as an owner of a fantasy team. Once you join a league, you will first look for players and draft the players; you then compete against other similar fantasy owners utilizing all of your skills to win the league and become a champion. Many people do not know how to play this game. It is actually easy to learn this game.

However, dominating your competitors and becoming a full-fledged champion takes a lot of time and effort as there are so many veterans in this game who have been playing since a very long time.

They possess good knowledge about the game and also know the tips and tricks to win matches without much effort. You can get to that level, but as a beginner, you must focus on learning this game thoroughly.

How Does Fantasy Football Work?

It is very easy to start off the game, and you can play this game at www.espn.com. It just takes a few simple clicks to join and start off. You can quickly join some league and look out for some new members with the help of the directory that is prepared for these leagues.

If you are new to this and in case you do not want to take the risk of being the only inexperienced rookie competing with a lot of experienced people, then it is best if you can start off with a group of friends who have similar interests in the game. Let us understand more about the game.

The Size of the League –This is completely customizable; the league can be of any size.You can also decide who to start in fantasy football.

You can play with 4 teams or even play with 30 teams – the choice is yours. However, playing with a lot of teams will be too confusing and time-consuming too.

The Draft Method– Most of the leagues prefer holding a draft in which the team owners take turns in picking players that have not yet been added to a roster.

Generally, the team that selects the top fantasy football players first in one round selects the last in the next in order to ensure that the teams are well balanced.


Another great way for allocating the players is through auction. Typically in this format, all the teams start off with the same price of fantasy money for bidding and then take turns picking a player.

As the rule of the method goes, the highest bid on a nominated player obviously wins; however, the winning owner will now have fewer funds to buy other players.

He should, therefore, watch his expenses appropriately and manage the funds so that he does not run short of money easily. This is where experienced veterans score well when it comes to the auctions.

The Schedule–Okay, you have now got the league in place, and you also know how you are going to share out the player pool. But is there a way to know which players you want to draft?

All that depends completely on the question – how do you figure out who wins? You do not have one right answer to this question. Many sites give you a combination of categories that can be customized to compare the player performance on a weekly basis and then settle for a score.

Scoring Ways– Many leagues at least start off with these standard scoring settings with points being given to each player who are involved in a touchdown. Some leagues also give bonus points for achieving new milestones.

Kickers are included to the mix, with field goals worth three points and for longer kicks they might get a bonus and the extra points being worth one point. Missed attempts can cost you a deduction.

The defenses are drafted as one unit, with fantasy points being allotted based on the actual points they allow in a game and a total number of yards that is allowed for their opponent.

The Sacks and the turnovers that are forced are also often added to the equation. During each NFL season, the real teams play against each other, and your fantasy team also is pitted against another team.


The players’ real-time statistics are usually converted into some fantasy points by the league provider, and that fantasy team which scores the most points usually wins the game for the week. The ultimate goal is to win as many games as possible to make it to the playoff stage.

Hope you now have a clear understanding of fantasy football. Many people always look out for shortcut ways for playing games. A lot of people online search for fantasy football cheat sheets. As a loyal football fan, I request you not to look out for anything of this sort and play the game genuinely.

In this article, we have tried to cater to football enthusiasts who want to learn; how to play fantasy football. Do drop in your comments in the Comments section and we will be happy to read and address them.

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How to Check Where a DNS Record is Pointing to?




How to check where a DNS Record is pointing to? If that’s what you’re looking for, you’re at the perfect place because as the title might have suggested to you, that’s what this article is about.

It not 2001 anymore where these details used to come under “expert’s arena”, and short forms like DNS automatically made a simple computer guy sound like he owns a couple PhDs in computer science.

In fact I’ve broken down almost everything that there is to DNS records in the following sections.

So okay before getting into the process of  How to find out where a DNS record is pointing to, let me clear some basics for you.

What is DNS?

A DNS is the abbreviation for Domain Name Servers. In simpler English, take them to be the contact list, or phonebook of the internet. Just like in a phonebook directory you get numbers and the names of the people corresponding to them, similarly a DNS recrod consists of websites and their “IP Addresses”.

For eg. www.howdiary.com doesn’t exist for browsers and ISPs, they don’t know this site with that name, instead this website will look something like to them, and this is the record, the connection that DNS records maintain.

Now that was the simple explanation of it, if you want a deeper look, then let me tell you a DNS record isn’t as simple as it sounds. It’s made up of quite a number of complex elements, which I’ll explain to you in case you really need to understand the functioning of what you’re dealing with.

NameServers:- I’m sure everyone on this page is aware of nameservers, well you got a domain and that domain is registered with a company, right? So the nameservers just point out the company where your server DNS is registered.

A real life scenario would be, if you register a domain name from Godaddy, and you’ve got your servers with Bluehost. In that case you’d need to point your nameservers for your domain at godaddy to your nameservers from Bluehost. It acts as the connecting link between the two.

CName:- CNames are alike nameservers, but different. They point your subdomain to the server, but they use “names” instead of numbers (IP addresses).

Infact, CNames can’t use IP Addresses even if they wanted to, instead they point to server names directly, like howdiary.com would be pointing to server1.bluehost.com (if it was hosted on Bluehost and it was the CName for Bluehost).

Zone Files:- There must be some place where your DNS records are stored, right? Think of it as the personal cabinet of your domain company where your records are stored, that’s what Zone files are.

So Zone files are the storage spaces of your data, something like the tables and columns you get in the MySQL databases.

A Records:- These are what take care of your primary and subdomains. They help you point your subdomains to specific IP Addresses so that your websites are accessible. They’re almost alike CNames but the big difference is they use IP Addresses and not website names.

MX Records:- Your domain must have Emails, right? It’s optional to use them or not, but if you do, it’s the MX Records’ responsibility to point them to your domain’s email provider.

So those are the actual elements the DNS record comprises of, it’s more like a collection of Nameservers, ZoneFiles, MX Records and everything else on the list above.

How to Check Where a DNS Record is Pointing to?

It’s pretty simple actually, and you don’t need almost any amount of internet expertise so as to say in order to know How do I check where a DNS Record is pointing to?,

The simplest method to do so is head over to IntoDns.

Once you’re there just enter the URL you want to check the DNS record for.


And in the next couple seconds, you’d get the details you’re looking for. Infact IntoDNS holds a lot more information than just the DNS records, it will get you detailed MX records, SOA records, and almost every kind of record associated with the domain.


Method #2 to Check Where a DNS Record is Pointing to:-

The second method is to use ViewDNSInfo.

It’s a tool similar to IntoDNS. You enter your domain in the “DNS Report box”.


And you get the whole of the report listed down for you in simple English.


Method #3 to Check Where a DNS Record is Pointing to:-

I know the above tools do their job well, but hey it’s no harm listing more options, right?

So the other tool which lets you check DNS records is MX Tool Box. Just head over there and enter your URL.

how to check DNS of website

And you’d get the details in around 2-3seconds.


Wellbeing honest, it’s not as elaborate or detailed as the other two tools I’ve mentioned, but it does the job, right?

Final Words:-

So that was all I had on How to check where a DNS Record is pointing to? Hope this piece helped? I’m sure I’ve listed enough options for you to run out of them.

Although if you’re facing trouble or would like me to help you out with something, just make use of the comment box, I check each one of them manually and get back to them, I promise.

And I wouldn’t mind if you think this piece helped and would like to hit the share button and spread the word around.

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How to Clean Laptop Screen



Cleanliness is next to godliness. This is a well-known phrase and holds true to a great extent. It may happen that you want to get rid of the dust and dirt from your laptop screen. The easiest option is to clean the screen with a cloth but wait since the laptop screen is quite delicate. So, it needs to be handled with care.

So, in this article, we will tell you how to clean laptop screen? cleaning Laptop keyboard. Also, take a look at it. With appropriate security measures so that it might not harm your system. So, let’s get started:

How to Clean Laptop Screen?


How to clean laptop screen using household products?

You need not look anywhere else because you can clean the laptop screen using household products. We will show you how you can do so.

1: Using Microfiber cloth.

Microfiber is a kind of cloth fabric that falls into the category of synthetic fiber. It is primarily used for athletic wear such as cycling jerseys because of the fact that it absorbs the moisture away from the body. Microfiber is also used to make knits, mats, cleaning products and others.

In this method, we will make use of this fabric and the fact because of which we have listed it here is that it is quite common and can be easily available.

Step #1: In this first step, you are required to turn your laptop to the off mode and then for precaution measures, you also need to separate the battery and the adapter. The mentioned is advised to do because it is always good to play by the safer side.ow

Cleaning your laptop screen while in use can lead to serious hazards and permanent damage. By this, if you are done with this then you can certainly proceed to the next step.

Step #2: Now, you are required to get a microfiber cloth. As stated in the introduction of this section that you can look for it somewhere in your house, and you can easily get one. By now, we assume that you have got one and are ready to proceed further. We recommend using microfiber cloth because unlike other clothes; it is quite soft and it does not leave any scratches or dents when rubbed against the screen.

Additionally, we never recommend you to use paper materials like napkins and all because they can also cause damage to your screen. So, better avoid using those.

Step #3: This step requires wiping the screen with the microfiber cloth and that too very gently and with delicacy. It is advised not to exert too much pressure on the screen while wiping it up as you may screw up your screen by doing this. Just wipe it gently and this will wash clean your laptop screen. This may not remove the tougher spots, but this may come handy if you are having dust on your screen.

For the frame area, you can consider using a cleaning solution but make sure not to touch the screen while doing that.

2: Making use of a cleaning solution.


If your laptop screen is having some serious dirt and you want to get rid of those, then this method is for you. This method requires a cleaning solution that can be easily prepared at the home.

Step #1: Similar to the previous method, for security reasons you are required to plug off your device and then remove the battery and the adapter. This will always keep you on the safer side. This method requires liquid for its purpose, so this step becomes primarily important.

Step #2: In this method, you are required to prepare the cleaning solution. Nonetheless, for the mediocre level purpose, this method requires only distilled water as it contains no chemicals and will serve best for this purpose. Anyways, if heavy cleaning is needed, then you can also add white vinegar to the distilled water. Make the proportion be 50 by 50.

Step #3: Now, you need to add this solution to an atomizer bottle. For those who don’t know what an atomizer bottle? It is a bottle with a nozzle spray that can contain and spray the liquid.

After this, spray the cleaning solution on the microfiber cloth. Remember that, never spray the liquid directly on the screen as this may cause a serious hazard. Instead of this, consider spraying the liquid first to the microfiber cloth and then using it.

Step #4: Now, wipe the microfiber cloth gently and smoothly on the screen. Do not exert too much pressure. If the dirt spot is tough, then wipe it over and again, and it will fade away with the passage.

Using dedicated cleaning solutions.

If you search on the internet with the corresponding keywords like “Laptop screen cleaning solutions” or “screen cleaning solutions” and others, then you can get plethoras of such stuff online. You can consider going for this as it will save your efforts of making the cleaning solution at home and looking for a microfiber cloth.

Most of the cleaning solutions come with a complete package which includes the cleaning liquid and the cloth itself.

Precautions to take care of


1: Be patient while getting rid of heavy dirt spots. This takes time as you need not exert much pressure and effort.

2: We recommend not using napkins, papers, and hard clothes as it may leave scratches and flakes which are not desired.

3: Tap water is not suitable for this purpose as it may contain chemicals that can be harmful to the screen.

Wrapping Up.

This wrapping up section brings us to the end of the article on “How to clean laptop screen?”. That was about cleaning a laptop from outside. For cleaning the laptop from inside, you need software. You can use CCleaner for mac as well as for windows PC that will clean the junk from your computer.

We hope that we were efficient enough to satisfy your curiosity about this topic. We firmly believe that we have left no stone unturned while getting into the nitty-gritty of the topic and making you understand the entire concept of it. But if you still have any queries regarding the cleaning of the laptop screen then feel free to drop your query via comments below. We will try our level best to resolve that.

Moreover, if you found this article helpful and worthy, do show your love by sharing it socially.

Thank you for passing by and giving it a read.

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How to Make a Google Doc?



We all are aware of the fact that Google Drive gives Google users 15 GB of space for free. But not many are aware of the fact that one of the greatest benefits of the Drive is that you’re able to create and share documents with others, even if they don’t have a Google email. Here are the complete details how to make a Google doc in simple steps.

What Is Google Docs?

Google Docs is an online word processor that lets you create and format text documents and collaborate with other people in real-time. Here’s what you can do with Google Docs: Upload a Word document and convert it to a Google document.

How to Make a Google Doc

how to make a Google doc

Here’s how to create a Google doc:

  1. Log in to your Gmail account after opening drive.google.com. Once you are logged in, you will be redirected to your personal Google Drive. This is the place to create, share and hold all your documents.
  2. Click on ‘Create’ on the top left of the drive. You have the option to choose from an Excel spreadsheet, Word document, Powerpoint or a form of drawing. There are hundreds of Google doc templates available in case you want to create a file for a specific purpose. For example, if you want to make a budget proposal in sheets, choose one from Google Sheets templates.
  3. If you want to create a file with a specific purpose, for example, a resume in Docs, a budget plan in Sheets, or a project proposal in Slides, you can quickly get started by using a template.
  4. Don’t forget to give a name or a title to the document you make.
  5. There is a ‘Share’ button on the top right. Once you finished creating and want to share it with others, click on it. You will be prompted to type in their email address. Once you hit ‘Done’, they will receive an email with a link to access the document irrespective of whether they have a Gmail email id or any other.

Another advantage of learning how to create a Google doc or how to make a Google doc or how to start a Google doc is that it brings life to the documents. There are hundreds of smart editing and styling tools that help to format text and paragraphs. You can choose fonts, drawings, images and the best part is everything is available free of cost.

How to Quickly Create New Google Documents with a Shortcut or Hotkey?

The only thing that bothers a person when he or she moves from Microsoft Office and learns how to create Google Docs that creating a new document takes far too many steps. So, here’s a guide on how to make a Google doc with a single click or a shortcut key. This method is valid for all, including documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and drawings.

how to make a Google doc

Create a Windows Shortcut

  1. Start by clicking anywhere on the desktop, and choosing New- a shortcut from the context menu.
  2. Paste the complete URL which can be either of the following if using standard Google docs.
  • http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?new
  • https://docs.google.com/drawings/create?hl=en
  • http://docs.google.com/?action=new_presentation
  • http://docs.google.com/?action=newdoc

In case you are using a Google app, they will be slightly different like

  • https://spreadsheets.google.com/a/YOURDOMAIN.com/ccc?new
  • https://spreadsheets.google.com/a/YOURDOMAIN.com/ccc?new
  • https://docs.google.com/a/YOURDOMAIN.com/?action=new_presentation
  • https://docs.google.com/a/YOURDOMAIN.com/?action=newdoc

In these, you need to replace ‘YOUR DOMAIN’ with the actual name of your domain.

  1. Make sure that you’ve created the shortcuts that you want, and named them correctly.
  2. Now comes the time to add an appropriate icon and a hotkey.
  3. If you don’t like the outcome, just right-click on the shortcut and use Properties from the context menu. Flip over to the Web Document tab if you’re not already there. From here, you can customize the shortcut key. Assign a different icon that you would want to.
  4. Hotkeys only work if the shortcut is on your desktop or in the start menu, so make sure to keep them there only.

Creating a Web Browser Shortcut

how to create a Google doc

When you are already in your web browser, logged in and have Google Docs open, you can just use the drop-down menu to create new shortcuts. What if you are not there? In that case, if you want to create a new document, you will have to sign in and then wait for the page to load. Then you will go to the drop-down menu and again wait for the new page to load. It sounds really tedious. If you are a regular user of Google Docs, why not drag the shortcuts whether it is a new Google Doc or a new Google Spreadsheet to your bookmark bar.

If you are using Firefox, you have the option to enter an alternate keyword as well to create new documents using the location bar, but Google Chrome users don’t have that option. They will have to right-click on the location bar and go to Edit Search Engines.

In a new ‘search engine’, just use the URL to create a new Google Document. This way, you can simply enter the keyword into the location bar, and it’ll create a new document.

When editing a document in Google Docs, or when many people are simultaneously working on a document, it is better to use the default highlight option to emphasize important words, sentences, and paragraphs.

Here’s how to highlight in Google Docs.

  1. Open the file in which you want to emphasize particular words, sentences or even paragraphs.
  2. Use your cursor to select the portion of the file you want to highlight.
  3. Go to the formatting bar at the top of the screen.
  4. Click on the ‘Text Background Color’ button.
  5. It has a picture of a highlighter marker on it. Choose the color you want for the highlighting and click on it.

Doing this the particular part that you have chosen will be highlighted in the color of your choice. This is extremely useful in case the person you are sharing your document with wants to read or edit a particular thing or if you want to discuss a particular point.

Google Docs is a wonderful tool when used properly.

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How to Switch from Aol to Gmail?




How to Switch from Aol to Gmail? Well if that’s what you are looking for (and I know you are, or else why would you be on this page), then let me tell you, you’re at the perfect place because that’s what this piece is about.

In fact, this piece might almost be late because I shifted from AOL to Gmail years ago, but the thought of sharing how easy the process of How to Create a Continuous Forward From AOL to Gmail is occurred to me only today.

Now before giving you the steps, let’s look at some of the very basics of the article.

Why Would You Want to Switch From AOL to Gmail?

Of course before the “how” the “why” is only natural. Do you even know what AOL stands for? I bet you don’t, well back in the days when the internet was a new-born baby, around 1985 AOL stood for “America Online”.

A pretty brandable, simple and elegant name, right? Now here’s what happened, they started distributing free installation discs around the time, you install the discs, and you’re a customer even before you know.

Of course, this marketing stunt went viral and AOL dominated the industry in now time. But hey let’s be practical, it’s not 1985 anymore, is it? So, of course, you need newer, more developed, “better” options, right? Something where Gmail seems to fit pretty easily.

Well if the above common general reason wasn’t enough, here are some more reasons why I figure out How to migrate to Gmail from AOL.

  • Ads:- AOL has lots of them. Yeah, it might seem like a back idea 30 years from today, but hey right now when there are options like Gmail which offer a zero-ad interference and a much better user-experience, why would anyone stick with them?
  • User Experience:- I won’t explain this to you, because if you’re an AOL customer, you already know what I’m talking about, don’t you? Gmail is like Windows 10 compared to AOL if we take it to be windows 98. It’s like Core i7 compared to atom processors and I can go on.
  • Negative Market Rep:- Well, AOL has been sued multiple times now over billing and other issues, and it’s here in this industry for a long time, and hence it has a lot of reputation, now, unfortunately, most of it is going south with all these lawsuits, hence, of course, I’d want my email to end with evanderek@Gmail.com instead of evanderek@aol.com anyday.

So okay enough with the sweet-talk, I’m not saying at any instance that AOL is shit, or it’s not worth your time. It was a great tool, as long as it lasted, the team did a great job, all I’m saying is, it’s good but there are better options simple as that.

How to Switch from Aol to Gmail?

So okay let’s get you what you came here for.  In case you’re wondering that you’ve been a long time with AOL now and it would be messy to shift, well trust me it won’t be.

I’ve got answers to questions like How to Forward AOL Mail to Gmail? And How to Forward AOL Mail to Gmail and they’re pretty simple.


Login to your Gmail account and go to settings.

Now click on “Accounts and Import”.


Now click on the “Import mail and contacts” button.


This would open a popup where you’ve got to type the AOL email address from which you’re trying to import your mail and contacts. In short, just your old AOL email ID>


And then on the next screen, you need to authenticate AOL by entering the password.


Now, just tick all the data you need, the mail, the contacts and everything else, and don’t forget to check the “import new mail for the next 30 days box” to automate the process.


Done! You just click on save and you’re done.

Now all the E-mails from this AOL account would get copied alongside the contacts to your Gmail account. Not just that, any and every mail that appears in your inbox for the next 30days would also get automatically get pushed to your Gmail account.

What to do after 30 days?

Good question, after 30 days, you can either repeat the process to extend it to 30more days, or a much better, the professional option would be to, just mail all your contacts something like “Hey I shifted my Email from AOL to Gmail, you can reach me now at yourname@gmail.com”.

This would let them know that you aren’t using that email anymore and they won’t send E-mails there anymore.

Final Words:-

So that was all I had folks on How to Switch from Aol to Gmail? I tried my best to make this piece as simple and straight-forward as possible and as far as my thinking goes, I did a pretty good job right? I’m sure you’re gonna be thankful once you’ve moved your contacts and mails back from AOL to Gmail.

But if you are still stuck somewhere or some step didn’t work out, feel free to drop your problem in the comment box down there and I’ll sort it out.

Although if you’ve any other option to switch from AOL to Gmail you can let me know of it in the comments too and I’d love to include it here in this piece.

And finally, I wouldn’t mind if you hit the share button and spread the word around for this piece.

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How to Convert PDF to Word




Many times, you need to convert a PDF to word. If you are thinking that you can do it easily by changing the extension only then you are definitely wrong. You cannot do this because the file compression and formats are entirely different.

Well, if you want to know how we can do this then you are certainly in the right place. In this article, we will show you how to convert a PDF to word? You can also convert Word to PDF if you need it.


After going through this article, you will be able to easily convert from PDF to word doc. So, let’s get started:

How to convert PDF to word?

We will show you some methods with which you can convert PDF to word. So, here we go:

Method 1: Using Google Docs for converting PDF to Word


Yeah, you heard it right. If you follow this method then you need not download or make use of any other external software because you can use Google Docs for converting PDF to word. In this section, we will show you how you can do this? So, here we go:

Step #1: As the very first step, you first need to go to Google Docs and then sign in with your Google account in order to get started. Once you have done with the signing in then you can certainly proceed for the next step.

Step #2: In this step, you need to navigate to the upper right corner of the web page from where you have to locate for a folder icon which lets you upload new files. In order to proceed further, you have to click on it.

This will open a pop-up window with tabs like “My Drive” and “Upload”. Under the upload section, you can either upload your desired PDF file by using “Select a file from your computer” or by dragging the file right from the location to the web page.

Once you are done with the mentioned then the PDF file which you have uploaded will be made available to your Google Drive account and will be opened up as a preview.

Step #3: After successfully completing step #2, you have to go to your Google Drive account and then you have to navigate for the file which you have just uploaded in step #2. Once you have found the file then all that you have to do is to right-click on it and then from the menu you have to select open with and the “Google Docs”.

Step #4: Step #3 will open the document in Google Docs. Now, this step requires navigating for the file tab which is positioned at the top left corner of the web page. The moment you have found the “file” tab, you have to click on it.

This will open a menu for you from which you have to select the “Download as” option and from the subsequent list, you have to select “Microsoft Word (Docx)”.

The recent activity will download the file as a Word file and this is exactly what you require. Google Docs is the next best alternative to MS Word. Google Docs saves the document in real-time that ensures the protection of data we are writing. Here is how to make Google Docs.

Method 2: Using Third-Party Web-Based Services


Other than Google docs, there are plethora’s’ of such services that allows you to convert PDF to Word with much ease as they were specifically designed for the same purpose. You can consider going for this method as it is quite simple and easy.

For your ease and convenience, we are listing some of the web-based services which can do the needful for you. As far as the process is concerned, all that you need to do is to upload your PDF file at the appropriate field and within no time (it may depend on the size of the file), the converted file will be available to download as you require.

It’s an added fact that most of such services are free. Some web-based services are:

1: www.pdfonline.com
2: www.pdftoword.com
3: www.convertonlinefree.com
4: www.freepdfconvert.com

Method 3: Using a Converter.

If you have to convert PDF files to word then very often then you can consider installing an application on your system. Over the internet, there are many such applications available which can be very helpful for you. One such software is Nitro Pro. In this section, we will show you how you can convert PDF to word using this software.

Step #1: The first step requires downloading and installing Nitro Pro on your system. You can get it from here. Once you have downloaded the same then all that you require in this step is to install the software. Once you have done the mentioned then you can certainly proceed for the next step.

Step #2: Now, in this step, you have to open the application and you can do so by double-clicking on the shortcut of Nitro pro. This will open the application for you.

Step #3: This step requires dragging your desired PDF file to the Nitro Pro interface. Now, under the home tab, you can check on the option of the file format you want to change your file into. As you have landed on this article, we obviously assume that you are looking to convert your PDF file into a Word file.

So, you should select the “PDF to Word” option and by doing this you are just a few steps away from converting PDF to word file.

Step #4: After clicking on the save button all that you require is to configure the output settings and then click on convert. This way you can have a PDF file converted into a word file.

Now, we are on the verge to end this article on “How to convert PDF to word?” We believe that we made this article helpful enough to satisfy your curiosity and need about converting PDF to word. Also, take a look at creating double space in Word that also enhances the reading experience.

Moreover, if you have any other information or query regarding this topic then do tell us via comments. We would love to hear from you. If this article has helped you in any way then, do not forget to share it among your social circles. Thank you for crossing by and giving it a wonderful read.

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