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How to Photoshop Pictures?




Photoshop! One of the best photo editing software's which probably need no introduction. Does it? Anyone who has ever taken the interest in editing images, putting effects on photographs, or changing backgrounds must be familiar with the software Photoshop!

But wait! Do you know how to use adobe photoshop? Do you know How to photoshop pictures? Or how to remove or add backgrounds to photoshop? If no, then probably the time has come when you will learn about the working of photoshop including some basic and very indigent uses of it.

So what are we waiting for?? Let's begin the tutorial and learn how to photoshop a picture? 

How to Photoshop Pictures

As we all know photoshop provides hell lots of features including editing images, creating logos, photoshop for dummies, adding and removing backgrounds and what not. Infect photoshop is used as one of the professional tools for photo editing.

Now you might be wondering how it can be used to create logos, collage and more. If so, you will find your answer below as I have shared some of the intense uses of photoshop.

How to Make a Collage in Photoshop

The procedure to creating collage is given below. Follow the steps carefully and enjoy the collage of your favourite photographs!!

Step 1: The first and the crucial step is to select the images you want to create collage of. Yes! The more the quality of the picture would be, the more would be the chances of your collage to look beautiful.

Once you are done with selecting pictures, copy all and paste them to one place I mean folder.  (The step is not essential but it will make your task easier for the further steps)

Step 2: After deciding the images, the second step is to decide the size of the collage. Here you will need to decide which size of collage you want. Like if you want collage for your home wall then you will need to choose that in inches and some decent size. And if you want a mini collage, just to update on facebook or other social media you will need to choose the size in pixel.

Step 3: Once done, open the photoshop and create the new file by clicking File> New and select the size of the collage. See the screenshot mentioned below.


As you can see in the above image, you have to choose the size. Or you can manually create the file by selecting the width and height.

Step 4:  Ok, now open all the images you have decided to put in the collage and adjust places of each. Make sure you do it all on the new layer.

Press ctrl+T for rotating and adjusting the images. Apart from that, you can also use the feather and other effects to make the collage look better.

Once you are done putting images and effects over them, save the file in the jpg format and use that as per your suitability. Isn't making the collage an easy task??

Likewise, you can also make logos on it. Confused? Ahh, no need just keep reading the article and learn to make logos and uses of brushes in photoshop.

How to Make a Logo in Photoshop

Like I described in the above procedure, you will need to create a new file to create a logo. To create a genuine logo decide what kinda design you want.

Until you are sure and specific about the design, you may face trouble to create a decent looking logo. Everyone has their own creativity and sense of designing varying as per their demand. All I can do is to let you know some tools which can help you to create a logo.

Below I will share some tools and brushes for Photoshop that can be useful to you while creating the logo or any design.

Use these brushes and tools and create an awesome looking logo for your firm, institute or business.


Rectangular Marquee Tool (M): This tool is used to make selections on your image in a rectangular shape.

Move Tool (V): Move tool can be quite useful when you have to place image from one place to other. This tool is basically used to move the images.

Brush Tool (B): When you have created a basic design you can use the brush tool to look it more attractive.

Eraser Tool (E):  When we are trying something new, eraser seems the most powerful tool. Considering, no need of describing the use of eraser tool, moving to the next step.

Blur Tool (R): However blur tool is used for blurring the images or to hide something from the images or design, but in the logo creation blur tool can be used to make log look even more attractive. Create a design and give a little blur effect to the particular place. You yourself will see the changes. 

Text Tool: Without the text, Logo is incomplete. No matter how creativity you have put in the design, until you add some text above or below the design, logo is never going to look attractive. To write name or text all you will need to do is pick text tool and select the font.

Zoom Tool (Z): Pretty obvious what this tool does. It allows you to zoom into your design or the image. While creating the logo, it can also be helpful. And the last(Though, it's not the last but for this list this tool is a last one.) tool is:

Hand Tool (T):  hand tool is used to move the object all over the window. If you’re zoomed in and your image area is larger than the window, you can use the hand tTool to navigate around your design. The method to use this tool is quite easy. Just select the tool and drag the image wherever you want to place it.

That's it! This how you can create any logo or edit the images. After reading the complete guide do you still have any query how to photoshop pictures? No right?

Image editing on photoshop, creating logos or creating beautiful collages depends on basically on your creativity and then practice.

Now enjoy photoshopping and share the guide with your friends!!

Sonam is an IT engineer by education and passionate freelance writer/blogger by profession. She is a tech enthusiast and loves to read and write about technology. Her hobbies include reading, watching TV, delving into new things and creating interesting content to help people with all things tech!!

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How To Record Your Screen on PC



Every once in a while our PCs are plagued with one of those problems that we simply can't solve on our own. Then we need an expert to help us out and often this expert will ask you to do a screen recording of your PC to get a better look at the issue on hand.

So today we will show you how to record your screen so that you can be prepared for such a situation should it ever arise!

There is a particular term for “computer screen recording” and it goes as “SCREENCAST“. As per Wikipedia, the formal definition of the screencast is:

“A screencast is a digital recording of computer screen output, also known as a video screen capture, often containing audio narration.”

Screencast or computer screen recording is very often used to showcase the functionality of software products, how-to tutorials and many more things which needs showcasing the computer screen.

This article cum tutorial can help you to know how you can record your computer screen for your desired needs like record how-to videos, tutorials as well as capture a bug and many more things in the same vein.

How to record your screen?

Here we will be showing you two methods with which you can record your computer screen with ease. The first one being our very own, efficient VLC media player and the second one being a dedicated computer screen recording software called “SRecorder”.

Method #1: Using VLC media player.

VLC is like a Swiss knife, it can play almost all sorts of video and audio formats. Actually, it is a beast. Moreover, it has some really mind-boggling features other than just playing the audio or video file formats. One such feature is its screen capture or recording tool.

We are assuming that you have a VLC media player installed on your computer system as it is almost ubiquitous to have one. So, we are skipping the installation part and jumping straight on “How to record your screen?” using the VLC media player.

Step #1: Open VLC media player.

Step #2: click on media positioned at the extreme left corner and then click on Open Capture Device.

Step #3: Click on the drop-down menu positioned next to Capture mode and select Desktop.

Step #4: Set frame per second (f/s) to 10.00 f/s [Recommended]. Though you can set the frame values to even more 10 to 12 frames will do the needful and will capture fine screen.

Step #5: After setting frame per second, just select convert from the drop-down menu at the bottom which has the initial value as play.

Step #6: After selecting the convert, click on the button next and end to profile in order to create a new profile.

Step #7: Select your desired file format (for instance, we have selected MP4/MOV format).

Step #8:  Click on Video codec, check the checkbox next to which Video is written and in the codec, section click on H-264 option from the drop-down menu.

Step #9: Type in the profile name and click on create.

Step #10: Browse the destination folder where you want to save the recorded file and then click on Start.

Your screen will be recorded and will be saved in your selected folder.

Method #2: Using SRecorder.

Type Screen Recorder on Search engines and you will find a plethora of them. you can use any one of them whichever you find yourself comfortable with.

For instance and simplicity, we are using SRecorder tool in order to record my screen. So, here we start.

Step #1: Install SRecorder.

Step #2: Click on SRecorder icon from the system tray and select the size of the screen in order to record it.

Step #3: Click on the red button at the extreme bottom left corner of the screen in order to start recording. You can also check in the checkbox next to it if you want to record the sound too(Useful tool if you want to narrate in between).

Step #4: Click on the red button as shown once you have recorded your desired thing and want to stop.

Step #5: Click on the save to computer icon which looks very similar to the structure of a floppy disk and saves it to your desired folder.[By default, the recorded files are saved in mp4 format].

There are other dedicated software's to record the screen so, go for one which makes you comfortable and best suits your needs.

With this, we reached at the end of this tutorial. We hope that this article cum tutorial must have added a worthwhile value to your knowledge base and must have equipped you with a knowledge of how to record your computer screen?. 

If you liked this and if it helped you in any way, kindly share this so that others can be benefited from this.

Thank you for passing by and for being such a wonderful reader.

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How to Downgrade IE 11 to 9?




Internet Explorer needs no introduction. It is the inbuilt internet browser that comes with every Windows machine.

IE was a widely used browser having made its first appearance in 2002. But the success of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome has given strong competition to IE, thereby preventing it from grabbing more market share.

But still, many people still use the default browser bundled with Windows. Developers can’t just avoid IE as many legacy software is made to support only Internet Explorer.

That’s why today I am here with a post that makes every IE lover happy. Microsoft had rolled out many Internet Explorer updates. But we can’t trust any of them blindly.

If you are using IE 11, you might have faced many issues with it. Many users have reported issues in it. So, in this post, I am sharing a way to downgrade IE 11 to 9.

How to Downgrade IE 11 to 9?

You may feel this task a walk in the park. But, the fact is different. You can’t just uninstall IE 11 as any other software and install IE 9 right away with a setup file.

In the case of ordinary software, you have to open Programs and Features (Windows 7). Then, double click on the particular software you want to uninstall from a list of all. The process will be started soon.

If you want to install an earlier version of the same software you have just uninstalled, downloading the setup file and installing will work. But it is not the same case with IE.

The main problem is it can’t be seen in the list of all software. When you try to install IE 9 from an executable file, you will get an already installed warning (Refer to the image given below).


Is it really a walk in the park?

Now, we can proceed to the following steps to downgrade IE 11 to 9.

Step 1: Open Control Panel. For that, click on the Start button or hit the Win key. You will get the start menu. The Control Panel option is available on the right column. Click on it.

Step 2: You will see a window like an image given below. Here, every control option is available for your computer. Click on Uninstall Programs under Programs.

Step 3: Now, a list of installed software will be shown. If you are still hesitant, check yourself in the list to find Internet Explorer. You can’t find any system application there.


So, Click Turn Windows Features On or Off.

Step 4: You may be asked for administrator access. Click on Yes if it prompts. A small window will get opened which asks you to Please wait.

After some time, you can again see a list of checkboxes.

Step 5: Uncheck Internet Explorer 11 folder. Microsoft never wants to see their users turning off default services. So, they will give you a caution.


See the image given below to see what exactly they say. Don’t hesitate to choose Yes. Click OK to save your latest change.


Step 6: Click on View Installed Updates just above Turn Windows Features On or Off using that you have unchecked IE 11.


Step 7:  Now, you will be shown with a list of updates. As IE 11 is an upgraded version, you can spot it right there.

Right click on the same and choose Uninstall.


(If you are flooded with a massive list of updates, utilize the search bar to find IE 11).

Step 8: Windows will ask you to restart the system. In case you want to use IE urgently, restart without any delay by selecting Restart Now. Or else, go with Restart Later option.


Step 9: After restarting, open Internet Explorer. You should confirm the version of IE, which you have now on your PC.

Step 10: Click the gear button on the right top of the IE window and below the title bar. You will get a menu with 10- 11 options. Select About Internet Explorer at the end.


You can see something like this.


See, mine was downgraded to IE 10. But seriously, you need to downgrade IE 11 to 9, right? What to do if you get the same outcome.

Follow Step 11.

Step 11: Don’t worry. You can quickly revert the version to 9. Repeat the process from Step 6. (Note that you will see Internet Explorer 10 everywhere. So, you have to uninstall the same as you have already done 11).

That’s all. You now know how to downgrade IE 11 to 9.

What do You Think?

I have provided you with an easy and step by step process to downgrade IE 11 to IE 9. The process is very simple than you think. You were not aware of the solution. That was the problem.

Now, you have got everything. Try yourself to downgrade IE 11 to IE 9.

Follow the exact steps given above. I am sure that it will help you. In case of any issues, feel free to ask via comments.

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How to install/update VLC on Ubuntu/Linux/Linux Mint



How to install/update VLC on Ubuntu/Linux/Linux Mint

If I ask which is the best audio/video player for PC then the reply will be only one,i.e., “VLC Media Player”.VLC – the most used and download media player supporting in all OS like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc.

VLC can play all the video and audio formats files (MPEG, DivX/Xvid, Ogg, and many more) as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols. If you want to install VLC on Windows then it is a very easy task but if you want to install VLC on Ubuntu, Linux, Mac OS, etc. then it's a little bit difficult.

So, I will teach you, How to install and update VLC on Ubuntu/Linux/Linux Mint to the latest release“.

Simple steps to install and update VLC on Ubuntu/Linux/Linux as follows:

  • Make sure you have a working internet connection
  • Then, you have to open a terminal by pressing “Ctrl+Alt+T” to execute the following commands
  • After opening the terminal copy the following commands in a new Terminal window
  • Commands are as follows:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:videolan/stable-daily
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install vlc

  • Check the terminal if all the process is over then close it and check by playing audio/video whether VLC is installed correctly or not.
  • If yes, then Enjoy!

A simple procedure to follow to install/update vlc on Ubuntu/Linux/Linux Mint. If you have any query or problem regarding installing or updating VLC then put your comments in the below comment box so that we can help you.

You can visit the official VLC media player website to know about the latest release and bugs fixes.

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How to Install Wine on Linux, CentOS and Fedora



Wine is an open source application for Linux that enables users to run Windows Application on Unix/Linux operating system. Wine has widely used the application on Linux OS because of its great features.

That's why the Wine team keeps releasing their new versions every two weeks to solve bugs and with some additional improvements. To know about the changes and improvements of Wine then you can visit here.

We all know Linux, CentOS and Fedora are command based operating system, so If you want to install any application in Unix operating system then you have to know which commands are to be used.

In this article, I will guide you the simplest way to install the latest version of Wine in Linux, CentOS and Fedora using commands.

Follow the steps on “How to install Wine on Linux, CentOS and Fedora“.

Step by Step Guide on How to install Wine on Linux, CentOS and Fedora :

Step 1: First you have to install dependency packages. Install them using YUM command. Open the terminal by pressing “Ctrl+Alt+T” to execute following commands in the open terminal:

# yum -y install libX11-devel freetype-devel flex bison

Step 2: Now, you have to run command for downloading the latest version of Wine on your Linux based operating system. The file will be downloaded in /tmp directory (by default no need to change) as a normal user. Execute the following command:

$ cd /tmp
$ wget http://garr.dl.sourceforge.net/project/wine/Source/wine-1.5.26.tar.bz2

Step 3: After downloading you have to extract wine from the specified folder, for that you have to execute the following command:

$ tar -xvf wine-1.5.26.tar.bz2 -C /tmp/

Step 4: Now, you have to install Wine on your operating system, just run as a normal user and note that it can ask root password in between the installation. The installation will take up to 20-30 minutes. Don't be in a hurry, wait for the installation to complete. Run the following command:

$ cd wine-1.5.26/
$ ./tools/wineinstall

Step 5: Once the installation is complete run the “winecfg” configuration tool for KDE or GNOME desktop to see the supported configuration. In case, if you don't have then you can install it by using the below command as the root user.

# yum groupinstall “X Window System” “GNOME Desktop Environment”
# yum groupinstall “X Window System” “KDE (K Desktop Environment)”

Step 6: Once you have installed the X Window System, run the command as a normal user to see the wine configuration.

$ winecfg

Step 7: Now, all the process is completed and I hope you have also successfully installed Wine so now it's time to run it. To run Wine, you must specify the full path to the executable program. For example, shown below:

$ wine notepad
$ wine notepad.exe
$ wine c:\windows\notepad.exe

The above is the complete guide to install Wine on Linux, CentOS and Fedora, if you face any problem or error regarding it then share your comments below by the comment form so that we can help you to solve your problem easily and quickly!

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How to Install LibreOffice 4 on Zorin OS



How to install LibreOffice 4 on Zorin OS

LibreOffice 4 has arrived! LibreOffice is the software similar to Microsoft Ofice for all major operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva, Suse, …).

We know Microsoft Office is best for Windows like that LibreOffice is also best for Linux based OS. And the latest version of LibreOffice, i.e., LibreOffice 4 has been released with some major improvements.

Linux is the command based system if you want to install any application then you should know the codes for that application to install on your Linux Operating System. It's difficult to remember the codes of all application.

And some of you might are at beginner stage for using Linux so you don't know – How to install LibreOffice 4 on Zorin OS or any Linux Operating System.

So, today I am going to describe the tutorial on “How to install LibreOffice 4 on Zorin OS“. Below is the step by step guide just follow it and you can install LibreOffice 4 on Zorin OS.

How to install LibreOffice 4 on Zorin OS

Step by Step Guide:

Step 1:

First, you have to remove the older version of LibreOffice. For that first open the terminal by pressing “Ctrl+Alt+T” to execute the following commands:

sudo apt-get purge libreoffice*

Step 2:

Now go to this link for downloading the latest release of LibreOffice 4. Download both the files. These files will be downloaded in your Downloads folder. Right-click on them and select “extract here“.

Step 3:

Again open the terminal and type the following commands. For 32-bit only:

1. Code for as follows:

cd /home/$USER/Downloads/LibreOffice_4.0.0.3_Linux_x86_deb/DEBS
sudo dpkgi *.deb
cd desktop-integration
sudo dpkgi *.deb

2. Code as follows:

sudo dpkgi *.deb

That's it, you have successfully install LibreOffice 4 on Zorin OS 32 bit.

Step 3:

Again open the terminal and type the following commands. For 64-bit only:

1. Code for as follows:

cd /home/$USER/Downloads/LibreOffice_4.0.0.3_Linux_x86-64_deb/DEBS
sudo dpkgi *.deb
cd desktop-integration
sudo dpkgi *.deb

2. Code as follows:

cd /home/$USER/Downloads/LibreOffice_4.0.0.3_Linux_x86-64_deb_helppack_el/DEBS
sudo dpkgi *.deb

That's it, you have successfully install LibreOffice 4 on Zorin OS 64 bit.

If you face any problem in installing LibreOffice then feel free to contact us via comments form and put your comments in below comment box. We will surely help you to resolve your problem ASAP!

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