How To Make Money On Twitter?



How to make money on twitter

Have a decent following on twitter?? If so, twitter can be a money-making tool for you!

Most of us know twitter as a social medium for sharing thoughts, pictures, and videos. A very limited number of people are aware of this money-making aspect of twitter.

If used correctly, twitter can earn you millions and help you explore your skills like never before. In fact, we have many examples out there who are actually making their living out of twitter.

Perhaps there are a number of ways to make extra money on twitter then you can even imagine.

Excited to know how to make money on twitter?? Let’s head over to the guide.

How to Make Money On Twitter:

The following ways will tell you the best possible methods of making money on twitter. All the top ways I’ve described below best suits the Internet marketers, online vendors, bloggers and those who have some products to sell and some services to offers.

Let’s start our guide with the most important way of i.e selling.

1. Selling Products:

Twitter is a great medium to sell products and services. No matter how efficient your product or service is, people won’t get to know about your product and service until you really make them know about it.

Twitter can be a great source to be in touch with your existing and to be customers. Having a great following can get you a better business. You can make your customers know about the latest deals and offers running on your products and services. It indeed gives a boost to your business and you can make more money.

2. Sponsor Tweets:

Sponsor tweets is another great way to make money on twitter. Having a great twitter following gets you the opportunity to get sponsored tweets. Many small and big businesses pay you real money when you tweet about their product and services.

You get to know about the sponsor tweets by visiting websites like SponsoredTweets and via google search. This is one of the easiest ways to make some extra income sitting in your home doing nothing but just a tweet.

3. Branding:

There are many advantages of branding, we all know that. By using twitter, you can do personal and your business branding which helps you increase your popularity and revenue.

4. Generating New Leads And Contacts:

Twitter indeed helps you get new contacts and new leads. For non-marketers, this point can be confusing but those who are aware of the term generating leads can understand better what I’m talking about.

5. Content Marketing:

Twitter can be a powerful source of marketing. Many marketers use twitter as a leading marketing tool and make a good sum of the money engaging the audience and selling their products.

6. Running twitter contest:

Running twitter contest is another great way of making extra income via twitter. Now you might wonder how can running a contest makes you money?? Great question!

This method works more like an affiliate program and sponsored posts. You can make your followers know about the features of a particular product and can keep that product as a prize to engage the audience.

On the sell coming in, you can keep the share by negotiating to the vendor whose product you are promoting. It is really an innovative way of making money out of twitter. But this method only works when you have a loyal audience on twitter and a great following.

These are some quick ways to make money on twitter but these methods are applicable for those who have some foreknowledge about affiliate marketing, blogging, and other related stuff.

Those who are completely new to the above-mentioned terms but still want to make money out of their twitter account, we have got good news for them too! Below are some ways to make money from home for non-marketers. 

1. Ad.ly

Ad.ly is an advertising service that can help you get easy money via twitter. It’s an ad service that gets you money when you tweet a particular number of tweets prescribed by the advertisers.

As per the information filled on your twitter account, advertisers choose the type of tweet and the payout for you, if you find the deal appropriate, you can go for it! Unlike other ad services, it doesn’t work on cost-pe-click.

You can know more about its terms and conditions when you visit their site.

2. Rev Twt

Rev tweet is another pay-per-click advertising platform that pays you when you get clicks on the advertisers posted from your Twitter account. If your minimum earning reaches $20, you get paid via PayPal or any other payment method.

3. Twittad

Twittad is yet another platform which gives you good some of the money when you get clicks on the ads posted on your twitter. The best part about Twittad is, you get to select your cost-per-click. If your bid is approved by the advertiser, you get that amount when you get clicks on your ads.

The minimum threshold for getting money via Twittad is $30. Once you reach out to that amount, you get paid your earnings via PayPal.

4. MyLikes

MyLikes is another social media platform that pays you for posting ads from your twitter account. Every time you get a click on the ad posted, you get paid up to $0.42. My likes work on other social media platforms as well including youtube, facebook, and Tumblr.

If you have a good number of twitter followers and you have the capability to drive traffic to the advertiser’s ads, there are good chances for you to make good money on twitter without having to create any blog or website.

The above guide on how to make money on twitter is compiled keeping both the marketers and non-marketers in mind. Twitter is a social media website that helps people pass their spare time. If it gets you extra money while entertainment, nothing could be better than this!

So, we are wrapping up the guide at this point. Do let us know your ideas about making money on Twitter! And share this guide on your social platform including Twitter to help your friends making decent extra income while using twitter!.

Sonam is an IT engineer by education and passionate freelance writer/blogger by profession. She is a tech enthusiast and loves to read and write about technology and WordPress builders from blogs like Havas Digital Server. Her hobbies include reading, watching TV, delving into new things and creating interesting content to help people with all things tech!!

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How to Change Twitter Name and Handle



Twitter is the second most successful Social network after Facebook both in terms of Revenue and User base.

Well, if you Google “Story of Twitter”, you’d find it’s no less unique, exciting and thrilling than any story from a movie. Well, of course, a company that’s worth more than $5 Billion, surely would have secrets and mysteries no doubt, but that’s not what we need concern ourselves with.

In this piece, I’m simply explaining some basics to your Twitter profile, specifically speaking, the art and process of “How to change the Twitter name, or handle”.

What are Twitter Names or handles?

Before you would want to know you to change your name on twitter, you need to know what Twitter names or handles are in the first place, right?

When Twitter was first being coded, it did face quite a lot of problems, and a lot of them were pretty basic.

Well, Twitter isn’t a human, ( but probably you already knew that right? ). So, how would Twitter differentiate between which profile is yours, and which is your friends’? ( Or probably enemies! ).

How would Twitter let others find you? They can’t just scream your name on their screens, and your profile would come up, right?

Well, that’s when Twitter came up with the “Names/handles” answer.

Twitter names or handles are personifications, ID’s, stamp marks, or whatever you might call them. They’re like your address on Twitter. Having your Twitter name or handle, anyone can find your profile with just one single click.

To put it simply, “Twitter” is your street, and @YourName is your exact address. As simple as that.

Is there any difference between Twitter names, and handles?

Well, from a technical viewpoint, yes there is.

Twitter name is just your name in general. For e.g.,. your name might be John, that’s your name no matter where you are. Similarly, Twitter names are names on your Twitter profile.

While the “handle”, is more like an exact address, a very specific URL. For e.g.,. there might be thousands of John’s on Twitter, right? That’s where the handle comes in; it’s a unique identification to “your” John profile.

For e.g.,. you might have “John” as your name on Twitter. But, in order to reach you, you can specify a very specific “handle” to it. Say, twitter.com/johnhere, twitter.com/iamjohn or whatever.

This identification helps people reach directly “you”, and not any other John on Twitter because even if there are thousands of John’s on Twitter, there can only be “one unique handle” in use for one profile.

Meaning, if you take up twitter.com/iamjohn, nobody else on Twitter will be allowed to use that handle. So, that handle will always and forever link back to you.


How to Change Twitter Name:

As I already said, Twitter names, and handles are two separate elements on twitter.

Changing your Twitter name won’t change your twitter handle. The name is just how your profile appears on Twitter. It’s the name people will see when they come to your handle.

Example: – It’s like your door number when people are on your doorstep, they see the door number ( the name), and not who is inside. Changing the door number ( name ), won’t change who is inside ( the handle ).

So, here’s how you can change your Twitter name.

Go to your Twitter profile. You can do that by clicking on your Twitter image on the top right corner, and then by clicking on “View profile”.


Once you do that, you’re on your profile page. This is how your profile looks like to your visitors. And well, there’s a big “Edit profile” button on the lower-right part of the screen,  inviting you to click on it.

So, don’t disappoint it, and click on the “edit profile” button.


That will make the text on your profile page editable. Meaning, you can now change your name, description, and various other things. So click on your name and Rename it to whatever you want.


Once you’re satisfied with your new name. Click on the Save Changes button on the right!

Done! Your new name should shine brightly on your profile.

Well now, let’s look at the other side of the same coin, which is how to Change your twitter handle.

How to Change Twitter Username / Handle:-

As I said, your Twitter Handle is your twitter profile’s URL. Unique to you.

So, in order to change it, you need to get to your Settings page, which you can do by clicking on your twitter image on the top right, and then by clicking on Settings.


When you’re on the Settings page, the very first option is that of your Username. So just click on it, and it’ll let you rename itself.

Once you have a handle that looks good to you and is available, clicks on the Save Changes button at the bottom!

Congratulations! You just changed your twitter handle.

So that was about it, on how you can change your Twitter name, and Username ( or handle). Although I’d like to repeat, that your “handle” is how people will find you.

Typing your name in the search bar will also bring up your profile, but only if there aren’t a lot of other people with the same name. But, using your @handle directly in the URL will get them directly to your Twitter profile.

So make sure you choose a short, simple and easy to remember to handle and you should be good to go!

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this little write-up on How to change twitter name.

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How to Make your Twitter Private?




Twitter is a social network and micro-blogging site which is extremely popular among the masses. But many times you just want to declutter your profile with utter nuisances and make it private. So, if it is the case with you then you must read this article further.

In this article, we will tell you how to make your Twitter profile private? So, let’s get started:

How to make your Twitter private?

Let us first see, what difference will occur if you make your Twitter account private. Even before that let’s have a walk through the difference between private and public tweets.

Public tweets are the one that is visible to almost everyone regardless of the fact that he/she is having a Twitter account or not while private or protected tweets are the one that is visible to your followers only.

1) If every other Twitter profile ought to follow you then they will first have to request you, and you need to approve all of those manually.

2) Your tweets and posts will be visible to only those whom you have approved.

3) Users other than the followers will not be able to retweet your posts.

4) Your posts won’t index on Google searches, and one can search them only via the Twitter search. The fact over this is that this is also restricted to the followers only.

5) The posts were done before making your Twitter account private will become private afterward and can only be seen by the approved followers only.

The bottom line of the above section is that you’ve full control over “who can see your posts” and “who follows you” after making your account private. It can be extremely beneficial if you want your mind to keep a distance from the nuisances out there.

How to make Twitter profile private?

Well, it’s an easy piece of cake if you are familiar with your Twitter dashboard. One can do it with much ease via the settings options. So, to make things easier for you let’s dive into this and see how it can be done. So, let’s get started:

Step #1: In this very first step of How to make a private Twitter account, you will have to perform a very obvious step. And the step is to log in to your Twitter account. If ever you are not equipped with a Twitter account then you will have to make a Twitter account for this(That’s totally self-explanatory).

To log in to your account, you will have to visit the link: www.twitter.com. After this, you will have to head towards the log in section and then enter the corresponding credentials of your Twitter account. After this hit the Log in button and this will take you to your Twitter dashboard.


Step #2: Now, you have to navigate to the settings option. For this, you need to click on your profile picture at the top right corner of your Twitter dashboard. This will open a menu for you from which you need to select the “Settings” option. This will open the settings page for you.


Now, to proceed further, you will have to look for our next steps.

Step #3: Now, as you are on the settings page. So, you will have to navigate to the left pane of the window and select “Security and Privacy” from there.


Doing this will result in a security and privacy page in the same window and from here we will set our account to private.

Now, you need to head towards the Tweet Privacy section and check the checkbox against which “Protect my Tweets” is written.


Additionally, you can also tweak the settings regarding your discoverability, tweet location, and Twitter for teams. All of them are present on the same security and privacy page. You will have to scroll a bit for that.

Once you are done making all the changes then now you will have to click on the “Save changes” button which is positioned at the bottom of the page.


After this, you will be prompted to enter your account password so that the changes can occur. So, just do the required and the changes will now reflect on your account. Finally, make a click on the “Save Changes” button and you are done with making your Twitter profile private.


If ever, you want to revert your settings then you only need to uncheck the checkbox against the tweet privacy section and you are done with it.

How to make your Twitter private using Android device?

The process is akin to what had been discussed above. Anyway, let’s see the process briefly:

Step #1: Launch the Twitter application on your Android device.

Step #2: Now, either tap on the hamburger navigation icon or your profile to select the “Settings” option which will follow up on the menu. After this, tap on the privacy and content option.

Once you are up with the settings page on your Twitter application, then go through the next step to see what to do next.

Step #3: Now, check the box, next to which protect my tweets are written and this way you are done with it.

How to make Twitter profile private using iOS device?

Step #1: Go to the theme tab and then tap the gear icon and select the “Settings” option.

Step #2: Now, you are required to select the “Privacy and content” option.

Step #3: Check the checkbox after which “Protect my tweets” is written and voila, you just did it.

So, this is the way how to set your Twitter profile off or private on the phone?

So, this was all about How to make your twitter private? We hope that after going through this very article, you must be able to do the desired work.

So, if you liked this article, then do let us know through the comments section down below. Additionally, do not forget to give us a thumbs up through our Facebook page and share this as much as possible.

Thank you for giving it a wonderful read.

Keep visiting and stay tuned for more of such informative articles.

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How to Quote a Tweet




How do you quote a tweet??  Or let me be more specific, do you even know what quoting a tweet actually means?? If you are considering quoting and retweeting as same, then you are making a mistake!!

If you are an avid twitter user, chances are you know everything about retweeting a tweet. And why won’t you know, after all, there is nothing in retweeting which you find difficulty in understanding but probably you are not aware of sending Direct messages on Twitter.

Considering the fact that retweeting is easy and you all know how to do it, we will discuss in here how to quote a tweet. Quoting a tweet is different from retweeting a tweet. How?? Well, to know more about it, you need to go through the complete guide to clear all your fundamentals regarding quoting a tweet.

How to Quote a Tweet:

Quoting a tweet is a new option introduced by twitter in the recent past. Quote tweet option allows you to add a comment to the tweet you are resharing, which you can’t do while retweeting.


And obviously, just resharing a tweet doesn’t make sense all the time. Many a time, we want to add a comment into the tweet, to show our agreement, or to oppose the tweet but doing that was not possible with retweet option. We needed to copy the whole tweet into the tweet quote field, add our text and then only we could retweet that particular tweet with our comment.

But quote tweet option has made this process very easy! I’ sure you have immediately tried to quote a tweet from your twitter account. If you are operating twitter with the web version, then you might not have found the “Quote Tweet” option but iPhone and Android users could see it.

This is because “Quote Tweet” option is only available for Mobile users for now but it is expected that it will soon be launched for the web users. Let’s find out what is the basic difference between the Quoting a tweet and retweeting!

Difference Between Retweet and Quote tweet:

There is a slight difference between retweeting and quoting a tweet except that you can modify or add your comment in quoting, while retweet is just resharing a tweet.

Another difference is, in retweeting images doesn’t show up clearly. While in quoting, the images embedded in the tweet comes in a square in left which looks pretty good.

Wanted to get that blue tick on your Twitter profile? Here is how to Get verified on Twitter.

How to Quote Tweet:

Quoting a tweet is extremely simple. It’s not hard than simply retweeting a tweet. Many of you might want to learn to quote tweet because it is a new option as well as not available for every user including web.

The iPhone and Android users must go through this article as it is important for them. The web users should bookmark this article for future reference as it will be handy for them in the near future. Here are the steps on how to quote a tweet.

Step 1. Open the twitter app on your android or iPhone, as you can’t quote a tweet on the web version. Enter you ID and password and login to your twitter account if it’s not already signed in on your Phone. We most probably keep our twitter account logged in on our phone, isn’t it??


Step 2. Okay, once you are signed in, scroll down your home feeds and stop by a tweet you would like to Quote.

Step 3. Now click the retweet symbol, i.e. two bend arrows below the tweet you would like to retweet. I know you can find the option but refer to the below image in the case of any doubt.


Step 4. On clicking the Retweet symbol, you will see two options popping up. One Retweet and second, Quote Tweet. If you want to just reshare the tweet without having to modify it, just tap the Retweet option. It will simply reshare your tweet. The tweet will start appearing on your profile just similar to the original tweet.


Step 5. And if you want to Quote a tweet, just tap the second option i.e. Quote Tweet. You will be redirected to a Quote a tweet box, where you will see the original tweet in a text box, like the below image.


Now you can add any relevant comment before or after the tweet before retweeting it. Once you are done with the appropriate editing, you can post the Retweet. But make sure the word count doesn’t exceed the prescribed 140 characters.

Easy right?? Quoting a tweet is a really useful option if you have your comment to add in a tweet otherwise retweeting is the right choice for you!

How to Quote a Tweet on Your Desktop:


Twitter has already specified that most of the twitter users love using twitter on their mobiles and on the web version. The desktop application is not as popular as it was expected to be.

If you are one of those limited users, who likes using twitter desktop application, you might want to learn to quote a tweet from your desktop? Right?

We also believe in satisfying all the queries of our users, but we can’t help it when there is no official method of something! The only option left for you is just to add a comment and that becomes a quoted re-tweet by default.

Yes, you guess it right. The Quote tweet option has not officially been rolled our for its desktop version yet. Desktop users seem to be waiting for the option to be available for tweeting a quote from their desktop application. Let’s see when it comes out officially! If you don’t want someone to spook into your Twitter profile, make your Twitter Private.

That’s all for today! I suppose this guide cleared all your doubts regarding how to quote a tweet. 

The long story short, quoting a tweet is little different from retweeting. Retweeting let’s you share others tweet on your timeline directly without letting you add your thoughts in the tweet. While quoting a tweet lets you edit the tweet and add your thoughts in the tweet.

So we can easily conclude that quoting a tweet is better than just simply retweeting most of the cases! For any doubt or queries, you can drop your comment below.

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