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How to Make a YouTube Channel




Gone are the days of television, people these days only want to stream videos online because it gives them more flexibility over the timings and the content. YouTube is one of the most popular free video streaming services available online.

Therefore, this might be your chance to get popular from YouTube. It is an emerging market for content creators. If you are one of them, our How to make a youtube channel article will help you for sure. YouTube also pays for its content creators through Google Adsense. Here is how to make money on Youtube through Adsense.

If you are passionate enough, you can make a good amount through YouTube in a very few days. Therefore, we are here with a complete guide on  How to start a YouTube channel. If you already have a youtube channel and you need to start uploading the videos. It is really easy to upload videos on Youtube.

How to Make a YouTube Channel

In order to make a YouTube Channel, you need to follow the steps given below:
1. Click here to open YouTube.
2. Click on the “Sign In” option in the upper right-hand corner.
3. Click on “Add Account” or simply enter your e-mail and password for your Google account that you already own. Sign in, if you already have a Google Account.


4. Skip steps 5-7 if you have a Google Account.
5. If you don't have an account, click on “Create Account”.
6. Fill all the information required and click “Next Step.”

7. Your Google Account is now created. Go back to YouTube and “Sign In” with your YouTube account.
8. Click on your profile in the top right-hand corner.
9. Click on Creator Studio.


10. Click on “Create a channel”.


11. You can create a channel using your own name. Click on “Create Channel”.

12. You may also want to use a business or a company name. To do that, click on “Use a business or other name”. Select an appropriate category and click “Done”. This is also where you can choose your privacy settings so that you know how to make youtube channel private.

How to Set Up a YouTube Channel

After you have made your very own YouTube Channel, you may want to customize it to make it look attractive.


1. Add a Channel Art:

A channel art is shown at the top of each and every channel. This helps you to draw much more attention towards your visitors. In the channel art, always include your channel name. You can add a short description as well.

2. Add a Channel Description:

Add a brief info about your channel. Go to your channel. Then go to “About” Tab. Click on “+ Channel Description” and add a channel description. This helps your visitors to know more about your channel.

3. Add a channel logo:

Go to your channel and click on the pencil on your logo. It is shown in the top left. You need to edit the logo on your Google Plus Account.

Tips for a New YouTube Channel

In order to start your very own YouTube Channel, you need to have content for it to upload. This part totally depends on the topic you choose. Shoot videos, make tutorials or simply create a slideshow. What matters is the content should be appealing to your audience.
1. Decide what you want to do. Start a YouTube channel on what you like the most.
2. Shoot some videos or record your computer screen while giving tutorials.
3. Start editing videos. I strongly suggest you start with Camtasia. It is easy to use and a strong recommendation for beginners.
4. Start learning how to edit and improve the quality of your videos.
5. After you finish editing, you should start rendering your video in the highest quality possible. 1080p is preferred at least. If you can, produce content in 4k (3840x2160p).
6. Learn new techniques to make your videos unique. Go through tutorials for your editing software. Move to a professional editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro. Do whatever you can to make your videos unique. Unique videos tend to have a higher viewer retention. They also appear at the top of search results.

How to Upload Videos to Your YouTube Channel

In order to upload videos on your Youtube Channel, you need to follow the steps given below:
1. Click here to open YouTube.
2. Click on “Upload” in the top right.


3. Select and drag your video into the website.


4. The video will start getting uploaded.


5. In the meantime enter your video title. A short title is always preferable. It should be to the point as well.
6. Enter a short summary about your video in the description. A description should contain at least fifty words. At the end of your description, you can add links to maybe buy stuff shown in the video.

You should also add your social links after that. This helps the visitor to contact you if they need a help of any sort. This also helps in building a good follower base. Do Not add any sort of extra tags in the description. Your video may get removed from YouTube if you do that.
7. In the tags section, enter the tags people generally search for. It should also be related to your video. For example, if you make a video on How to Make a YouTube Channel, you should have tags like YouTube Channel, How To, Start, Upload, Videos, etc.
8. Always add a custom thumbnail for your videos. It helps to get a lot more attention to your video if you have an attractive custom thumbnail.
9. In order to make your video Private or Unlisted, click on “Public” on the right side and select from the drop-down menu. You can also schedule a video to publish it at a specific time.
10. In the Advanced Settings, you can select the category and tweak around with other options.
11. In the Monetization tab, you can choose to monetize your video. This is how you can make money out of your videos.

This is how you can make your own YouTube channel right from scratch. I hope this article on How to Make a YouTube Channel helped you. If you love making videos or want to start making and sharing content you love, YouTube is a great place to start. If you are not getting enough views on your Youtube videos, you need to see this where you will get to know some easy tips to get more views on Youtube.

Running a successful Youtube channel is not that easy as it seems. You have to track the internet trend in your niche and need to create content according to it. Moreover, stats play an important role in it. Here is how to Check Youtube stats which indeed depicts crucial information about your channel.

It is free and also pays you via Google Adsense. Do what you love to do and thanks for reading this article. Do let us know your views or questions in the comments section down below.

Are you bored of streaming videos online?

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How To Download YouTube Videos More Faster Using IDM



internet download manager

As we all know YouTube is the largest video sharing website. It’s the biggest online video community in the world. It allows Users to Upload their Video, Download YouTube Videos, and these videos can be seen anywhere.

Any user can watch, videos by just login on the website. You can find different variety of videos here, for example, learning videos, entertainment, comedy, action, movies, music, marketing and many more from any part of the World.
According to YouTube Latest Stats more than 3.5 to 4 billion videos viewed per day(approx) and 48 hours of video Uploaded per minute. This is all about the Giant Videos WebSite “YouTube”.

By default, YouTube does not allow to download videos due to Copyrighted/patent issue. It only allows to send the Link to friend & family and he/she can watch it from anywhere in the World on YouTube.

But, today We come up with a new trick to download YouTube videos with More fastest speed by IDM. IDM here refers to fastest- “Internet Download manager”. So, here are the Instructions to Download videos from YouTube using IDM.

Steps To Download YouTube Videos using IDM

1. Go to IDM Link for download Internet Download Manager and download the files. (It's free)
2. After downloading the file, install it in your Computer.
3. After Installing IDM just Restart the computer, Your Browser to run IDM Addon on it.
4. Now go to YouTube Website and while watching it you will get Notify about a button Above Right side your Video Saying that Download this Video-Green Arrow- Just click it and your video will start downloading using IDM with more fastest Speed as compared to others software and tricks.

Benefits of Downloading YouTube Videos Using IDM


1. It maximizes your Downloading Speed up to 8 times.
2. It Supports Resume/pause Download that will start downloading data from the interrupted state due to the lost connection or Any Network Problems or Computer Restarts due to unexpected recovery problem.
3. It Supports all browsers with User-friendly Interface.
4. It also has many inbuilt features like a dial for download videos and also shut down the computer, when downloads get completed.
5. It directly fetches the Video with All Available and given formats as possible.

So using this awesome and world's best downloading software you can download youtube videos very fast !!

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How To Use Google Advanced Image Search For Finding Royalty FREE Images



Let us start with a simple question, what's the most common way that you use to find images? Most of the people just Google about the topic, save the images that they like and use them for their purpose.

Many people even put their own watermarks on the images they found on Google, well all these things are actually wrong you may have to pay a fine of almost 1000$ per image.

You never know that the image you downloaded from Google is copyrighted or not. Personally speaking, many of my fellow blogger friends have already faced an issue because of using copyrighted images.

Sometimes you may even have to shut your blog down.

You must be thinking that the best way is to generate the images yourself. Well, this is not the only solution, no doubt this is one of the best ways. I

n this article, I will be showing you How To Use Google Advanced Image Search For Finding Royalty FREE Images.

You must be wondering what do I exactly mean by Royalty free images, these are some images which are not acclaimed/copyrighted by any online firm or blog.

It means you guys can use these images in any way you want, no one will charge you even if you put on your own watermark on these images.

These images also prove to be pretty handy to the people who design flyers/posters for different firms and educational agencies.

So without any further delay lets get down to the main topic, below are given the steps using which you will easily be able to find some useful and royalty free images.

Follow the steps as listed below:-

  1. Google whichever topic that you want to search the image on and select the images tab.
  2. Now all the right you will see a gear icon, all you need to do is just click on that gear icon and go to advanced search.
  3. Now once you click on Advanced search, it will open up a completely new window in the same tab, here you will see a lot many setting, all you need to do is just simply scroll down to Usage Rights once you click on that it will open up a drop-down menu, from this drop-down menu select “Free to use and share even commercially “.
  4. Now once you have done this, without playing around with the other options, just go ahead and click on advanced search button which will be on the right side in blue colour.
  5. Once you click on the button it will take you back to the image window in the same tab, but this time all the images you see up there are completely royalty free and meant to be used in any way that you want to.
  6. So all good to go? you will now also get some additional features, for eg:- when you click on Labeled for reuse you will get several options and you select the one you feel the most suitable to you.

Hope this article helped you out, Keep stalking for more tricks 🙂

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Google Plus

How to Delete Google Plus Profile Easily



Are you one of those, who actually think that Google is making you use a Google Plus account forcefully?

Well, let me tell you that Google has taken some pretty awesome steps to make a Google Plus profile almost compulsory for each and every person in order to use some of these features.

Although Google Plus has some really nice and refreshing features which give us a break from the blues of Facebook and Twitter any social account needs attention and maintenance.

So many people really fed up of managing too many social networking accounts, well don't you worry we have got you covered under this section.

I am pretty sure some of you must have tried your level best to delete your Google Plus account.

I have personally seen some of my friends uninstalling there Google Plus Apps, thinking it would delete their account, two of them actually did even stopped using their Gmail ids.

Well truly speaking this is not rocket science, you can easily do this in few clicks, provided you know where to click:-P,

In this article, I will be giving you the complete step by step instructions on how to delete your Google Plus Profile easily.

STEP – 1  First of all log into your Gmail account, remember you have to log into your main Gmail account, not into your Google Plus ( Don't worry this is not gonna delete your Gmail ID)

STEP – 2 Now, once you are logged in you will be able to see your small profile photo in the left corner of the screen, all you need to do is just click on it, now a small window will appear as a drop-down, click on ‘Account' which would be written in blue colour.

STEP – 3 Once you click on account, a new window will open up with all the major settings of your main Gmail Account. Now you have to click on the Data Tools tab, by default it will be on the Personal Information Tab.

STEP – 4 You guys are almost done deleting your Google Plus profile, All you gotta do now is that click on the option ‘Delete Google+ profile and features, in this step you have a be a bit careful because if you select any other option you may end up losing your Gmail id as well. So make sure that you guys click on ‘Delete Google+ profile and features' only.

STEP – 5 Well this is the step where most of the people opt out of the process of deleting there Google Plus profile, because of a simple pop up designed by Google to threaten you a bit before deleting your profile. This popup will tell you guys what all features you would be turning off once you have deleted your Google Plus profile.

My suggestion is that go through it once and if you find that a really essential feature may be deleted you may opt out, although the chances are very few.

Hence just go ahead and click on the Remove selected services button.

So, that it 5 easy steps and you are rid of your Google+ plus profile, hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial, keep stalking for more tips and tricks.

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How to Convert DVD to iTunes



Convert DVD to iTunes is a very common thought among us but the solution is very simple is not known by many of us!

One may need this for just copying the DVD stuff from iTunes to iPad or iPhone and listen to it on the go smoothly! So we here are gonna know how easily we can convert a ripped DVD or CD into your iTunes.

and we all are very well aware that we cannot convert DVD to iTunes directly as iTunes doesn't support the DVD format so what to do next ??

Actually what you need is only a professional DVD ripper that can help you convert DVD movies to iTunes supported video formats with fast with the good video quality.

An aimersoft DVD Ripper is the best alternative software for this task! Besides, one can crop the black bars we see on low-resolution large screens, add special video effects, split or merge videos, add titles and subtitles etc.

As you like with the built-in editor. Download this software to watch your stuff running on iPhone 5, New iPad, iPod touch, etc. in just a few mouse clicks!

Convert DVD to iTunes Now

Download here –

Install this software and follow the steps-

Import DVD to the program, Launch Aimersoft DVD Ripper, click on “Load DVD” to add DVD Movies or ISO files that you want to rip to iTunes.

One can always click edit button to add editing effects and also one can take screenshots and preview the video which is to be converted.

Select the output format in which you want to have your video converted that will be in a choice with the products.

Now just the last step to start converting your video to your specified format and you just convert DVD to iTunes after this step and also now iTunes will read this stuff may be an audio-video or anything you want!

Transfer all your stuff to your iTunes and then to any iOSdevice that you like that may be your brand new iPhone 5. This is the biggest difficulties that all newbies who started using iOS after android face this daily!

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How to Embed YouTube Videos in PowerPoint



So here we are with another informatic post for How to embed Youtube Video in PowerPoint in seconds and ease! Embedding Youtube Video in PowerPoint is not a very easy task indeed but is important sometimes.

Why embed Youtube Video in PowerPoint?

The question is very clear in all senses, and the answer for this will also be the same, Yes adding a Youtube Video in PowerPoint presentation will add a lot of good effects including sympathetic support from the audience.

A video explains few things better than slides so after the presentation adding a summed up video of the presentation will leave a better impact of the product you are presenting.

A few things cannot be explained in presentation like working off some machinery so adding an animated video will always make it crystal clear to the viewer.

Now If anyone is interested to know that how to o this then read on to take the advantages of the stated above.

Embedding Youtube Video in PowerPoint!

We have 3 ways to embed a Youtube video into a presentation. Firstly one can embed it into the presentation which will require good internet connectivity when running the presentation.

Secondly, One can export videos from Google Docs. The third simple is to download youtube video into your hard disk and insert it simply!

Embed YouTube Videos Directly into PowerPoint!

This method is recommended only if one has the security of a good internet connection at the venue of the presentation.

One can do this by Downloading and installing the YouTube Wizard plug-in and it will add a new “Insert YouTube Video” command to your PowerPoint Toolbar.

One can easily resize and reshape the player like any other object in powerpoint which makes it really versatile to use!

You simply have to type the URL of the YouTube video and follow the wizard to embed the YouTube video player in your current PowerPoint slide.

Get Videos from Google Docs into PowerPoint

While Google Docs does provide an “Export as PPT” option, the problem with this format is that it converts all embedded YouTube clips into static images which is something you don’t want.

There’s however a simple workaround – just publish that Google Docs presentation as an HTML slideshow and then insert it like a web page in PowerPoint.

Thus you can play YouTube clips inside PowerPoint even though they are part of your Google Docs presentation.


An advantage of this approach is that if you change any of the YouTube videos clip in your original Google Docs presentation, it will be reflected in the PowerPoint presentation as well.

Embed Youtube video in PowerPoint from your PC!

This is the best-opted option for when one is not sure for internet connectivity at the venue.

Also adding this method is not versatile with the people who change their laptop regularly as one has to copy the video along with the presentation whenever it is to be presented.

First, download the YouTube video to your computer in either Windows Media or AVI format since PowerPoint doesn’t understand the default FLV or MP4 formats of YouTube.

Once the video is saved as an AVI or WMV file, switch to PowerPoint and choose Insert – > Movie – > “Movie from file” to put the YouTube video into the current slide.

This was just how to add Youtube Video in PowerPoint with 3 easy methods! comments and problems are always welcomed in the comments! 🙂

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