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How To Get Netflix On TV

Netflix is a great way to watch your favorite shows and movies on your laptop or mobile devices. With over 40 million subscribers, Netflix is one of the most popular online streaming media. But most of the people are not satisfied with Netflix that limits their availability to just smartphones and laptops/PCs.

It’s been a while since voices have been raised from various parts of the world to upgrade Netflix streaming services for the biggest and most selling visual media device, that is Television.

It is lot more fun when you watch a movie on a big screen sitting in a large room with your family or friends. You and I might have at least thought once, how to get Netflix on TV. You may need to know that there is Netflix history which logs everything and anything you watched on Netflix but you can delete the Netflix History. Here is 

Well, the good news is you can!!

Yes, you can now stream your favorite shows of Netflix on your High Definition televisions. Today I’m going to explain you the best and working methods on how to watch Netflix on TV.

How To Get Netflix On TV – 5 Working Methods Explained


#1. Using An HDMI Cable to Cast Netflix

how to get netflix on tv

This is one of the old school methods to stream Netflix on TV. Any modern TV comes with a high-definition multimedia interface port (HDMI) that allows you to connect your laptop or PC directly to the TV.

To solve your question about ‘how to watch Netflix on my TV’, you need to satisfy 3 requirements.

  • You need to have a LCD or HD(High Definition) television that has an HDMI port on it.
  • A working PC/Laptop that has an internet connection and can be placed near your TV.
  • An HDMI cable to replicate the laptop screen on the TV.

If you complete these requirements, the you are ready to GO!

Here is the step by step method to watch Netflix on TV using an HDMI Cable.

>First you have to take an HDMI cable and connect the one end of the cable to your laptop and the other end to the television in which you want to watch the shows.

>Next you have to connect your PC/Laptop to the internet using an ethernet cable or wifi.

>After that you can open Netflix and login to your subscribed account.

Now play your favorite shows and you can watch it on the TV. Cheers!!

#2. Playing Netflix Via a SmartTV

Was the first method too confusing for you to follow? Now, you might be thinking, could there be an easier way?

Here is one of the easiest methods to play Netflix on your TV.

Now for this feature, you will need to know how to watch tv online. This is only possible if you have a Smart TV. If you do own one, check the app store for the Netflix app. In fact, most of them come with Netflix pre-installed!

Open the app and watch all the shows without having to open your laptop or TV

#3. Watch Netflix Using A Dongle or Set Top Box

How to watch Netflix instantly is the question asked by most of the Netflix users. Well, here is your answer. Most of the popular brands have released their own set-top boxes to stream your favorite Netflix shows on your TV.

I’m listing out the best and most popular set-top box media players that you can use for streaming Netflix on your TV instantly.

  • Apple TV– Apple TV provides the best interface to interact with the Netflix functions under the Apple ecosystem. It has the best features like showing you the best recommendations according to your interests, organizing the shows by seasons, sorting out the movies and shows based on artists and many more. It is very fast and you can grab it for $99.
  • Roku Stick– The Roku Stick is one of the cheapest set-top boxes to solve you query on how to watch Netflix on TV.The best feature of Roku Stick is it is far thinner than any other set-top boxes on the market and hence easy to connect. It is also one of the cheapest streaming sticks available on the market.It costs around $50 due to which it is attracted by many Netflix fans.
  • Chromecast– Chromecast from Google is the cheapest among all the set top box media players. It just costs $35 and is way much easier to setup as compared to its competitors. You can control the chrome cast using your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. 
  • Amazon Fire TV-Amazon Fire TV is yet another solution for streaming Netflix directly to your TV. This device has some of the coolest features such as advanced parental controls, awesome search functionality and voice search options that let you to completely control your devices without a smartphone.

#4. Streaming via Video Game Consoles

how to get netflix on tv

If you have video game consoles at your home, you can stream Netflix using the console. Netflix has streaming capabilities on almost every consoles on the market like Wii, Xbox, PS3 and PS4. This will enable, you to relax by watching the collection of shows after hours of extreme gaming on your consoles.

This feature is available on every console that allow you to connect to the internet. You can directly download the Netflix app from the respective app stores of the gaming consoles and play your favorite shows.

#5. BlueRay Players With Integrated Internet Connection

how to get netflix on tv

The leaders of BlueRay players like Sony and LG have come up with a new crop of BlueRay players that have the capability to connect to the internet via WiFi. This will allow you to stream HD and UHD (Ultra High Definition) movies from Netflix to your connected TV

The streaming will be of very high quality and the playback will be buttery smooth for you to enjoy!

You can find other best movie streaming sites here.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Netflix has been growing tremendously over the past couple of years, and people are in love with Netflix. But one thing that most of the people complained about with Netflix was its streaming limitations. I think you now know how to get Netflix on TV. There is huge collection of movies and shows that you can watch on Netflix. Here is How To Find New Movies On Netflix.

I have talked about all the five working methods to watch Netflix on your TV with the help of some devices and cables. Now that you know how to do it, the only question that remains is what to watch on Netflix! So, go online and choose your favorite serial and start binge watching! I recommend Netflix original, House of Cards!

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