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How to Find a Website’s IP Address?



The digital population is getting curious by the day these days isn't that right? The obvious proof is you searching for something like How to Find a Website's IP Address?

Well that's exactly what this piece is all about. By the end of this article you’ll have a clear idea about How to use nslookup command and also How To Find IP Address Of a Domain Using NSLookup

But before that let’s get into the basics.

What are Website IP Addresses?

Before you can understand that, you need to understand what “IP Addresses” are. IP addresses are basically like your “internet phone number”.

They’re specific, and they’re registered to you from your ISP. Not just that, they can be used to trace back your location and even personal information in some cases.

Basically, whenever you connect to the Internet you connect using an IP address, think of it as the connecting link between your offline computer and the Internet.

But that’s what the general, individual IP address is, what about the Website IP addresses?

Well, IP addresses are how the Internet and the browsers “spell” or “remember” websites.

In other words, Google.com is Google.com for humans. But that’s not how a browser would remember it. Because the browser or the Internet doesn’t have a “brain” such as we humans do.

Hence it remembers Google.com as something like because computers are exceptionally good with numbers and digits rather than names and phrases, right?

So whenever you enter the URL of any website in your browsers, the browser goes off and fetches the IP address of the website from its DNS records. And once it has both the phrase and the IP address in sync, you get your webpage loaded.

So in other words, Website IP addresses are the connecting link between any website and the Internet.

Why do you Need Website IP Addresses?

Now that you know what Website IP addresses are, I think it’s only fair for us to discuss “why” do you need those IP addresses.

Well there are numerous situations when you might need the IP address exactly and not the name of the website.

Blocking Websites:-

Using an “IP” makes it easier for you to “hide” your specific website.

For eg. If you want to block Google.com, just having one IP address in the list would make it rather obvious, won’t it? And anyone can remove it from the restrictions list.

But if you swamp the list with 10-20 different IP addresses, it would make it harder for the perpetrators to Find a Websites IP Address exactly and correctly.

Unblocking Websites:-

If you’re at a school, or library, or just on a public network. There might be times when a certain website is blocked.

An IP address of the website would come in handy for unblocking the website from the restrictions list.

Ofcourse that’s not always this easy, the tool must be an “IP” oriented tool, and without any additional layers of protection, well fortunately that’s just how most website blocking tools are.

Finding Geographic Location of a Server:-

Every website is hosted on a server, right? The space where the files and documents are uploaded.

Now this “digital space” needs “physical servers”. If you know the IP address of an website, and if it’s using dedicated servers you should be able to zero in on either the exact location of the server, or atleast a potential radius.

There are other, more-complex uses as well but for the scope of this guide let’s keep it simple.

How to Find a Website's IP Address?

So finally down to the section you’ve been waiting for. Well finding any website’s IP address is fairly simple.

My favorite method is using the “ping” command from the command promot.

Method #1:-

Click on your start button, and type “Cmd” in the command prompt.

How to Find a Website's IP Address

On the command prompt, just type “ping websitename.com”, and it would get you a reply from the IP address of the website instantly.

How to Find a Website's IP Address

This is probably the easiest method to find the IP address of any website.

Method #2:-

This method comes in handy I for some reason the ping command isn’t being cooperative.

It’s pretty much the same as the above method, you just have to replace “ping” with “nslookup” command.

For eg. Nslookup google.com and it would get you the IP address of the website you’ve looked up.

How to Find a Website's IP Address

And let me tell you, a Website doesn’t necessarily have a single IP address, so its possible for the same website to return different IP addresses for different commands.

Method #3:-

If you’re trying to dig for the IP address of a website which is popular enough and not just an individual venture, you might just as well get lucky.

Because for most companies out there like Google, Facebook, Youtube etc, you can get the IP address with a simple Google search.

Just search for “What is the IP address  of Twitter.com” and you’d get the answer.

Final Words

So that was all I had regarding How to Find a Website's IP Address folks. Hope this piece helped.

If it did, I’d be more than happy to get your feedback in the comments section. Not to mention that you can share this piece on Social media with your folks and someone might just find what they were looking for.

Also, if you’ve got any questions, queries or even better methods to find the IP address of a website, just let us know via the comment box.


Evan Derek is the Founder and Chief SEO Analyst @ VebbLabbs. Specialising in Affiliate Marketing and helping newcomers to make it a stable profession in the online world, he boasts 6+ years of experience in the industry. 19 year has he spent on this planet successfully, and plans on spending atleast 50more !

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How to Display Recent Posts in WordPress



How to Display Recent Posts in WordPress

If you want that reader must stay up to maximum time on your website/blog then provide content as per their choice.

Earlier, to decrease the “bounce rate” of the blog I have written an article on “How to Display Related Posts in WordPress without Plugin” and now if the reader wants some fresh & recent articles then Display Recent Posts in WordPress.

Mostly, we Display Recent Posts in WordPress on the sidebar but there are other users who also want some change. In this article, we will show you the different ways to Display Recent Posts in WordPress.

Display Recent Posts in list format:

We know, the list format is mostly used in sidebars so if you want to display Recent Posts in a sidebar then put the following code in a template file (sidebar.php):

', ''); ?>

I have put the default no. posts at 10, if you want some less or more posts to display then change according to your requirement.

Display Recent Posts with Summary:

To give a small overview of the post to the reader, some people display Recent Posts with a title and a short description. For them, I have found two ways to display Recent Posts.

The First Way:

  • have_posts()) : $the_query -> the_post(); ?>
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If you put the above code in a template file (sidebar.php) then you have to specify a short description of the post. So, you have to rewrite the excerpt as per the word limit.

So, here is the second way to display Recent Posts in WordPress. First, you have to download this Limit Post plugin and activate it. Once the plugin is activated then paste the following code in your theme files where you want to display Recent Posts.

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Here I have put the description limit as 250 you can change according to your blog.

Display Recent Posts with Full Content:

If you want to display Recent Posts with Full Content then place the following code in your theme files:

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Here also you can change the no. of posts.

I hope now you can Display Recent Posts in WordPress blog easily. If you face any difficulty in placing code then connect with via the comments section below.

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How To Cancel Netflix Account



If you have come here in search of how to cancel Netflix account, chances are you know what Netflix is. The flexibility of Netflix is what makes it so popular!

In July 2015, Netflix reported its subscriber count reached 65.55 million, with 42.3 million in the U.S. and 23.35 million internationally.

But, for those who don't know much about Netflix, let me give a quick introduction of Netflix to them.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is a subscription-based online video streaming service, which provides numerous television programs and films to subscribers. It works on the monthly disc-rental base structure.

Netflix is one of the very first Internet streaming media, which offers video streaming services to subscribers. To use Netflix, you need to have an Internet connection, Netflix application, and Netflix subscription. You can run Netflix on almost every device that has an Internet connection.

How To Cancel Netflix Account

Besides, Netflix also offers home delivery of DVDs and Internet video-streaming service which gives Netflix users access to the online library which has lots of entertaining contents.

How To Use Netflix?

Netflix service is very convenient to use. All you have to do is to subscribe to Netflix, and you can enjoy video-streaming right after the subscription. The best part of Netflix subscription is it offers the free trial.

You can use Netflix by providing your billing information. Once your free subscription is over, Netflix starts charging you as per their plans.

How to cancel Netflix?

Though it offers free trial base service it starts charging you right after the trial period is over. If you like the services and want to continue with Netflix, no worries, let is be the way it is.

But, if you are not so happy with the services and want to quit Netflix, you have to cancel Netflix account.

How To Cancel a Netflix Account?

Now, you might be wondering how do I cancel Netflix? Or does Netflix cancel account? If this is so, don't bother yourself much. I'm here to solve your queries.

As I said above, Netflix is easy to deal with service. You can cancel Netflix subscription anytime and can re-subscribe to it without any hassle. Let's go with the step by step guide.

#1. To cancel your Netflix account, first, you need to log into your Netflix account or click here and enter your credentials.

#2. You can see your name along with your small-sized picture on the top right corner of the page. Hover your cursor there.

#3. A drop-down menu with a handful of options will appear. One of these options is Your Account. Click on that. See the above screenshot.

#4. Once you click on that, a new window will open up. There, in the My Account page, you can see all your membership and billing detail. Click on CANCEL MEMBERSHIP.

#5. Now, you need to confirm your cancellation by clicking on the Finish Cancellation button. But, before you do that, Netflix would provide you with the information like

  • When your current billing expires.
  • How long Netflix will save your viewing preferences
  • Notify you that if you decide to restart your membership in the future, the price for services may increase.

If you are sure about cancelling the subscription, click Finish Cancellation button and you are done. If you are wondering what ‘cancel my Netflix account will disallow me for the future subscription' you are very wrong. You can re-subscribe Netflix any moment you decide to.

All you need to do is log in again into your Netflix account and subscribe it.

If you have decided to cancel your Netflix account before the completion of the subscription month(for which you have already paid), don't worry, you can still use Netflix till your month is up.

But, make sure you return all your CDs you have been sent to your home by Netflix, else you'll be charged for them.

Moreover, Netflix also keeps a record of your viewing preferences for the next 10 months of your cancellation. So, if you re-subscribe them within that span of time, you'll be presented with all the shows and videos you left off and can continue watching them.

Hope all your doubts regarding how to cancel Netflix account is clear now. From now on, you don't have to be dependent on anyone asking how do you cancel Netflix or anything related to the streaming service!

You can now easily subscribe, unsubscribe and re-subscribe Netflix anytime you want.

If you liked the article and found it problem-solving, don't forget to read our previous guide on How To Delete Kik Account In Easy Steps maybe will you find it useful as well.

Share this article with all your friends across various social media as well, it really helps us out. And if you have any queries, leave a comment down below and I'll be sure to get back to you!

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How to Delete Instagram Account?





You are an Instagram user, right? That’s why you are here and reading this post, I guess.

Instagram is a social network to post your pictures and short videos (or simply share your special instances). So, it’s a perfect place for photographers and painters. But what if you want to delete your Instagram account?

In this post, I am going to tell you how to delete an Instagram account. It’s not a Herculean task. And every procedure can be done in minutes.

You can’t retrieve an Instagram account after it is deleted. So, I don’t recommend deleting it if you only want to disable the account for a short time. Check the final section of this post to know how an Instagram account can be disabled.

How to Delete Instagram Account?

Instagram has grown as a prominent Social Network. It is not a versatile one like Facebook. Instead, Instagram allows you to post images and short videos.

As in Twitter, you can follow any user and anyone can follow you. You know this. Now, let’s get into the very topic of this post.

Follow the steps given below to delete the Instagram account.

Step 1: Sit before your computer and move aside the mobile phone. Why because you can’t delete Instagram account on mobile. A desktop computer or a Mac is must to do that.

Step 2: Open the browser and type www.instagram.com  in the address bar. You can see the Instagram homepage with a Login button. Click on it.


Step 3: Enter your credentials to log in. Oops, have you forgotten the login details? Then, Click on Forgot?.

Then, enter your email id or username. You will get a password reset link in your inbox. Feeling relieved?

Step 4: I just want you to rethink. What is the worst thing to have an Instagram account? I think it’s one of the coolest Social networks.

Are you serious about deleting the Instagram account?

Proceed further if you still want to delete your Insta account.

Step 5: Look at the top right of the screen you get on the dashboard. Your username will be displayed there. Click on it.


Step 6: A dropdown menu will be shown as the image given below. Have a look at it. Click on the third option that says ‘Edit Profile’.

Step 7: Soon you will be sent to a page with your account details. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. On the right side, ‘I’d like to delete my account’ link is available.


What else? Just click on it.

Step 8: Then, Instagram will ask you some questions. They want to hear the reason you are deleting the account.

You will get a drop-down menu with some options. Choose the one that suits you the best. Or else select Other and fill the following fields.

Step 9: After that, re-enter your password. This is a mandatory step of verification to delete the Instagram account. In case you can’t recall the password, try resetting it and then enter the same there.

Step 10: Scroll down to the bottom. Then, click on the red button saying ‘Permanently delete my account’. Or you can also press the Enter key just after re-entering the password.

Hurray, that’s all. You now know how to delete the Instagram account.

Check below if you want to disable the account temporarily.

If you want to delete your Twitter account; here is how you can do it.

How to Disable Your Instagram Account Temporarily?

If you want to have a break from social media, you can choose to turn off the Instagram account temporarily instead of deleting it forever. Deletion can’t be undone. So, follow the steps given below to disable.

Follow the steps until you get your profile page. From now, the procedure is going to change. On the same page, you can find a ‘Temporarily disable my account’ link.

Click on the same. And follow the instructions given further. Wow!! That’s all.

N.B.: Even if Instagram is solely built as a mobile app, you can’t delete or disable it within the app. For that, you need to log in to the web version from a mobile or desktop browser.

Fed up with Gmail? Click on this link to learn how to delete your Gmail account right away.

It’s Up to You

Yes, it is completely up to you whether you choose to implement this or not.

I have given you two different methods of disabling an Instagram account. As you saw, those are pretty simple.

Now, it’s your turn. If you badly want to get your account deleted, follow the steps given above. In case, you have a doubt about the same, do let me know in the comments section.

I will make sure that your query will be solved soon.

Have a second to share this on social media. It helps us out a lot and may help some of your friends as well!

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How to Stop Massive Chrome Memory Leak?





Google Chrome is by far the newest kid on the block browser compared to every other competitor. No one thought that a new browser could grab most of the market share from the already established trio of Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Netscape and Internet Explorer.

Google launched the beta version of its freeware web browser, Chrome on September 2, 2008. It had to overcome many obstacles even from the CEO of Google themselves. But Larry and Sergey (the founders) stood stern on their decision to make a browser under the banner of Google.

Tech enthusiasts wrote this decision as uncreative. Firefox was a massive wall before Google Chrome. Everyone thought that no browser could get the popularity of Mozilla Firefox.

But the story has already been changed. Google Chrome has 56% market share of desktop browsers. It is available for every platform whether it is Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, Windows Phone or iOS.

I use Google Chrome and found it comfortable to use. Earlier, I did experience a massive chrome memory leak. You might also face this issue. If you still get headaches from chrome memory leak, read this guide further to solve it right away.

Stop Massive Chrome Memory Leak

Here, I am providing you with multiple solutions for this problem. Hence, you can repair Google Chrome quickly.

Are you ready? Here we go.

#1. Check Your Google Chrome Version

Google is keen on releasing Chrome updates periodically. If you are using an older version, you may experience a large memory leak. That’s why everyone suggests you to be updated with your software.

Sometimes, you afraid to update software. The reason could be because you're running a cracked or pirated version of it.

But here, you don’t have to fear or hesitate for a moment. Google Chrome is a free browser. You can get it without opening your wallet. So just update it to the latest version.

For that, just open Google Chrome. Explore the browser menu by clicking on the three small strips on the top right corner. Then select About Google Chrome.

If your browser is up- to- date, you will get a message as an image given above. Otherwise, you will be notified to do the update. Just follow the steps. That’s all.

If you don’t have an Internet connection, You can use this article to know how to install Chrome using the standalone program. Copy it to your computer and install.

#2. Use Chrome’s Task Manager to Optimize

Do you know that there is a dedicated task manager available for Chrome? Using this, you can control the processes within the Chrome browser.

Click on the three strips and select More Tools from it. You can see the Task Manager as the third menu item. Click on it. Now you will get a task manager showing the processes of Google Chrome. Stop those processes you no longer want (Never stop browser).

#3. Reduce the Number of Extensions and Toolbars

Extensions increase the functionality of Chrome. But too much of anything is poisonous even if it is the elixir, right?

You can’t clearly see the action of an extension before your eyes. But it doesn’t mean that those are not working. Extensions usually work in the background and consume memory.

So, you should remove unused extensions and toolbars. Toolbars consume less memory than extensions. But multiple toolbars take more RAM. Most software installations give you an additional toolbar.

Make sure to read before you tick any checkbox from now on. Developers inject their toolbars via software installations.

To remove extensions, click on Chrome menu and then choose Extensions. Or just type chrome://extensions/ on the address bar and press enter. You will be given a list of installed extensions and toolbars.

There are dust icons on the right of each extension. Click on it to delete that particular one.

#4. Install These Two Extensions

Still ‘how to fix Google Chrome’ question haunts you? Then, this step will take away your worries.

Some extensions help us to optimize Chrome to a great extent.

The first one is ‘The Great Suspender’. After installing this extension, a button will be visible right to the address bar. Clicking on it will give you a list of menus.

Using that, you can suspend a particular tab automatically or right away. If you don’t want to suspend one tab, select ‘Never Suspend This Site’.

The second extension I want you to know is ‘One Tab’. On the image of the Chrome task manager, it is clearly visible that multiple tabs steal more memory. But what if you urgently want more tabs?

Install One Tab. Then, you can see a downward arrow like button right to the address bar. Whenever you want to reduce the RAM load, click on it.

It will combine all the inactive tabs into one thereby reducing the massive chrome memory leak.

Haven’t You Got Rid of the Chrome Memory Leak?

I think you now know how to repair Google Chrome for more memory. Follow the methods I have explained above. The issue will be solved.

Reset and reinstall the browser if you find no methods working. That’s the final step. But I am pretty sure that the above ways will satisfy you.

Let me know via comments whether my tricks work for you or not. Share this post with your friends.

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[Quicktip] How To Merge PDF Files Easily





PDF is the most reliable document format in current use. A PDF file can be opened on any computer irrespective of their hardware specification. That’s what made Portable Document Format (PDF) very famous. There are many people who like to read a PDF ebook rather than a paper book.

What if you've got a single PDF file in many parts? People usually split high- sized files for the convenience to transfer them.

It will be an annoying task to read the same document from different files. So, we need to merge those files to make it a complete one.

Here in this post, I will be showing how to merge PDF files quickly. It’s not at all a tough row to hoe. There are many methods to merge PDF files. But this post includes two of the easy ways.

Let’s get started.

How to Merge PDF File

Here, I am showing two easy methods with which you can merge your short PDF files to have a complete one. If you want to get your files combined within a matter of seconds, go with the first method. For that, you should have an internet connection.

But, the second method requires software. After installing that, merging PDFs can be done right away.

Choose the one that fits you the best.

#1. How to Merge PDF Files Online

This is the easiest method to combine multiple PDFs if you have a stable internet connection. That is the only requirement you should have.

Get the short PDF files ready in your PC. Then proceed to the following steps for combining them.

  1. Visit pdfmerge.com. It is a complete tool for merging PDFs. As you can see in the image, there is a link to htmlpdf.com, which helps you to convert any web page to Portable Document Format.
  2. You will see a button says ‘Choose File.' By default, there are four buttons to browse for files. If you have more than four files to merge, just click on ‘More Files’. By this way, you can add as many files as you want.
  3. After choosing files, click on ‘Merge!’. That’s all. You will get a final file containing all the details of the short files you have inserted. Download it and you are done.

Now you can answer anyone who asks you how to merge PDF files.

N.B: pdfmerge is not the only tool to merge PDF files. Many tools are out there like pdfjoiner, online2pdf, pdfjoin etc. But still, the first one is the best.

#2. How to Merge PDF Files Offline

What if you don’t have an internet connection? You need a third- party software to serve this purpose. Download the software using the internet connection of your friend or neighbour.

Here, I am explaining the method of combining multiple PDFs with PDFsam software.

  1. Click on this link to download the software. As you lack an internet connection, bookmark the link and use it when you get access to the internet.
  2. Run the installer file and open the UI after the installation process is completed. Choose Merge/ Extract option from the left tab.
  3. You have to select the destination folder and some additional settings (not at all hard).
  4. Then click on the “run” button. That’s all. The output file will be saved in the directory you have chosen earlier.

PDFsam is one of the many tools to help you combine your short PDF files to make a complete one. Use which suits you the best. Every tool has a similar tool, and you have to do the same steps like browse files, choose the output folder, click Run or Merge or Combine. That’s all.

P.S.: Foxit and Adobe have dedicated PDF tools. Adobe has the well- known Acrobat kit that is a complete collection PDF utilities. Foxit too has utilities that serve the purpose of editing, creating, merging and splitting of PDF files.

But the fact is that you can’t get all the features with a free version. If you want a professional toolset for Portable Document Format, don’t hesitate to purchase them. You will not regret the moment you did it, I swear.

Final Thoughts

Merging PDF files is not at all a difficult task.

How to merge PDF files easily? Even daily computer users don’t know the answer to this question. That’s why I came with a Quick Tip.

The above two are not the only two methods. But still, those are the quickest. No need to download a dedicated PDF merger if you have an internet connection.

Just proceed with the first method. It is very fast and convenient. You might have to wait a bit to download the final file. So, have an idea about the speed of your connection before inserting large PDFs to merge.

Try them and let us know your thoughts via comments. Spread the word and share this article with your friends!

If you want to know more about PDF converters, be sure to hop on over to this article right here.

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