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How to Extract Audio from Video?



how to extract audio from video

Are you looking for a way to extract audio from video?

We often feel this urge to separate audio from video songs, especially when the mp3 version isn’t available.

If you are a person finds it difficult to get audio from video, you have just found the right spot as I am going to walk you through the same in this article.

Are you ready to dive deep into the core of this post? Here you go!

How to Extract Audio from Video?

There are tons of file format converters available on the web that serves the purpose of extracting audio from video. Here I am going to share a few of the working methods that help you to know how to separate audio from video.

#1. Use Audio-Extractor

Audio-Extractor is a sound separator available online. You can throw any video file at it to get the audio version of the same. It supports eight different audio formats including the popular ones like mp3 and wav.

I have listed down the steps to get audio from the video down below.

Step 1: First, you have to visit the audio-extractor homepage. Use any of your favorite web browsers to visit this URL.

Step 2: Once you reach the target page, you can see a blue button labeled Open video. You can also see a Google Drive link right next to the button. In case you have video files from which you want to know how to remove audio from video on Google Drive, you should click this link.

How to Extract Audio from Video

Step 3: You will then see a video browsing dialogue box. Just navigate to the right directory and choose the file. Press Enter or Open.

Step 4: You have to choose any audio format next. As you saw in the image given above, there are about six formats visible. In case, you don’t see anything you want there, click More and, you will have two additional formats right away.

Step 5: You will see a progress bar on top of the page that implies how much of your video file has been converted to audio.

How to Extract Audio from Video?

Step 6: Once the conversion is completed, you can save the audio file.

#2. Use Format Factory

If you ask me for the best file converter, I can’t help myself from recommending Format Factory. I have been using it for more than half a dozen years.

In this section, you are going to read how to get audio from video using Format Factory.

Step 1: First, you have to install Format Factory. As in any software installation, you need an executable setup file for the same.

Download Format Factory

You can download the setup from the link given above. Then, you must proceed to the installation for like any other software.

Step 2: Once you finish with the installation, you will get a desktop shortcut to open the software. In case you don't get, you need to check the installed directory.

Step 3: On the right side of the interface, you can see a list of different file formats. Just go for audio from there and then, MP3. That doesn’t mean you should also opt for the same format. You can select wav, WMA or any other file extension.

get audio from video

Step 4: You can see a new sub-window. Just click on Add files and browse to the video file from which you want to extract video.

get audio from video

It is possible to set range and change output settings as well. Then, click OK.

Step 5: Finally, you have to hit Start from the main window to convert video to audio.

get audio from video

If you want to change the output directory, you need to click Options there.

That’s it. Format Factory will open the output folder for you on completion.

I hope you now know how to get audio from video.

#3. Use VLC Player

Do you know VLC Player? If you are a computer user for a few years, you might have at least heard of this media player. You can download the same for your Android device as well.

Step 1: As always, you have to install VLC media player.

Download VLC Media Player

The above link will get you to the official VLC download page, where you need to select the appropriate platform.

Step 2: I don’t think you want a guide on how to install a tool using the setup link. So, just install the same. And, open the player using the desktop shortcut or direct application icon from the installed directory.

Step 3: Now you have to follow File>> Advanced File Open or just hit Ctrl+ Shift+ O.

how to remove audio from video

Step 4: You can see a button on the right portion of the screen that says Add. You desperately want to know how to remove audio from video, right?

how to remove audio from video

Then, click on the button and choose a file.

Step 5: Can’t you see small down headed arrow at the bottom of the new window? Click on the same to get a new context menu with a set of options. Select Convert from there.

how to remove audio from video

Step 6: You will now get a new wizard where you have to choose the output folder and format. Click on the Browse button right next to the Destination file field.

how to remove audio from video

As we need to convert video to audio, you have to choose MP3 from the Profile drop-down menu. If you are geeky enough to alter the output format, you can do the same by clicking on the small setup button on the right.

Step 7: Finally, click on Start. There you go. The duration of the process solely depends on the size of the file you have chosen.

Wrapping Up

Don’t you know how to extract audio from video now?

I have given you three different methods to help you convert video to audio. Of course, there are tons of other online and offline methods to serve the very same purpose.

But there’s no point in sharing a lot of solutions for the same problem given all of them are finely working.

If you have any doubts regarding this article, don’t forget to reach out to me using the comment section down below.

I appreciate if you share this with your social media peeps

Rahul is a freelance writer and blogger from India. He is an avid reader who finds immense pleasure in creating cool pieces of content.

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How to Get Kik For PC




The last few years have seen a tremendous increase in the number of smartphone users. As a smartphone user, you know how important it is to have good communication apps to interact with others!

But, sometimes we don't get a chance to check our phones while we are working on our computers. What can be done if you get an urgent message during that time? It might be impossible to reply.

That’s why we need to convert our PCs to smartphones sometimes. (The irony is that we are working hard to make our smartphones more like computers).

If you are a Kik messenger user and want to use it on your PC also, you are reading the right stuff. This is a guide to get Kik for PC.

How to Get Kik for PC?

Messengers are a weakness for smartphone users. There are many like WhatsApp, Hike, BBM, WeChat, etc. Today, I am talking about Kik messenger.

The company was started in 2008. But they launched the app only after two years. It got fabulous acceptance from people all over the world.

Kik messenger got downloaded a million times within the first 15 days. In this post, I will be sharing a method to use the app on a PC also.

Before knowing that, do check out these prerequisites.

Requirements to Get Kik for PC

  • At least 2 GB RAM. (The performance will be awesome if you have 4 GB or more).
  • The processor clocked at 1.5 GHz or above.

If you are sure that your computer has these requirements, proceed further to read on.

Method to Download Kik for PC

Step 1: The very first thing we need is an Android emulator to get Kik for PC. Don’t worry if are unaware of the term. We are going to download one such tool.

Click here to download the BlueStacks Android emulator.

Step 2: Open the downloaded executable file. You will see an installation wizard.

Step 3: Follow all the steps to complete the installation. It may take a few minutes to complete the process. You will be asked to do something after the installation also. Do it.

Step 4: Now, you can see a Bluestacks icon on the desktop. If you don’t see it, don’t panic. The software is already on your system. So open Windows Explorer and search for Blustacks.

You will get one application. Open it.

Step 5: You will see a window like an image given below. You can see many options there along with the names of some recommended and popular apps.

Move your mouse pointer to the top left portion and click on the magnifying glass icon with an orange background.

Step 6: Another empty window will be opened which is the search page. The suggestions will be displayed when you type something. Type Kik in that field to get Kik for PC.

Step 7: Then click Search on Play store, so that Bluestacks can find the app on Google’s app marketplace.


Step 8: The results will not confuse you because only one is exact. Click on Kik (the result) to get you to the download page.

Step 9: Whoa!! This screen (see image) is very familiar to you, isn’t it? It is very similar to an app download page on the play store. Click on Install.

Step 10: The Kik messenger is 14 Mb in size. So, you have to wait sometime. The waiting time may vary according to the speed of your internet connection. When it is over, click on Open.

That’s all. Now, you have got Kik Messenger on your PC. When you want, use the app, open Bluestacks and then, Kik messenger.

The interface of the app is very similar as you see on a smartphone. The only difference is in the screen size.

N.B.: Bluestacks is not the only Android emulator. There are many like Droid4x, GenyMotion, and Andyroid. The working is the same as we see in Blustacks.

What the emulators do is creating an Android platform that can run on personal computers. The functions may vary from software to software. But the working principle is the same.

Haven’t You Downloaded Kik for PC Yet?

Kik is one of the widely used messengers for Android. If you check the Google Play Store Page, you will get an idea of its popularity.

It offers an unbreakable safety barrier by utilizing username instead of the phone number for identification, unlike WhatsApp. And, you can send unlimited memes, gifs and funny pics provided by the app itself.

So, the chances are great that you will feel the necessity of Kik for PC. That’s why I have come up with this post. If you feel any difficulties in installing Bluestacks or running Kik for PC inside it, won’t hesitate to let me know your issue via comment.

I will be more than happy to help you out. After successfully installing Kik for PC, share this trick with your friends on social media. For other similar tricks to get WhatsApp on your PC read this article!

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How to Remove Gogletab in Google Chrome?



Annoyed by the Gogletab.com homepage. You might have installed it because it sounds similar to GoogleTab, Right. Well, it happens. Anyway, if you are looking for how to remove Gogletab in Google Chrome, then you are in the right place.

So, let's start:

How to Remove Gogletab in Google Chrome?

To begin with, let us first tell you what gogletab.com is? It is a fake web page with a suspicious nature. It has a look-alike very similar to the famous search engine Google. This is why many of us do not question its presence.

The reason why you may want to remove it from your system is that once your system is affected by this Gogletab, you may get annoying redirections and your system might get exposed to vulnerable sources.

It is a kind of internet virus which many times gets into your system through dubious installers and other sources.

One may also call it adware which often hijacks your browser. Gogletab may not delete anything from your system but is a potential threat to your system, undoubtedly.

Once you have it on your system, you will see malicious redirections, pop-ups and annoying ads on your browser. The bottom line is that once your system has it, it completely ruins your internet browsing experience. This is why it becomes necessary to get rid of it.

So, in this article, we will tell how to get rid of Gogletab.com from Chrome and other browsers. So, let's get started with it.

Method 1: Disabling Suspicious Extensions.

Step #1: The very first method includes removing all the suspicious extensions from your Chrome browser. They are the mightiest source for Gogeltab.com to enter your system.

So, to get access to the extension panel, you are first required to launch your Chrome browser. To do so, double-click on the Google Chrome icon and this will launch the Chrome browser for you.

Once done then you are now requested to move on to the next steps for further proceedings.

Step #2: Now, you need to click on the three dots icon positioned at the top right corner of the browser. From the menu which follows up, you are required to select “Settings.” This will open a new window for you.


Step #3: In this step, you need to navigate to the left pane of the window and then select “Extensions” from there. This will lead you to a window where you will have all of your extensions out there.

Now, what you need to do is to look for any recently-installed suspicious extensions. Once you have identified them, then you now need to delete them by clicking on the trash bin like icon just next to the name of the extension.


Alternatively, you can get straight to the extensions window by using this shortcut which goes as “chrome://extensions/“.


It may happen that even after doing the above-mentioned steps, you are not able to get rid of the Gogletab.com extension from chrome.

This is just a probable method in case the Gogletab.com adware has entered into your system through the extensions. If it has then this method will surely work out. If not then you are requested to look for our next method.

Method 2:

Many times, it may happen that any installer concerning Gogletab.com has modified the target field of the Google Chrome target shortcut. To check it, you need to follow the following steps:

Step #1: In this very first step, you are required to locate the Google Chrome shortcut on your system. Once done, you are now required to make a right-click on it and from the menu which follows up; you need to select “Properties” which is the last option.


Now, look for the next steps for further processes.

Step #2: After the first step, you will have the properties window in front of you. In the particular window, you will have the “Shortcut” tab open by default. This is all that we require.


You now need to locate the target field. Once you've reached there, then you now need to examine the target field carefully.

If ever the target field is modified by any Gogletab.com installer then you will see some occurrence of www.gogletab.com after “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe“.

To get rid of it, you need to delete any such instances and once done, click on “Apply” and then OK.

Method 3:

If both of the methods don't work for you, then you should give this method a try. In this method, we will reset the settings of Google chrome and change the default homepage also. So, let's begin with the process:

Step #1: If your browser is injected with Gogletab.com then your default home page or search engine would be it only. So, in order to get rid of it, you should change the default search engine settings.

To do that, you first need to go to the three dots icon at your extreme right corner and click on it. Once done then select settings from the menu.

Step #2: Now, navigate to the search section and click on the “Manage Search Engines..” button.


This will lead you to a window where you will have the list of available search engines. Since you have Gogletab.com on your browser, then you may see it as the default one. Go on and select any other engine which you like and then click on “Make default.”


This will change your default search engine for you.

Method 4:

You can alternatively use the chrome cleanup tool. For that, you can follow the following link, download, install and run it. This will help you to get the needful.


So, this was all about How to remove gogletab in google chrome? We hope that this might have helped you in your quest of how to remove Gogletab.com homepage?

If you liked this article, then do let us know through the comments section. We would love to hear from you. Also, share this article amongst your peers.

Thank you for crossing by and giving it a read.

Stay tuned and keep visiting for more.

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How to Update Internet Download Manager?




Want to download software or a video or any zip file, don't you worry. Internet Download Manager is at your service. To say the least, it is the most efficient download accelerator which I've used to date.

To harness its full power, one must be equipped with the latest version of it. So, you might want to know How to Update the Internet Download Manager? If yes, then this article is for you.

All that you need to do is to follow each and every instruction, and you will get the needful done for you.

So, let's get started:

How to update the internet download manager?

Internet Download Manager is a popular software that is specifically a downloader which grabs the downloads and helps you manage them effectively.

The ostentatious feature that makes it such an excellent Downloader is its download speed. It is experienced that downloading using an Internet download manager is much faster than its competitors.

Other than this, Internet Download Manager gives you a plethora of reasons to choose it among its competitors.

It is because, with IDM, you can limit your download speed, you can even grab a full website and it's data using its website grabber. One can schedule the downloads; you can integrate it with different browsers.

On a personal note, the feature that made me fall in love with Internet Download Manager is its Resume Capability. In many cases, due to unfortunate reasons like network error or power issues, if your connection stops then once it is restarted, you can resume it from the point where you left it off.

The list of features that Internet Download Manager seems to be endless. Multilingual support adds to the glory of it. The recent version includes Windows 10 compatibility.

The official website claims it to be the fastest download accelerator.

First thing first, if you want to know how to check if I have the latest version of IDM? Then make sure that you read the following text.

Step #1: In this very first method of checking whether you have the latest version of IDM or not, you first need to launch the Internet Download Manager on your system. For this, you can follow the following route.

Go to Start, type Internet Download Manager and then click on the appropriate result. This will open the IDM for you.


Now you need to check out the next steps for further proceedings.

Step #2: Once you have the Internet Download Manager window in front of you than you now need to locate the “Help” section.

You can easily find it out as it is positioned as the top navigation ribbon. Once found, you now require clicking on it. This will open a drop-down menu for you from which you need to select “Check for updates.”


After clicking on it, you will see a small window pop up as shown which will check for the new version. Make sure to have an active internet connection on your system.


Within a while, it will tell you if any new IDM version is available or not as shown.


Alternatively, you can also check it by visiting the official website of Internet Download Manager which is www.internetdownloadmanager.com. After going through the home page text, you will get to know the latest version of Internet Download Manager.

You can now cross-check it with the IDM version which you are having on your system. You can easily see it at the top panel of your IDM window.


No, the question arises that How to download and update latest Internet Download Manager? For this kindly refer to the following section.

Since you've seen how to check if your IDM requires an update or not then now to update that all that you require doing is to click on the update now button.

First, you will have to follow the first two steps which we used while checking for updates. After this, as we have already told you that you only need to click on the update now button.


So, in a nutshell, the whole process goes as Internet Download Manager -> Help -> Check for Updates -> Update now.

For the older version, you might not see the check for updates option. For that, you will have to look out for “Quick updates.”

One key thing to take a note that you will have to restart your machine to make the changes happen. Otherwise, the updates will not occur as the Internet Download Manager requires replacing all it's DLL files on the system. So, make sure to take note of this.

Alternatively, you will see the dialog box which will suggest you update IDM from time to time. In that case, make sure to hit the “Update now” button to get the new release on your system.

Additionally, if you want to know how to disable IDM automatic update check? Then you need to make changes in the registry section. To tell you this thing, in brief, all you need to do is to open the registry editor and proceed the following way: HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > DownloadManager.

Now, click on the last check option and change the date stamp to something in the future (Say, 1/1/2024). Save, and this will do the desired work for you.

[Additional Information]: Some alternatives of Internet Download Manager.

1: EagleGet Downloader.


It is a free, downloader and accelerator which is quite efficient to work as the alternative of Internet Download Manager. Likewise IDM, it can also be integrated with Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers.

With the use of multi-thread technology, it helps in speed up downloads making it an efficient downloader. Other than this it automatically detects media on any website and helps you download the media content.

2: JDownloader


A yet another downloader in this list which can be used as an alternative of IDM. It is open-source software that helps you download your stuffs with considerable speed.

So, this was all about How to update internet download manager? We hope that this might have helped you in your quest of  How to download and update latest Internet Download Manager?

If you liked this article, then do let us know through the comments section. We would love to hear from you. Also, share this article amongst your peers.

Thank you for crossing by and giving it a read.

Stay tuned and keep visiting for more.

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How to Clean a Keyboard?



How to clean a keyboard

In this era of hustle and bustle, where we are trapped in the web of sedentary lifestyles, using a laptop is a part of the daily routine, for most of us. Without the internet for a single second, life comes to a halt.

The keyboard is one of the fundamental peripherals in any laptop. Due to their extended use, they tend to become dirty. Stuck keys and repeated characters during typing are some of the problems that occur due to an inefficient cleaning of keyboards. Thus, a cleaning ritual becomes important.

Cleaning not only improvises the product but also increases its shelf life. How to clean a keyboard is a question most people kingpin upon.

How to clean a keyboard?

#1. Normal Clean-up

Starting from your furniture to your wardrobe to that laptop, everything needs a general day to day cleaning. Following points should be noted as an answer to how to clean laptop keyboard:

1. Unplug the keyboard- The most important part before initiating the cleaning process is to unplug your keyboard. A connected keyboard while cleaning can damage the machine.

2. Removing Dust- Use a small soft-bristled dusting brush, on a regular basis to remove that unpleasant dust. Hose attachment of a vacuum cleaner is a handy technique to remove the more caked-on dust.

3. Compressed Air- One of the easiest methods is to turn the keyboard upside down. Then use a can of compressed air to blow out any extra dust.

4. Remove the keys- For that extra edged and thorough cleaning, remove all the keys with the help of a small screwdriver. Take a clean cloth and gently swab all the surfaces to remove that dust.

A gentle day to day cleaning is highly recommended for that enhanced and smooth usage. There is no better way than regular cleaning to maintain the product.

#2. Pencil Eraser to Remove Food Particles

Foodstuff, stuck under the keys and make the keyboard feel mushy and greasy while typing. The best way to tackle this issue is by popping up the keys and using a can of compressed air to clean up everything underneath.

However, the secret trick is to use a pencil eraser to peel off the dirt. Be extra cautious while using this method as eraser-dust can fall back on the keyboard.

How to Clean Laptop Keyboard with Soapy Water

If you are exhausted trying each of the above methods of how to clean keyboard, and none is working out, then this comes as a sure shot savior. Following is the process:

1. First of all, switch off the machine and disconnect the keyboard.

2. Turn the keyboard upside down and remove all the keys.

3. Take a soft toothbrush and wet it with a little bit of alcohol.

4. Side by, fill a bowl with cold soapy water.

5. Dump the keys into the soapy water and scrub slowly with the toothbrush.

6. Lastly, rinse them under cold running water and leave them to dry.

7. Once they dry, reassemble your keyboard.

Germs on the Keyboard

Cleaning is very important to kill germs, bacteria, and viruses. Dust assemble on a keyboard and produce disease-inducing germs, which ultimately transfers to the human body via hands. Thus, wipe them off with a little alcohol. Avoid products containing higher concentrations of alcohol.

Use a little alcohol solution to scrub those keys on the keyboard. Do not pour in much and use it carefully. It is preferable to use isopropyl alcohol. Do not use disinfectant sprays, due to their intense nature.

Accidental Spills on Keyboard

Any accidental spill of a liquid can destroy the machine and make the keys really sticky. The easiest way in such a situation is to pop off the keys for the thorough cleaning of the keyboard.

However, in case of any accidental spillage on the keys, one can even use a paper towel to dump out any excess liquid. One of the best remedies, in this case, is to leave it upside down, for as long as possible. Clean it gently and do not use too much force.

You can even use a butter knife to pull out the keys of the keyboard from one side. In most cases, a fingernail is enough to pull the plastic up. Just be extra careful while doing it via fingernail.

Butter Knife and J- Cloth

Using a butter knife, a j-cloth, and an all-purpose cleaner is a simple answer for how to clean a keyboard. Following is the way:

1. Put it in cloth- Take a j-cloth and wrap the blade of the butter knife in it, ensuring the cloth is as tight as possible.

2. All-purpose cleaner- Soak this cloth in the all-purpose cleaner.

3. Scratch the bits- With a gentle force, place the knife in between the keys of your keyboard and scratch the dust.

4. Repeat the process- Again soak the cloth in the all-purpose cleaner and reapply the process.Keep on repeating this process until the laptop keyboard is duly cleaned.

Use the Dishwasher

Some people swear by this remedy as an answer to how to clean a laptop keyboard. A lot of waterproof keyboards are available that can survive the dishwasher. Just throw in the keyboard and let the larger machine do its thing.

However, cleaning a mechanical keyboard through the dishwasher is not at all recommended at any cost. Adding to the discomfort, it takes several days to dry, thus interrupting the work.


Cleaning the keyboard on a regular basis is recommended rather than a full, deep clean as dirt and grime can interfere with the moving pieces. It increases the shelf life of the keyboard. Follow these simple techniques and make the process of how to clean a keyboard trouble-free.

Invest in a good quality keyboard and don’t go for a cheap one, as it exposes one to the danger of electronic circuitry.

A lot of readymade keyboard cleaners are available in the market to ease out the whole process. Show some care and enjoy the enhanced usage of your keyboard!

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How to Sell a Domain Name?



How to sell a domain name

So you've got a domain name you want to sell? Or maybe you want to get into the Domain Buying & Selling biz? If yes, then this guide on how to sell a domain name is exactly for you.

In this piece, I'll be covering domain selling basics like how to sell a domain name online and how to sell a domain name privately. Trust me when I say this, domain buying and reselling is a million-dollar business!

Don't trust me? Here's some fun fact to boost you up.

  • VacationRentals.com:- $35Million!
  • PrivateJet.com:- $30.18Million
  • Insure.com:- $16Million

These above three domains are just the 0.000001% highest selling domains, I mean the internet is full of such times when domains were sold for such prices! In fact, it happens daily!

So it's like you grab one great domain, and manage to sell it? You don't need to work for the rest of your lives! That's how the whole Internet Marketing thing works, trust me.

So, let me show you how to sell a domain name you own and take a slice of this billion-dollar industry. But hey, wait. You're going to sell domains, isn't it fair for you to know what domain names are? Their technical aspects that a buyer might be interested in, and stuff like that?

What is a Domain Name:-

A domain name is the first step of getting someone's website online. It's the address of your website, your identity, it's your brand, technically it's your everything when it comes to your website.

A domain name consists of two parts:

  • Domain Name (Eg.:- KnowledgeCage)
  • Extension (Knowledgecage.com)

Now, the extension can be many different types, and so can be the price of it. I bet 90% of you don't even know what the .com in your domain stands for, right?

Well, .com is the most popular, most widely used and SEO friendly domain extension in the industry. (Although, some argue that the extension doesn't matter, but it does!)

It's followed by .net, which stands for a “network”!

And then there are the .org. These domains aren't available for everyone out there. Instead, you need to be an “organization” to have a .org domain. Of course, you can register a .org even without being one, but that's not the real purpose of it.

There are more than 50 different domain extensions available, and you can classify them into:-

  • Top-Level Domains &
  • Country Code Top Level Domains.

The domains we talked about earlier, were Top-level domains! Meaning, they're the “base” kind of extensions, are equally supported for the audience of any country, and features which expand to the whole of the globe, equally.

Recently, 100's of different, “specific” Top-level domains were added to the industry; these domain extensions are treated equally as the previously existing TLD's. (.com .net .org etc)

Country Code Top Level Domains are domains that are “local” to a country. For, e.g., .in denotes India. .ca  denotes Canada .co.uk denotes the United Kingdom and so on.

The benefits are that it tells your buyers/visitors that your website/company/firm is based in their country and is local.

And second that .com or .net kind of TLD's are saturated, meaning it's hard for you to find yourcompany.com, but it's relatively easier to get your hands on your domain.in or yourdomain.ca (or any other country's ccTLD).

So that was about the “types” of domains. Now let's get to business.

Domain Analysis:-

You can't just put up any domain you have up for sale. I mean, you definitely can, but no one's going to buy it.

So just to make sure that you get a good price for all your brainstorming research into thinking that domain name up, lets me walk you through a bit of domain analysis before finally giving you a solution over how to sell a domain name you own.

I'll be just listing some major metrics you need to checkout for your domain before putting it up for sale or calculating it's price.

Keyword: – This is the main aspect of your online domain selling thing. The most important one. The keyword is what makes or breaks the deal.

Make sure the Keyword is either Brandable, of something that has low competition and a good CPC (Cost-per-click) that will make money for your buyers in the future.

Compare: – The second step you've got to take is, compare the domain name with your competitors. I mean, domains that look or spell similar.

Checking them out will give you an approx value and idea if your domain is worth selling, and if yes then how much. Because if your competitor has abc.xyz and seems established, then probably you can sell abc.com for a decent amount too right?

And most probably to the competitor itself, yup!

Age: – There's not a lot to know about it, but Domain age is a massive ranking factor, and thus just make sure if your domain is not awesome, at least it's old. A couple of years old.

How to Sell a Domain Name:-

Now, you know what is a domain name, and how to do the basics of the domain analysis before selling it off, right?

There are a number of ways you can use to sell your domain online. Let's have a look at some of them (I'm sure they'll be more than you'll be needing!)

Park Your Domains:-

Well, this is a two-way profit, long-term thing. Two- way as in, almost all the domain providers let you Park your domain.

They will also provide you with a landing page or at least a For Sale sign on the page! So whenever someone lands on the site, they know it's for sale.

Not just that, the domain provider might show ads on your domain, but the thing is you'll also get paid for the clicks! So yeah, unless the domain gets sold, you keep making money.

For Sale Banner:-

If you've ever wondered how to sell a domain name privately, then this is something that can help you out. Not a lot of “science” here.

You just put up a Banner saying “This domain is for Sale”, or anything like that. And put up some contact info. Or maybe, a button that redirects to your Facebook profile, or E-mail address.

This way, those who might be interested, will contact you, and you can sell off your domain. Easy enough, huh?

List Your Domain:-

Another great service you can avail of if you've been wondering about how to sell a domain name is, you can list your domain!

Well, the listing is basically like putting your site for sale on a platform. No, it's not free! I mean it is, but you have to share a “percentage” of the sale with the platforms for using their service.

But the point is, by listing your site on such platforms, you increase your chances of getting sold, and getting more exposure. And by “increase”, I mean 100-200x increase! So worth it? Yup, absolutely.

Because, everyone knows about these platforms, and that's where they come when people need to buy a new domain, a domain that's owned and established by someone else. So yeah you got a domain you want to sell? Don't miss listing it.

Some popular (and not “give me all your sale amount”) platforms are:-

  • Godaddy
  • Sedo
  • AfterNic

eBay Auctions:-

Needless to say, eBay has made quite a big name for itself in the market, right?

So well, everyone knows about eBay, and eBay auctions as well. Do you need to sell your domain? Put it up on eBay auction, the auctions thing with eBay is pretty active, and chances are you'll get your desired contract in less then 24hours. (Of course, depends on the quality of your Domain).

So not a lot to say here, you want your domain sold? Put it up on eBay auctions.


Flippa too is a domain listing platform. I could've listed it with the “list your domain” section too, but nope.

Flippa is extremely efficient, and one of the best platforms to sell your domains(That's my opinion at least!)

Nope, they aren't paying me to write this down, but I just thought that it's worth being listed separately.

Well because, the buyers on Flippa are serious, the metrics (traffic, page-views), etc. are verified from Flippa's advanced algorithms, and you get extreme exposure.

So well yeah if nothing else is working out for you, Flippa will.

How to Sell Your Domains After Getting a Bid:-

Just “finding” the buyer isn't the goal, right? These platforms will let you find the interested guys, and get you connected. But the main deal is still something you've got to cover.

Quick Response: – This is an extreme measure you have to keep in mind. The buyers on those platforms have hundreds of other options. Why should they go with you?

So make sure you grab their attention (and money) before they change their minds.

Pricing: – I won't explain this to you, just look at the following two prices:-

  • $1111.00
  • $999.00

Which one seems more expensive? The 4 digits, right? Like, they're a lot more expensive. But practically speaking, for a person who is going to invest $1K, an extra $12 don't make a difference.

But well marketing? It's all about human psychology. So make sure you use pricings that don't scare off your buyers. (Or aren't too cheap so as not to get you enough ROI either).

Negotiate: – Yup, whenever possible, always make sure that your price is “negotiable”. That increases your chance of being approached!

Because the buyer would have the feeling that he as well just might be able to negotiate the price with you for a lower amount.

So yeah that helps.

Final Words:-

So that was about it, folks!

I covered around 5 different methods and tactics using which, your doubts regarding how to sell domain online could have been wiped away, right?

If you still got any questions or queries, the comment box is all yours, and I'm all ears.

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