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How To Delete Comments On Instagram



That awkward moment when you do a typo on the comment you posted on social media like Facebook, Instagram or any other social platform but don’t know how to delete it! We have all faced it!

It’s a really embarrassing situation!  Have you ever had such an awkward moment before?

Imagine the moment, you have dropped a comment publicly, and later you found you have made a mistake there. What would you do then?? Delete it? Right?  And what if you don’t have any idea about how to delete a comment on Instagram or Facebook!!

Well,  don’t panic, I am not trying to terrify you with thoughts of such a social faux pas. In fact, I am here to get you out of such awkward situations by letting you know how to delete comments on Instagram. 

As you know sometimes dropping wrong comments or typos give the wrong impression or getting odd comments on the picture makes the situation sporadically worse. So, to avoid getting stuck in such weird situations let’s learn to delete the comments.

Comment deletion on all the social platforms is a one-click go. But, this is not the case with Instagram. Though, it’s simple and easy but involves a little different procedure than others. We will show you how.

How To Delete Comments On Instagram

Instagram is an online photo/ video sharing social networking service which allows their users to take pictures and share them on various social platforms.

There are large numbers of apps available, but Instagram dominates them all, due to its amazing filter set and easy to use the app.  

And as it is with social media, once you’re there, and you connect with a few friends and people; you’ll start having loads of fi\un receiving comments on your photos and commenting on others photos as well!

The situations are never the same always. Sometimes you get good, and positive comments and sometimes the comments are that odd that you need to delete them.

If you get positive comments then ok, but if you get some offensive or rude comments, the situation can tend to get out of hand! Though it’s not the major issue for many people some conscious people take it seriously and prefer to delete the comment.

If you are one of those or have ever done a typo or some wrong comments on Instagram, then this question might have stricken through your brain that how to delete a comment on Instagram. If yes, then let’s learn to delete comments on Instagram.

Step 1:  First of all, log into your Instagram account, enter your credentials and hit log in. Once you are logged in, you will be taken to your feed, where you can see all the latest updates.

(If you have searched for how to remove a comment on Instagram and reading this post then I don’t think there is any need to tell you how to do a comment on the same. So quickly moving to the next step).

Step 2:  Go to the post where you have done a typo or a photo where you want to delete the comment. Like as you can see the below screenshot, I have written quotw instead of quote.

Note: Remember, you can delete other’s comment(s) on your picture only, and on other’s picture, you can delete your own comments only. 

Step 3:  Once you are on the image or post select the comment you wish to delete. Wondering how? Don’t be, use your finger and tap the comment and swipe it to the left direction. You can take help of the screenshot mentioned below.

Step 4:  As sooner you swipe the comment in the left direction, you will see a delete icon appears at the top of the screen. Select delete and you are done! See the screenshot.

Once you select delete icon, a notification will appear Comment deleted, Tap to undo. Look at the screenshot. If you notice, there is no comment below. It means you have successfully removed the comment.

Isn’t Deleting comments on Instagram is damn easy?

My basic motto behind providing this guide is very clear. Sometimes, creepy people write spammy comments on your photos, or if you get some offensive comments on your post. These moments do nothing but make the situation stinking.

So, I decided to write down this guide. Though it’s very easy sometimes we find easy stuff confusing if we are not a techie.

Well, this was the just four-step guide to let you know how to delete comments on Instagram. If you have any question or doubts(I’m sure there won’t be any) regarding the procedure, feel free to ask. We are just a click away.

Or if you liked our guide on how to delete comments on Instagram do not forget to share it on social media platforms and with your friends and relatives.

If you have a bit more time, take a look at our guide on how to download Kindle for PC. This guide is a must-read for the book lovers!

Sonam is an IT engineer by education and passionate freelance writer/blogger by profession. She is a tech enthusiast and loves to read and write about technology. Her hobbies include reading, watching TV, delving into new things and creating interesting content to help people with all things tech!!

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How to Make Money on Facebook?



Making money online is one of the rapidly increasing trends. It’s increasing rate is as fast as inflation! We recently have written an article on how to make money on twitter and today we will tell you the steps on how to make money on facebook.

Wait? Did I just say we can make money on facebook? Well yes, we surely can! There is a proper methodology to making money online and we will tell the exact working method on how to make money with facebook.


With the billions of active users, Facebook is surely the world’s largest social networking websites. There are many other websites but if you ask the internet marketers, online vendors, bloggers and those who earn basically through the internet about their biggest medium of exposure, their answer would be no other than ‘Facebook’.

With the large audience, Facebook has surely brought up new earning sources. If you are completely unaware of how does Facebook make money, this tutorial will guide you through it! Do you know, you can also make money on Amazon. Yes, you read that right. Here is how to make money on Amazon.

How To Make Money On Facebook:

How to get paid on facebook is one of the widely searched terms over the internet, and that’s the main reason for us to bringing out this guide. This guide is designed exclusively for those, who spent lots of their time on their laptops surfing facebook.

If you been wasting lots of your time on facebook and don’t know how to use this powerful tool to bring you some extra cash, here’s how to do that. I can assure you about the relevancy of the guide! Now I don’t find any reason for the further delay, shall we start our guide??

1. Create an Attractive Profile:

Now you might wonder about the connection between making money and an appealing facebook profile. Well, that’s why we are here. We bring out unusual and legit facts and information just to help you out and help you stand in the competition!

Anyway, creating an attractive facebook profile with a professional looking picture, a decent cover and an obviously a great About attract people towards you. That’s a great way to expand your business and do some branding. Like LinkedIn, facebook can also help you get some business.

Your ‘about’ section should show all your skills, current job, and your past business profile in a very legit manner. Now if someone visit your profile and they get to know about your skills, current and past job profile and if they find them appropriate for their job, they can contact you! So this is how facebook can gain you business and money.

But it’s very important that you maintain your facebook appearance nicely and post great and compelling contents, only creating a good profile is not sufficient.

2. Set up an appealing business page:

If you own a business, creating facebook page is a must for you. The facebook page gives exposure to your business and helps you gain the new customers. We all know that facebook has billions of active users. Creating a business page give your product or service an exposure in front of a large audience.

Through facebook, you can make people know about your services, products, their benefits and off course new offers running on them, hence, more customers, more business, and more money.

Besides that, facebook pages help you interact with your customers, create more trust base and helps you know your customers and their interests better. In result, you can enhance your services and expand your business.

If you have created a trust base, you can use it later to sell your product with a link to it in the posts. You can also create a Youtube channel and through it you can bag up extra money. Here is how to make money on Youtube.

3. Build connections:

If used properly, facebook can help you build more connections and expand your business. Due to the big audience base almost every business, entrepreneur, online marketer, and online vendors seek a great business opportunity on facebook.


All of them wants to explore their business and business can’t be done alone. If you manage to create influentials appearance on facebook, no doubt you can build connections with the like-minded people. Hence more business opportunities and more money!

But the important point is your appearance. It all depends on how you portray yourself!

4. Brand Yourself and gain exposure:

Like I said, facebook lets you connect with the largest public in the world. There is no other medium which can give you exposure in front of that big audience. For instance, if you are a singer, you can use facebook as a promotional platform and it gives you exposure in front of the world.

If some music composer found your voice appropriate, he can contact you and offer you an opportunity to sing for them. That’s how facebook helps people in branding and helps you gain exposure, thus, you can make some great money on facebook.


5. Sell goods through facebook ads:

Facebook not only gives you exposure to the large audience but it also helps you make money by flashing ads. However, this feature of facebook is not free but in order to make money, we have to spend some money.

Various Affiliate marketers and e-commerce websites are using facebook ads to sells their goods and services to the targeted audience and making huge money. If you are serious about making money on facebook, learn to use facebook ads, it is a vast topic and we can’t discuss it in here. But we can assure you making money through facebook ads is not that tough, many bloggers, and affiliate marketers are using it thoroughly.

So this is how Facebook makes money to us!

If you have gone through the complete guide, I’m pretty assured about your learnings on How to make money on facebook. Perhaps, making money on facebook is not one of the easiest tasks but it’s not impossible either. You can also make money from Apps. There are a lot of apps that offers you real money.  Here is how to make money with Apps.

With little efforts and some intelligence, we can make real money on facebook and the amount of your income completely depends on your level of efforts and your smartness of executing the above-mentioned points.

I would love to know your take on money-making aspect of Facebook and your best ways for the same. Do share this guide on your social media accounts in order to help your friends earn some extra cash!

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How to Solve Facebook Login Problems?



How to Solve Facebook Login Problems

Facebook the giant social media network. It also helps you to reach possible know friends. In fact, there are many ways to stay connected with your Facebook friends, using Facebook messenger is one.

Facebook let users connect with colleges, family, and other users who share the same interests.  If one of your friends has recently joined Facebook, you can suggest friends to them. Peoples around the world use Facebook to enrich their social experience; some use it to make money and promote their business.

Facebook homepage login page is simple, in the header area of the page, you’ll have to enter your email and password.


If your can’t login to Facebook, maybe something goes wrong. In this post, you’ll learn how to solve Facebook login problems.

Like another social website, on Facebook, there is a number of reason cause a login failure or error. Some of them are due to the wrong credential, and other may occur due to another reason. We divided this post into several segments going through all possible problems and their solutions.

How to solve facebook login problems

First, let’s address the most common Facebook login problems. And after that, we will discuss more problems with facebook.

  1. Wrong password and username
  2. Invalid email

Wrong password or username/email

Sometimes you can’t login to facebook when your typed password is not correct; a possibility is you made a typo or spelling error. If that happens, you should try again and this time, type each character of your password carefully. Also, facebook’s password is case sensitive so you might need to check if your keyboard’s caps lock button is on.

Just in case you forgot your password, click on the ‘Forgotten account’ and follow the instruction to reset your account’s password. If your account is not hacked, Facebook will send password reset code on your email address or your phone number.

You can also click on the link inside the email to reset your password. Then you need to set a new password and after you can login to your Facebook account.


Email/Username/Phone: Keep in mind that you can use email or username, they work same in logging into your Facebook account. If you are trying to log in with an email and getting errors, you can choose your username instead of email address.

You can forget email easily, but you can always check your username with the help of your any friend who is your friend on Facebook. To know your username ask your friend to log into their account and find your profile. Now look in the address bar it should be something ‘facebook.com/USERNAME’ the Username is your Facebook profile’s username.

Just like that if you added your phone number in past, you should be able to login with your phone numbers. You need to enter you already added a phone number in the Email or Phone field.

TIP: In Email field you can also use your username or your registered phone number.


You can also visit the official login help page f0r more information. If that didn’t help, click the ‘Forgotten account’ link and follow the instructions as prompted.

Sometimes if your browser is opening facebook sign in page again, you might want to clear browsers cache and cookies.

Facebook’s Login Page is not opening

At your end, if Facebook login page is not loading which means either your internet connection is slow, or there is a mess with your cookies settings. Make sure you turned on the cookies in your browser settings. If you are using Google Chrome, you must update it to the latest version.

This is another one of the most common problems in which Facebook login page failed to load. In this case, there should be a problem with your cookies. If you are facing this problem, then do take reference of Facebook help section.

Another thing if your login page is not loading and you see a message saying something went wrong, in that case, you need to check other social media, because Facebook sometimes goes down for the maintenance but that happens rarely. You can also search these terms in google to check if Facebook is down ‘Facebook problems today, or Facebook issues today because top news websites cover such news instantly.

Facebook Phishing:


If you clicked a link someone sent and that page seemed similar to facebook’s login page, and unfortunately you entered your login credentials, your account might be hacked. Someone also changed your primary email as well as password. At that case, you might need to recover your account. Click here to start the process.

Even if you believe if you facebook account, is not hacked, here are some tips you should consider these tips to avoid further hack attempts.

  • Never follow a link someone sent you and asked you to sign in with your Facebook details.
  • Don’t circulate your login credentials. Even if you can trust the second person, you can’t trust the third person.
  • Change you facebook account password in a month or two and try to make it complete by adding special characters and space. Example Facebook password: ‘MyPa55word#isnotsimple’.
  • If you are on various social media platform, you might want to use different passwords and to remember that you can use password tools such as LastPass.

Just like that if you are creating a new account you might face some facebook sign up problems, that time you might need to check for the error text. Sometimes it is because the name you entered is not allowed by Facebook, and if your email is already used in another account, you can’t use the same email to sign up.


This guide has been published to solve all your queries about How to solve facebook login problems and we hope it will solve all the basis Facebook login problems. If they don’t work there is a something more serious situation with your account.

But in most cases when you try to recover your account, you might need government documentation for your identity proof. In some cases, you won’t be able to get back your account if you were using a false name or you didn’t follow the Facebook terms and conditions.

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How to Set Facebook Featured Image?



Facebook is the largest Social Media platform on this planet today, isn’t it? Of course, there are enough reasons for it being so. And the reason is, it’s a constant update of advanced features! And one such feature which I’ll be discussing in this piece is “How to set Facebook featured image.” See this if you wanted to change the Profile Picture on Facebook.

But hey, before that let’s take a look at what’s pushing Facebook to the edge of dominance in this industry, I mean I’m pretty sure this isn’t the only update that’s responsible for the wild popularity of the Social Network, right?

So hey let’s take a look at…

How to Set Facebook Featured Image:-

Like most Facebook features, this one’s got an extremely easy how-to-do process too!

Login to your Facebook profile, and head to your Profile section by clicking on the your name on the top left corner to reach your Facebook profile page. If you are facing any problem while login to Facebook account, you can easily solve login issue on Facebook.


Over there, you’d see a neat section saying “Add featured image,” click on it.


A popup would come up, click on the [+] button to add photos to your featured section from the album.


Navigate to your Photos>See more so as to expand the album section.


Now just click on 5 photos (that’s the maximum number you can select for featured images), and click on save.


Done! You just successfully set your Facebook featured image.

Benefits of using Facebook Featured image:-

Well, it totally depends on your creativity, but there clearly are certain benefits.

  • Promotions: – You can set the pictures to your brand/company logo. Something that clearly tells your profile visitors what you’re all about.
  • You can use a quotation, in a “collage” format to go out with style.
  • Or hey, you could use it to show off a video about yourself!  I mean that clearly works better than pictures huh?

Other Useful Facebook Tricks:-

So hey that gives your Facebook profile a new “cool” doesn’t it? What if I tell you I’ve got a whole library of those “make my profile cool” tricks?

Yeah, let me share some of them with you.

Update Facebook, Without Facebook: – It’s important to keep your Facebook profile updated, so that people don’t forget about you and you keep seeing that engagement number scrolling.

But then again hitting up Facebook every time “just for a second to update the status” seems to end up in hours of chats and useless comments don’t it?

So well PostCron is one such thing which kind of “automates” your Facebook update process!

Automate Messages:-

We all have friends, and our friends have birthdays don’t they? But then again no matter how close that friend is, waiting till 12 AM to wish them happy birthdays isn’t my kind of thing.

Or hey there might be some kind of message that just needs to be delivered at one specific time, not before it, not after it but just at a given time.

Now, you might be offline at the moment, or you might be busy, or you might forget about sending it, right? I know I do.

So these are some of the cases when we could really use some kind of genie who would automatically send our messages wherever we want them, whenever we want, automatically, right?

Sendible is one such genie. What it does is, it lets you schedule messages. Those messages get delivered exactly when you set them to!

Change Facebook Profile into Facebook Page:-

This trick is one of the most popular ones as of today.

This is what Mark Zuckerburg himself did to his profile so you might have noticed that he doesn’t have a Facebook profile now, just a page.

So in order to convert your Facebook Profile into page, head over to the Migration Center. 


Then click on the Get Started button! This will automatically create a page with your Name and you can start using that.

Final Words:-

Facebook keeps updating itself with fascinating features, in fact I’ve seen people use the Profile picture+cover combination in extremely creative ways! Well yeah, so it all comes down to creativity.

I mean you could use the featured image section for any number of ideas you want! Just keep playing with your creativity and you’d be surprised with what you can find.

Looking to change Relationship status on Facebook, here is how you can change relationship status on Facebook.

So yeah that was it, folks, that’s what I had on How to set Facebook featured image! If you get some creative ideas, do let me know using the comment box.

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Google Plus

How to Use Google Plus for Business?



Once a wise man has rightly said: “If your business isn’t on the internet then your business is not a business.” Since we live in an internet-infused era, so, it becomes primarily important to have an online presence and what’s better than having a fan following of your business on social media platforms.


So, in this article, we will tell you how to use Google plus for business? Or How to get your business on Google? 

How to use Google Plus for business?


Before telling you about how to use Google plus for business, we will be getting deep into why you should use Google Plus for your business. It is because of the following reasons:

1) Though, it falls under the category of social media platforms. Google plus is somewhat different from Facebook or Twitter. Like all other platforms, you can not only share your things with others, but Google Plus has its perks. It hands over more customization tools to the users.

As it is self-explanatory that Google Plus is backed up by one of the most dominant tech giant Alphabet. This also becomes one of the prominent reasons for using Google Plus for your business.

2) Since Google Plus is the product of the parent organization of Google. So, it has been seen that Google Plus posts are indexed quickly than any other similar platforms. This ultimately means more search engine visibility and hence more organic traffic.

This serves well regarding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and is quite beneficial for businesses that are looking to expand their wings online.

This is one of the strongest reasons for using Google Plus for your business.

3)  With Google plus communities, you can connect with like-minded people or entities which can relate to your business. This serves as a great opportunity for networking and growing the user base.

This is why making use of the Google plus community feature for your business is a must say from our side.


4) It’s free of cost. Other than the internet connectivity cost, you won’t have to spend any single penny on it. Google do not charge even a single rupee for such great features. Google Plus reviews can help you a lot if you want to make your business a brand.

Apart from this, Google Plus allows you to add authorship to your content which ultimately helps you to brand yourself. This is good for such businesses that are also looking for personal branding as well.

After going through the reasons why we should choose Google plus for business, we will now move on to our main matter of concern that is how to use Google plus for business?

There are numerous ways which will help you to use Google Plus for business. The one which is widely used is maintaining a Google Plus page for your business. So, we will first tell you how to make a Google Plus business page?

So, let’s get started:


Step #1: For the very first step, you need to log on to your Google Plus account using the corresponding credentials.

Once you are on your dashboard, then you now need to visit this page (https://plus.google.com/pages/create). This page will take you to a web page where you will be prompted to create a Google Plus page.

Now, you would love to move on to our next steps to move forward.

Step #2: Now, to create a Google Plus page, you first need to pick a category. The categories include Local businesses or place, Product or brand, Arts, entertainment or sports and others. Do, go for the one which best suits your business and proceed further.

Step #3: Once you are successfully done with the previous step then you will be asked to provide some necessary information about your business. The information may include the name and other necessary information which will be displayed.

Once done with this, you are all set to begin your journey with Google plus.

Now, you can communicate, build, share and grow your audience. You can share blog posts, links, photos, videos and texts on your Google plus page profile. You can also consider encouraging your audience to share your page or content on other circles which will maximize your reach. This will ultimately help you promote your business using Google plus.

Alternatively, if you want to take your business to the next level, then you can also consider using the Google plus hangout feature. Using this feature, you can communicate with your audience through the means of video broadcasting and chat. It will certainly help you to reach out your audience to a great extent.

[Additional Information]: Tips to make the most out of Google Plus.


If you are a budding yet small business and want to make the most out of Google Plus, then you cannot afford to miss this section. Read till the end and implement the tips. I bet you won’t regret:

1) Post excellent content: The most valuable asset in this internet industry is content. Just imagine the things without content.  Everything seems to be hollow or to be more precise empty. So, make sure to provide value to your audience and overwhelm them with masterpieces. Give them what they are looking for.

2) Visuals: Pay utmost heed to the visual section. It is seen that visuals convert better than anything.

3) Be consistent: Don’t let your audience wait. Be in conformity with the information and this will take you to great heights.

4) Share and grow you audience: Share your content among similar communities and also grow your audience. Always consider putting a +1 button on your website. This will help your user to share your content and give it a Google plus vote. Engage your audience and surround them with the content which they are looking for.

So, this was all about “How to use Google Plus for business?” We hope that after going through this article, you will be able to scale up your business to greater heights.

Do you like this article, if yes then do not forget to share the link amongst your peers?

Thank yours for passing by and giving it an enjoyable read. Stay tuned and keep visiting.

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How to Unfollow Someone on Facebook?



How to See Who Looks at Your Facebook Profile?

Feeling agitated with the annoying notifications from the profile you follow? Or have you accidentally followed some profiles and now you want to unfollow them.

Whatever be the reason behind, if you want to get rid of the annoying and irritating profiles, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will tell you about the measures using which you can get rid of such profiles. One method is to unfriend the profile, this way you will no longer be friend with him or her.

If you don’t want to go this way, then you can certainly go for unfollowing the profile. If someone is getting really annoying, you can report the person to Facebook. Here is how to Report someone on Facebook.


So, an obvious question arises that how to unfollow someone on Facebook?

In this article, we will tell you about Facebook unfollow. So, let’s get started:

How to unfollow someone on Facebook?

To Unfollow on Facebook is not a daunting task. All that you need is to follow merely three steps, and you are done with it.

Step #1: Launch your Facebook dashboard by logging to your Facebook account using similar credentials. Once you are done with this, then you can proceed with the next steps.

Step #2: Now, go to the profile which you want to unfollow. Once you are with the profile on your screen, then navigate to the following tab. Once you have found it, then hover over it. This will open a drop down menu for you from which you need to select “Unfollow name” where the name is replaced by the profile which you have selected.

Clicking on it will instantly unfollow the profile and this way you will no longer be able to see the posts, photos shared by the profile.

If you think that what happens when you unfollow someone in Facebook then be assured that Facebook does not send any notification that you have unfollowed a profile. You can also delete the notifications. See this blog post telling you how to Delete Notifications on Facebook.

Additionally, if you are friends with the person, and you unfollow the profile, then unfollowing doesn’t mean that you will no longer be friends with him or her. This will not have any action over the friends section. You will remain in the friends list.

Also, if you want to follow the profile again, then you can easily do so by clicking on the follow button by visiting the corresponding profile. So, revert your action anytime.

[Additional Information]: How to block someone on Facebook?


Since you asked how to unfollow someone on Facebook, then you might also be interested in how to block someone on Facebook? This way you won’t be getting any notifications, status updates or photo updates from the profile.

Method 1.

Step #1: Log in to your Facebook account and navigate to the padlock icon which is positioned on the top navigation panel. Once you have found it then, you are required to click on it.

This will open a drop-down menu for you from which you are supposed to click on “How do I stop someone from bothering me?”

Step #2: The previous activity will result in another menu where you will be provided with some textual information about how the blocking system of Facebook works.

Just beneath the information, you will be seeing a field where you are supposed to enter the name of the person whom you want to block.
So, enter the name of the person and click on the block button next to it.

Step #3: Clicking on the block button in the previous step will result in another pop-up window where you will be provided with a list of which matches with your query.

Now, navigate to the desired one and hit the “block” button next to his/her name.

Step #4: Now, you are just one step away from blocking the concerned person. All that you require is to click on the “Block” button which appears in the subsequent pop-up window.

Additionally, the pop-up window will provide you with detailed information about what does it mean to block someone on Facebook. So, do give it a read in order to understand the concept and consequences of the same.

You need to complete this step in order to block the person. The moment you have completed this step, the person will get blocked instantly, and this is exactly what you require.

Method 2.


If you are finding some problem while executing the steps mentioned in the previous method, then this method is worth giving a try.

Step #1: It is the most obvious and easy step in this entire method. All that you require is to log in to your Facebook account using appropriate credentials and proceed for the next steps.

Step #2: Now, you are required to go the profile that you want to block.

Step #3: Now, once you are on the desired profile then you are supposed to locate for the “…” button. For the ease of convenience let us tell you that it is usually positioned at the top right corner of the page (somewhere ate the cover photo of the profile).

Step #4: Clicking on the “…” button will result in a menu from which you are required to click on “Block” option. This will result in a pop-up window that will prompt you to confirm your action. Additionally, you will also be equipped with the information that what will happen if you block someone on Facebook.


Just click on confirm in order to finalize the process and this way you can easily block someone on Facebook.

Additionally, if you are friends with the person then blocking him/her will automatically unfriend that profile. So, keep this in mind and take appropriate actions. If you are new to Facebook, you should add some good friends on your profile. Here is how to find friends on Facebook.

So, this was all about how to unfollow someone on Facebook. We hope that this article on “How to unfollow on Facebook” have ended your quest regarding the same.

If you are still left with any kind of query, then feel free to reach us through any convenient means.

How do you unfollow someone on Facebook? If you are aware of any other methods,  then do let us know through the comments section. Your addition is highly appreciated.

Stay tuned. Hopefully, you have learned what happens when you unfollow someone on Facebook!

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