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How to Deactivate Snapchat Account




I think you don’t need an introduction to Snapchat, one of the popular social media apps today. As it focuses on both videos and photos, you can’t have a web version.

If you are a Snapchat user and thinking to end your snap life, you have landed at the right spot. Today, I am going to share how to deactivate the Snapchat account.

How to Deactivate Snapchat Account?

Before going deep into the Snapchat delete section, I am going to share some insights about the same. You can skip this section anytime to find out how you can deactivate Snapchat.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app available for both Android and iOS. The rumors say that a Windows phone version is under development.

Quite a few popular social media messaging apps are already here, competing with each other. Then, why you need to use Snapchat? A natural question everyone new to Snapchat asks.

Let me tell you, the idea of Snapchat is unique. Not a single one of those popular apps can do what Snapchat does.

You can share a photo or short video with your friends on Snapchat. The thing is it gets self-destructed after 10 seconds. Interesting, isn’t it?

If you want to have a media with a longer lifespan, you can make use of Snapchat stories feature. It will make your pic or video live for 24 hours.

Snapchat has a bunch of filters to add charm to your pictures. You can also have a live stream section both with your followers and the public as well.

A recent survey done this year revealed that Snapchat gets more than 1 billion video views a day. Being started in 2011, it has achieved a lot in just five years.

The guys behind Snapchat are so confident about their future that they denied a $3 billion deal from Facebook lately. The social media giant (FB) launched a similar app called Slingshot after the denial, but it didn’t work out as expected and failed miserably.

So, now we can get on to the awaited section; how to delete the Snapchat account.

How to Delete Snapchat Your Account?

If you think you are done with Snapchat, you can follow this tutorial to delete completely the account. Follow the steps given below carefully.

Step 1: You have to log out from your Snapchat account on your phone app. Why? Because you can’t delete Snapchat using the app.

Step 2: Now, you click here to go to the account deletion page. You can visit this both from your mobile and desktop browsers as well.

Step 3: You will be redirected to a new page here where you need to input your Snapchat credentials. Check out the image given below to have an idea of this page.

Here two fields need to be filled- username and password. Also, tick that checkbox to ensure you are a human.

Click login to proceed to the next step.


Step 4: As a security measure, you will be asked to enter your Snapchat password again.

Step 5: Finally hit the Delete Account button to finish the process.

Hey, it’s over. Wasn’t it easy?

Make sure that your account has been completely removed by logging out from the current screen and trying to log in again. If everything goes well, you can’t log in to Snapchat using the same credentials.

How to Deactivate Snapchat Account Temporarily?

Are you looking for a way to delete your Snapchat account temporarily?

Well, there is no particular option to delete Snapchat account temporarily but when you deactivate your account as mentioned above, your account will be deactivated for 30 days. That means, after 30 days, your Snapchat account would be deleted permanently.


So, if you don’t want to lose your Snapchat account permanently, make sure you log in your Snapchat account before the 30th day otherwise, it will be permanently get deleted.

Do You Want to Change Your Username?

Oh, don’t you want to delete your account? Then, you can change your username. The following are the steps you need to take in order to change your Snapchat username.

Step 1: Open Snapchat app from your phone. (If your phone contains a lot of apps, make sure to check carefully before you scream that someone has deleted my Snapchat account).

Step 2: Go to Settings by tapping the gear icon given on the top- right portion of the screen. This is the first thing we need to do in order to change any setting of Snapchat.

Step 3: Send your eyes down below to spot the Log out option. You have to log out from the original account to change the username.


Step 4: Most probably, you get a Login form with the Sign-up button now. Tap Sign up.

Step 5: Create a new account by filling up the details as you do it the first time. As you are already familiar with the environment, it won’t take much time.

Step 6: Now, we have to add our friends. Select Add Friends option and then Add from Facebook. Tap continue to show a screen to ask whether you like the app to access the address book or not.

Tap Ok to allow the Snapchat app to use your address book.

Step 7: You can see all the contacts with a Snapchat account. Add as many friends as you want.

How to add those who are not in your address book and were friends on your old account?

Step 8: Just log out from the new account and login to the old one. Tap on the Snapchat icon on the top of the screen.

Step 9: Again tap on My Friends. You will be provided with a list of your friends. Choose any one to get their username. Make a list of usernames whom you want to add.

Step 10: Log out from the old account and then, log back into the new one. Follow Add friends > Add by username. And, keep adding each one manually.

That’s all.


I hope you now know how to delete the Snapchat account and how to change the username as well.

Feel free to ask if you have any doubt.

Rahul is a freelance writer and blogger from India. He is an avid reader who finds immense pleasure in creating cool pieces of content. He read blogs like Quick Way To Make Money, and gets inspired to work hard and lead a successful lifestyle.

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How to Delete a YouTube Account



As you all know YouTube has become very popular in the present era. YouTube a video sharing site, has integrated into our lives, lets you broadcast videos of yourself, create a playlist, allows you to watch various kinds of videos and allows you to share them with your friends.

By having a YouTube account, you can like, dislike, subscribe, and comment on the YouTube videos, and add videos to your playlist. However, there may be some instances where you wish to learn How to delete a YouTube account.

After deleting the old channel, if you are looking to create a new Youtube channel, here is how to make Youtube Channel.
Note: The following steps will only delete your YouTube account; your Google Plus, Gmail, Google Drive, etc. will not be affected by this.


How to Delete a Youtube Account – How to Delete a YouTube Channel


Step 1: First of all, sign in to your YouTube channel that you wish to delete. Logging in to your YouTube channel is very straightforward, just like you sign in to various social networking hubs – enter the active email ID and password and then click on the sign in button
Step 2: After you have successfully logged into your YouTube account, you need to navigate to the concerned channel’s (which you wish to delete) dashboard. You will be able to find the “My Channel” option on the top left side of your screen, below the “Home” section.
Step 3: This will open up your YouTube channel and the list of all the videos, that you have uploaded via this channel will be displayed here. Now on the top right corner, you will find a gear icon i.e. settings (straight opposite to your channel’s display name.) Click on this icon.
Step 4: After clicking this, a new pop-up window appears on the screen. In the bottom, you will find “Advanced Settings” option. Just click on this option.
Step 5: In the bottom you will find “Delete Channel” option. That’s it! Your entire YouTube channel gets deleted once you click this button, so think at least twice before you click it.


Step 6: If other details too are asked like – the reason for leaving YouTube, then you need to answer it. You may have to enter your sign in details, like password, in order to confirm that you wish to delete permanently the channel and its contents.

Note: By doing this, you will lose all your subscribers, subscribed channels, videos, likes, comments, playlists, etc.

How to delete YouTube channel – Method 2

This method of deleting a YouTube channel is actually a bit advanced and less time consuming as compared to the previous one.
Step 1: Go to www.youtube.com, click on “Sign in” on the top right corner in order to sign in to your YouTube account.
Step 2: Enter the concerned Email ID and password, of the channel you wish to delete.
Step 3: Now go to www.youtube.com/account_advanced. This link will directly take you to the page where you can remove your channel.
Step 4: On the bottom of your screen, you will find “Delete channel” option. Simply click on it.
Step 5: The reason for leaving YouTube may be asked, proceed to enter your reason.
Step 6: Also, enter your password and click on “Delete my account” button.

How to Delete a YouTube account – How to Delete Youtube Videos


Sometimes, instead of removing the whole YouTube channel, you can actually learn how to delete videos on YouTube. YouTube also gives you the option to keep your videos private or make them visible only to the people who have the link. Here are the few easy steps to learn how to delete a YouTube video
Step 1: Alike the above-mentioned steps, simply sign in to your YouTube account from the official website.
Step 2: Enter your Email ID and Password and click ‘’Sign in’’. If you have already signed in, your username will be displayed on the top right corner of the screen.
Step 3: Now on the top left corner of your desktop, you will find an option namely “my channel” just below the home button.
Step 4: Click on my channel button, and on the top right you will find the “video manager” option. Video Manager also allows you to Edit Youtube videos.
Step 5: Now, this will show you the complete list of all the videos you have posted, along with the dates.
Step 6: Now select the video(s) that you wish to delete.
Step 7: In order to select the video, click on the box on the left, you need to place a checkmark, to choose the video.
Step 8: Subsequently, you will also find the “actions” option on top.
Step 9: when you click on actions you will find a scroll down menu, with various options to change your video settings, such as, public, private or unlisted. According to your preference, you can make a certain video private or public, or unlisted (only people with the link can be able to watch the video). However, below you will find the “delete” option.
Step 10: Click on delete option. If you choose this, you will be asked again, if you are sure to proceed. Continue by clicking OK.

Step 11: Now click on “yes delete
And that’s how to delete YouTube video, from your channel.

How to Delete a YouTube video in Android

Step 1: Sign in to your YouTube account either through your browser or the official app. However, the app is always recommended for better performance and experience.

Step 2: Now click on the “account” option. Regardless of the platform, this option is usually found at the top right corner of your smartphone’s screen.

Step 3: Now, since we are going to delete videos, it’s time to select the “my videos” option.

Step 4: Now go to and select the concerned videos that you wish to delete.

Step 5: To the side of each video, there would be three vertical dots. Tap on them and a menu will appear – tap “Delete

If during watching Youtube videos, Youtube is asking to verify age, here is how to watch Age Restricted Videos on Youtube.

Final Words

Have you ever owned a YouTube channel and wanted to delete the entire channel or any videos, but did not find the appropriate hub to learn the process? Well, then your hunt to get to delete YouTube stuff ends here.

The above-mentioned methods are all the exclusive means to delete YouTube video(s) and channel(s) from any PC or laptop regardless of the OS.

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How To Delete Tumblr Account



How to delete tumblr account

Tumblr is not just a website; it is more than that. Tumblr is quite a famous name in the blogosphere and has a wide horizon regarding its usability much because of its outstanding features.
It bridges the gap between social media platforms and blogs. It is a complete combo pack for an online presence. But situations may arise that you may want to delete you Tumblr account. In this article, we will show you how to delete Tumblr account in easy and simple steps. So, let’s get started:

Some fast facts about Tumblr are as follows:

1: David Karp founded Tumblr on February 2007. As far as the statistics are concerned, it is stated that Tumblr hosts over 272.4 million blogs with over 127 billion posts and three hundred and sixty-three employees as of January 1, 2016. Moreover, it has over five hundred and fifty-five million monthly visitors.

2: Headquarter of the company resides in New York City. Yahoo! acquired Tumblr on June 20, 2013, for a whopping sum of approximately $ 1.1 billion. Tumblr users were not happy with the news that Yahoo is going to acquire Tumblr. They even started a petition with nearly 170,000 signatures.

The development of Tumblr was started in 2006. Within two weeks of its inception, Tumblr had gained seventy-five thousand users.

3: The era of paid advertising in Tumblr started in early June 2012 with its first-ever advertising client as “Adidas”.  Two months after the launch of the advertising campaign with Adidas, Tumblr announced that the company will proceed further with paid advertising on the website.

4: Till now, Tumblr has raised over one twenty-five million dollars as funding.  The primary monetization method for Tumblr is advertising. It also generates revenue by selling Tumble blog themes to the users.

5: Tumblr is used by celebrities like Lady Gaga, John Mayer and others.

How to Delete Tumblr Account?

Step #1: If you want to delete your Tumblr account, then simply click on this link.

Step #2: Enter your E-mail Id with which you have been registered as a user in Tumblr along with the corresponding password. Once you are done with the input, then click on Delete everything button.
Remember, the word of caution says that deleting your Tumblr account means that you will lose each and every bit of the data which is associated with your Tumblr account. This includes usernames, themes, photos, messages, likes and everything which you have ever shared or posted.

Step #3: After a while, you will be logged out, and your account will get deleted for forever.

How to Delete your Tumblr Blog?


In this section, we will tell you how to delete a blog on Tumblr ?
Single member blog can be deleted straight away but a group blog cannot be removed easily. In order to do so, each and every single member of the blog must leave the group blog by selecting “Leave This Blog ” from the members menu on the account dashboard.

Step #1: Log in to your Tumblr account.

Step #2: Click on the account settings icon which looks very similar to a gear and select the blog which you want to delete. The list of your blogs will be displayed on the left side of the page.

In order to delete your secondary Tumblr blogs all by you, remember one thing that the secondary blog must not have any other administrators. If it has, it won’t get deleted. It will simply be unlinked with your Tumblr account. Moreover, deleting your primary blog is equivalent to deleting your Tumblr account.

Step #3: Once you are done with the Step #2, a web page will follow up. In the web page, scroll to the bottom of the page.

You will see two buttons as “Delete This Blog” and “Delete Account”. The first button corresponds to the secondary blogs and clicking on this button will delete the selected secondary blog while the other button will have a name as “Delete Account” and by clicking on this button, you will end up with a deleted Tumblr account along with all of your blogs.


[Additional Information]

#1: Consider deleting or editing your publicly visible text or images manually before you delete your Tumblr account because very often they are not deleted even when you are successful in deleting your Tumblr account completely. You can also consider contacting Tumblr professionals for the same.

#2: During the time of signup, if you’ve signed up to Tumblr via third party login services like Facebook, Twitter or any other, then you would probably want to rescind all access from Tumblr. We will show you how you can do this in easy steps:

Step #1: Log in to your Facebook account.

Step #2: Click on this link.

Step #3: In the “Apps you use” section, navigate for something that corresponds to Tumblr and click on the cross next to it.

Step #4: Click on “Remove” to confirm the process.

Step #1: Log in to your Twitter account.

Step #2: Click on this link.

Step #3: Locate for Tumblr in the applications list.

Step #4: Click on “Revoke Access” button and yeah! You are done with it.

#3: It is not the case that once you delete your Tumblr account, you won’t be able to get back to Tumblr ever again. Once you have deleted your Tumblr account, you can use your previous E-mail address and even the username in order to register a new account. Be assured that the data from the previous account would not be carried over to the new account. It will be all fresh.

Final Words.

This marks the end of this article on “How to delete Tumblr account ?”. We hope that this article has helped you in your quest about the deletion of Tumblr account. If it has helped you in any way, then do spread the words by giving it social flares and sharing it with your peers.

Moreover, if you are left with any kind of feedback or query, then do let us know by dropping a line in the comments section right below. We would love to hear from you.
Thank you for passing by and giving it a read.

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How to Change Snapchat Password




Snapchat is an app through which we can send photos to our friends, and it doesn’t matter how crazy, goofy we look because the photos get deleted automatically after 24 hours. If you are new to Snapchat, start adding people. Here is how to Find friends on Snapchat. Once you found the people, you can add people on Snapchat.

Snapchat now even has chatting and other features, and it keeps on getting better and better with each update. It is up to you, whom you want to send your picture, to one friend, to a few or to everyone, you don’t have to send the photo again and again separately.

Moreover, you have good filters, you can even draw on photos as well as add text to the photos, you can save the photos you want in your gallery, it is just a great, fun app to have on your phone.


Now let it be any kind of social media, no one wants to be hacked and to avoid that, the best way would be to change passwords frequently. So for that, we need to know how to change the Snapchat password for our phones, tablets, etc. You can also change the username of Snapchat.

Here are the steps to learn how to change Snapchat password
You can use the Snapchat password reset page to recover your password or to simply change the existing password.
If you want to just change your current password then you need your log in information as well as your old password.
If you do not have these things then what you need is your email id that you had used when you initially registered with the service, and you need to be able to access this email account if you want to be able to reset your password.

This is important because as you cannot remember your current password, to reset it, Snapchat will send the reset link to you through this email id.
Note: You will not be able to reset your password if you are unable to have access to this email id.
We will show you both methods

#1 If you remember your current password

#2 If you have of your Snapchat forgot password

How to Change Your Snapchat Password – Using the Current Password

Step1 – Locate the Snapchat app on your smartphone.
Step 2 – Click on the app
Step 3 – When you open the app, just log in to your account.
Step 4 – Go to the camera part in the app, through which you can click photos.
Step 5 – You will see in the middle at the top there is a ghost like option. Click on that option and then you will see that on the upper right-hand corner there is a settings option. Click on that option.

Step 6 – Now you just have to scroll downwards, and you will see the option of ‘Password’. Click on it. You will have to enter your current password.

Step 7 – After that you need to now choose a new password to be able to change it. For better security, choose a password with minimum 8 characters and try to think of something that is not linked to you to avoid your account from being easily hacked.

Tip: Do not choose something like your own name or your parents’ or your children’s name, something not so common. Things like ‘Password’ ‘iloveyou’, etc. can be guessed quite easily. Choose such a password that is quite random yet something you will not forget quickly.

People should not be able to easily connect the password to you, that is what should be considered while choosing a password.

Step 9 – Enter this new password and then re-enter the same thing for confirmation of the password.

And your work is done! Now you know how to change Snapchat password for our phones, tablets, etc.

How to Change Snapchat Password, via the app – If You Don’t Know Current Password

Step1 – Locate the Snapchat app on your smartphone.
Step 2 – Click on the app
Step 3 – When you open the app, just log in to your account.
Step 4 – Go to the camera part in the app, through which you can click photos.
Step 5 – You will see in the middle at the top there is a ghost like option. Click on that option and then you will see that on the upper right-hand corner there is a settings option. Click on that option.
Step 6 – Now you just have to scroll downwards, and you will see the option of ‘Password’. Click on it.
Step 7 – You must have noticed that the first 6 steps are almost the same. Now this is where it gets different. Once you click on ‘Password’ the option to enter your current password will come, which you do not remember.

Just below the space to type the current password, you will see written in blue ‘Forgot your password?’ Click on it.

Step 8 – Snapchat app will redirect you to the site https://support.snapchat.com/password-reset-request.
Step 9 – Here you have to now write the email id that was initially associated with your account.
Step 10 – Tick the box next to which it is written ‘I’m not a robot’. A dialogue box will open up to verify if an actual human being is doing this or not. They will tell you to select the images with a specific object. And then click on ‘Verify’.

For example – Click on all the photos with trees in them.
Step 11 – Click on submit.
Now a reset link will be sent to this email of yours within a few minutes.
Step 12 – Open your email account and you will see an email from Snapchat with the reset link.
Click on this reset link.
Step 13 – Now here you can enter your new password. Choose wisely.
Step 14 – Re-enter the password for confirmation and click on change password.
And your work is done! Now you know how to change your password on Snapchat.

If you want to change your Snapchat password through your browser, you can easily reset Snapchat password in that way too.

Snapchat password forgot or not, you can just directly go to the site https://support.snapchat.com/password-reset-request through your browser and repeat all the methods from steps 9 to 14 and your password is changed!

If you are still facing any kind of problem, then you can contact Snapchat services by sending them a mail at support@snapchat.me.

Final Words

So these were the only two ethical and best ways to change or reset your Snapchat password. Keeping in mind the convenience(s) and preference(s) of the user, we have described both – the PC as well as App’s method. If you want a break from Snapchat and stuff, you can deactivate the Snapchat account but don’t deactivate the account for more than 30 days otherwise, you will lost your account, permanently.

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How to Change Language on Facebook



How to Downgrade iOS

Are you not comfortable with the default language to use Facebook in? If you are not then this article is for you. For ease and reach, Facebook has a support for 70+ languages, and you can certainly choose from those.

In this article, we will tell you how to change language on Facebook in easy and simple steps. If your language is not english, you can change your iOS keyboard to write text in your local language. Here is how to change keyboard in iOS.

How to Change Language on Facebook?


In order to widen its horizon across the globe, Facebook has a support of over 70+ languages which also includes translation facilities. You can choose either one of them whichever is comfortable for you.

Step #1: As the very first step, you need to log in to your Facebook account with the corresponding credentials. In order to do so, you will first have to visit www.facebook.com and then at the appropriate section which is the email or username and the password field, you are required to enter the corresponding credentials.

Once you have entered the mentioned, then all that you have to do is to click on the log in button or hit enter. This may redirect you to the home page. Once you have done the required, then you are all set to go to the next step.


Step #2: In this step, you are required to navigate for the down arrow like icon which is usually placed at the end of the navigation panel at the top right corner. Once you have found so, then you are required to click on it. This will open a contextual menu for you from which you have to select “Settings” option.

The recent activity will redirect you to the settings section, and if you have got so, then you can certainly proceed further and are just a few steps away from changing language on Facebook.

Step #3: The previous step will lead you to the settings section. In this step, you have to locate the language option which is usually positioned at the left pane of the webpage beneath the “Blocking” option. The moment you have found the “Language” option you are required to click on it.

This will open the “Language settings” section for you on the same web page.


Step #4: Once you are on the “Language settings” section, you are just a few steps away from changing the language on Facebook. This step requires clicking on the “Edit” option beside the “What language do you want to use Facebook in?” Clicking on the edit button will open a section for you from which you can select the desired language to use Facebook in.

In order to make this happen all that you require is to click on the down arrow which is positioned beneath the text “Show Facebook in this language.”  This will open a drop down menu with the language names from which you can select the desired language.

Additionally, you can also set the “News Feed Translation Preferences” like what languages do you want stories to be translated into? Or which languages do you understand? Or which languages do you not want automatically translated? You can edit your preferences as you want.

Step #5: Once you are all done with the above steps then all that you require is to click on “save changes” button. This may reload the web page as per your edit activities, and you may see the changes being applied to your Facebook account at the same time. You will notice the language changes, and this is exactly what you require.

[Additional Information] How to create a Facebook page?


Facebook pages are a great medium to reach a wider audience and to create a brand. Be it a personal brand or a business brand. It comforts all and is a great thing to go for an online presence.

You might want to know how to create a Facebook page then this section will make you dive deep into it. This section will make you aware of the steps required for making a Facebook page. So, let’s get started:

Step #1: You first need to log in to your Facebook account. If you do not have a Facebook account, then you will have to create one. By now, we assume that you have a Facebook account, and you have logged into that. If you have done so, then you are good to go to the next step.

Step #2: This step requires clicking on this link. in order to create a Facebook page. This will take you to a web page where you are required to provide some basic information about the Facebook page like category and related stuff. Once you are done with this, then you have to click on the “Get Started” button.

Step #3: After Step #2, you have to enter the description of the page and the unique URL which will serve as the unique address of your Facebook page. After this, clicking on the save info button will take you to another web page where you will have to upload the profile picture for your Facebook page. After saving this activity, you will be asked to enter details about the preferred audience base for your Facebook page.

All the steps so far in this step are optional as you can change those settings anytime later. So, you can also skip these steps.

Once you are done with all this, all that you have to do is to click on the save button, and this will create the Facebook page for you.

Now, we are on a verge to end this article on “How to change language on Facebook?” We believe that we made this article helpful enough to satisfy your curiosity and need about changing language on Facebook.

If you are getting annoyed with the irrelevant facebook notification, you can turn off the Facebook notification.

Moreover, if you have any other information or query regarding this topic then do tell us via comments. We would love to hear from you.

If this article has helped you in any way then, do not forget to share it among your social circles.
Thank you for crossing by and giving it a wonderful read.

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Google Plus

How to Create Google+ Pages for your Blog?



How to delete Google plus page

Google Plus is a great social media community to promote brands, products, and others. So, if you are having one of the assets and want to promote it via Google Plus then you are at the right place.

The reason why having a Google plus page for your brand is that Google plus is managed and owned by the search giant “Google” itself. It’s no surprise that you may get an added benefit in terms of search engine visibility.

So, in this article, we will tell you how to create a google+ brand page for your blog.

So. let’s get started:

How to create Google Plus pages for your blog?

Step #1: In this very first step of this method on how to create Google plus pages for your blog?, you will require logging into your Google Plus account.
For this, you need to visit www.plus.google.com. After this, you now need to navigate to the sign-in section which is positioned at the top right corner of the page and then enter the corresponding credentials which are basically your corresponding Google account details like email ID and the password.

Once you have entered the required, then all that you have to do in order to get into the Google plus dashboard is to hit sign in.

This will take you to the Google Plus dashboard. Once you have reached there then now you have to look forward to our next steps.

Step #2: Now, in this very step, you need to navigate to the “Create Page” option and once found, you need to click on it. After this, you will be prompted to select the business type.  Alternatively, you can also click on this link to directly jump to the create page.


Since you are creating a Google Plus page for your blog so, you are more likely to select “Brand” as the option.

Step #3: Due to the recent activity of yours in the previous step, you will be directed to a new webpage. The page would be titled as “Create your Google+ page”. On this page, you are required to enter your page name which will be your Blog name.

On the next tab, you will be prompted to enter your website address.

On the third most field, you will have to select the type of your page again. Obviously, you will have to select “Product or Brand” as the option.

Step #4: Now, all that you require doing is to click on the “Create Page” button. Hold on for a moment and you will be directed towards a new web page where you will have to provide some basic information about your brand and page.

On top of this, you will get a help tour pop up which will help you while filling up the information.

To enter the details, you will have to click on “Edit” and start filling out the details. You will be prompted to enter your email address, links, contact information and others. You will also have to enter the description about your page so that the visitors visiting your page will get to know more about your brand.

You will also have to upload the cover picture and the profile picture for your Google Plus page. However, at this point of time, this is optional, and you may change or upload it anytime in future.

For your ease and convenience, let me tell you that your cover photo must not have a dimension larger than 2120 x 1192 PX and not less than 480 x 270 PX. On the other hand, the profile picture should be of 250 x 250 PX.
Anything above or below the specified dimensions will be adjusted and compromised.

Since you are trying to establish your blog as a brand so, you must pay utmost attention to these sections as these will help you enhance your brand credibility. On top of that, one should not make his/her brand mundane so, try to pay heed to these sections.

Step #5: Once you are done with the mentioned then you are all set to share the posts with your audience.

This way, you can easily get to know “how to create a Google plus page for company?” or “how to create a google plus page for youtube“.

Now, we have compiled a list for you with which you can market your content on Google plus effectively.

Post relevant content on your page. It is because it is the sole thing which will bind the audience to your page.

2) Share images. As it is a proven thing that visuals convert better while bringing out the transaction. So, try to post relevant and appealing visual content on your page. Also, try to be consistent while sharing your content.

3) Start a Google plus community around the niche of your blog. This will also help you to connect with the fellow bloggers around your niche. This way you can form your own network. Remember that; your network is your net worth.

4) Write eye-catching titles. It is basically used to drive attention. However, it must not be obscene or should not offend anyone. Try to maintain the gap.

5) It is recommended to use hashtags as it will open new doors of reach. It will also allow the audience to find your content easily.

6) Interact with your audience. Make them feel that they are important. Always remember that your loyal audience is the soul of your Google Plus page. So, try to maintain healthy relationships with your audience. Reply to them. Solve their queries. Consider their suggestions.

So, this was all about “How to Create Google Plus Pages for your Blog“. We hope that after going through this article, you will easily be able to know how to create a Google Plus page for the organization.

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