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How to Compress Large Video Files Without Losing Quality?




Whether you are a video enthusiast or a YouTube marketer. You must have come across the large sizes of the videos.

So, have you ever thought that “How to compress a video file?” or What measures do you take in order to compress such video files?If you are aware of some methods, then it’s good for you. However, if you are not then this article will tell you how to compress a video? Here is an additional post explaining how to rotate a video.

So, let’s get started without wasting any time further:

How to compress a video?

Method 1: Using Handbrake.

Handbrake is one of the best tools for lossless compression of a video. I am stating this as one of the best video compression tools because I have personally used it and found it extremely helpful. So, if you are a YouTuber or a video marketer, then you should consider giving it a try as it will definitely add value to your video toolkit. Moreover, the fact that contributes to the characteristic features of this platform is that it is absolutely free of cost.

Step #1: As the very first step, you need to visit www.handbrake.fr and then download the Handbrake software from there. Once you have downloaded the file, then you now need to install it. The installation process may take a while to complete, but it won’t be long.


Once you are done with the installation and have the software installed on your system, then you are ready to go to the next steps.


If you are on Windows operating system then .net framework is necessarily required to install handbrake. Most of the systems have the .net framework installed but just in case if you don’t then you will encounter the following error dialog box. So, make sure to have either an active internet connection or .net framework installed.How-to-compress-a-video-file

Step #2:  Once you have installed handbrake on the system then you now need to launch it. After opening it, you will see the following window. On the window, you might be seeing plenty of options but for our purpose, we will need only a few of them.


Step #3: To select the file which you want to compress, you need to click on the source button. This will open a dialog box in the same window on which you are with a prompt to select the files or folder which contains the video to compress. You can compress more than one videos at a time.

Once you have selected the video, the dashboard will automatically fetch it.

Step #4: Now, you need to choose the destination to which you want to save the compressed file. For this, you will have to click on the “Destination” button and then select the desired location.

Step #5: Now, you need to head towards the “Output Settings” section. Make sure to select container field as “mp4” as it will help you get greater compression ratio. Also, make sure to give a check on the checkbox next to which “web optimized” is written.

After this, you can play with the size and resolution settings as per your requirements and knowledge.
Once you are done with all of the above then as the last step, all that you require is to click on the “Start” button to get started with the compression.

The handbrake system will take time as per the video size and can get access to your compressed video by getting into the destination folder which you’ve selected in step #4.
This way you can easily get losslessly compressed video. Moreover, you can send this kind of compresses lossless video via email. Here is how you can send videos via email.

Method 2: Using different settings.

One more effective way to compress a video without losing its quality is to export the video at various settings. Don’t you worry about the settings as I will be guiding you through the needful?

1) Consider compressing the video at 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 rather than the default 4:2:0.

2) Try increasing the bitrate to a considerable amount. Larger the bit rate is, clearer the video. For your ease of convenience, we are telling you the limits of resolutions along with corresponding bit rate.

Resolution: Bitrate

320×240: 200-384kbps

640×480: 768-1024kbps

1280×720(720p): 2048-3072kbps

1920×1080(1080p): 5120-8192kbps

3) If your software or services have a feature named as “lossless” then do consider it giving a shot.

4) Unless you are a pro at video editing, don’t play with the pixel resolution. It may ruin your entire thing.

5) Try reviewing your video after the final draft and look for those sections which can be compromised. Try cutting down the unwanted parts as it will naturally lead to a relatively smaller size of the video.

By using some of these tips, you can easily get a lower sized video by using the same tool as before.

Method 3: Using Online services.

There are many online services which claims that their platform can compress the videos without compromising much of the video quality. If you make a search for “Online video compressor” then a plethora of search results will pop up. You can choose either one of them as they can certainly be needful. Apowersoft free online video converter is such a platform.


Along with the online services, there are also plenty of software’s available which allows you to achieve the same purpose. In most general case, while going through the online services you will have to download the corresponding software of which you can make use while compressing video files.

With this, we have reached the end of this article cum guide on “how to compress a video?“. Looking to upload videos on Youtube, here is how you can upload video to Youtube.

If you ask me to bet on any one of the prescribed methods, then I will surely go with the first one. Handbrake is such a powerful software which allows you to compress videos without even losing any significant quality. And believe me, the size is compression is commendable.

So, What video compression software do you use to compress your video files? If you are aware of some noteworthy platforms then do let us know through the comments section below. Your comment will add a value to the knowledge base.

If this article helped you in any way then a share won’t hurt. Thank you for your kind gesture in advance.

Stay tuned.

A student of life, writer, technology freak, and a thinker. Like to invest my time into Digital Marketing and help clients easily reach their marketing goals with proven strategies and roadmaps.

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How To Turn Off Google Voice Search?





It’s been a while Google became a phenomenal internet giant. Every netizen makes use of at least one service of Google. I know the search engine comes at first in the list.

There is an amazingly useful feature integrated with the search engine and Google app that’s voice search. I have just started using it regularly for a couple of days. I found it’s worth it when I have to get a quick answer (like for the question ‘who was the 11th PM of India’).

But you may be a person who doesn’t like to use Google voice search. So today I am going to share a way using which you can turn off Google voice search.

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How to Turn Off Google Voice Search?

Sometimes, you may find this feature unwanted. I have seen some forum posts that said some guys are facing accidental Google Voice launch without even doing it. In such a scenario you have no options left other than to turn off the feature.

I broke down this tutorial into two parts. The first section deals with turning off voice search on Android app while the second one on Google Chrome desktop browser. To be frank, you have no options to turn off Google voice search.

What can be done is, turning off OK Google hot word.

Disable OK Google Hot Word on Android

To disable Google Voice search on Android without removing the Google app, it is recommended to turn off OK Google hot word. Read on further to know how to disable Google Voice.

Step 1: Grab your Android phone and open the Google app. You can find the app among another app. If you have the Google voice search option and can’t find the app, you should consult with an ophthalmologist ;).


Step 2: You can see the app window like the image given below. Tap the three stripes button on the top left portion of the screen. You will get the Google menu.


Select Settings from there.


Step 3: At this stage, you will be provided with half a dozen of options. Touch on Voice from there. It is the menu we have to access to make a change in any of the Google voice search settings.


Step 4: There, you can see the second option that says “OK Google” detection. Tap on the same.


Step 5: Look at the first two options, From the Google app and From any screen. If you need the Voice search option only when the Google app is opened, you can turn the first option on. Or your preference is launching Google voice search on any screen with the hot word, choose the second one.


If you are in search of how to remove Google voice, you can turn off both the options.

Alternative way

Are you the one who never uses Google app? Then, you can bravely go on with this process. Here, what we are going to do is, disabling the Google app completely.

Proceed to the steps given below to understand how to disable Google voice search with the complete removal of the app.

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Step 1: Go to Settings on your Android phone. As you already know, this is the toolbox of an Android user to alter the visible configurations of the phone.

Step 2: Scroll down to bottom until you see the Apps menu. Then touch on the same to get a list of Applications.


Step 3: Look for the one, which says Google App. On touching the same, you will get three options on top. Tap on the third one (Disable) to remove the app completely.


Step 4: You may be asked to confirm the selection by choosing OK. Do it and proceed with the process.


That’s all. You have successfully disabled Google app. So, the voice search ghost will never conquer your phone ever.

If you want to sustain the app, choose the first process I have explained and disable the OK Google hot word.

How to Disable OK Google Hot Word on Chrome Browser

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If you face the voice search issues on Chrome browser, you can disable the feature. It is very annoying to see the voice search gets often opened while we browse seriously. But remember, Google voice search is an amazing feature that lets you search the web and find answers for your questions without using keyboard, mouse or the touch screen of your smartphone.

Follow the steps given below to know how you can turn off voice Google search.

Step 1: Open the Google Chrome browser on your computer or laptop. You can get the Chrome menu by clicking on the three stripes button on the top- right corner.

Step 2: A number of options will be displayed. But for every action that modifies Chrome settings, you have to access Settings from the Chrome menu.

Step 3: You will see a screen like the image given below. Click Show Advanced Settings to get more options within the page.

Step 4: You can see a heading, Search under which a checkbox is displayed saying “Enable OK Google to Start Voice Search”. If this option is turned on, uncheck without any hesitation.

That’s all. You have turned off the OK Google hot word that often disturbs you by opening Google voice search. I think you got a clear idea about how to deactivate voice Google search.

Wrapping Up

I have come up with this post after seeing many queries on how to disable Google voice search on Google’s support page. Someone said that he took about a couple of hours to find the solution for accidental opening of voice search.

If you are a person, who is irritated with this unwanted opening of Google voice search, I hope this post can help you the best. Use the comment section down below in case you encounter with any problem or doubt regarding this article.

Share this post with your friends and make us reach more eyeballs.

That’s all for now. And, wait for the next post to reduce your headache by overcoming another haunting tech problem.

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How To Download Safari for Windows?





We know many web browsers. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and finally Microsoft Edge. Then, what on the earth this Safari can do??

Every browser has something unique to it. Even the IE has its own benefit. And you know what? Still many people prefer Internet Explorer over other browsers.

Likewise, there are tens of thousands of people using Safari over other browsers. Why they do this??

I will give you some of the incredible features of Safari at the end of this article.

So, now let me tell you how to download Safari for Windows.

How to Download Safari for Windows?

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As we all know, Safari is an Apple product. Apple is very protective of their product. That is the case of Safari too. No official methods are available to download Safari for Windows.

Here, I am sharing some unofficial ways to get Safari to your Windows computer.

Method 1: Use Filehippo

Filehippo is a freeware sharing website. You can download tons of freeware and demo software from Filehippo.

#1. Click here to visit Filehippo (or, enter filehippo.com into the address bar of the browser).


#2. On the top right portion, you can see a search field. Just type Safari for Windows in it. And, hit Enter or click on the magnifying lens icon to the right of the field.


#3. You will get a list of results. As you can clearly see in the image, Safari is shown as the second result. Click on it.


#4. On the next page, a greenish download button will be provided indicating the file size. Click there.


#5. You will see a page like the above image (see background). After a few moments, the file will be started downloading. (I am using Internet Download Manager. That’s why I got an additional dialogue box).


#6. The download process will take some time according to your internet speed. When the downloading gets completed, open the set- up file (the one you have just installed) and proceed with the installation.

Hey, congrats. Mission accomplished. You can now use Safari on your Windows machine now.


Method 2: Use Softpedia

Softpedia is a similar to Filehippo. It is also used to download free Windows, Mac, and Linux Software.

Step 1: Click here to visit Softpedia.


Step 2: On the homepage, you can see a search form just below the logo and navigation bar. Click on it and enter Safari for Windows. Then, press enter.


Step 3: I got Safari as the first result (check image). Click on Safari.


Step 4: Click on Download Now from the upcoming page.


Step 5: You will be asked to choose a mirror. Here, I got only one mirror. If you too get the same, click on it.

Step 6: The download process will be started in seconds. When the task is completed, proceed with the installation.

That’s all. Now you know how to download Safari for Windows.

Features of Safari Browser

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Safari web browser was first released in 2003 with Panther version of Mac OS X. Since then, Safari is the default web browser in Mac.

A mobile version is also available for iOS devices. I already told you that no official downloading methods are available for Windows version of Safari.

Then, what you get from Filehippo and Softpedia are illegal??

Not at all. Apple made Safari for Windows in 2007, and it was available on the official site until 2012. Then, Apple decided to discontinue the Windows version.

The following are some of the remarkable features of Safari web browser.

#1. Elegant User Interface

The UI of Apple products allures everyone. Safari web browser is not an exception. Its minimal interface helps you focus on the web content rather than on the browser itself.

#2. Easy Bookmarks

We all know the use of bookmarks. The greater the number of bookmarks, the clumsier bookmarks menu becomes. But Safari makes it easy and organized.

#3. Snapback Button

Every one of us makes use of search bar in browsers. What if you want to land on the search results page by a single click even though you are pages away from it? Snapback button on Safari helps you to do the same.

#4. Resizable Text Fields

Not every website allows you to resize the text fields. But if you use Safari, you can resize any text area even though the site does not permit it.

Wrapping Up

I have provided you two easy ways to download Safari for Windows. It’s so easy that a primary school student can do this.

I hope you have grabbed something helpful from this article. Share it with your peeps so that this would benefit to them too.

Chances are less for you to have any doubt regarding the Safari download for Windows. In case of an issue, the comment section is waiting for you. Let’s talk there.

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How to Create a Google Doc in 3 Easy Steps



Google provides efficient tools to create and share documents, ultimately resulting in easy going office stuff. Be it a spreadsheet, a document, a form or a slide.
Google docs is primarily a web-based application bridged with Google drive service. Google docs, Google sheets, Google slides and Google forms being the part of the entire suite. It facilitates the user to create, edit and share the documents online while having an alliance with others that too in real time.

Wikipedia defines Google Docs as Google’s “Software as a service” office suite. Google Docs also lets the user to export the document in the desired file format in his/her own local system.

Google Docs is one of its kind of cloud computing document-sharing services. Though it is free for individuals but it takes a charge starting from $5/month from the business enterprises.

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Here are some fast facts about this online office suite:

Google Documents: We can put in a maximum of  1,024,000 characters in a Google Document.
Google Spreadsheet: Spreadsheets can have a maximum of 2 million cells.
Google Slides: The utmost size of Google Slides can go up to 50 MB, which is approximately about 200 slides.



How to create a Google Doc?

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Well, let’s now get down to the nitty-gritty of it! To make it easier for us we are going to break this article into three major portions with each one detailing out one form of how to make a google doc from the actual docs to spreadsheets and even forms!

#1. How to Make a Google Doc via a Web Browser?

Step #1: Go to this link and click on “Go to Google Docs“. Then sign in with your Google account.

Step #2: After you log in you will be redirected to a web page. Select the type of document you want. you can select from various variants like Resume, Letter, Report, Newsletter and many more.

Now, type in the desired content.
Step #3: Share the doc by clicking on the share button positioned at the extreme right corner.

You can share it via mail or you can also get a shareable link to share it through different channels and whoa,  you are done with it!

Now that you know how to create a google doc, we will begin with the next part of our tutorial!

#2. How to create a spreadsheet and share it in 3 easy steps?

Step #1: Go to this link and click on “Go to Google Sheets”. After that log in with your Google account.

Step #2: Select the type of sheet you want. you can select from various options like to-do list, annual budget, monthly budget and many more.

Enter the data in the selected document page.

Step #3: Share your sheet by clicking the share option positioned at the extreme right place of the web page. Do not forget to give it a title before sharing.

Share your sheet anywhere just by forwarding the link provided. Google also facilitates the user with a facility to share it via mail. Click on done and you are actually done with it.

We are confident that you must know how to use a spreadsheet, and won’t be needing any help with that! With the knowledge of how to do a spreadsheet in our pockets, we move on to the final tutorial in this 3 part series.

Yes, this is about how to make Google Forms! Starting it up is very easy indeed, in fact, we use the same process as we did when we showed you how to how to start a google doc earlier in the article!

#3. How to create a Google form and share it in 3 easy steps?

Step #1: Follow this link, click on “Go to Google Forms” and log in to your Google account.


Step #2: Click on the “+” sign positioned at the extreme bottom corner of the web page. you will be redirected to a web page where you will be asked to fill in your desired things which you need to put in your form.

Step #3: Click on the send form button in order to share it.

Likewise others you can also share it via mail or a shareable link or you can also share link to various social media channels like Google +, Facebook, Twitter. Click done in order to complete the process.
The responses corresponding to your Google form will be stored in your Google drive space.

So, this brings the end of this tutorial. We started off with one simple question .”How to create a google doc?” and wound up learning about two other wonderful services provided by Google’s Office Suite!

Kindly share if you find this post worthy of it and if you have any query regarding Google Docs and it’s functioning, feel free to share it with us via comments and we will try our level best to solve your query. For more interesting articles on Google Chrome feel free to check out this link!

Keep visiting and thank you for giving it a read.

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How to Boost Wifi Signal




Today’s people hate three things the most, poor wifi range, low battery and intertwined earphone wires. Technology has influenced our lives that much.

All of us are aware of wifi technology. We also know that wifi signal strength determines the speed of the network. So, to get a faster internet, you should make sure that the signal strength of wifi is maximum. If it’s not, you have to increase wifi signal.

That’s why I am here today with yet another useful article dealing with how to boost wifi signal.

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Are you ready? Here we go!

How to Boost Wifi Signal?

Boosting wifi signal is not a Herculean task. A little technical knowledge is required nothing else. If you are ready to spend some bucks for it, you can expect much more good results.

Read on further to know how to extend wifi range.

#1. Use the Best Hardware


As we all know, a wifi signal transmitter should be required for you to get the wifi signals. You can’t get connected to the internet via wifi with a non- wireless router. If you are obsessed with cheap stuff, you may probably buy that wireless router with the least possible cost.

But I recommend you to go for quality over price. Be it overpriced or underpriced, buy a better modem regarding quality.

Tons of routers are there from of hundreds of companies. So, read reviews online, watch videos and then, make the purchase decision.

As a person who is looking for how to improve wifi signal, you should bear this point in mind and act accordingly.

#2. Reboot Your Router on a Schedule


You may face the network issues with the router. Often, you may have to restart the router to get connected to the web. If you set your router to reboot on a schedule, this issue can be solved quickly.

A simple Google search fetches you the tests that can be done to make sure that the network problem is not caused by excess downloading, heating or firmware problems. Nevertheless, automating the reboot process is worth it.

DD- WRT firmware helps you doing this. You have to flash the router with this tool. Obviously, it’s harmful to the hardware if you choose the high configuration.

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#3. Relocate the Router


If you want to know how to increase wifi signal without shelling out bucks, you should do this step. Sometimes, the position of routers becomes an obstacle for the transmission of signals. So, try to change it to a more convenient space.

It’s always good to place your modem or router at a location, which is at a height from the ground. Higher the position better will be the transmission.

And, you have to make sure that nothing blocks the signal from being transmitted. For example, you might have placed the router near to walls. It may block the signal.

So, you should place it at an open space without any obstacles or interference. Also, make sure that it is elevated from the ground.

If you want the signal all around in your house, make sure that the router is placed at the center of your house. It will be helpful to transmit an equal amount of signals to all the directions.

#4. Change Your Wifi Channel


Most of the wireless routers transmit signals at 2.4 GHz. It is the same for your neighbor also. If your neighbor also has a wifi connection, chances are high for your router to have degraded signals due to the interference from the signals of another router. That’s why you have to change the wifi channel of your router.

But wifi routers can be operated over several channels. Use a tool like wifi analyzer or wifi stumbler to understand which channel works for you the best. Then, change the channel of your hardware into it.

You now got another answer to the question how to boost your wifi signal.

#5. Avoid Interference from other Appliances

Wifi router is not the only device that makes use of signals. Cordless phones, microwaves, and other appliances can be interference for your router as they also transmit wireless signals. In case it contradicts with the signal from your router, you can’t get enough signal strength.

So, either you have to change the channels, or you should buy another hardware that makes use of another channel.

If you can’t do any of the above methods, the only thing left to do that helps improving wifi signal is keeping your router as far as possible from that type of appliances. It will help you to decrease the interference caused by them.

#6. Password Protect Your Wifi Connection

An open wifi is not ideal for better speed. Everyone is keen on getting a wifi connection. So, people utilize your network if they find it to be unprotected.

That’s why you should protect your connection with a strong password. And, it has become easy to crack wifi passwords. Hence, you have to change the password often to make things complicated.

#7. Buy a Repeater

A repeater can be bought at a cheaper price. You don’t have to shell out  too much money to buy one. What a repeater does is transmitting the signal it gets.

If you find the Wifi signal doesn’t reach a particular corner of your house, consider using a repeater to boost that signal!

If you are not willing to buy hardware for this purpose, you can convert an old router into a repeater using that DD- WRT firmware that I mentioned earlier.

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#8. Regulate Bandwidth Stealing Applications

Check every device that is connected to your wifi connection for bandwidth stealing background applications. That may be torrents, video calling or gaming applications. Also, make sure that no one is using them.

If you find such apps, don’t hesitate to close it right away.

Boosting Your Wifi Signal is Easy, isn’t it?

You now know how to boost wifi signal as I have given you eight methods to do so.

If you face any problem regarding this, do let me know in the comment section down below. I am sure that you will not forget to share this with your social media fellas.

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How to Clean Laptop Keyboard?



how to clean a laptop keyboard

Our electronics are an indispensable part of our lives; we use it for work, games, socialization and so much more. But whether we’re working or playing, if we’re on a PC we need to use a keyboard, and accompanied usually late night snacks and chilling drinks, giving us the energy and stoking the fire in our minds to come up with new ideas and thoughts.

To get rid of sticky keys, we’ll need to know how to clean laptop keyboard without breaking anything.

The downside is that the keyboard begins to gather dust and residue from your fingers; in fact, studies show that some keyboards contain more bacteria and filth than the average toilet seat, so its always advisable to clean them regularly.

The consequences of this are disastrous. Apart from the messy looking keyboard and keys, food poisoning is a real threat – the stomach bug Staphylococcus aureus is particularly common and causes diarrhea and nausea. And that’s just the start.

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How to Clean Laptop Keyboard From Inside


If you want to avoid this, you can start by inspecting your keyboard and you should find the grease stains and oil marks on the sides of the keys and in the grooves, so when you decide to clear the debris from it, here are our top tips on how to clean laptop keyboard:

  • Dump What You Can – This is kind of basic; unplug your keyboard from the PC and flip it upside down and shake well.The dirt and loose particles should fall away. Buy a can of compressed air and use it to clean out the grooves as well if you can.
  • Give It a Rub Down – Use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol and rub down the keyboard entirely, but make sure the alcohol isn’t too strong. If you are not sure about its strength, try rubbing in other areas and check for discoloration or damage.  It’s a good idea to pay close attention to the enter key and space bar since they’re the most used of all the keys. You might need to use multiple swabs if you want to do a thorough job, but that depends on how much dirt is on your keyboard and how often you do this. Once you are done with this, use a dry cloth to finish off the job and remove water stains and give it a shine.
  • Surgery May Be Needed – Sometimes, you might like to open up your keyboard to give it a good and thoroughly clean. Most keyboards allow you to remove the keys without much issue, but before you do make sure your model is one that enables you to do this. Just use a blunt tool to pry off the keys and then wash the keys individually using water and soap or alcohol. Keep the keys to dry on a clean towel once you are done.
  • Deep Clean – If you’ve removed the keys, you should have better access to the insides of the keyboard. Cleaning this is obviously a more delicate endeavor; use a vacuum to suck out the dirt or dust it away with a super-soft bristled brush. Once you’ve done this, wipe it with an alcohol-moistened swab.
  • Finish Off – Once you are done with the cleaning, snap each key back into place; they should pop back into place with a little pressure.


So, that’s our guide on how to clean keyboard.

But let’s say you are too lazy to do this; all you have to do is keep it from getting dirty in the first place. Here are some tips on how to do that.

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Try getting a keyboard dust-guard. It should be able to keep 90% of the grime from ever getting to your keyboard. This is the most often used method in places where hygiene is paramount like hospitals and restaurants. They’re also much easier to clean and maintain, which makes the keyboard cleaning process rarer and easier.

The second way is to get a waterproof keyboard that you can simply machine wash or thoroughly scrub till there’s no grime left on it.

Other than that, you could just not eat or drink anything when you are working on your laptop or desktop – that would go a long way in impeding grime build-up.

Keep washing your hands. Wash your hands before and after you use the keyboard, and you should begin to notice a visible drop in its grime levels.

Another way to clean your keyboard if the keys can’t be removed is to use adhesive tape – not one that sticks too hard, though. Just slide a short strip of it between the keys and watch what gets attached when you pull it out.

For the keys themselves, all you have to do is lightly dust them with a soft bristled brush and glide over them with the tape. This isn’t the most effective method to be sure, but it is one of the easiest.

Some Final Tips:


Clean your laptop regularly – this includes the screen, mouse, and other attachments. Not only will this give your laptop much more aesthetic appeal, but will also improve your usage experience. After all, it’s much better-using something that looks new and shiny than to use one that’s dusty and grimy. Using a clean laptop goes a long way in maintaining your personal hygiene as well.

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In Case of Spills – In the case that you spill something onto your keyboard, unplug it immediately or turn off the power to the laptop. Tilt the laptop upside-down and let it drip for a while.

You can use a hair dryer to fasten the cleaning process, but whatever you do it’s a good idea to let the keyboard dry upside down for at least full 12 hours before you plug it in again to find out if it’s working.

We hope this guide helped you – it was fun writing, and I got to redo my laptop in the process as well, so cheers to all those who like to keep a clean workspace and love their keyboards. Happy typing!

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