How To Add Table Of Content Plus In Your WordPress Blog In 2022

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Learn How To Add Table Of Content Plus In Your WordPress Blog:

To Make Your Blog User-Friendly Adding a Table Of Contents To WordPress Without Any Coding is a must for every blogger.

If you are in the field of blogging and you want to make your website or article User Friendly and Unique, Use TOC, because it not only makes your article User Friendly but it is very important from the factor of SEO.

Table of Content is used by all the big websites to highlight all the headings given in their long articles so that the user can be easy and get information about their topic in a single click.

Even big sites like Wikipedia also use Table of Content. So in today’s post Create A Table Of Contents In WordPress Blog, we will talk about this topic.

Why Is Table Of Contents Important?

When we read any big post, then we start getting bored while reading that post and we stop reading that post. Because of this, they are not able to read the important headings of your article. Which would prove to be particularly useful for them.

If we use Table of Content at the very beginning of our website so that visitors can read whatever headings in your post, they can read that heading on your post with the help this, it will be very easy for your visitor to read your post. it occurs.

Note: – Headings and Subheadings of the website (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6) can be added to the Table of Content.

With the help of which the readers of your post get to know what kind of content has been written in your post. So that the visitor will find your post even more interesting.

The main goal of our today’s post  How To Create A Table Of Contents In WordPress Blog, is so that you can know what is Table of Content?, How do you activate it? And how to set it up?

How To Add Table Of Content Plus In Your WordPress Blog and How To Activate It:

Let’s start and learn how to add Table of Contents Plus to WordPress Blog. In just 10 minutes without any hassle.

Step 1:-  First of all, you have to go to Plugins of Left Site in your WordPress Dashboard and click on Add New section.

Step 2:-  As soon as you click on Add New, your Search Box option will open where you can search Table of Contents Plus.

When you search the Table of Contents in the Search Box, this plugin will start showing in front of you, you can install this plugin by clicking on the Install option.

Step 3:-   When your Table of Contents plugin is installed, you click on Activate option to activate it. Your  Table of Contents Plugin will be activated easily.

How to set up a Table of Content in your WordPress?

Step 3:- So now we know how to create a Table of Contents in WordPress Blog, first of all, to set this plugin, go to the setting in the left side of your dashboard and click on TOC +.

In a few seconds, a page will open in front of you. Where you need to do some setting, let’s know which setting is that in from beginning to end.

Step 4: Position: –  Here you can easily select the position of the table of content in your WordPress blog.

Where you want to show your Table of Contents before your First Heading or show it after your First Heading.

Or you want to show the Table of Contents at the top of your post or you want to show it at the bottom, you can set it from here.

Step 5: Show When: –  Here we can set our Headings, Subheadings so that we will select our Table on winning Headings, Table Show will happen only when that number of Headings are on our post.

For example:-  If I set it to 3 Headings, then this Table Show will happen only if I have 3 Headings on my post. If there are no 3 headings on my post then it will not show on my post.

Step 6: Auto Insert For The Following Content Types:-  Here you untick all the options, just tick on the post so that your table can be shown on the post.

Note: –  Now you leave the rest of the settings as default, you do not have to do anything in this.

Step 7: Presentation: –  Here you can easily change the colors given in your Table of Contents by selecting them according to your article.

And now all the settings of the Table Of Contents Plus Plugin have been completed, now you click on Save Changes and save it. And after that see your Table of Content will start showing on the post.

Final Word:

I hope you all have liked the post of  How To Create A Table Of Contents In WordPress Blog and you must have learned to Add Table Of Contents very easily with a Plugin.

If any question is related to your Table of Contents or if anyone has understood any step of installation mentioned by us, then you can ask us by commenting or by messaging on our email. We will definitely answer your questions.

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