How To Recover If You Forgot Yahoo Password



How To Recover Forgot Yahoo Password

Yahoo! is an American multinational firm which is best known for its web portal, search engine, and many other online services. We can access many of the Yahoo services by a single Yahoo! E-mail account. So, what if you forgot the password of your Yahoo! E-mail Id. “How to recover forgot Yahoo password” becomes an obvious question. If you want to create a Yahoo mail account without using Phone number, here is how to create Yahoo without Phone number.

In this article, we will try to find the answers for the same.


Some fast facts about Yahoo!

1: Yahoo! was founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo in January 1994. The founders then were the students of electrical engineering at Stanford University who started Yahoo! to keep a track of their own interests online.
The project was named as “Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web” which was later changed to Yahoo! where Yahoo stands for “Yet another Hierarchical Officious Oracle” or “Yet another Hierarchical Organized Oracle”.
Yahoo! comes up with an exclamation mark at the end of its name because the name “Yahoo” was already owned by a company which produces BBQ sauce. Marissa Mayer serves as the current CEO and president since July 16, 2012, to present

2: Yahoo currently owns and operates over more than fifty web based platforms. Few of them are Tumblr,  Flickr, Yahoo! games and many more such services. Most of the Yahoo!’s acquisition are from the United States.

3: According to the statistics and figures delivered by Alexa and SimilarWeb, Yahoo is the fourth most visited website in this world as of 2015. Its news and media service attracts over seven billion readers per month. Yahoo websites drive over 700 million users per month. Yahoo! grew rapidly during 1990’s.

4: Microsoft Corporation also tried to acquire Yahoo! for an amount of US $44.6 billion but Yahoo! turned down the offer.

5: Yahoo is one of those very few companies which survived the .COM bubble burst. The .COM bubble burst is one the biggest crisis to ever happen to the internet infused portals. The .COM bubble burst is related to the fact that companies became highly overvalued, and the money flowed like water.
The investors began investing their money in these companies without even looking at their business plan, without thinking about the feasibility and when the bubble finally “burst”, it resulted in a huge crisis. Many big companies were affected due to this bubble burst.
Yahoo!’s stock came to an all-time low of $8.11.

How to recover forgot Yahoo password?

Method #1: Using registered mobile number.

Step #1: Go to the login page of Yahoo.

Step #2: Type in your E-mail account. If you wish you can type in your full e-mail address else it is also fine with the initials only. Click on “Can’t access your account” link which is positioned just below the Sign in button.
Step #3: The next web page will now prompt you to enter your Yahoo email address. Just fill that and click on Submit button.

Don’t worry even if you have forgotten your Yahoo email address. Yahoo also provides a solution for the same. Just click on the “I don’t know my Yahoo email address” link and follow the onscreen instructions from then.

Step #4: Yahoo will now ask you that whether it can send you a verification code to your registered phone number. If you wish for the same, then click on “Yes, text me” button.
Step #5: In a matter of few seconds, a verification code will arrive at your inbox and the web page will ask you to enter the verification code. Just enter that and hit Submit.
Step #6: After carefully completing step #5, you will be signed in to your Yahoo account. Click on continue in order to access your account.

Method #2: Using alternate email address.

Step #1: Click on the password helper page provided by Yahoo.

Step #2: Provide your email address if you remember it otherwise click on “I don’t know my Yahoo email address” link.

Step #3: Click on “No, I can’t receive text”. This will end up showing your alternate email address which you might have provided at the time of creating your account.

Step #4: Click on “Yes, email me” link only if you have access to your alternate email address. An email with the subject “Recover access to your yahoo account” will be sent to your alternate email address.

Step #5: Enter the verification code which you have just received at your alternate email address and click on submit.

Step #6: Click on continue or you can also set new password since you have forgotten the password.

Method #3: Using secret question.

Step #1:
Go to password helper page provided by Yahoo.

Step #2: Select the option “I have a problem with my password”.

Step #3: After successfully completing Step #2, you will be asked to enter your Yahoo ID. Enter it and click on next.

Step #4: You might be asked to enter the CAPTCHA code. Just do the required.

Step #5: Select the option “Use my security questions” and then click on next.

Step #6: Give appropriate answer to your security question and click on next.

Step #7: You will be asked to enter your new password. Enter your new password and click on next in order to regain access to your Yahoo account.

[Bonus] How to change your Yahoo password?

Step #1: Go to Yahoo Account Information web page.

Step #2: Select Account security option and then change password.

Step #3: Enter your new password and then confirm it and then click on continue.

Step #4: In order to finish the password changing process, click on continue.

Ending Note.

This ending note brings us to the end of this article on how to recover forgot Yahoo password? We hope that we were efficient enough to make you understand the concept related to the recovery of Yahoo! password. If you don’t want to use Yahoo anymore, you should delete your Yahoo account.

We believe that we have left no stone unturned while getting into the nitty gritty of the topic but if you are still left with any kind of query relating to this topic then do let us know through comments.
Moreover, if you find this article worthy and helpful then do share it among your peers.

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How to Make a Minecraft Server



how to make a minecraft server

Minecraft is quite a popular game with an added flavor of exploration, resource gathering, crafting and combat. If you are an avid player of Minecraft then you would want to know how to make a Minecraft server.

So, in this article we will tell you how to make a Minecraft server in easy and simple steps. So, let’s get started:

What is Minecraft?

As per Wikipedia,
Minecraft is a sandbox video game originally created by Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson and later developed and published by Mojang. The creative and building aspects of Minecraft enable players to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D procedurally generated world. Other activities in the game include exploration, resource gathering, crafting, and combat.

Multiple gameplay modes are available, including survival mode where the player must acquire resources to build the world and maintain health, a creative mode where players have unlimited resources to build with and the ability to fly, an adventure mode where players play custom maps created by other players, and a spectator mode where players can fly around and clip through blocks, but cannot place or destroy any. The PC version of the game is renowned for its third-party mods, which add various new items, characters, worlds, and quests to the game.
Some fast facts about Minecraft are as follows:
1: The very first Minecraft version was developed in just six days.

2: Minecraft was inspired by other games like Dwarf Fortress, Dungeon Keeper.

3: The original project was named as “Cave Game”.

How to make a Minecraft server in Windows?



Step #1: In order to make a Minecraft server in Windows, you will first have to download and install the latest Java version in your system. You can do so by visiting the following link. Once you have downloaded the Java latest version from the mentioned link, then you have to install it. The moment you are done with the required then you are good to go to the next step.

Step #2: Now, as the second step you are required to locate your Java directory. The location of the java directory depends on your operating system.
By default, the location would look something like this:

32-bit Windows: C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\
32-bit Java on 64-bit Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin\
64-bit Java on 64-bit Windows: C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\

Step #3: Once you have the location of your Java directory. Now, you are required to right click on your “My Computer” icon from the desktop. Right clicking on it will open a contextual menu for you from which you have to select “Properties”.

After clicking on “Properties,” a new window will open up from which you have to click on “Advance System Settings” which is usually located at the left pane of the window.

Clicking on “Advance System Settings” will result in the opening of a window. From this window you have to select “Environment Variables”.

After this from the subsequent window, you are required to navigate for the “Path” option under the “System Variables” section. Once you have found that, then you are required to click on edit and then add a “;” without quotes followed by your Java directory.

It would look like “; C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\
Once you are done with this then all that you have to do is to click on “OK” button.

Step #4: In this step, you have to go to the official website from where you have to download the Minecraft server. Here is the link.

Step #5: At this moment of time we have assumed that you have downloaded the Minecraft server application. Now, in this step, you need to create a folder for Minecraft. Make sure that the folder is easy to access. Now, the thing which you require is to move the downloaded Minecraft server application to this folder.
If you have done the required, then you are good to proceed further.

Step #6: So, you need to run the EXE file of the Minecraft server. In order to do so all that you have to do is to double click on the exe file and then follow the onscreen instruction.

As the worst case scenario is concerned, if the setup fails to install then right click on the exe file and select “Run as administrator” option. You may have to enter the administrator password depending on the security settings of the system. Just do the required in order to install the Minecraft server on your system.

Step #7: Now, in the same folder, you will find a file name as “eula.txt”. Just open it and locate for the “eula=false” line. Once you have found it then all what you require is to change the false with true that is “eula=true”.

Step #8: As for this step, you have to create a new text document in which you have to place the following line of code. You can do so by right-clicking on the server folder and then select a new and after that text document. The code goes as:

 @echo off
  title run-Minecraft
  java -Xms1G -Xmx2G -jar minecraft_server.exe

This code will allocate a memory to the server. You have to save this file with an extension as “.bat”.

Step #9: Now, you will need to run the batch file in order to run your Minecraft server. Whoa, you have just made your Minecraft server.

Final words.

This final words section brings us to the end of this tutorial cum guide on How to make a Minecraft server? We hope that we were efficient enough to satisfy your curiosity about this topic.

We firmly believe that we have left no stone unturned while getting into the nitty gritty of the topic and making you understand the entire concept of it. But if you still have any query regarding Minecraft server then feel free to drop your query via comments below. We will try our level best to resolve that.

Moreover, if you found this article helpful and worthy, do show your love by sharing it socially.
Thank you for passing by and giving it a read.

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How to Use BitTorrent Effectively



Somewhere down the line, many or most of us use torrents. Yes, we do. There might be the case that you want to know that how to make an efficient use of BitTorrent? So, if you are looking for this or something similar to this, then your quest has come to an end.

In this article, we are going to reveal some of the best practices using which you can use BitTorrent effectively. So, get ready to learn how to use BitTorrent effectively? So, let’s get started:

What is BitTorrent?


As per Wikipedia,
BitTorrent is a communications protocol for the practice of peer-to-peer file sharing that is used to distribute large amounts of data over the Internet. BitTorrent is one of the most common protocols for transferring large files, and peer-to-peer networks have been estimated to collectively account for approximately 43% to 70% of all Internet traffic (depending on geographical location) as of February 2009. In November 2004, BitTorrent was responsible for 35% of all Internet traffic. As of February 2013, BitTorrent was responsible for 3.35% of all worldwide bandwidth, more than half of the 6% of total bandwidth dedicated to file sharing.

In order to use this file sharing system, one must have a BitTorrent client. Popular BitTorrent clients are Vuze, uTorrent and many more.

The protocol was designed by a former student of University of Buffalo, Bram Cohen in April 2001. As per the statistics of 2013, BitTorrent has a real-time user base of 15-27 million concurrent users. The BitTorrent protocol is used for reducing the server and network impact of distributing large files.

You will be glad to know that BitTorrent specifications are free to use and are based on open source model.

How to Use BitTorrent?


1: Use trustable sites.

Using trustable sites is the key which is highly recommended as well as beneficial for you. It is because some torrent sites may contain malicious stuff which can harm your system as soon as you download through them. So, beware of these. Make sure to use such sites which are being moderated from time to time and are secured enough. Do navigate through their privacy policy and see the content, reviews and comments.

One more point to add is that going through the comments section can give you a good overview of the site’s reliability as well as the trust factor.
You will expose your system and the information to risk if ever you will consider downloading stuff from not so trusted sites.

Additionally, there is one demerit of using BitTorrent, and that is when you download some stuff using BitTorrent then some of your identifying information like IP address id exposed to anyone who is sharing the same torrent at that particular instant of time.
The third-party websites can use this information. So, in order to prevent this, you can consider using PeerBlock, which is an IP blocking program. This will certainly do the needful without even exposing your identification details.

2: Speed up your BitTorrent Speed.


Yeah, you heard it right. You can certainly do this with just a few tips. If you are connected to the internet through a router, then you should consider randomizing and forwarding your router ports. It is more likely to happen that if some of your ports are closed than your BitTorrent speed is going to be affected.

As router ports are the one which allows internet packets to pass through it and reach your system. The process which is involved in this method is known as port forwarding. You can give it a try because this trick undoubtedly works.

Apart from the above method, you can also encrypt your BitTorrent traffic as some of the web sites can incur in between resulting in the throttling of your speed. The option for encrypting your BitTorrent traffic is present in the application itself, and you can easily find it under “Protocol Encryption”.

Alternatively, using proxy and VPN is like being on the safer side as some of the peers might be snooping on you. You can also block such peers because they may cause serious harm to you as by default your identification details are open to them.

3: Make Use of BitTorrent Clients.

BitTorrent clients are programs which are designed for peer to peer file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol.
In order to maximize your efficiency while downloading torrents, you should consider using BitTorrent clients like Vuze or µTorrent. Although, there are many other BitTorrent clients which are quite efficient as well but for the purpose of instances we are listing some.

Vuze is much like a Swiss knife with ostentatious features like search console, sharing, content guide and much more while on the other hand uTorrent is quite simple yet effective. Both of them has their own specialty and are widely used.

Go for the one which suits your requirements as both of them are quite capable of doing the needful for you. In Vuze, there is a tool with which you can auto configure the speed of BitTorrent. So, if you are an avid torrenter then this is where you would like to pay a heed.

4: Do Not Seed More Than Necessary.

It is not recommended to seed more than the necessary. We advise you to delete the torrent once it is done with the downloading. This will increase your chances of being on the safer side.

Wrapping Up

This wrapping up section brings us to the end of this article on “How to use BitTorrent efficiently?” We hope that this article has helped you in your quest for using BitTorrent effectively. If it has helped you in any way then do spread the words by giving it social flares and sharing it with your peers.

Moreover, if you are left with any kind of feedback or query, then do let us know by dropping a line in the comments section right below. We would love to hear from you.

Thank you for passing by and giving it a read.

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How to Uninstall Google Chrome




Chrome is a web browser developed by Google, and it comes free of cost. It uses WebKit layout fork, Blink. It is a software application, which is used to retrieve, present, traversing information resources on the World Wide Web. The word browser originated prior to the web, which is used as a generic term for a user interface that allows you to browse files and information online.

Technically, it is a client program that uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol to make a request to the servers throughout the Internet on behalf of the user. Most browsers use specialized client program.

The first browser was called World Wide Web, and it was created in 1990. Later, the name was changed to avoid conflict with the developing information space, which is known as World Wide Web. Mosaic was the first web browser, which had a graphical user interface; it was first introduced in 1993.

Then it came to Netscape Navigator, which had a similar user interface and features like Mosaic had. After sometime, Microsoft launched its own browser called Internet Explorer.

Until September 2006, Internet Explorer was the most commonly used browser, and then Netscape came with the latest features and ever since the browser war started.

At this time, Mozilla also developed its browser called Firefox, which is an open source version of Netspace. Flock is another open source browser based on Firefox and it is optimized for web 2.0, which offers blogging and social bookmarking. Apple is present with its new browser Safari; it is the third most popular browser.

For UNIX Shell and VMS users, Lynx is used for a text-only browser. Opera is another browser, which is fast, stable and compatible with most operating systems.

Google Chrome was first launched as a beta version for Microsoft Windows on 2nd September 2008, and on 11th December 2008, it was first launched as a stable version. It is now the most used web browser with 58% market share in desktop browser. It is not only famous on desktop, but also in the mobile browser category.

Across all the browsers, it positions itself at the top with 45% market share. Its success led to other products using the name Chrome, such as Chromecast.


Google releases majority of Chrome’s source code in an open source project called Chromium. And one of the interesting functions it has is that it is embedded with Adobe Flash Player. So, you don’t have to download it separately. We must understand the usage of the browser; so to use it, we have to download and install the same.

To download Google Chrome, you have to go to any browser and type Google Chrome browser download. You will get several links from where you can download the setup file, which can be used to download the actual browser. The file, which you download, is called setup file. The basic functions are written in this, and it has the instructions to enable the download after hitting the download option in the setup file.

You are now ready to download the browser from which you can visit the World Wide Web. After completing the download of the setup file, you must check where it has been downloaded and then locate the folder. Go to that folder and after finding out, the file, single-click on the setup file, which will ask you whether you are interested in the download.

Click on yes and then the browser will start downloading. This process will complete after some time and then you will be asked whether you would like to make Google Chrome as your default browser or not. If you want to make it default, hit the ‘yes’ button. In this scenario, all the search work will go via the Google Chrome browser by default.

How to Uninstall Google Chrome?


But sometimes, you may face some issues like corrupt browser, shut down of the browser or unresponsive browser. In this case, what you can do is very simple and can be done by a layman too – uninstall Google Chrome. If you’re thinking how to uninstall chrome or how to remove Google Chrome, here’s a quick guide.

Uninstalling Google Chrome is a straight and easy process, yet you can face some issues if Chrome isn’t functioning properly. Here in this article, we will discuss about a solution for your query related to how to uninstall Google Chrome or how to delete Chrome in Windows PC.

If you have a problem with uninstalling Google Chrome, it will never open at all or the browser will not run at proper speed or it may run very slowly.

Log in to your computer with the admin account and close all the opened Google Chrome windows. Open control panel; from here, you can access the start menu. If you are using Windows 8/8.1/10, right click on the Start menu or use Windows sign key + X and select the control panel.

Click on the ‘Uninstall a program’ option, which will be seen on the right-hand side of the control panel. If you are using Windows XP, then select ‘Add or Remove Programs’. From the installed program list, select Google Chrome and click the uninstall button.

This will uninstall Google Chrome from your PC. Hopefully this article has taught you How to Uninstall Google Chrome. If you have any more queries or comments on this topic, be sure to leave a comment down below.

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How to Type Degree Symbol



How to type degree symbol

Many a times, you need to type degree symbols and it becomes a tough task to type because you don’t know how to do that. Well, you need not to be a tech savvy in order to do that. It’s extremely easy to type one. In this article we will be telling you about the same.

In this article, you will get to know how to type degree symbol? In easy and simple steps. So, let’s get started:

How to Type Degree Symbol?


Method 1: How to Type Degree in Microsoft Office products?

This entirely depends on the version of Microsoft Office you are using. If you are using the later version of Microsoft office then you can use the symbols option. For this, you have to go to the Insert menu and then click on “Symbol”.
After this, you have to navigate for the degree symbol and once you have found it then you have to double click on it in order to place the degree symbol where the cursor is.

If you are using windows XP or the previous version then you can make use of the character map tool. In order to get that, you need to go to start -> All programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Character Map. From this character map, you need to locate your degree symbol and then click on select and then copy. After that all what you need is to paste as doing so will place the degree symbol at the desired place.

You can also achieve the desired result using the superscript option in the Microsoft office products such as powerpoint, excel or any other.

This method requires the use of the alphabet ‘o’ in order to type a degree symbol.
For instance, if you want to write 80 degree then you will have to write 800 first. After this you need to select the zero from the right and then make a right click. This will open a contextual menu for you from which you have to select “Font” option.

This will result in a subsequent window from where you have to select the “Times New Roman” font from the appropriate field. After this all what you require is to check the checkbox next to the superscript option and then click on OK button.  This will add the degree symbol at the desired place and this is exactly what you were looking for.

Remember that the font has to be “Times New Roman” only else this very method will not work.

Method 2: Using Alt Code Method.


This method will work only while using the numeric key pad. This method makes use of the Alt codes and the method goes as:

Place the mouse pointer where you want to insert the degree symbol. After this, you are required to press ALT + 0176 simultaneously. After this, you have to press enter. This will place the degree symbol at the desired place.
Alternatively, you can also consider going for the Alt code that is ALT + “248” as it will also provide you with the desired result.

Remember that you have to press “0176” without quotes from the num pad only. Neglecting this factor will not produce the desired result.

On Mac operating systems, you can go for the keyboards shortcuts like “Option-k” or “Shift-option-8”.
The first one will result in a much smaller degree symbol while the second one will give you slightly bigger degree symbol. Go for either one which serves your purpose to the best extent.

If you don’t want to make use of the keyboard shortcuts then you can definitely try the alternative method in which you have to go to Edit -> Special character (or Edit Emoji and Symbols) from the menu bar.

From the subsequent window which pops up due to the result of your recent activity, you can select the desired degree symbol. Navigating manually for the degree symbol can be tiresome, so, you can type in the “degree” keyword and this will result in the degree symbol which is required and then you can make use of it at your desired place.
Alternatively, if you want to reach directly to the symbols are then you can make use of the shortcut which is as “Control – Command – Space”.

[Additional Information].

This section will make you aware of the keyboard codes required for making some special type of symbols.
Alt + 0153….. ™… trademark symbol
Alt + 0169…. ©…. copyright symbol
Alt + 0174….. ®….registered trademark symbol
Alt + 0176 …°……degree symbol
Alt + 0177 …±….plus or minus sign
Alt + 0182 …¶…..paragraph mark
Alt + 0190 …¾….fraction, three-fourths
Alt + 0215 ….×…..multiplication sign
Alt + 0162…¢….the cent sign
Alt + 0161…..¡….. upside down exclamation point
Alt + 0191…..¿…..upside down question mark
Alt + 1………..smiley face
Alt + 2 ……☻…..black smiley face
Alt + 15…..☼…..sun
Alt + 12……♀…..female sign
Alt + 11…..♂……male sign
Alt + 6…….…..spade
Alt + 5…….…… Club
Alt + 3…………. Heart
Alt + 4…….…… Diamond
Alt + 13……♪…..eighth note
Alt + 14……♫…… beamed eighth note
Alt + 8721…. ∑….  summation (auto sum)
Alt + 251…..√…..square root check mark
Alt + 8236…..∞…..infinity
Alt + 24…….↑….. up arrow
Alt + 25……↓…… down arrow
Alt + 26…..→…..right arrow
Alt + 27……←…..left arrow
Alt + 18…..↕……up/down arrow
Alt + 29……↔…left right arrow

Let’s wrap it up.

This final section takes us to the end of this article on “How to type degree symbol?” We hope that we were efficient enough to satisfy your curiosity about this topic. Microsoft Office is indeed a great office package. The softwares like Excel are really powerful office tool. If you huge data to compute, excel will going to help you a lot. Here is how to add in Excel and also take a look at how to divide in Excel.

We firmly believe that we have left no stone unturned while getting into the nitty-gritty of the topic and making you understand the entire concept of it. But if you still have any query about typing the degree symbol then feel free to drop your query via comments below. We will try our level best to resolve that.

Moreover, if you found this article helpful and worthy, do show your love by sharing it socially.
Thank you for passing by and giving it a read.

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How to Remove Recommended Videos from YouTube



YouTube is one of the great revolutionary platforms that have revolutionized the modes and medium of visual entertainment sphere. It has even altered the conventional ways we used to consume entertainment. Due to this, it is in the list of one of the most visited websites in this world.

In order to get more user engagement, over the years, YouTube has introduced a recommendation system which recommends videos to its user based on their interest and likes. Though, it is performing quite well (at least for me), you might want to get rid of the YouTube recommendations as many a time getting absurd recommendations is annoying. Video recommendation also working good for Youtube creators. If you are also looking to create a youtube channel, here is how to make a Youtube channel.

So, in this article, we will tell you how to remove recommended videos from YouTube? So, let’s get started:

How does the YouTube recommendation system work?

The ultimate and sole objective of YouTube recommendation system is to provide it’s user with a personalized and interest based video recommendations.
The two main sources from which the YouTube recommendation system draws its data for the purposes are:

1: Content Data: It concentrates more on the content data like meta data, titles, descriptions and authority.

2: User Activity: User activity is concerned about the view time, comments made, likes, dislikes, frequently watched videos and other explicit factors.

How to remove recommended videos from YouTube?


If you are on your computer system and want to know how to get rid of recommended videos on YouTube, then this section is for you. Make sure to be logged in with your YouTube account while ongoing through the entire process.

Step #1: Once you are on the home page of YouTube, you need to navigate to the history option which is usually positioned at the right pane of the window somewhere below the hamburger icon. Once you have found so, then you need to click on it.

Step #2: The previous step will take you to your YouTube browsing history. You can see the track of your watched YouTube videos. Additionally, you can also see your YouTube search history that is what keyword you have searched for. You can do so by clicking on the “Search History” tab which is positioned next to the “Watch history” tab.

In order to remove the recommended videos, you are required to click on the “Clear all watch history” and “Pause Watch history”. This will result in the removal of recommended videos because the search and watch history serves as the primary source for the YouTube recommendation system to work.

How to remove recommended videos in Android?

Method 1: Using settings to remove recommended videos in Android.

Step #1: As the very first method, you need to open the YouTube application on your Android device. In order to do so, you are required to tap on the YouTube app icon.

This will open the YouTube application for you. Alternatively, you can also open YouTube through a browser and then visiting www.youtube.com.

Remember that, you need to be logged into your YouTube account otherwise you won’t be able to make changes on your YouTube account. So, make sure to log in before stepping for the next step.

Step #2: This step requires getting access to the YouTube settings. You can get access to it by tapping on the three vertical dots which are usually positioned at the top right corner of the window. This will open up as a contextual menu with an option in it. From the menu, you have to select “Settings”. If you are on youtube web, tap on your profile picture on the top right corner.


Step #3: Under the settings section, you are required to navigate for the “privacy” option. Once you have found it, all that you require is to tap on it. Once you have done so, then you are good to go to the next step.

Step #4: Tapping on the privacy option will result in a subsequent window, in which you will see some options like “Clear watch history”, “Clear search history”, “Pause watch history” and “Pause search history”.   As the first go, you should consider clearing your watch history and the search history.

This will result in no recommendations as of now, but if you will watch few videos, then it will show you some recommendations based on it later on. So, this turns out to be a temporary solution.

To do this on a permanent basis, you need to slide the switch button to an “On” mode next to both “Pause watch history” and “Pause Search history”. This will stop tracking your search and view history which will ultimately lead to no recommendations as search and watch history are the sole basis on which recommendations are laid forward.

Method 2: Manually removing recommended videos.

Step #1: This is an obvious step, and that includes opening the YouTube application on your device. Moreover, if you don’t have the YouTube android application, then you can surely go for YouTube through any of your device browsers.

Step #2: Now, under the recommended section, you need to manually flag each video which doesn’t entertain you as “Not interested”. In order to do so, you will have to navigate for such videos, and you will see three vertical dots next to each video. To flag it as “Not interested”, you are required to tap on the three vertical dots which will open a menu for you. From this menu, you have to choose the “Not interested” option. This will flag the selected video as “Not interested” and will remove it from the recommendations.

You need to flag all of those which are not of your interest on a regular basis. We hope that this will do the needful for you.

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