How to Fix Android’s ‘Insufficient Storage Available’ Error Message?




Storage is an illusion, if you’ve got a device that gives you 32GBs of storage, take my word for it that you’d not get 32GBs in usable storage anyway.

The point being the devices promote themselves as having those GBs of storage, but it’s like promoting a 100-page book saying it’s 102 pages, including the covers. That’s because the devices run on Operating systems and there are other system files that need space, and that space is included in your total space.

So basically at the end of the day, you end up googling answers to questions like How to fix the error: There is insufficient space on this device. Not just Android, iPhone users are also facing these issues. So, if you have an iPhone, here is how to get more storage on iPhone.

Now there’s no way you can get to use the whole 32-64 of whatever GB of space your device claims to have, but there are solutions which will free up most of the space for you so that instead of losing 10% of the space, you’d be compromising only around 5%.

But before I can answer your question on How to fix Android’s ‘insufficient storage available’ error message, let’s start from the basics, why does this space-scarcity occur in the first place?

What Eats up Android Space?

1. Operating System:- This one is the prime space-eater. Well, you can’t exactly blame it because you need an operating system to run your device on. Also, you need to understand that it’s “unchangeable”. Meaning whatever space your OS is consuming, it can’t be “cut” or deducted.

2. Apps Cache/Junk Files:- Whenever you run an app, be it Messenger or just your gallery, it saves certain preferences and data in your apps cache.

I’m sure you might have noticed that the pictures in your gallery load slower the first time, but if your open your gallery the second time, the picture previews come up exceptionally fast.

That happens because the gallery stored the data the first time and hence it didn’t need to load it the second time. Now that data needs space to be stored right?

Although I think you’ve already figured out that the cache is actually beneficial for you and makes your cellphone experience much more “faster”.

3. Browser Cache: Browser cache is also just about the same thing as the app cache, just that it stores data about websites and your choices.

Meaning it speeds up your browsing experience if you visit a website regularly, it remembers if you like ads or not, and other personal details as such.

Again this is something that is actually “helpful” and not something that’s totally harming you or your device.

4. Updates:- They can be whole system updates or just third-party app updates. Most of the time a newer version is at least some megabytes heavier in size than the last version.

Now take that and calculate it for all the apps you have on your device, even if just 50% of them auto-update, I would say you’re looking at quite a bit of storage space.

Not to mention the “system updates”, which normally come in sizes over 200-300mbs. So bottom lime, updates need space too.

And these are just some of the most common “space-consuming” elements your device has, there are other technicalities too but they’re too complicated as far as boundaries of this article go.

How to Fix Android’s ‘Insufficient Storage Available’ Error Message:-

So we’re down to the part you’ve been waiting for. I’ll walk you through clearing (or disabling) the elements which cause the error, so here goes your solution to How to fix Insufficient Space on Device.

Method #1:- Use a Cleaner:-

Now it totally depends on your android version and OS. I’ve got a LeEco 2 Max which has an in-built cleaner. In case you don’t have one, you can just go to Playstore and download Turbo Cleaner (It’s one of the many available free cleaners you can go with.)

In my case, I just fire up the cleaner and it shows me my junk data.


As you can see, I’ve over 1GB of junk files! That’s a lot of junk, so all I’ve to do is, tap on the cleanup button at the bottom of the screen.


See? It’s all gone.

Now in case you’re using any other cleaner, the interface might be a bit different but it’ll be more or less similar, you just have to tap once on the “clean” button and it’ll do the job.

Method #2:- Manual Cleaning:-

In case you don’t have any cleaners, you can also clean the junk files manually. (Not as efficiently and thoroughly as the cleaners may be but you’ll free up considerable space.)

Go to your settings, and then click on Apps.


And then slide left till you reach the “installed” apps screen.


Now just tap on the first app > click on Storage


And then tap on the “clear cache” button. (Remember that you can also “clear data”, but in some cases that would lead you to lose all the “progress”, so in short clearing “data” is fine with apps, but try not to tap that if you’re cleaning a game or something that has your progress saved”.)


As you can see I don’t have lots of data as I just cleaned my system. Well, that’s about it, you’ll have to manually tap on each app and repeat the process till all the apps have been cleaned.

(That’s the reason I prefer the cleaner apps! Much faster.)

So yeah mission accomplished, this should also answer your questions like How to Fix “InSufficient Space On The Device” Download Error in case you had them. Also see, how to check data usage on iPhone.

Final Words:-

So that was it, folks, that’s all I had on How to Fix Android’s ‘Insufficient Storage Available’ Error Message. I hope this solved your problems regarding android storage space? Along with storage data, internet data is also limited. If you want to reduce data usage on a Smartphone, here are 5 ways to reduce data usage on a Smartphone.

If it did, I’d appreciate your feedback in the comments section. If it didn’t, you can also leave your questions, problems, and doubts over there.

Also if you’ve got better and easier ways to accomplish this, you can use the comment box for that too.

Disclaimer:- I or Knowledgecage isn’t in any way affiliated to TurboCleaner or any other app used in this tutorial, you’re free to use any other app according to your own preference. They were used just for the sake of explaining the process and steps.

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How to Screenshot on Snapchat Without Others Knowing About It?



If you’re a 20th-century guy, you have two things for sure. A Facebook account, and a SnapChat account! I mean who in the world won’t have these two “basic needs” of this generation huh?

And you being on this post already told me a couple of things about you. First you have a Snapchat account, you most definitely do, and second, you need to know how to screenshot on Snapchat without knowing them.

Well, that’s not really a “finding a needle in the haystack” kind of task, to be honest, in fact, a 5year old kid of this generation can do that! ( You don’t believe Snapchat privacy would be so shitty ? ) Ah? Well, you’ll soon find out.

But before that let us share a few words on how exactly this whole Snapchat thing works like, right?

What Makes Snapchat Different From Any Other Photo Sharing App?

Snapchat has over 7Billion photos and videos being sent every day! Just imagine that number.

Well, why would people use Snapchat instead of Instagram? After all, it does the same thing, huh? Let you share photos, right? Or maybe Facebook? Considering Facebook is a much older, and successful platform compared to Snapchat?

Well, the answer is, because of the “non-permanence” of photos and videos on Snapchat! This is something unique to Snapchat, and it says: – We won’t store your photos on our server, and it gets deleted instantly once it has been seen by the receiver.

And, the centrality of Snapchat only across Photos, Videos and stories makes it kinda unique too, meaning it doesn’t go into that other kind of broad social networking. It lets you send and receive instant multi-media messages which self-destruct, as simple as that.

In fact, the extreme focus on the Privacy of snaps might have contributed significantly to its success. As the photos are meant to be deleted instantly, the sender receives a notification if their receiver secretly wants to screenshot their snap, and that makes it kinda impossible to do it.

Unless of course, you read to the very end of this piece to find out exactly how to screenshot on Snapchat without knowing them, or if you prefer to save a Snapchat forever!

From Pickaboo to World’s Largest Photo Sharing App.

Of course, I’m gonna serve you the dish you’ve been waiting for, but what fun is it if you don’t even know how your favorite app got to be where it is today, huh?

Around April 2011, from Evan’s ( the Founder’s) living room, a tiny little app that let people share images was launched termed as Pickaboo.

2 months later, it got re-branded to SnapChat (And probably, that’s what made all the difference, right ?).

Snapchat was pretty successful almost instantly, but what took it to the #1 peak out there is its constant addition of features and tools and what not! As they say, you keep improving; you keep succeeding huh?


This is what they added just around 2 years back, in 2014! This added a special kind of “graphical overlay” over your pictures if you were around a certain location!


Not just that, Snapchat didn’t just become the world’s top photo-sharing app out of the blue. It was destined to be so because they never quit improving! Around 2015, they added the “real-time face detection” enabled Selfie Lens feature which enabled you to add awesome, unique (or terrifying maybe) effects to your snaps using Snapchat!


Did I mention Stories yet? If you’re a Snapchat user you probably already know about them, but what you don’t yet know is Stories didn’t exist since forever on Snapchat. They were just added around 2013, to let you share a chronological series of snaps that make it up to a story! And well, this again here is yet another feature that’s totally unique to Snapchat.

How to Screenshot On Snapchat Without Knowing Them:-

Well, Snapchat is pretty serious about its security, so it’s only natural for it to notify the sender if you try to take a snap of their snap on your cellphone.

So no, if you are curious about how to save a Snapchat without knowing them, then just using the traditional “snapshot” keys on your device won’t help. (Well, don’t worry, what’s coming in the following sections would surely do ! ).

There are two basic ways to Screenshot on Snapchat without knowing them, one is pretty basic and can be executed in seconds. While the other one is a bit longer road down the lane, but that takes only a couple minutes too. So it doesn’t matter which method you’re using they both will help you save a Snapchat.

Easiest Method to Screenshot on Snapchat Without Knowing Them:-

This method is the easiest, simplest and the most basic, and so naturally my favorite too!

All you need is two cell phones. So here’s what you have to do:-

You receive a snap on Snapchat, and you want to capture it, right? Open the snap on the device and place the cellphone on which you received the snap on a table or chair ( just anywhere, where it can be stable). Now bring any other cellphone with a good camera above the cellphone where the snap is, and take a screenshot of the screen of the other cell using this cell. ( Too complicated? )

Here’s a simpler way to understand this:-

You receive a snap > You open it > Now snap this screen’s screenshot using any other cellphone simple as that!

How to Screenshot on Snapchat Without Knowing Them (Method #2).

Login to your Snapchat!

Swipe Right on your screen, it would get you all the sent and received Snapchats. This is where you have to Load the Snapchat you want to save. ( Keep in mind, you need just to load it, not open it.)

Once it’s loaded, turn on Airplane Mode on your device. If it’s an Android device, you can do it via the Notifications menu, or by bringing the shutdown menu up.

Or if you’re on an iOs device you can do it via Control Center:-

By turning the airplane mode on, you’re cutting off your Internet connectivity. But also, make sure your wifi is turned off!

So once you’re in the Airplane mode, open the Snapchat you want to save, and Screenshot it! ( Well yes, using the traditional screenshot keys is fine! ).

So, now you’d have a screenshot of the snap. But don’t turn your internet back on, yet! After taking the snap, log out of your Snapchat account!

Now, Kill the Snapchat app. On Android devices, just bring up your “recent apps” menu, and slide all the apps to the left or right to kill them.

While on iOs you can kill it by double-tapping the home screen, which will bring up the Recent Apps screen and you can just slide it left-right to kill it.

After you’ve killed the app, wait for couple minutes before logging in back to Snapchat. Or, if possible, turn your device totally off and then log back into Snapchat.

When you do, your friend won’t know that you opened their snaps, because you did so while you were offline so well? Mission Accomplished!

Sorry if it went too long, but now I’m pretty confident you know how to screenshot on Snapchat without knowing them right? After all, that was the final goal of this 1200+ words long step by step guide anyway.

Well, these two aren’t the “only” methods to save a Snapchat, so if you’ve come across any other way and it “worked” for you, would you like to take away couple minutes out of your life and let me know? I would love to add it here!

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How to Save Snapchat Videos?



Snapchat is the new trend after the “Selfie” generation, right? Every teen ( Oh and of course even adults) are either in love with selfies, or instant snaps and sending them over Snapchat, and that’s what’s happening right now to this world all plain and simple.

While Snapchat boasts an extremely easy user interface and features, not everything on it might be as simple. For eg. when you’re having doubts like How to save Snapchat videos it might not seem like your cup of tea.

But well, that’s what the internet is for, right? To solve your smallest possible problems, and that’s one of the goals of me writing this piece right now. Okay cut the chase, I’ll just be talking about, and showing you how to save videos from Snapchat in the easiest possible steps.

SnapChat owes it’s popularity to the instant “send and receive” image and videos function, which was kind of unique to it. And well users “thought” that videos and images are deleted immediately from Snapchat servers once they’re seen, well it seems that’s not exactly the case.

And that’s the reason it’s not as hard as it might sound, the whole save a video from the Snapchat thing, trust me it’s not.

You don’t need to hack into any kind of database and feel like the hackers from the movies, in fact, if you passed your 5th grade in one attempt, means you’ve enough common- sense to get along this guide on how to save Snapchat pictures and videos without much trouble.

Of course, Snapchat lets you “replay” the video if you make an in-app payment of some amount, right?

The worst part? You can only re-play the videos once!Ah, talk about “things money can’t buy” !). But then again there just are certain moments you just need to grab forever huh? After all, it’s one life we’ve got, why “delete” any part of it?

So that’s where this little tweaks, pranks or apps come into play. We will basically be needing two major materials in order to save videos from Snapchat:-

  • Az-Screen Recorder ( Don’t worry I’ve included a step-by-step guide on it in the below sections !).
  • A bit of brain. ( I suppose you got that !)

So we are all set, I won’t go storytelling, here’s the real deal…

How to Save Snapchat Videos and Pictures:-

As I already said, it’s no rocket science. All you need is a bit of common-sense (ummm…well or maybe a couple of third-party apps, don’t worry they’re free ! ).

The common-sense part…

If you’re trying to save Snapchat pictures and videos, then one of the easiest ways is to, open the image/video on the screen, and take a screenshot of it using another cell, simple. Or record the video of it using another cell phone.

See? Told ya, needs no rocket science. This way your sender won’t also be notified of your mischief with their Snapshot! So, of course, I personally feel and believe, it’s one of the easiest and “don’t get caught stealing” kinda ways to do this.

How to Save Snapchat Videos or Pictures Using Third-Party Apps:-

Well, in case you aren’t looking for “just pictures”, or maybe the above “common-sense” method didn’t work for you, and you are indeed in need of downloading a picture or video from Snapchat, in that scenario the following third-party apps can be lifesavers for you.

There is quite a number of them, allowing you to download pictures and videos of your SnapChat, for free! But a lot of them have been removed from Playstore and AppStore (for obvious reasons), so I’ll just be talking about the one I’ve myself used, tested and been happily satisfied with!

Az-Screen Recorder ( No Root )

Remember my “record video using another cell phone” trick above? Well, this is the “more professional” version of it. And the best thing is you don’t need to stress yourselves with a lot of technicalities.

Well as the name might’ve suggested to you by now, Az-Screen Recorder “records your screen.” I mean it in the sense that, it records whatever’s playing on the screen. So if you run this little app and play a video, that gets recorded too, all plain and simple huh?

The best part is, while this kind of apps keeps getting removed from the play store, this one hasn’t been a victim yet.

So you click on the above link, and you should be taken to the Play store, and you should be able to install it without a problem!

Once you’ve downloaded it, just click on it and start recording. And then open your Snapchat.

Open the video you want to record, and let it be recorded on the app. ( Which is automatic, of course). 

Once you’ve finished the video, slide down your navigational bar from the top, and click on stop Recording.

See?  Simple huh? Now you have a shareable video file, just like any normal video file. You can even copy it to your computers, send it to friends, or make a time-bomb with it. ( Well, just ignore the last option, that’s me being too expressional ).

How to Save SnapChat Stories:-

I don’t think I still need to walk you through this part, right?

Who said the above app saves videos and pictures, but can’t save stories huh?

You open the story, it appears in the chronological order, and then you either snapshot it using another cellphone or use an A-Z screen recorder to record the whole of it.

Basically, the thing is, the above app is the magic wand for Snapchat. What kind of spells you churn out of it is totally on your creativity. So make sure you’re making good use of it.

So I’m guessing if you’ve ever wondered how to save Snapchat videos in your whole totality of unspent life, this solves your problems, huh? Not just videos, Now you can easily save Snapchat pictures or even stories using the same methods, so that’s one less problem to worry about!

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How to Find Your Lost Android Phone



find my android phone

Android-based smartphones are quite common these days. The extensive use of smartphones has filled them with so much critical and private data that its security becomes the primary concern of the user.

And what if you lose it somewhere, or it gets stolen. In this case “How to find my android phone ?” becomes an obvious question.

In this article, we will make you aware of the methods with which you will be equipped with the knowledge of “How to find my android phone?” So, let’s get started:

How to Find my Android Phone?

Method 1: Using android device manager.

This method includes some preliminary steps to be performed while you have your Smartphone in hand to ensure that you can find your Android phone in case you lose it somewhere or it gets stolen.

Step #1: In your android phone, locate for the settings icon and once found then tap on it.

Step #2: Once the settings window opens up, you need to navigate to the “Security” option. In order to proceed further, you will have to tap on the security option.

Step #3: Once you have tapped on the “Security” option, a new window will appear. In this window, you will have to scroll for “Device administrators” option. Once found, tap on it.

Step #4: Performing step #3 will result in a window where you will see many options. In this screen, you have to look out for “Android Device Manager”. You will see a checkbox in front of the “Android Device Manager” option.

By default, this option is enabled but if it is not you need to enable it by tapping on the checkbox once.

With the enabling of Android Device Manager it is ensured that you can perform the following actions if ever you lose your Android phone somewhere or if it gets stolen:
1. Erase all data.
2: Change all screen-unlock password.
3: Lock the screen.
4: Disable USB mass storage.
5: Disable text messaging.

One important thing of which one should take care of is that the device must be connected to the internet and the device should be connected to the Google account.

These were the steps that must be done beforehand. Now in the following section, we will tell you that what measures are to be taken care of immediately after you lose your Android phone?

Step #1: These steps can help you to track your device using the inbuilt feature of “Android Device Manager”. As the initial step, you will have to visit “Android Device Manager” on your system.

After you get into Android Device Manger, you will have to log in using your Google account details. Make sure to log in with the same account with which your stolen Android phone is connected.

The moment you are logged in, the Android Device Manager automatically starts fetching the data like its current location and others.

Step #2: With the device location in your front, you need to take appropriate measures in order to ensure the safety of your personal data associated with your device.

With Android Device Manager you can make a ring to your Android phone, or you can also erase all the data on your phone remotely. Erasing all the data from the phone will delete all the data and will restore the phone to its factory settings.

Method #2: Using IMEI number.

Step #1: Every single phone in this world has a unique IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. You can use the IMEI number to track your device.

In order to use this method, you will have to have the IMEI number of your Smartphone. You can get the IMEI number by dialling “*#06#” without quotes on your phone. We recommend you to pen down this very important number somewhere in a safe place.

If don’t have your device anymore then you should consider looking for the phone box or the receipt or documents of the phone.

Step #2: If you have lost your Android phone then using this IMEI number you can track your device. All that you have to do is to file a complaint to your service provider and give them the IMEI number.

They will track the device location for you. Moreover, once the device is tracked you can also ask for blocking the device in order to ensure the security of your data.

Method 3: Using Google maps.

In order to follow this route, you will have to meet the following prior requirements like:
1: Your Android device must be connected to your Google account.
2: Your device must have access to internet connectivity.
3: Your device must have Google location history turned on.

You can easily turn it on by going to the settings option and then navigating for the Location section and by tapping on it, you will find “Google Location history” option. You simply have to enable it. By default, it is enabled.

Step #1: Go to Google maps through your computer system and log in to it with the same account details with which your device is also connected.

Step #2: There are many ways with which you can find the location of your lost or stolen device.

You can either browse by dates through the calendar or you can also make use of the timestamp by clicking on the “Show timestamps” option positioned at the extreme left corner of the window.

The Google map will then show the latest location of your Android phone.

Method 4: Using third-party applications.

You can also track your smartphone using a third-party application, but the main cliche is that you require installing them beforehand.

Alternatively, some applications like “Lost Android App” provides the feature of installing the application remotely, but the process is a little complex to implement as it requires methods like sending an SMS to the lost or stolen phone.
There are many such applications available in the play store and the internet. So, you consider trying this way method if nothing of the above three methods works for you.

We hope that this article on “How to find my android phone ?” has provided you with what you were looking for.

Following any of these methods, you can easily track android phone.
Thank You for passing by and giving it a read.

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How to Block a Phone Number



Annoying calls and SMSs are some of the most common things that irritate users the most these days. Imagine, you are in a meeting, and you get one such call. Unfortunately, if you aren’t actually aware of it, you may end up picking up the call.

Once you pick up the call, you get to know who it actually is, and you may regret your actions; for, the call you picked up was good for nothing. So, here begins the hunt for the answer to how to block a phone number.

The next question that arises is, how do these advertisers get your contact number? The reasons can be numerous – either you registered on a website using your contact number, or you filled any form and entered your number in it.

The worst part about registering with these websites is that they sell your databases to various advertisers who then make irritating calls and SMS to advertise about and promote their products. So here begins the hunt for the procedure to

  • how to block a number on a cell phone, or
  • how to block a call

All of them actually mean the same thing i.e. they teach you, how to block phone number!

1. How to Block a Phone Number by Registering for DND Service

Blocking phone number via SMS number on Android or any simple mobile is the easiest method. As soon as any request is made, the guys at the service centre begin to work on it and try to execute it as soon as possible.

1. With SMS: In order to block a call (for the fully blocked category), send a toll-free SMS START 0 TO 1909.

2. For Partially Blocked category, type toll-free SMS START # and send it to 1909. Where # is your preference. See options below,

START 1 for receiving only Banking/Insurance/Financial Products/Credit Cards related messages.
START 2 for receiving only Real Estate related messages.
START 3 for receiving only Education related messages.
START 4 for receiving only Health-related messages.
START 5 for receiving only Consumer Goods and Automobiles related messages.
START 6 for receiving only Communication/broadcasting/entertainment/IT related messages.
START 7 for receiving only Tourism and Leisure related messages.

3. With IVRS: Dial toll-free number 1909, and follow the instructions of IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System).

Via Service Provider’s Official Website: Log on to your service provider’s official website to choose your preferences for Do Not Disturb (DND) services.

In case you wish to unregister the DND service, you simply need to send an SMS by typing “STOP” to 1909 or consumers can stop this Via IVRS or by speaking with a customer care executive by dialling 1909.

Note: It may take around 7 days, to implement the above-mentioned method.

How to Block a Phone Number by Raising Complaint Against Unwanted Callers

If you still continue to get some spam calls and unwanted SMS from advertisers even after registering for DND service, then you will have to raise a complaint against the caller.

For complaint through SMS, the customer has to send SMS “the unsolicited commercial communication, XXXXXXXXXX, DD/MM/YYYY” to 1909.

Where XXXXXXXXXX – is the telephone number of the sender of the unwanted SMS, from which the UCC has initiated, and DD/MM/YYYY means date/month/year for, e.g. 01/01/2016

The complaint is taken very seriously, and either TRAI (Telecom regulatory authority of India) or the concerned Service Provider will take an action on the complaint, and you will surely get a positive response within 7 days of lodging of the complaint.

3. How to Block a Number on Cell Phone (via Call Barring)

What is call barring?

  • Call barring (network service) allows you to restrict the calls that you make or receive with the device.
  • Call Barring – Enables you to restrict or bar certain or all types of calls to and from your mobile phone, i.e. outgoing calls, outgoing international calls, incoming calls.
  • Call barring password is required to activate or deactivate the call barring service which allows you to restrict the incoming or outgoing calls.

How to block a call using call barring
1. Open Menu, and navigate to Tools > Settings > Phone or security settings > Call barring service.

2. Once you click on call barring, then you will get the following options –

  • Outgoing calls
  • International Calls
  • Incoming calls

3. Choose the optional incoming calls – then again you will get 3 options

  • Activate
  • cancel
  • check status

If you are using this service for the first time, select check status and it will show you the message – service is not active.

4. How do you Block a Phone Number in Android (4.4 or up)

Go to call log, select the number/contact you want to block, once the number is displayed, click on the menu button in the phone –”Add to blocked list” and click on save i.e. –

Call log > number/contact >menu button >add to blocked list >save.
Apart from this, there are several free apps that can be used to block a number, such as Mr Number.

Mr Number (Free)

Mr Number lets you block calls and texts from particular numbers or area codes, and automatically it blocks private or unknown numbers. It also lets users report spam when you get a call from an unknown number; it allows you to see, what others have reported it as.

Whenever a blocked number tries to call, your phone usually rings once, usually not at all, and then the call is either disconnected or sent to voicemail, depending on how you select to handle the call, cool, isn’t it?
True caller (Free)

Truecaller is an app that can actually help you to find out various details regarding any contact or caller. It lets you identify the person’s information such as Caller id, location, it maintains a database list of spammers, which makes it easier to identify when you see a mysterious call.

5. How do you Block your Phone Number in iPhone

1. Navigate to recent in the Phone app or in Face Time, tap “i” beside the contact or phone number you want to block
2. Scroll to the bottom of the Info screen and tap Block this Caller.
3. Tap Block Contact
Manage your blocked contacts
You can see the contacts and phone numbers that you’ve blocked in Settings under Phone, Face Time, or Messages:

1. Settings> Phone > Blocked
2. Settings>face time > Blocked
3. Settings> Messages > Blocked

Final Words

Ultimately, after blocking unwanted calls and SMSs, you can now actually relax in your free time. Moreover, now there won’t be unwanted and disturbing calls to deteriorate your important moments.

So, do not forget to share their simple tricks to block a phone number or Android or to block any phone number, others too might need these tricks.

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How To Delete Apps From An Android Device



In this smartphone pervade era, we all are surrounded by mobile applications or apps. Be it an app for reading a PDF file or browsing the internet or any other thing. Apps are everywhere.

There is a probability that you might be having some not so worthy apps installed on your device which are unnecessarily taking up your device resources and memory and you might want to get rid of those.

How do I delete an app? becomes an obvious question then. In this article, we will be guiding you throughout the entire process and will let you know “How to delete apps ?“.

Before we proceed further kindly take a note of the next piece of information that says that not every application or app can be deleted easily from the device.

There are some pre-installed or system defined apps and the manufacturer does not provide the user with a privilege of deleting those. However, you can definitely disable and enable them.

Additionally, you can definitely delete or uninstall the system defined apps but those methods require complex processes like rooting the android device which is risky because it avoids the device warranty and is not advised by the manufacturers.

So better be be-aware and on the safer side.

Additionally, the disclaimer part says that uninstalling or deleting an app may result in the loss of data associated with it. So, make sure to take a proper backup or appropriate measures in order to save your data.

[BONUS]: Here are some fast facts about android and android apps.
1: Android operating system is based on Linux Kernel, currently developed by Google.
2: The source code for Android is open source.
3: The first ever Android operating system version was named as Froyo.
4: Here are few android apps with over one billion or more downloads: Gmail, Google maps, Facebook, Whatsapp messenger, Google text-to-speech etc.

Now let’s get started and make you aware of “How to delete an app?“.

How to delete apps from an android device?

Method #1:

Step #1:  Swipe in from the left of your Android device.

Step #2: Tap on uninstall.

Step #3: Applications that can be uninstalled will have a cross marked in its top right corner.

Step #4: Select your app and tap on Uninstall.

Method #2:

Step #1: Tap on settings.

Step #2: Navigate for the Apps option.

Step #3: Search for the app which you want to delete. Select the application.

Step #4: Click on uninstall. You will be asked that, do you want to uninstall this app?. Since you landed here, so it is an obvious fact that you surely want to.

So, just click on OK and you are done uninstalling your app.

Alternatively, you can also use third-party apps for bulk uninstalling.you can find a plethora of them in the app stores and believe me they are efficient enough to meet your needs.

How to delete unwanted system or pre-installed apps?

As previously mentioned you can only disable the pre-installed apps. However, you can delete the apps by manipulating with your device code by following the android rooting method but it is not recommended.

Method #1: Root your phone.

Since it is the most complicated and risky part for uninstalling a pre-installed app, so we won’t be getting into the nitty- gritty of it. Moreover, the rotting process varies from device to device.

But it is certainly a great method to completely uninstall a pre-installed or system app.Go through the various rooting methods which are best suitable for your device and get rid of the irritating and memory consuming pre-installed apps.

Method #2: Disable apps.

By disabling an app we mean that the app will take up the device storage memory but it won’t be able to use system resources and will be made dormant, preventing it from running. Obviously, one can enable it again.

Step #1: Tap on settings.

Step #2: Navigate for the Apps option in the window. Once found, tap on it.

Step #3: Select disable and this app will not appear on your screen anymore until and unless enabled once again.

Tap on OK.

In order to enable the app. Click on the enable option and you are up with the app once again.

With this, we came to the end of this guide or tutorial. We tried to get into every nook and cranny of the processes involved and we hope that we were able to make you understand the concept and processes involved in deleting an app from your Android device.

If you still have any kind of query regarding “How to delete apps ?“, just make sure to drop your query in the comments section. we will make sure to resolve it as soon as possible. Moreover, if you find this post helpful then make sure to share it among your peers so that it reaches the right base.

Thank you for passing by and being a wonderful reader.

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