How to Find Duplicate Images Online



Finding Duplicate Images online on the internet is not easy!

It may be not of a majorities concern if their pictures or tech pics are being used without there permission but for a photographer, it will be of more concern than even his camera!

Pics are very diplomatic at times they may not even generate a Penney but a few make rootless money out of this!

So why do others let use your hard earned pics rather than just make it available where you think it should be!

As I said it is hard to Find Duplicate Images of your own on the internet, being vast enough over 55 million websites it is actually not hard but impossible to find pics over the internet.

Let’s not talk of the internet just let it be small scale just into Facebook, even then it is impossible to find that who uploaded you priceless possession on FB.

So here we are to Find Duplicate Images easily. Firstly we should be well aware that our image can be anywhere in any format may it be an embedded one or an image uploaded to Rapidshare in zipped format.

The tool we will be using here will always track out every form of an image may it be in any format.

Find Duplicate Images online:-

Finding duplicate pictures can be beneficial in a number of situations. For instance, Find Duplicate Images online can be greatly helpful if you are trying to get the same picture in a different resolution or if you want to see if somebody is reusing your picture.

To Find Duplicate Images online you can use a nifty tool called “Who Stole My Pictures” for Firefox.

Right click on the image to see the searching options!

Who Stole My Pictures is a browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox. The add-on helps you easily search for Duplicate Images online using three websites dedicated to this purpose: Yandex, Tineye, and GazoPa. With the image open in your Firefox tab.

Simply right-click on the image and choose one of the above-mentioned websites. You may choose to Find Duplicate Images online from whichever tool you like.

A new tab will open up with that site’s results for duplicate images displayed with the numbering of the websites using that same image.

This is how the new tab looks like when we search for duplicate images!

The new tab will be having all the images which are close enough to your image with there sizes in which they are available and also their size including the Title, ALT text and the link of the image to the directory where it is uploaded.

That means it is easy to track all the websites which use your images within being in the same tab.

Why do we consider this tool to be the best to Find Duplicate Images online?

  • Lets you search and find duplicate photos online.
  • Lets you use 3 different websites (Yandex, Tineye or Gazopa).
  • Similar sites: MacroGlossa, Similar-Images, Pixolu and GazoPa.

So here we just made you know that how to Find Duplicate Images online with ease with “Who Stole my Pictures”. !

If you have any queries or issues using this add-on or using other search engines comments are always welcome!

Anupam Sethi is an tech author and digital marketing expert with over 3 years of experience optimizing tech blogs. Anupam is currently a part of our editing and writing team. You can also find her editing articles on WordPress Themes PLR. Previously Anupam was a author in a news website, and his experience includes create awesome tech articles, and optimizing blog posts.

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1 Comment

  1. wasim

    December 1, 2013 at 5:17 pm

    nice plugin but is it available in Chrome ?
    and why Yandex is useful to find duplicate images.. ?

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How to Transfer a Domain Name?



How to sell a domain name

If you want to know how to transfer a domain name to another person? or to be more specific on how to transfer a domain name then you are at the right place.

So, without wasting any time further, let’s get started:

How to transfer a domain name?

Since Godaddy is one of the biggest domain registrars in this sphere. So, we will first see how to transfer a domain name to Godaddy from another registrar and how to transfer ownership of a domain name?

We have used Godaddy for illustration purposes. You will be glad to know that almost all the processes are pretty much the same for other registrars also. You just need to understand the basic concept. This way you will easily be able to transfer domains to any registrar.

So, let’s get started:

To Godaddy.

There are a few things that you should keep in your mind before proceeding forward and those are:

1) This method will work only if your domain extension is .com, .org or .net only. If you have any top-level domain (TLD’s) like .biz, .fr or others, then you will have to follow other methods.

2) Domain name transfer may take some time. So, your patience is much needed.

3) In general, you are not allowed to transfer your domain in the first 60 days time period starting from the date you purchased the domain. You are not able to update your contact information, first or last name of the registrant.

There are eight steps in the process. Some of the steps are quick and straightforward. So, let’s get started with the same:

The first four steps may be called preliminary or preparation steps which ensure the smooth domain transferring processes.

1) In this first step, you need to make sure that the domain which you are to transfer to your Godaddy account is not privately registered. Make sure to check this one.

2) In the second step, you need to unmark your domain name from your current registrar.

3) In this step, you need to visit whois.icann.org to ensure and verify that the contact information which you have provided is correct or not. Also, check that if your domain name is eligible for transfer or not.

4) In this final preparation step, you need to get an authorization or EPP code from your current registrar.

With these preliminary preparation steps, your domain name is now ready for the actual domain transfer process and this you will have to look for our next four phases. These four stages will be the one which will contribute to the domain transfer process.

5) In this step, you will have to purchase a domain name transfer from Godaddy.

6) Now, you will have to wait for the email from Godaddy that will contain two purchase codes. We will make use of the codes in the later part of this transfer process.

7) Now, you will have to use the authorization or the EPP code which you have managed to get in step 4 of the preparation part. You need to enter the EPP code along with the two purchase codes which you have got through the Godaddy mail in the previous step. This will approve the domain name transfer.

Once done with this, you are just a step away from transferring the domain name to GoDaddy.

8) This final step is concerned with monitoring the status of your domain transfer process.

It is advised to be patient because the transfer process may take up to seven business days starting from the date on which you entered the approval codes.

Once the transfer is complete, Godaddy will make you aware of the same. Also, you may face some downtime. So, do not panic and be patient.

From Godaddy.

The steps are pretty much the same. But for the sake of convenience lets have a quick glance over the process once again.

1) Check your administrative contact information. You may also need to cancel your protected registration or private registration service.

2) Now, you will need to unlock your domain name from the Godaddy administrative dashboard. Just do the required and proceed with the next steps.

3) You need to get an authorization code from Godaddy which you will need on a later part of the process. Some of the registrars do not require this. So, make a check for the prerequisites.

4) Now, you need to authorize the domain name transfer process on your new domain registrar.

5) The registry will notify the Godaddy system, and they will mail you with further instructions. You only need to follow the onscreen instructions as it will do the needful for you.

Kindly take note that, if somehow you do not accept or deny the transfer request then Godaddy will automatically transfer the domain name within five days. Kindly, pay heed to this and take appropriate actions.

6) The registry will also notify your new registrar about the transfer.

7) Once the transfer is complete, you will be informed by email. As we have already told you that domain transfer between registrars may take up to seven working days. So, your patience is much needed.

Here are some quick tips for you regarding how to transfer a domain name to another registrar?
1) Make sure that you are equipped with any alternative email ID as you are more likely to lose the access email service in correspondence to your domain name.

2) As we have already mentioned that you are not allowed to transfer the domain name within the first 60 days either from the purchase date or the transfer date. So, make sure to pay heed to this.

3) Make sure to read the support pages of your new registrar and in any case of haphazard, feel free to reach them via the customer support.

So, this was all about how to transfer a domain name? Do we hope that by making use of the information provided here, you will be able to know How to transfer a domain name to someone else? 

If you are aware of any methods apart from this, then do let us know through the comments section below. Moreover, if you liked this article on “How to transfer a domain name?” Then do share it socially.

Thank you for crossing by and giving it an enjoyable read.

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How to Create a Pie Chart in Excel?



Creating a pie chart in Excel is one of the most used functions of this application. But let me tell you a secret, I really hate this feature!

I mean when I was a kid, I spent hours and hours to do all the calculations and then make the pie chart. My drawing was very bad that meant I spent countless hours trying to make a perfect circle.

And then let’s just not talk about making the lines of the perfect angle inside. And then when I grew up I thought it was the time to show my superhuman skills of making a perfect pie chart.

But then Microsoft made Excel pie charts means all my skills are of no use now (I hate you! Bill). Anyway, Pie Charts in Excel is one of the most amazing features of this app.

We can create not only the perfect pie charts in terms of Angles but also they are great in terms of looks. So today we have brought you a complete tutorial on how to create a pie chart in Excel?

After going through this article, you will be able to make a pie chart.

What is a Pie Chart In Excel?

Before knowing how to make a pie chart in excel, you need to know what the Pie Chart actually is. Well, in simple words pie charts is a chart to display data relative to other data in a circle. Each set of data has his own value or slice in the circle (or Pie).

Now Microsoft had taken this and changed the approach. Previously you had to create a pie chart with your hand, and you had to calculate the size/angle of each slice manually.

Now you can just enter the primary values of the chart and then create a flashing attractive pie chart within 5 minutes without any calculations and drawing skills.

Uses of Pie Chart in Excel.

So now you know what a pie chart is so it’s time to know how can you use it. It’s a basic human behavior that we understand the things we can see more easily rather than the things we have to read and understand.

So if there are lots of data which are related to each other and you want to explain it to somebody else. Then creating a pie chart is the best option.

For example, if your boss gives $1000 each month to spend on staff. And at the end of the month, he wants to know how you spent the money.

Now if you’ll try to explain to him that you spend $50 on tea, $10 on buying pens, $10 on buying paper, etc. then he might order to through you out of the office for confusing him with lots of data.

But at the same time if you know how to create a chart in Excel and then show it to your boss then it will be far more easy for him to understand it.

How to create a pie chart in Excel?

So now you have enough knowledge of Pie Chart, and it’s usages so now it’s time to learn how to create a pie chart using Excel. Relax it’s not rocket science, in fact, you can create a pie chart within 5 minutes. Just follow the following steps to do so-

Step #1: Enter the necessary data.

For creating a pie chart you first need to enter a set of data in the Excel Spreadsheet. Type the names of all categories in one cell range and the value associated with them in the other cell range just in front of the related categories.

For example, we are writing the name of animals found in an area and their population in the other category. See the image below for better understanding:

Step #2: Select all the necessary data.

Once you have entered the necessary categories and their values, you’ll need to select them. Just use your mouse and select all the cells you want to use in your Excel Pie Chart.

Note that you should not leave any line blank while writing the data.

Step #3: Adding the pie chart.

Once you have entered and selected the values, now it’s time to add the much-awaited pie chart. Click on the Insert tab and choose ‘Pie’ from the options that appear.

Once you click on it, a new pop-up will appear, it will contain all the styles you can use for your pie chart. From there select your pie chart. For this example, we are selecting the 2D pie chart which is the first option from the pop-up.

Congrats that’s all you have to do. Your pie chart will now automatically appear in the Spreadsheet as seen in the below picture.

Now if you like, you can play with your pie chart. You can click on any slice of the pie and then take it away from the chart. This will be very helpful while giving a presentation. You can take the slice out of the circle which you are trying to explain. So people will easily understand which slice you are talking about.

Pie chart Frequently Asked Questions

Pie charts are the most commonly used features for business, so obviously people always have what-if questions or how to question it. So we have created a handy faq section to answer questions about pie charts-

Q: I entered a wrong before creating the pie chart excel?

It often happens that you notice that you have entered a value wrongly after creating a pie chart. Well, don’t worry. You won’t have to create the whole pie chart again. Rather than you can just change the numbers, you entered in the spreadsheet, and the pie chart will be updated automatically.

Q: I can’t find the pie option in Excel 2013?

With the 2013 version of Microsoft Excel, Windows have made big changes in the UI section. So if you are used to working with the older versions, you may find it hard to locate the pie option.

But don’t worry it’s just there. Once you open the Insert menu, you can find the pie options there. For your ease, we have marked out the pie option in the picture below-

Q: What is the design tab and how to find it?

A design tab is a unique option in the Excel 2013 version. You can see it on the menu above after you have inserted the pie chart in it. Here is a quick look at all the options available in the design tab-

  • Add Chart Element- it allows you to change the chart title, legend or data labels.
  • Quick Layouts- they are different preset charts. You can use any of them if you don’t want to change every part of chart one by one.
  • Change Colors-it allows you to change the colors in your chart.

Wrap up

So this was the complete tutorial on how to create a pie chart in Excel? Do you still have any questions in your mind? Do tell us in the comment box.

Stay tuned and thank you for giving it a read.

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How to Create Apple ID Without Credit Card?




Naïve Apple users from across the globe are quite hesitant while filling account details. It is not only the case of Apple device; be it any device or application, people set back a little when the question of filling of account details comes into the picture.

Most of them are often uncertain to associate with any payment method while creating an Apple account or iTunes account. Users do not want to get engaged with any of the payment methods while they operate the iTunes store, iBooks Store accounts, or App Store.

For the first time, when you use your Apple ID in iTunes, Appstore or iBooks, it asks for a payment option so that it can be utilized to buy something from the store.

But, most of us do not really want to punch in the payment option. This article enlightens readers about the process of creating an Apple ID without a credit card.

Apple ID is mandatory to use for all sorts of Apple products. In case you already have an Apple ID, then you have to integrate the payment option, but it is for the first time only. After you have signed in, you will find an option to remove the payment option from your account.

After removing the details, it will not ask about the payment details until any further purchase. If you do not have an Apple account, then let us see how to create an account without adding the payment option and create a new Apple ID.

How to Create Apple ID without Credit Card

Now let us see how you can do the same on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch and other products of Apple. Credit card details registration is generally an option, but never mandatory. Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Open iTunes Store, App Store or iBooks Store
  2. Choose any free book, video, song or app.
  3. Click on ‘Get’ next to the product and then hit next.

But ensure that while creating an Apple ID when you are asked to choose the payment, remember to click on “None”

  1. After completing all the processes, you will be asked to verify your Apple account from the email id you gave. Now, it’s your duty to go and verify your email id from the confirmation email.
  2. In case you have selected the family sharing option, then you have to punch in the credit card details.

What if you want to create an Apple ID out of your mobile and see how it works? Then, you have to follow the specific steps.

  • Click on the iTune store button at the top of the window.
  • Now, try to locate the country flag, which is on the lower right corner of the window. In case it’s not showing the flag of the country you stay in, you may click on the option and select your country from the list.
  • On the upper left corner, you will find the options of Music, App Store, TV shows, and books; you can click on one of the items on the upper left corner.
  • Now, download a free video, song, app, or book. You can see the free notification and click on the same link to download something for free.
  • Once you click on it, you will be asked to create an Apple ID. The moment the types of payment options are asked you have to click on “None.”Once all the information is fed, now it’s time to verify your email. For this, you need to go to your account and verify the email id you are looking for. Now, you have to verify the Apple ID before moving ahead so that you can do the rest of the activities.

Apple is famous for producing extraordinary apps, which are worth buying. But most of them do not like to do and prefer to churn the most out of free apps.

The fact is that the store is not only ideal for good apps but also value for money apps; so, the company has already embedded options where it asks for the user’s account details.

The intent of the company is to encourage users to learn how to create an Apple ID, but people are scared of saving the account details. Therefore, the moment you talk about how to make an Apple ID, there is nothing to worry about recording the account details.

So, whenever, you are looking ahead to do something very precise to create a new Apple ID, keying in the account details is not that necessary.

But in case you are an app freak and frequently look forward to downloading productive apps for your business or other needs then it’s very mandatory that you embed the account details in the beginning so that you need not punch it again and again.

But anyway, if you are starting new, then you may follow the above steps and later as and when required you may go ahead and enter the account details and do the payment.

The best part is that you may do it on a temporary basis. If you do not want to enter the account details, you may simply go ahead and choose the option of “None”.

Thus, we understand the relevance of punching in account details and use it safely. However, Apple takes special care about the authenticity and security of user details and most of the time people across the globe who are veteran Apple users feel quite secure about the usage of the app store and are very free about entering their account details.

Today, Apple provides one of the most secure platforms on the planet for its users and so there is nothing to worry about if you are leaving your credit card details on this platform.

I hope the guide helped you understand to create an apple id without a credit card if you aren’t interested in doing so. If you have more queries with regards to this, drop your questions in the comments section below.

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How to Get Spotify Premium for Free?




Nowadays, when you think of an online music service, Spotify is probably the first thing that comes to your mind, and for all good reasons. Spotify is a computer and mobile phone-based service for music listening.

The service was started in Sweden, and now it is available in the entire Europe and the United States, where the user can use it for free on Facebook or via paid subscription-based accounts.

Spotify Premium enables users to enjoy ad-free for Spotify music tracks on three types of devices and also helps music lovers to rejoice with their favorite track when they are not online. However, this article will teach you how to get Spotify Premium for free.

In the quest of learning how to get Spotify Premium, enthusiasts are able to invent, share, and take all of your playlists anywhere, across your device, which is something amazing.

Unfortunately, nothing this good is free of cost and with Spotify premium, users of free service are left with very few features while streaming on their devices.

There are ways to overcome these restrictions, but many of those needed root access or the usage of the Xposed Framework can be a deal-breaker for some or a non-option for those using Android lollipop.

Luckily, the developer has modified the initial Spotify app to open up unlimited skips and record specific playback for everyone i.e. for those people without a paid subscription.

The app is based on a version of Spotify, and another developer has created a version for people who are still stuck on Gingerbread. The details on how does Spotify work are given.

How to Get Spotify Premium for Free

Before you get started, be clear about the fact that creating a Spotify Premium account needs a valid credit card from the same country as your Spotify account.

If the user is using a proxy service to access Spotify from a non-supported country, then he won’t be able to create a premium account unless he has a payment method from a supported country.

There are questions like how much is Spotify premium and how much does Spotify premium cost, which is answered below.

Note that there are no codes that the user can enter to have a free premium membership. Any site that declares to generate codes for premium memberships is a fraud.

The one and the only method to have a free premium are with the promotional purchases or through the one-time trial period.

Upgrade Your Account:

If you don’t already have a Spotify account, then create one. To get a premium account, you are first required to create a free account with Spotify. There is an option of creating a Spotify-specific account or sign in with your Facebook account.

Remember that Spotify is not available in every country. You can use an alternate service to use Spotify account from a country that is not supported.

But, in order to have a premium account, you will require a payment method with a legal billing address in the country you are pretending to connect from.

Reclaim an In-Store Code:

If you have bought a Spotify Premium account from a Store like Best Buy, you will normally be given the code on the receipt. To reclaim this code, make sure that you are signed in on the website of Spotify. You can also reclaim Spotify gift cards to buy subscriptions. The steps are:

  • In the top bar, click your account name.
  • Choose ‘Account.’
  • Select the ‘Redeem’ tab.
  • Type your ZIP code and also the code from the receipt. This should activate your premium membership.

Begin the Free Trial:

The answer to your question of how much is premium Spotify is given here. You get 30 days of premium for free when you log in, as long as you have never used a trial on your account in the past.

Select the ‘Upgrade’ button located at the top of the Spotify page to begin with the free trial process. There is also an option, which is hidden called ‘Unlimited’ for half the price of Premium. The unlimited offer sorrowfully is not meant for offline enjoyment or neither comes free.

Type in Your Payment Information:

In order to begin with a free trial, you are required to enter a credit card or PayPal account. You cannot make use of a Spotify gift card to begin a free trial, but you can make use of it after the payment of your first month. The details on Spotify premium cost are

  • The information of payment entered by you will be used to automatically bill you once the trial period comes to an end.
  • It is impossible to pay for Spotify with the usage of your iTunes or Google Play account balances. You must make use of a credit card or PayPal account.

Now start using Spotify and enjoy its features. The steps will teach you to use Spotify and how to get Spotify Premium for free.

  • The Modified App Should Be Installed

Since this a new version i.e. modified the app, the user will need to download APK that is compatible with the version of Android listed later in the topic as it cannot be hosted on the Google Play Store.

Before doing this, be sure of the fact that you have allowed for app installation from ‘Unknown Sources’.

The versions of Android must be 4.0 or above and Android 2.3. Before installing this app, make sure to uninstall the official Spotify app on your phone if it is still installed.

Now, just hit the ‘Download Complete’ button notification for the modified version to get installed.

  • Login

Open the app and log in. The modified version cannot make use of the Facebook Login option, so the user is needed to enter Spotify credentials in order to log in. Once the main menu is loaded in the app, the user is all set to go.

Premium facilities like choosing specific tracks to play and unlimited skips are turned on by default. But unfortunately, the user still has to pay to increase the quality of the audio. Note that this modified app cannot be updated by using the Play Store, so make sure to check back the further releases and updates about the app.

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How to Screenshot on Snapchat Without Others Knowing About It?



If you’re a 20th-century guy, you have two things for sure. A Facebook account, and a SnapChat account! I mean who in the world won’t have these two “basic needs” of this generation huh?

And you being on this post already told me a couple of things about you. First you have a Snapchat account, you most definitely do, and second, you need to know how to screenshot on Snapchat without knowing them.

Well, that’s not really a “finding a needle in the haystack” kind of task, to be honest, in fact, a 5year old kid of this generation can do that! ( You don’t believe Snapchat privacy would be so shitty ? ) Ah? Well, you’ll soon find out.

But before that let us share a few words on how exactly this whole Snapchat thing works like, right?

What Makes Snapchat Different From Any Other Photo Sharing App?

Snapchat has over 7Billion photos and videos being sent every day! Just imagine that number.

Well, why would people use Snapchat instead of Instagram? After all, it does the same thing, huh? Let you share photos, right? Or maybe Facebook? Considering Facebook is a much older, and successful platform compared to Snapchat?

Well, the answer is, because of the “non-permanence” of photos and videos on Snapchat! This is something unique to Snapchat, and it says: – We won’t store your photos on our server, and it gets deleted instantly once it has been seen by the receiver.

And, the centrality of Snapchat only across Photos, Videos and stories makes it kinda unique too, meaning it doesn’t go into that other kind of broad social networking. It lets you send and receive instant multi-media messages which self-destruct, as simple as that.

In fact, the extreme focus on the Privacy of snaps might have contributed significantly to its success. As the photos are meant to be deleted instantly, the sender receives a notification if their receiver secretly wants to screenshot their snap, and that makes it kinda impossible to do it.

Unless of course, you read to the very end of this piece to find out exactly how to screenshot on Snapchat without knowing them, or if you prefer to save a Snapchat forever!

From Pickaboo to World’s Largest Photo Sharing App.

Of course, I’m gonna serve you the dish you’ve been waiting for, but what fun is it if you don’t even know how your favorite app got to be where it is today, huh?

Around April 2011, from Evan’s ( the Founder’s) living room, a tiny little app that let people share images was launched termed as Pickaboo.

2 months later, it got re-branded to SnapChat (And probably, that’s what made all the difference, right ?).

Snapchat was pretty successful almost instantly, but what took it to the #1 peak out there is its constant addition of features and tools and what not! As they say, you keep improving; you keep succeeding huh?


This is what they added just around 2 years back, in 2014! This added a special kind of “graphical overlay” over your pictures if you were around a certain location!


Not just that, Snapchat didn’t just become the world’s top photo-sharing app out of the blue. It was destined to be so because they never quit improving! Around 2015, they added the “real-time face detection” enabled Selfie Lens feature which enabled you to add awesome, unique (or terrifying maybe) effects to your snaps using Snapchat!


Did I mention Stories yet? If you’re a Snapchat user you probably already know about them, but what you don’t yet know is Stories didn’t exist since forever on Snapchat. They were just added around 2013, to let you share a chronological series of snaps that make it up to a story! And well, this again here is yet another feature that’s totally unique to Snapchat.

How to Screenshot On Snapchat Without Knowing Them:-

Well, Snapchat is pretty serious about its security, so it’s only natural for it to notify the sender if you try to take a snap of their snap on your cellphone.

So no, if you are curious about how to save a Snapchat without knowing them, then just using the traditional “snapshot” keys on your device won’t help. (Well, don’t worry, what’s coming in the following sections would surely do ! ).

There are two basic ways to Screenshot on Snapchat without knowing them, one is pretty basic and can be executed in seconds. While the other one is a bit longer road down the lane, but that takes only a couple minutes too. So it doesn’t matter which method you’re using they both will help you save a Snapchat.

Easiest Method to Screenshot on Snapchat Without Knowing Them:-

This method is the easiest, simplest and the most basic, and so naturally my favorite too!

All you need is two cell phones. So here’s what you have to do:-

You receive a snap on Snapchat, and you want to capture it, right? Open the snap on the device and place the cellphone on which you received the snap on a table or chair ( just anywhere, where it can be stable). Now bring any other cellphone with a good camera above the cellphone where the snap is, and take a screenshot of the screen of the other cell using this cell. ( Too complicated? )

Here’s a simpler way to understand this:-

You receive a snap > You open it > Now snap this screen’s screenshot using any other cellphone simple as that!

How to Screenshot on Snapchat Without Knowing Them (Method #2).

Login to your Snapchat!

Swipe Right on your screen, it would get you all the sent and received Snapchats. This is where you have to Load the Snapchat you want to save. ( Keep in mind, you need just to load it, not open it.)

Once it’s loaded, turn on Airplane Mode on your device. If it’s an Android device, you can do it via the Notifications menu, or by bringing the shutdown menu up.

Or if you’re on an iOs device you can do it via Control Center:-

By turning the airplane mode on, you’re cutting off your Internet connectivity. But also, make sure your wifi is turned off!

So once you’re in the Airplane mode, open the Snapchat you want to save, and Screenshot it! ( Well yes, using the traditional screenshot keys is fine! ).

So, now you’d have a screenshot of the snap. But don’t turn your internet back on, yet! After taking the snap, log out of your Snapchat account!

Now, Kill the Snapchat app. On Android devices, just bring up your “recent apps” menu, and slide all the apps to the left or right to kill them.

While on iOs you can kill it by double-tapping the home screen, which will bring up the Recent Apps screen and you can just slide it left-right to kill it.

After you’ve killed the app, wait for couple minutes before logging in back to Snapchat. Or, if possible, turn your device totally off and then log back into Snapchat.

When you do, your friend won’t know that you opened their snaps, because you did so while you were offline so well? Mission Accomplished!

Sorry if it went too long, but now I’m pretty confident you know how to screenshot on Snapchat without knowing them right? After all, that was the final goal of this 1200+ words long step by step guide anyway.

Well, these two aren’t the “only” methods to save a Snapchat, so if you’ve come across any other way and it “worked” for you, would you like to take away couple minutes out of your life and let me know? I would love to add it here!

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