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How To Embed Instagram Photos On Your Blog Posts?



Images are very important for a blog post. Images embedded in a blog post should be tempting and relevant to the topic.

Blog posts without images will look so basic and readers also will feel it un-interesting to read your blog posts.

You can always create your own unique images if you know image editing. Else there are many sources to find relevant images, the major source being Google Images itself.

You can also use images from image-sharing websites or any image sharing sites like Flikr or Picasa, provided you give proper image credits!

Instagram photos can also be a great source for images to use in your blog posts. Instagram being the most popular image sharing platform, can surely help you find relevant images for your blog posts.

But as there is no Instagram Desktop App, you may face it difficult to find, download or link  Instagram photos directly.

But even though there is no Instagram for Desktop, today we are here with an easy and efficient way to embed Instagram photos into your blog posts without any hassles.

This is possible solely because of the Embed Instagram Tool developed and released by Digital Inspiration. 

Instagram Embed Tool is a great online tool by Digital Inspiration that allows users to embed Instagram photos or videos into their web pages or blog posts. Hence, I hope you will find this online tool helpful too!

How To Embed Instagram Photos Into Your Blog Posts?

If you're seeking for a method to easily add Instagram Photos to your blog posts, then below is how you can use the Embed Instagram Tool for the same purpose:

  1. First, go to the Instagram's website on your web browser, and log in with your credentials.
  2. Find the desired Instagram Photo, that you'll like to embed on your blog post.
  3. Now copy the URL of the images.
  4. Then on a new tab, navigate to the Embed Instagram Photos tool.
  5. Paste the URL of the Instagram Photo you chose into the box that appears.
  6. Then click on the “Generate Embed Code” button.
  7. After clicking the Generate Embed Code button, you'll see an HTML embed code of the Instagram Photo you chose.
  8. Please note that, when you generate the HTML embed code, the original image description, hashtags and username are also automatically embedded in the generated code. Hence these details will also appear when you paste the image onto your blog post.
  9. Whenever you need to paste the Instagram Photo into your blog post, simply shift to the HTML mode of your post editor and paste the code wherever you want it to be displayed.

And now you can successfully embed Instagram Photos into your blog post. It is recommended not to remove the hashtags, user description and username from the image in order to give respect to the copyright holder.

Instagram recently added video support to their application, and you can also embed Instagram videos the same way you embedded Instagram images. Make sure you copy the correct URL of the video.

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1 Comment

  1. wasim memon

    November 2, 2013 at 7:49 am

    nice tips for insta user and to increase blog popularity on social media like instagram.
    keep it up .. . .

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How to Use Prezi?



how to use Prezi

If you are looking for an application for making professional presentations, then Prezi is our say. So, you must want to know how to use Prezi?

In this article, we will tell you how you can use it in an easy and simple way. So, let’s get started:

What is Prezi?

Prezi is presentation software that is cloud-based. It is quite a good platform for the presentation media as the users are equipped with a facility to zoom in and zoom out, display and navigate through the information by making use of parallel 3D space on the presentation.

How to use Prezi?

For the sake of convenience and comprehension, we will be splitting this tutorial into three sections.

Section 1: Signing up for Prezi.

This section primarily deals with the creation of the account and signing up for Prezi.

Step #1: In this very first step, you require visiting www.prezi.com. Take a note of this fact that all of your work will be saved on the cloud so that they can be accessed from any part of the world where there is internet connectivity.

You will be provided with some pricing options in which you are required to choose one of those in this step. So, let us first have a walk-through of the available options.

Enjoy: This pricing option comes with a basic 4GB storage, control on privacy settings, accessibility on any device, and premium support just for $10.00/m.

However, you can get a low cost to enjoy account if you make a purchase of the Prezi Enjoy account for a whole year. It may cost you $4.92/M.

This account is useful if your needs are very basic. You can try this for free for the first 14 days and after that, you will have to pay the corresponding amount in order to access the features.

Pro: This comes with unlimited space with other features as of the Enjoy pricing option along with image editing tools and works offline features. The monthly bill will cost you $20.00/M while the annual plan will cost you $13.25/M.

Teams: This is the most equipped Pricing option with all the features and it costs $795.00/Yr up to 5 users. You can consider using this if you are having a big team.

Amongst all these paid options, if you want to use Prezi free of cost then you can also do the same.

You can get a Public account and this way you can use Prezi absolutely free. With this account, you can create, collaborate and present on Prezi.com.

Step #2: You can choose any of these available options which we have discussed under Step #1 and sign up using one of those.

Alternatively, you can visit the following link if you wish to sign up for the free public account. This will get you to a web page where you will be asked to enter details like your name, email address and other stuff.

However, you can also sign up using either your LinkedIn account or your Facebook account.

You can also access your Prezi dashboard using the official iPhone and iPad application. It is absolutely free and the application lets you access your Prezi’s anywhere through the device.

Once you are done with the signing up process, you will be redirected to your Prezi dashboard with a “Get Started” message on your screen.

If you have managed to reach this far then you should definitely look for the next section.

Section 2: Planning the presentation.

It is recommended to plan the presentation before actually making it. This will help you a lot while making one as you will have a rough sketch of what you are going to have as your final thing.

You can plan out the whole presentation as you will be having the whole presentation landscape on your screen. You can zoom in and zoom out. Keep a track of the spots where you want to place your matter.

To do this, from your dashboard, you have to click on “Create a new Prezi”. This will take you to the editing section where you can edit the whole presentation.

Section 3: Making the presentation.

Now, you are all set to make a presentation. By now, you can see a basic template which you can edit as per your requirements.

If you wish to add a circle frame in your presentation then you can easily do so by clicking on the circle positioned at the extreme left corner of the window.

This will result in a circle that can be dragged to the desired position and you can also change the dimensions if the circle just by resizing it.

Additionally, you can also include squares, brackets jut by clicking on the two arrows on the same block and this will open a drop-down menu for you from which you can select your desired structure.

If you wish to edit the text then you can also do it very easily by clicking on the text area as shown.

If you want to insert images, symbols and shapes, YouTube videos, layouts, arrows, highlighters and much more then you can do the same by clicking on the insert tab at the top navigation panel and then selecting the desired option from it.

You can also customize the presentation by clicking on the “Customize” tab located next to the insert tab. You can choose different themes as per availability.

If you wish to navigate between the different elements then you can do so by clicking on the element blocks which can be seen at the left pane of the window.

Once you are done with the presentation, now, you can present it, download it as PDF, portable Prezi and even share it on Facebook and among friends.

Now, we are on a verge to end this article on “How to use Prezi?” We believe that we made this article helpful enough to satisfy your curiosity and need about using Prezi.

Moreover, if you have any other information or query regarding this topic then do tell us via comments. We would love to hear from you.

Stay tuned.

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How To Make a Saddle in Minecraft?



Minecraft is quite a popular game and is widely played. So, if you want to know how to make a saddle in Minecraft, then you have landed at the right place.

In this article, we will be telling you about the same. So, let’s get started:

What is a saddle in Minecraft?

Superficially, a saddle means a leather-covered seat that is put on the back of the horse. In Minecraft, a saddle is used for the same purpose. A saddle is used to ride horses, mules, and pigs in Minecraft.

Unlike most of the other items in Minecraft, a saddle cannot be crafted. Instead, it has to be purchased or gathered.

How to make a saddle in Minecraft?

Step #1: Locating a saddle.

In this step, we will be telling you about the various possible places in the game from where you can find a saddle. Saddles are usually contained within the chests so, ultimately you have to hunt for a chest, and if you are lucky enough then you may be able to find a saddle.

Chests: It is one of the possible ways of getting a saddle as saddles cannot be crafted. You will have to look out for every chest you came across. Though the probability of finding a saddle in chests is quite low, you might be lucky enough to find one.

Dungeon: Chances are high that you can find a saddle in the dungeons which are scattered throughout the world. As per statistics are concerned, 54% chances are there that you may find a saddle as loot from the chests in dungeons.

You can find one or two chests in a dungeon, and chances are very high that you might be able to find a saddle in one of those chests.

Nether Fortress: A yet another spot where probability of finding a chest is good enough. In order to access the Nether, You require building a Nether Portal frame using obsidian blocks.

Beware because Nether is a dangerous place. So, make sure to come up with strong gears and lots of supplies.

There are 40% chances that you can get a saddle in the Nether Fortress, which may get down to 35% in 1.9.

Desert Temple: On your adventure, if you are looking for a saddle then you should look for a desert temple. If you have found one, then you should consider looking for the clay blue block which is usually located at the center of the floor.

After digging it for a while, a secret chamber with four chests will be exposed to you. There are 15% chances that you may be able to find a saddle in one of them which goes to 24% in 1.9. There is a sure shot chance that you will get access to a saddle.

Village blacksmith, Jungle temples and abandoned mineshafts: Villages are more likely to have a blacksmith, and there are 16% chances that you can find a saddle in his building via the chest.

Abandoned mineshafts and jungle temples have around 15% chances of containing a chest with a saddle inside. Temple has two chests while an abandoned temple can have multiple chests.

Step #2: Trading for a saddle.

You can trade your saddle and in this step, we will show you how you can do the same.

If you are up to the console or system version of Minecraft, then you can trade the saddles in exchange for emeralds with the villagers you came across. The leatherworker villagers who appear in a white apron getup can trade with you.

Additionally, if you want to purchase a saddle, then you will need somewhere around 9-16 Emeralds to unlock the right to buy a saddle and 8-10 more emeralds to purchase the saddle. You can buy the saddles either by mining, trading with the villagers or by obtaining the chests.

If you want to trade with the leatherworker, then you require right-clicking on the leatherworker in order to open the trade window. After this, you will have to buy the leather pants in exchange for 2-4 emeralds.

Now, open the trading window again and buy the leather tunic. Don’t forget to close the trading window as not doing so will result in no next tier.

Now, once you have enough emeralds then, this time, the leatherworker will have saddles available for trade. You can now buy emeralds.

Step #3: Using a saddle.

You can ride a horse or even a pig using this saddle. In this section, we will tell you how you can do so? So, let’s get started:

1: You first have to approach a wild horse and will have to try to climb on top of it. Initially, the horse will throw you out but after a few attempts, it will allow you to ride on it. While riding on it, make sure to be empty-handed.

2: While you have climbed on the horse, you need to open your inventory. Make sure to have the saddles available for use.

3: Now, all that you require is to position the saddle in the saddle slot next to the horse image. Now, you can easily ride the horse using the controls as you normally do. You can also make the horse jump by pressing the jump button.
Additionally, if you want to remove the saddle, then you can easily remove it by selecting the horse and then removing it from the inventory.

Wrapping up.

This wrapping up section brings us to the end of this tutorial cum guide on “How to make a saddle in Minecraft?” We hope that we were efficient enough to satisfy your curiosity about this topic.

We firmly believe that we have left no stone unturned while getting into the nitty-gritty of the topic and making you understand the entire concept of it. But if you still have any query regarding making a saddle in Minecraft then feel free to drop your query via comments below.

We will try our level best to resolve that.

Moreover, if you found this article helpful and worthy, do show your love by sharing it socially. Thank you for crossing by and giving it a read.

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How to Recover Deleted Pictures From SD Card?



How to recover deleted pictures

Many times, it would happen that you accidentally deleted some important pictures from your SD card, and now you want to recover it. For this “How to recover deleted pictures from SD card?” becomes an obvious question.
So, let’s get started:

How to recover deleted pictures from SD card?

The prerequisites for the methods which we will be sharing over here require a system, the SD card from which you want to recover the deleted pictures and some software which we will be mentioning over here.

So, let’s get started:

Method 1: Making use of PhotoRec.

Step #1: In this very first step, we recommend you to stop accessing your SD card because chances are high that if you will continue using the SD card the data may get overwrite. So, if that happens then you may not be able to recover the photos.

So, we advise you to unmount your memory card right away. This way the chances are less than the data get overwritten by new data.

Once you are done with this, then you can proceed to the next step.

Step #2: Now, you are required to download the PhotoRec software. It is a cross-platform application that you can use in any operating system.

Be it Windows, OS X or Linux. In order to download PhotoRec software, you can consider making a search query on your search engine with the relevant terms and then clicking on the most appropriate link.

Once you are done with the download, then you need to extract the program.

The main fact about this program is that you need not install this application on your system.

You just have to extract the Photorec_os (here OS means your operating system that is, if you are using windows then the program would be named as Photorec_win) program from the ZIP file which you have just downloaded.

Step #3: Now, you need to insert the memory card on your system. You can insert it via any SD card reader or through the USB cable.

You now need to run the application named as “photorec_win.exe” (or photorec_os.exe). The Photorec application runs on the command-line interface.

You will have to use the arrow key to navigate through the program.
You will see the list of available drives on your screen. Now, you are required to select your SD card from the list and once you have done that all that you require is to hit enter.

Step #4: Since your SD card must be having only one partition then you need to select it to sing the arrow keys. Now, you require selecting the “File Opt” menu which is located at the bottom of the window.

From the menu which appears afterward, you need to deselect all those files which you are not looking for. We recommend you to be specific about the file type as it will increase the speed and chances of the recovery.

Step #5: After successfully executing step #4, you now have to select the search menu option in order to proceed further. After this select the file system type as “other”.

Once you are done with the mentioned, you now will be prompted to select the space or section which needs to analyze.
If you are looking for only deleted files, then you need to select “free” else you should consider going for “Whole.”

Step #6: In step #6, you have to select the directory where you want to save the recovered files. After this, you are required to wait for the process of recovering to complete.

This may take time depending upon the size and numbers. In the meanwhile, you will be seeing the recovered files on your screen.

Once the entire process is complete, you can now see the recovered pictures in the destination folder.

This way, you just recovered pictures from your SD card.

Method 2: Making use of Data Rescue 3.

This application is exclusively for the MAC system. So, if you are using MAC, then this section is absolutely for you.

Step #1: As already said in the previous method, you are advised not to access the SD card any further until the pictures are not recovered.

Step #2: After step #1, you are required to download and install Data Rescue 3 on your system. Let us tell you that Data Rescue 3 is not a free application and you need to purchase it. It is a very powerful program for MAC if you wish to recover your deleted stuff.

Now, you need to insert your SD card into your MAC. In case if you don’t have a memory card slot on your system then you should use an external card reader or the data cable for the same purpose.

Step #3: Now, launch the Data Rescue 3 application. Once the application is open in front of you, then you need to click on “Start New Scan”.

Once the scan is complete, you will see a list of drives from which you have to select your SD card.

After this, you will be prompted to select the volume but as SD cards primarily have only one volume so, you need to select that one only. In case, if your SD card is having multiple volumes, then you need to select the entire SD card.

Step #4: After this, you need to select your scan method. As you have landed on this article, we assume that you have to recover deleted pictures. So, you must go for “Deleted Files Scan”. However, you can choose anyone from the available ones.

Step #5: After Step #3, you need to wait for a while for the scan process to complete. Once the process is complete, you have to choose the files which you want to recover.

The moment you are done choosing the files, click on “Recover” and then select a convenient location to save those files.

So, this way you can easily recover deleted pictures from a memory card.

With this, we have reached the end of this article on how to recover deleted pictures from SD card?

We hope that this will do the needful for you. Thank you for reading and stay tuned.

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How to Take a Selfie?



Selfie is what's running the generation these days, no one snaps just “pictures”, everyone's up for Selfies. Heck, right now there are about a dozen cell phones, targeted specifically around “Selfies”, that explains their popularity. So, how about a piece on How to take a Selfie?

If you ask Wikipedia, of what Selfies are, here's what it voices out- “A selfie is a self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a digital camera or camera phone held in the hand or supported by a selfie stick.”.

Ah, guess what, not just the people, even the Oxford dictionary recognizes the term now.

Now, there's a whole level of science that came up with how to take a perfect selfie. How about we focus on the minute details of what the Selfie actually should focus on, right?

Basic Definition:-

I won't complicate things for you, if you take a picture, of yourself or your group, holding the camera in your own hands, then it's a selfie. Now, what makes a Selfie great? Anybody can stand in front of the mirror, or use their cell phones' front cameras and snap images, right?

But not every Selfie is worth sharing, huh? So let's work around how to take a good selfie!

Here's How to Take a Selfie that's Perfect


Well, yes that's what selfies primarily consist of, the face of the person holding the camera. You can expose your body a bit, but the primary concern is the face.

Although, there's no definite hard and fast rules on how to take the best selfie, still Lightening is a great controlling factor of how your Selfie is gonna look like.

So let's work around tweaking the lights around your selfie.

How to Take a Selfie on Sunset Or Sunrise:-

These are technically the two best times around which you should click your Selfies. Well, just because the angles and “threads” of light at those peculiar hours are just magnificent.

One of the best locations, at that specific time, is your window. Well, the glass reflects and refracts the light in such a way, that it comes out filtered on the other end, taking your selfies to another end of the universe!

How to Take a Perfect Selfie Using a Piece of Paper:

If I tell you that a piece of paper can guide your selfies towards perfection, you would probably say I've gone mad, well, I've not.

Instead of trying to debate this, and trying to prove me wrong, go out and try to place a piece of paper, below your chin while taking your next selfie.

A white piece of paper to be exact, and see for yourselves how the light is reflected and your selfie is illuminated with the best possible colour game.

Walk Away Rule:-

Well, it's natural for you to pick up your cellphone, think of taking a selfie, and then confuse yourself with the angle of your nose, strands of your hairs, and your expressions.

Which overall, just makes you extremely self-conscious, and as a result, your selfie looks like shit. The best way out of it is, “Walk Away”. Well, yes. At moments when you aren't sure about your face or expressions, or afraid of being too “imperfect”, just walk away.

A couple of minutes later, come back, and snap the selfie, immediately, without thinking much.

This reduces a lot of problems, and you get a natural portrait instead of a framed one, which is totally identifiable as being “posed” and not natural, which totally kills the spirit of what makes a good selfie.


Well, no matter how beautiful, or “not so beautiful” you are, photo filters are just the magic wand your selfies need. Try to get your hands on the best possible filters out there, I' say “Valencia” filter on Instagram is one of the best.

After clicking the selfies, pass them through some of the filters available out there till you find your match. And once you do, you shouldn't have a problem editing it to perfection!

Take Multiple Shots:-

According to Nick Barose, taking the perfect selfie in one go is not everyone's cup of tea. So he suggests, in order to take the best possible selfie, with the best possible angle, lightening, and overall performance, it's a good option to take more than once pictures.

Of course, using different angles and lightening methods can help make them diverse, and an overall variation in the total results can be seen.

If you're more serious about a “perfect selfie”, what you can do is, you can take, say 10 shots. Then look at each shot for that shot's perfection. For e.g., in one shot, the lightening might be perfect, in another angle.

So overall, just find out the perfect elements of each selfie, and then take one new fresh shot, combining all the elements of those perfect shots, for e.g., repeat that same perfect angle.

And lightning and everything else into this one shot, so that all those perfect elements can now be integrated into this one single shot.

And behold! You have your perfect Selfie to share on any kind of social media you might be interested in, so that's it, folks, probably you don't have any questions regarding how to take a selfie after this point, right? Yes, I guessed it already!

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How to Save Snapchat Videos?



Snapchat is the new trend after the “Selfie” generation, right? Every teen ( Oh and of course even adults) are either in love with selfies, or instant snaps and sending them over Snapchat, and that's what's happening right now to this world all plain and simple.

While Snapchat boasts an extremely easy user interface and features, not everything on it might be as simple. For eg. when you're having doubts like How to save Snapchat videos it might not seem like your cup of tea.

But well, that's what the internet is for, right? To solve your smallest possible problems, and that's one of the goals of me writing this piece right now. Okay cut the chase, I'll just be talking about, and showing you how to save videos from Snapchat in the easiest possible steps.

SnapChat owes it's popularity to the instant “send and receive” image and videos function, which was kind of unique to it. And well users “thought” that videos and images are deleted immediately from Snapchat servers once they're seen, well it seems that's not exactly the case.

And that's the reason it's not as hard as it might sound, the whole save a video from the Snapchat thing, trust me it's not.

You don't need to hack into any kind of database and feel like the hackers from the movies, in fact, if you passed your 5th grade in one attempt, means you've enough common- sense to get along this guide on how to save Snapchat pictures and videos without much trouble.

Of course, Snapchat lets you “replay” the video if you make an in-app payment of some amount, right?

The worst part? You can only re-play the videos once!Ah, talk about “things money can't buy” !). But then again there just are certain moments you just need to grab forever huh? After all, it's one life we've got, why “delete” any part of it?

So that's where this little tweaks, pranks or apps come into play. We will basically be needing two major materials in order to save videos from Snapchat:-

  • Az-Screen Recorder ( Don't worry I've included a step-by-step guide on it in the below sections !).
  • A bit of brain. ( I suppose you got that !)

So we are all set, I won't go storytelling, here's the real deal…

How to Save Snapchat Videos and Pictures:-

As I already said, it's no rocket science. All you need is a bit of common-sense (ummm…well or maybe a couple of third-party apps, don't worry they're free ! ).

The common-sense part…

If you're trying to save Snapchat pictures and videos, then one of the easiest ways is to, open the image/video on the screen, and take a screenshot of it using another cell, simple. Or record the video of it using another cell phone.

See? Told ya, needs no rocket science. This way your sender won't also be notified of your mischief with their Snapshot! So, of course, I personally feel and believe, it's one of the easiest and “don't get caught stealing” kinda ways to do this.

How to Save Snapchat Videos or Pictures Using Third-Party Apps:-

Well, in case you aren't looking for “just pictures”, or maybe the above “common-sense” method didn't work for you, and you are indeed in need of downloading a picture or video from Snapchat, in that scenario the following third-party apps can be lifesavers for you.

There is quite a number of them, allowing you to download pictures and videos of your SnapChat, for free! But a lot of them have been removed from Playstore and AppStore (for obvious reasons), so I'll just be talking about the one I've myself used, tested and been happily satisfied with!

Az-Screen Recorder ( No Root )

Remember my “record video using another cell phone” trick above? Well, this is the “more professional” version of it. And the best thing is you don't need to stress yourselves with a lot of technicalities.

Well as the name might've suggested to you by now, Az-Screen Recorder “records your screen.” I mean it in the sense that, it records whatever's playing on the screen. So if you run this little app and play a video, that gets recorded too, all plain and simple huh?

The best part is, while this kind of apps keeps getting removed from the play store, this one hasn't been a victim yet.

So you click on the above link, and you should be taken to the Play store, and you should be able to install it without a problem!

Once you've downloaded it, just click on it and start recording. And then open your Snapchat.

Open the video you want to record, and let it be recorded on the app. ( Which is automatic, of course). 

Once you've finished the video, slide down your navigational bar from the top, and click on stop Recording.

See?  Simple huh? Now you have a shareable video file, just like any normal video file. You can even copy it to your computers, send it to friends, or make a time-bomb with it. ( Well, just ignore the last option, that's me being too expressional ).

How to Save SnapChat Stories:-

I don't think I still need to walk you through this part, right?

Who said the above app saves videos and pictures, but can't save stories huh?

You open the story, it appears in the chronological order, and then you either snapshot it using another cellphone or use an A-Z screen recorder to record the whole of it.

Basically, the thing is, the above app is the magic wand for Snapchat. What kind of spells you churn out of it is totally on your creativity. So make sure you're making good use of it.

So I'm guessing if you've ever wondered how to save Snapchat videos in your whole totality of unspent life, this solves your problems, huh? Not just videos, Now you can easily save Snapchat pictures or even stories using the same methods, so that's one less problem to worry about!

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