How To Create QR Codes In Easy Steps



In this technology-infused era, everyone wants to have an edge over others. For this, expeditiousness and use of trending technology is a must. Gone are those days when we used to stick to a particular technology for a long period of time.

With the serial advancement, first came the technology of Bar Codes which was derived from the concept of storing some sort of quick information or data in a flat piece. Then came the successor of Bar Codes, QR code (a two-dimensional Bar Code) with some great features.

QR codes facilitated us with the facility of storing data that is very often used such as name, address, contact details, certain URL’s, social media profiles and much more, all confined in a square grid comprising of certain standardized patterns.

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QR codes have revolutionized the way that information is being transfered.
So, let’s dig a little deeper and find out what are QR codes and How to create QR codes in easy steps.

What is a QR code?

Quick Response codes, often abbreviated as QR codes are a kind of matrix Bar Code or two-dimensional Bar Codes (a machine-readable code represented in the form of patterns of parallel lines and numbers usually used to store information’s like price, index of an object to which it is attached ).


QR codes came to us all the way from the technological hub Japan where they were first designed for the automotive Industry.
A QR code uses four industry standard encoding modes to efficiently store information about the item to which it is attached and those are:  Numeric, Alphanumeric, Byte/Binary and Kanji (漢字 logographic Chinese character).
A QR code consists of Square dots (black modules) systematically arranged in a square box with a white background and can be read by imaging devices like scanner or camera.
Fact: the QR code system was invented in 1994 by Denso wave (a subsidiary of Toyota) with the sole purpose of tracking vehicles during manufacture. QR codes can store more than 4,000 alphanumeric characters in a limited space.

What purpose are QR codes used for?

QR codes are quite popular in the industry because of its quick readability and larger storage capacity as compared to the usual Bar Codes.
#1: QR codes can be used to link directly to a URL
#2: QR codes can be used to store data like name, address, numeric values like price, phone numbers etc.
#1: One can add QR codes to his/her business cards that could store name, address, contact numbers, links to the social media presence.
#2:  QR codes are quite often used in product packaging.
#3: QR codes can be used in print advertisements to boost reach and earnings.

How to create QR codes in easy steps?

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If you will follow these steps carefully then you will get to know how to create QR codes easily.

Step #1: Search for an online QR code generator. If you will Google it by the keyword “QR code generator”, you will find a plethora of them. Some of them are QRstuff and the QRcode generator. For the sake of instance and simplicity, we will be using QRstuff at first.


Step #2: Select the Data Type (basically the type of information you wanted to convey through the QR code) of the QR code. You can choose from various options like: Website URL, YouTube Video, contact details etc.

Step #3: Type in the details corresponding to the data type which you have chosen.

Step #4: Select the type of color of the QR code. You can select your desired color from the user-friendly multi-color swatch.

QRstuff also facilitates the user to have a preview of the QR code which has been created.

Step #4: Download the QR code. It equips you with the PNG file of the QR code. Moreover, one can even print and E-mail the QR code directly from the website itself.

QR codes created by these methods will work perfectly fine but going with the paid platforms obviously has its perks, here we list some of those perks:
1: you can edit the content without playing with the design of the QR code.
2: you can have multi-user accessibility for managing QR code campaigns.
3: you will be equipped with the facility of tracking the number of scans corresponding to the geography, device and time.
4: you can have the desired resolution, scalar or vector image, format, and quality.

Here are few paid online websites: QR-CODE-GENERATOR  and Kaywa

Alternatively, one can also use software for creating QR codes easily.

QR codes work like a charm, You have to see it to believe it. Hope we are efficient enough to make you aware of the basics you need to know while creating you first QR code.
If you have any query regarding QR codes, do let us know via comments. We’ll surely get back to you and will try our level best to solve your thing.
If this piece added some worthwhile value to your knowledge base, then don’t forget to show your appreciation. Do share it on your social media profiles. Thank you for the same in advance.

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How to Watch TV Online?





Don’t tell me that you hate watching TV!

Nine out of ten people love to watch TV shows. But what if you are limited in an environment where you can’t get a TV? Can you miss your favorite TV shows?

But from this moment you are not going to miss any TV show because I am here with a guide to show you how to watch TV online.

I know it’s better said than done. A lot of TV channels are there in every country and even in every locality. So, incorporating all the channels in one platform is a tedious task and almost impossible. Also, take a look at the blog post explaining to you how to get Netflix on TV.

How to Watch TV Online

Instead of introducing a single system that allows you to watch TV shows online for free, I will be sharing a set of websites. You can watch shows online free through each of them.

If you find any issue on one website, move on to the next one to watch TV online free.

#1. HotStar


HotStar is relatively new to this TV streaming field. But the hands behind this website are not new to the TV domain. Do you know the Star network? The same company owns HotStar as well.

Along with TV shows and movies, this service allows you to watch sports live as well. The best thing I like about this one is you don’t have to be a registered user to immerse yourself in the magical world of TV shows and movies.

On top, you will see a perfectly crafted navigation bar that includes links to different genres, movies, TV shows, sports and languages along with a search field, which will ease your quest to find favorite movies.

Most of the time, you will get what you want from the featured content on the homepage itself. If you just scroll down, you can see some other popular shows and movies too.

#2. BoxTV


The next pick in our article on how to watch live TV online is BoxTV, which was making waves until the launch of Hotstar. Though the grace has faded a bit, BoxTV offers a similar kind of free TV streaming experience as in HotStar.

The top-most navigation is spared for the small but beautiful header logo, links to TV and Movies along with an intelligent search using which you can search for movies, genres and actors as well.

The slider here grabs the attention of a lot of eyeballs because all the posters are designed in a spellbinding manner.

You will get TV shows and movies in all the Indian languages and English also. So, this deserves a spot in your bookmark bar.

A paid subscription option is available for those who want to take watching free TV shows online to another level.

The language selection can be done from the secondary blue navigation bar placed just beneath the slider.

#3. Crackle


Are you looking for a way to get all the English series episodes in one place? Then, Crackle is the best website for you as it contains English serials only. If you like to peek at the site’s matrices, you will find that this one has got a high PR and good ranking. So no way for it to be a scam.

The first thing you notice on this website is the design itself. Their team has done an exceptional job of creating a minimalistic yet beautiful and functional design.

On the homepage, you can see a featured slider that contains links to different episodes of an exclusive Crackle show. The content below is also occupied by the same show episodes.

Unlike most of the other TV streaming websites, this one has an FAQ link on the navigation bar that kicks all your doubts off your mind.

Even though you can get some added benefits by signing up, you can stream shows without being a registered member.

Use the search form given above to find your favorite shows like a breeze.

#4. TVPlayer


TVPlayer is another best online live TV streaming website to entertain you. Seeing their homepage is a sheer pleasure as it is built in a breathtaking manner.

On the homepage, you can see a top navigation bar with links to the TV guides, channels, apps, etc. If you are not ready to waste time on anything, click on that big blue watch now button. You will be directed to a TV-like interface then.

The very first thing their system does is checking your location because they only allow live streaming for UK people only. If you are desperate to see their content and you are not living in the UK, you can make use of proxies or similar stuff for it.

The top navigation bar has a Plus link that enables you to purchase their premium version for more features.

#5. BlinkBox


You have to be disappointed here if you are not a UK native because this one is not available for everyone in the world.

The top navigation bar contains three beautifully crafted dropdown menus that let you browse through TV, movies, genres, latest and best selling as well.

A search form is also given to help you make the quest for a singular movie easier.

The homepage has a number of featured shows that are popular on BlinkBox. As I already said, this service is available for UK people only even if anyone can visit the website.

You need to login to watch free movies online. If you are a UK native and ready to give your email for the best TV streaming service, you are good to go.

You can also stream the best entertainment using Apple TV. Using Apple TV, you can easily stream services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now which provides you with high-quality entertainment in your living rooms. Here is how to setup Apple TV.

Bottom Line

I hope you now know how to watch TV online. Tons of websites are there that claim to provide the best TV viewing experience ever. But about 75% of them are scam and loaded with unwanted ads. Good entertainment services ask for the paid subscription and you can enjoy those services on any streaming devices like Chromecast. Here is how to setup Chromecast.

But you will find that all the websites shared here show justice to the visitors with best- in- class content and smooth user experience.

You can let us know your suggestion using the comment form down below in case you want any other site to be included in this list.

Don’t forget to spare a second to share this post.

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How to Delete Spotify Account ?




If you are a Spotify supporter who has taken a decision to give other music subscriptions a try, you can terminate the premium account at your wish. It inverts the account back to the free service when the current subscription period ends.

But, if a person is sure of not coming back at all, then there is an option of deleting the Spotify account permanently. Given below are the steps on how to delete Spotify account.

Spotify’s mobile applications do not give the facility to delete accounts and the formerly available account deletion links on the web page are of no use as they are not available. So, a person now must contact Spotify Support and then send an email request to the account.

If the account is linked to Facebook, which means a Facebook account is used to access the Spotify account, then the Spotify account must be deleted before the Facebook account is deleted. The steps to delete Spotify account are mentioned below.

  • In the browser, visit the Spotify’s contact form. Go to Spotify sign in using your username and password.
  • As you sign in, there are some categories, which pop up next. The categories given will be subscription, account, logging in, technical issues, and ideas/feedback. Select any category from the list given.
  • A new page pops up, which contains various topics. To continue, select any topic.
  • There will appear a green button at the bottom saying I still need help. Click on that.
  • A typing space called Tell Us More will appear, where the user must type ‘’I want to close my Spotify account’’.
  • To send your query to Spotify, click on Send question. Use your email address on the file to send the query in the form of email
  • You will receive an auto-response sending you back to the community of Spotify. This is just a procedure – do not bother. Just directly reply to that email requesting to delete your account. This message sent by you will reach one of Spotify’s human agents and the issue will be taken on by them from hereon.
  • Keep following up on that email as it may require confirming your identity, date of birth, and few other details. It would be a good decision to whitelist Spotify.com so that emails from the support staff don’t get notified as spam.
  • Within a few days of application, Spotify will issue an email to confirm that the account has been deleted successfully. This is when you can uninstall it from your desktop, mobile devices, laptop, or tablet.

Shutting down the account will restrict you from accessing any kind of information or details stored in it and that includes your offline songs and custom playlists. A person can never again access the Spotify account with the same username.

If you have done Spotify sign up and want to delete the account because of any reason and if the above steps are a little confusing, we have broken down the steps on how to delete a Spotify account into much simpler version because deleting the Spotify account is a complicated status for the users of Spotify.

How to Delete Spotify Account – In Simple Steps

  • On the web browser, go to the Spotify Sign-in into the account using your username and password.
  • Keep scrolling until you reach the bottom of the page. Click on About given on the bottom left-hand corner of the page.
  • You will be given options. Click on Contact form given under the category of Customer Service and Support. The link will directly take you to the customer service form, which needs to be filled with all your details.
  • Select Removing/Cancelling Spotify given under the first drop-down menu.
  • Select Delete/Close my Spotify account given under the second drop-down menu.
  • Later, under the third drop-down menu, click on the option that suits your situation.
  • A text box will pop up, which needs to be filled with the reason for deleting the Spotify account. The reason must include all the relevant information about the details of the account. Explain your desire to delete the account.
  • Submit the above-filled application and your Spotify account must be gone in a few days.

These days, it is not necessary to send the staff an email. Just filling up the contact form does the work. Just select Removing/Cancelling Spotify in the first step.

In the second step, click on Delete/Close my Spotify account. And add the reason why you are leaving Spotify in the third step. It has become simple. If you have queries about how to change Spotify username, you can send that request also to the agents in the service.

Texts or images, which can be viewed publicly, are not properly erased even after deleting the account. So, try deleting them or editing them manually before you delete your Spotify account.

If you are confused about what happens to your tracks, Terms of Service/Privacy Policy can get you all the help needed in this field. Are you still unclear about the question? Contact the Spotify services and the human agents are ready to answer your question and help you anytime. Ask about your queries personally.

Due to legal obligations, deletion requests do not always mean that your data will actually be deleted. If you have signed up for Spotify account with the help of third-party logins such as Facebook or Twitter, you might want to revoke all access from Spotify.


As of 2015, Spotify is now available for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Blackberry, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Samsung Smart TV, Microsoft Windows Desktop, Sonos, Windows Mobile, and Squeezebox. Spotify is unavailable for Windows 8 as a Windows store.

Spotify uses Digital Rights Management (DRM) in order to prevent unauthorized usage. It gives the Terms and Conditions to its users so that they cannot reverse engineer the application. As of the updated version, it is accessible to play locally stored MP3 and AAC files. But this is not supported in Linux.

The size of the cache and location is configurable. The company launched a new website in December of 2013 called ‘’Spotify for Artists’’, which gave out it’s revenue data and business model. And that is all we have in our article about how to delete the Spotify account.

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How to Add Fonts to Photoshop?



How to add fonts to photoshop

Photoshop is one of the most famous and top-ranking editing software developed and manufactured by Adobe Systems Inc. It is the leading image editing software which allows it’s users to crop, manipulate, resize, color and perform all type of editing tasks possible on digital photos.

With Photoshop, you can not only edit and manipulate the pictures, but you can add various effects and text on them that too of your choice. Photoshop indeed is a powerful tool that many professionals all over the world love using it as their photo editing tool. Photoshop, however, has a number of inbuilt fonts, but it’s not just everything that Photoshop has to offer.

Although Photoshop has many features that make people love it there is something Photoshop lacks at, that is fonts.

You don’t have to restrain yourself to the limited fonts offered by Photoshop. You can always use fonts from other sources. Yes, Photoshop allows its users to import external fonts as well.

Now you may think how to import fonts into Photoshop or how to add fonts to Photoshop since this software is provided with a very limited variety of fonts.

But, here is a problem. You can’t add fonts to Photoshop until you download it. Yes, you heard it right! You need to download fonts for Photoshop in order to use them for PS.

In this article, we are about to cover the entire process of using new fonts in Photoshop including how to download fonts or how to download a font. Then we’ll walk you through the steps on how to use downloaded fonts.

The steps on how to add a font to Photoshop are incredibly easy. Let’s see what are they.

How to Add Fonts to Photoshop:-


To add fonts to Photoshop, it is necessary to download them first as I told you above. Let me tell you there are many websites available that provide fonts for software that too for free. One of the websites is http://www.dafont.com/. This is one of the good websites which provides a sheer variety of fonts with a download button. A few other websites are mentioned below in the article.

On this website, you can find new and your favorite fonts easily. All you will need to do is just decide one from the list and click on the download button just beside the font you would like to download.

And, if you don’t find the appropriate fonts of your choice from this website, you can search for others as well. The following are the steps to find the websites and download fonts from them.

Step 1: To find websites the reliable websites which allow downloading fonts for free, make a search on google. To be specific, type free fonts on google, you will see a list of websites appearing on Google, which offers free fonts. Select any of them and open it.


You can also use CDs of fonts if you have any or buy one from the market if you like. I guess there is no need to tell you how these CDs work? Do I?

Step 2: Now once you have found the reliable website, select your desired font and download it to your system. No matter which Windows system are you using fonts can be installed on any version of windows without any trouble.

Step 3: Most often, the downloaded fonts are in.ZIP file format. So you will need to extract the files from the.Zip format. To extract the file, double click on the file or right-click on the folder and click on extract file. The file would be extracted.


Step 4: Now once you have extracted the file, double-click on it to open it. After opening the file, you will see a font you have downloaded. Right-click on it and click on install. This is the most important step. Without the installation of font, you won’t be able to add them to the software.


After a while, your font will be installed on the system and can be used anywhere be it Photoshop, MS files or any other software.


You can check that font in the fonts folder. If you don’t know where this folder is placed, check it below.

Go to My computer> C:/ drive> Windows> Fonts. Yes, this is the folder where all the default or newly installed fonts can be found.

Now to install the font in Photoshop, open the Photoshop software and follow the below steps.

Step 1: First of all, launch the Photoshop program on your system.

Step 2:  Take the Text Tool and type anything(It’s just to try the font we downloaded). Select the words and go-to fonts. In the font list, you would be able to see all the fonts including the one you just downloaded. Select that and enjoy that on your text.

Isn’t it too easy?  I’m sure it is! The main problem with downloading and installing the font is searching the proper sites which offer free font downloads.

As I promised above here are some websites that offer free fonts downloading. One of the websites I have mentioned above, and the rest are given below.

http://fontsdir.com. On this website, you can find over 8000 fonts with the download option. And the good part is these websites are too easy to navigate. Most probably you will find the fonts on the home page of the website. Here are other websites you can download fonts for photoshop.

  1. http://www.free4photoshop.com/
  2. http://photoshop.cc/fonts
  3. http://www.1001freefonts.com/sci-fi-fonts.php
  4. http://www.urbanfonts.com/fonts/top-100-fonts.htm

That’s it!! Now simply download the fonts from any of the above-mentioned websites and follow the above steps to add them to photoshop. Most probably you will be able to do it. But in case, you can’t or face any difficulty in downloading the font or in the installation procedure; you can drop that in the comment section. We will try to solve that out for you.

I hope the guide was helpful enough to make you learn how to add fonts to Photoshop. If you enjoyed the guide and found it worth sharing, go ahead we appreciate your share!

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How to Make a Playlist on YouTube?





Being the second largest search engine in the world regarding a huge user base, YouTube has got significant exposure in the tech arena. It was started by two former PayPal employees back in 2005, and Google bought them after a year with a whopping $1.6 billion deal.

After the purchase, Google has made a lot of changes to YouTube be it in algorithm or design. There are millions of people who keep on visiting YouTube before buying a product or getting things done.

So, today I am here with a simple tutorial on how to make a playlist on YouTube.

How to Make a Playlist on YouTube

You don’t have to rack your brain to know how to create a YouTube playlist anymore. In this tutorial, you are going to know how to create a YouTube playlist for public and private uses as well. Moreover, I have added a third section in which you will get to know how to create a playlist on YouTube without logging in to your Google account.

Are you ready to explore the process? Here we go.

How to Make a Public YouTube Playlist

Here I will be walking you through the entire process of creating a private playlist on YouTube. Follow the steps given below to get it done.

N.B. – You must be logged in to your Google account for creating a public playlist through these steps.

Step 1: Go to youtube.com and you can see a sign in button on the top right portion of the screen. Without wasting much time, click on the same. You will be asked to enter the credentials of your Google account.

Enter your username (the user part of your email address without a host) and password correctly. You can use the Forgot password section if you can’t remember the password.

Step 2: Now, you have to select a video to be added to the playlist you are about to create. Don’t worry! You can delete it whenever you want in case the selection goes wrong.

Step 3: I hope you have selected a video for adding. Don’t hesitate to open that video for taking further action.

After opening the video, you want to add to your playlist, send your eyes downward to the bottom of the video. Just below the channel details, you can see three options there- Add to, Share and More.


Step 4: You should click on Add to, and it will display a small box to choose your playlist. As you don’t know how to create YouTube playlists, you have to make one.


In order to make a playlist, you must click Create new playlist option, given at the bottom of that box.

Step 5: At the next step, you will have to name the playlist. It can be anything you like. Make sure you select the Public from the drop-down menu.


And then, click the blue Create button.

Step 6: You have just created a new playlist and added that particular video into it.

How to Make a Private YouTube Playlist

Things are not quite different from creating a public playlist here. The only step is different from here that you won’t find difficult to follow through.

So, you have to follow the three steps of the previous section I have given. That means you must click on Add to.

Step 7: This step is slightly different here compared with the one we used to create a public YouTube playlist.

At first, you have to put a name for your playlist. Don’t worry about the name. You can choose anything as it can only be seen by you.


Then, choose Private from the drop-down menu. Finally, hit that Create button. That’s all.

How to Make a YouTube Playlist without Logging in

When it comes to making public playlists on YouTube without logging in, things start to change. The process is completely different from both the methods I have listed above.

Step 1: We all know that every YouTube video has a unique ID that can be found at the end of their URL. Here, the first step is to collect the unique YouTube IDs of videos you want to include in a playlist.

(The bolded texts in the above YouTube URLs indicate the unique ids of them).

Step 2: Now, you have to enter this one into your address bar.

http://www.youtube.com/watch_videos?video_ids=ID1,ID2,ID3,ID4 where ID1, ID2, ID3 and ID4 represents the unique IDs of videos.

Here mine is http://www.youtube.com/watch_videos?video_ids= PTj9epp2MIM, 1sgeM6DsV40, q37wmlgLAjI, t8aoe213zOA.

As soon as you hit enter after inserting this address, YouTube will create a Playlist for anybody.

My playlist is located at http://www.youtube.com/watch_videos?video_ids= PTj9epp2MIM, 1sgeM6DsV40, q37wmlgLAjI, t8aoe213zOA (The same address I have given here).

This playlist can be seen and played by anyone. Moreover, people can add more videos to it.

How to Delete a Playlist on YouTube

Here, I am going to help the playlists you created.

Step 1: Log in to your YouTube account with correct login details.

Step 2: Click on the three stripes given left to the YouTube logo to uncover more options.


Step 3: Your playlist will be displayed on top. So, just click on it.


Step 4: If you want to remove an individual video from your playlist, you can hover your mouse pointer over that video and click that ‘x’ button right away.

In case you want to delete the entire playlist, use that three dots button to the right of the playlist title.


Step 5: You will get three options there of the first one should be your pick to delete playlists on YouTube.

Step 6: You must select the Yes button from the confirmation prompt.

Isn’t it easy to delete a playlist on YouTube?

Wrapping Up

I hope now you know how to make a playlist on YouTube. As you saw, you can create both public and private playlists without worrying much.

YouTube also provides a feature that allows everyone to create a playlist anonymously to help others.

If you have any queries regarding this article, you can let us know about the same using the comment form down below.

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How To Embed a YouTube Video On Your Blog




Youtube and blogs are two separate channels for communicating with the audience and expressing our thoughts. Both are valuable and have their own worth!

Both platforms are wildly popular and getting more value with the time. What if we combine both powerful tools?? Yes, we can do that easily and the result we get is amazing.

The whole process is termed as embedding youtube videos on the blog. I’m sure you have visited such web pages and blog posts where Youtubes are embedded. A well-written post with youtube on it leaves a great impact on the blog readers and you can better convey your message to your readers.

So in this post, we will walk you through the steps on how to embed a Youtube video on your blog. Let’s get started with the guide.

How to Embed a YouTube Video on Your Blog

There are multiple platforms for creating and running blogs. But the most famous platform which is used by millions of users in WordPress and Blogger or Blogspot. Therefore, we have compiled our guide into two subsections.

Part 1 will instruct you through the steps to embedding youtube into a WordPress blog post and another part revolves around the blogger platform. Let’s start our tutorial with WordPress, the most likable blogging platform.

#Part 1: How To Add a YouTube Video to Your Website (WordPress):

Embedding a youtube video to a WordPress site is as easy as copying and pasting. Below the steps are given, just follow them and enjoy making your blog posts look great and eye-catchy.

Step 1. The very first step is to go to the youtube website. Find the video you want to embed to your WordPress site and open it up as we do to play it! Once done, check step 2 for further instructions.

Step 2. Now beneath the video, you’ll find a share option. Just click on it. If you can’t find the option, see the below screenshot which I’ve grabbed for you!


Step 3. On clicking the share option, you’ll be greeted with three more options. One of them is shared itself, the second option is Embed and the third option is Email.  You need to select the option Embed here. Once done, you’ll see the following screen.


Step 4. The highlighted text above is the code to be copied and pasted on your blog post. You can just copy it directly, which contains the default settings, like frame size, show player control, etc.


But we are not forced to use the default settings offered by Youtube. We can customize these settings easily. In order to do that, click on the Show more option below the highlighted text in the above screenshot.

You can change the video size by clicking on the video size option. Also, you can have control over the privacy of the video, video title whether you want it to be visible or not or if you want to show player controls.

Step 5. Once you are done with all the customization, just copy the code above and move to step number 6.

Step 6. After copying the code, you need to move to the blog post editor where you want to embed the Youtube. Every writer by default works on the visual editor, but to embed the youtube, you need to open the text editor. If you can’t find the option I’m talking about, see the below screenshot.


Step 7. In the text editor, locate the position where you want your video to be, and paste the embed code we copied earlier. The screen will look like the below screenshot.


Step 8. The moment you are done pasting the embed code, the visual editor will show you the youtube, exactly like the below screen.


You can preview the youtube by saving the draft post. Now let’s have a quick view to see what’s the procedure to embed videos on the blogger’s post.

#Part 2: How to Embed a YouTube Video on Your Website (Blogger):

If your blog is running on the blogger platform and you want to know the steps to embed Youtube on the blogger blog, here’s how to do that.

Step 1. Go to the admin panel on your blogger blog and open the post editor on which you want to embed the youtube video, keep it open and open a new tab on your browser.

Step 2. Now in the second step, you need to navigate through Youtube.com and search for the video you want to embed to your blog post.

Step 3. Once you are done selecting the Youtube, click the share option below the video, just like I showed in step 2, in the above method.

Step 4. Now copy the embed code(you can customize the video settings if you want) and then switch to the post editor.

Step 5. There in the post editor, move to the HTML editor(just like text editor in WordPress) and place the embed code where you would like your video to appear.


Step 6. The compose editor will show the video preview. Now you can draft or publish the post and can preview it. If it doesn’t look as per your expectations, you can change the position of the code.

By now, you must have understood that steps to embedding Youtube videos on WordPress and blogger are almost identical and both are really simple. Even other blogging platforms possess almost the same steps with the minor difference.

I hope this article made you learn how to embed a YouTube video on your blog whether it is WordPress or bloggers blog! Blogs and websites are all about conveying your thoughts to people and there is no better way than expressing yourselves via audio and video.

Now create awesome YouTube videos and embed them on your blog for your readers. The steps are really simple. If you still have any doubts or queries, mention them in the comments below.

Also, do share this guide with your blogger friends so that they can also create eye compelling contents for their readers by embedding Youtube into the posts. Meanwhile, consider reading our other guides related to Youtube.

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