How to Use BlueHost Coupon Code For Maximum Discount?




I don’t scribble down a review very often, but when I do, I make sure the company or product I’m reviewing, is worth my time, and your money. Being honest, I’m 100% trying to sell BlueHost to you. But wait, don’t judge me yet. I’ll give you proofs, data, charts, live-human testimonials and then finally a guide on How to Use BlueHost Coupon Code For Maximum Discount.

And then, you can decide if it was worth your time or not. My bet? You’re going to fall in love with it. Why? I don’t believe in sweet talks, so read along for some data-backed claims I’ll be making. (Ofcourse If I’m sticking my name out, and saying:- “Hey! Go out and buy BlueHost.”, I wanna make sure you thank me after buying it).

So here’s the point, the internet is filled with literally hundreds of “Bluehost Reviews”, why this one? I mean why should you even waste another 5minutes of your life on this post?

Well, because it’s not just another “review”, but instead I’ll be showing you how to use an exclusive, unique  BlueHost Coupon Code for Maximum discount for the first time on the internet! (See the discount part? That’s what makes this piece unique, cause “No other, yup, none of the other reviews can have the coupon code I’m talking about. You’ll soon find out why!)

So, I’m talking about BlueHost, the industry leader when it comes to Hostings and servers, but ask me a question, Why BlueHost? I mean why? Why not any other company? I’m sure you can get discount codes for other companies too, right?

Don’t Miss: – Even if you’re not interested in the review, you’re going to love the last section. Because the kind of coupon I’m talking about will blow your minds. It’s exclusive, unique, and extremely rare. Excited yet? Read along.

BlueHost Review: – Why BlueHost?

I won’t ask you to go and buy BlueHost right now, nope I won’t.

Instead, I’m showing you how it performs, handles, and keeps your site alive. What it’s features and potentials are, and those are constant. Even if you don’t buy it, it still is a fact. So just read along, and if by the end of this piece you decide it’s value for money, I’ll show you how to avail the coupon code for maximum discount. (And I mean the “maximum” part!)

Server Uptime:-

No matter how large, or small your website is. The one thing you just can’t ignore is, Server uptime. Right? I mean what’s the first question that pops up in your mind when you’re going for a server? Nope it’s not the money, it’s not the speed, but it’s the uptime isn’t it?

I mean no matter how cheap or expensive the server is, how fast or slow it is, all of those things will matter only and only if your website is atleast “live”, right?

What’s the use of having a super fast blazing server, if the site isn’t even up? Huh?

Bluehost Review- Maximum Discount Coupon

Image Credits: – WebHostingSecretsRevealed.net

See? I already told you, I don’t believe in sweet-talks. Here’s a monitor report of BlueHost’s uptime for January, 2016! See? 100% Uptime! How many companies have the guts to do that?

I could’ve told you “Hey, Bluehost’s awesome, it doesn’t go down, ever!”. But then, you’d be like “Ofcourse he’d say so, he wants our money to make commissions!”. That’s the reason I put that image up to explain things to you the way you’d understand.

So? Worth reading more?

Yeah, I’m not saying only Uptime would do, nope I’m not. Well chill out, I’ve got other “will do” metrics in line for you.


Yup, the second most important aspect that might be bothering you (and it should) when it comes to website servers is, site speed!

It’s no use if your site’s up 24X7, but the speed sucks. Because in that case, you’d be a victim of PogoSticking. (It’s just something that users do when they don’t like the site, they hit the back button, and it hurts your rankings!)

So yeah, you need to be able to maintain your site speed too, right?

Would you like to hear something I say? Here, I’m saying it, Hey trust me, Bluehost speed rocks! Specially at THAT PRICE! (Ah? Too dull? I’m again just trying to get sales am not I? )

Here’s how BlueHost’s speed looks like when monitored via advanced BitCatcha monitors.

Bluehost Review- Maximum Discount CouponReport Monitoring Credit: million- BitCatcha.com

What Does “B” Mean?

Well, “A+” means the best. And I’m talking about “Facebook” and “Google” kind of servers. You know Facebook has to have a server too right? So yeah those companies? They’re marked A+.

Then there’s an A, for companies like Godaddy and other more casual ones.

And then there’s the “B”. So well B? It literally means the best possible speed for general websites which people like us make. (People like us? Those who aren’t billionaires, don’t have a million hits a day, and are happy with a something that’s worth our money, simple as that.)

So, Do I need to spell this out for you? If speed was your concern, it shouldn’t be any more.

User Optimized C-panel:-

Bluehost Review- Maximum Discount Coupon

You get a Cpanel with all the servers, no doubt.

But one that’s been specifically optimized for you? Not so easily available. That’s what BlueHost gets you. The features are same, with all the options and everything, but the dashboard has been given a new, improvised look.

Now it “does” matter more than you’d calculate it to, why? Unless you’re having a smooth User experience with a product, there’s not really any point in buying it, right?

I mean you’re paying for it from your hard earned cash, the least you deserve is peace of mind. And with BlueHost? You get exactly that.


Extremely Broad FAQ and Video Tutorials:-

The problem with lot’s of servers is, no matter how good their features are, you can’t always count on their support.

And anyway, I’m not the kind who likes to call up guys at the support center,  and explain to them a hundred times what my problem is. (Which, in most cases they don’t understand).

Well, with BlueHost it provides us with not only an extremely broad FAQ which covers almost every single details that might be related to the server, but also a Youtube Channel that explains the things to you, on video!

So see? They’re providing you quality, and a solution if you ever get stuck. What else you looking for? Free Servers? If yeah, then good luck.

So yeah that was the “review”, if you should go with BlueHost or not, and if yes then why, those were the answers, right? Now let’s focus on something you’ve been dying to get your hands on.

If that wasn’t enough, they even got a toll-free Support number! Tell me it could get any better?

Bluehost Review- Maximum Discount Coupon

Other Notable Features:-

AutoResponders: – With the servers, you ofcourse get 100% Unlimited AutoResponders to keep your Email list in discipline.

AutoInstallers: – Set up Third party CMS’s like WordPress with one-click!

E-commerce: – Scripts like ZenCart and Prestashop make it “clickeasy” to start your own E-commerce site with couple clicks.

Unlimited Space: – Needless to mention, you’re getting unlimited space with BlueHost! Yup, no limitations on how much you can upload!

Unlimited Bandwidth: – No matter how much resources your traffic consumes, your site isn’t going down. Nope that’s not happening, it’s unlimited bandwidth makes sure that your site is live, 24X7.

30-day Money Back: – Didn’t like it? They’re going to refund you your money, no questions asked! So you aren’t loosing anything anyway.

Pricing (With the Discount!)

BlueHost servers generally cost around 200-400Rs. Well, I’d say for that kind of quality and service, it’s dirt-cheap anyway.But if you’re keen on getting a discount and are tight on the budget…

You can avail a flat 34% discount on Bluehost! Specifically customized and exclusively available to BLOGGINGCAGE readers only! Exclusive? Well yeah, the coupon code is specifically made for BloggingCage readers from the BlueHost team, so no other platform in India could get you BlueHost at this price, that’s a bet!

How to Use BlueHost Coupon Code for Maximum Discount!

Maximum Discount? Let me Explain.

Normally the coupon codes you get with BlueHost are for a specific plan, or package. For eg. you might get 10% off on WordPress hosting, or on Linux hosting, but that’s all, right?

What this coupon- BloggingCage will do for you is, it adds a discount to the overall cart price! Meaning, you can buy any damn product you want, any number of times.

Say you got WordPress Servers, and then Linux Servers, a Domain name, and Reseller servers in a single cart, whatever, it doesn’t matter. This coupon adds the discount to the overall cart! Meaning if your cart total is 10,000 INR, you can get the products for 7500 only! (approx!). 

Bluehost Review- Maximum Discount Coupon

So in case you used the better-half of your brain and decided for the better future of your sites, head over to BlueHost.

Select Hosting> Any Plan /Service you wish. (It’s applicable to every damn hosting plan! Linux Hosting-Windows hosting- WordPress Hosting)

Bluehost Review- Maximum Discount Coupon

Not just hosting, you can even get a Reseller Package with it! ( Both Windows & Linux!)

So once you’ve selected the type hosting you want and want to get BlueHost maximum discount for, select the plan.

Bluehost Review- Maximum Discount Coupon

A popup would come up, click on “I already have a domain name” if you already got one. Or on “I want to buy a new domain name” if you don’t have one yet, and enter the domain name.

Bluehost Review- Maximum Discount Coupon

And then Finally, in the cart, scroll down to the box which asks for Coupon codes, and apply BloggingCage as the coupon.

Bluehost Review- Maximum Discount Coupon

You’ll get an extremely reduced price in the cart as soon as the coupon is applied! See? The reason I was so bold about the “maximum” thing was, it does actually apply MAXIMUM discount on the whole of the cart and not just one product.

Bluehost Review- Maximum Discount Coupon

Once you’ve got the discount. Just click on Proceed to Payment button, make the payment, and you’re done!

Final Verdict:-

So BlueHost, is it worth the money?

It’s giving you 99.99% uptime! It’s giving you world class Speed, Support, Unlimted Space & Bandwidth, and what not!

And the best part? The coupon BloggingCage will apply a discount of 34% to “ALL” your cart items! So if you’ve ever needed Bulk shopping (Ofcourse it works with single-products too), then this is the time you should be going for it. Just imagine 34% off  3-4 different products? That’s like you’ll be getting the next product totally free anyway!

Do let me know your thoughts with it. And I dare you, point me out a single reason, why you “aren’t” going with BlueHost! I’d say, even if you already got a server, it can’t be BlueHost quality! That’s a bet, again!

Evan Derek is the Founder and Chief SEO Analyst @ VebbLabbs. Specialising in Affiliate Marketing and helping newcomers to make it a stable profession in the online world, he boasts 6+ years of experience in the industry. 19 year has he spent on this planet successfully, and plans on spending at least 50 more! He is a frequent readers and a follower on WordPress blogs like: WordPress Templater



  1. Sahil Arora

    June 14, 2016 at 5:01 pm

    Thanx for sharing your review. I was looking fora good overall package for web hosting. Will surely try your discount codes while purchasing. Keep up the good work! Cheers.

  2. Merry Rose

    June 19, 2016 at 12:14 am

    Used your affiliate link and made a purchase! Everything is slowly going under EIG! Alas, Monopoly!

    • Evan Derek

      June 19, 2016 at 9:19 am

      Glad 🙂 Do let me know your experience with BlueHost 🙂

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SmallPdf Review 2021 : Best PDF Solutions Platform?



smallpdf review

SmallPDF is a web-based PDF app that lets you convert PDF files to multiple formats, divide and merge PDF documents, and compress PDF files, among other operations.

PDF files can be converted to all Microsoft Office file types (including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).

Security features such as digital signatures and password protection ensure the security of documents processed by SmallPDF, which is used by over 15 million people and 100,000 organizations around the world.

smallpdf intro

Secure data transmissions are ensured by SmallPDF, as all files are automatically deleted from their servers after they have been transmitted.

The aim was to make using SmallPDF as easy as possible for you and the aim is fulfilled.

A PDF-related task can be performed without the need to download or install anything.

SmallPDF is an application for editing and converting PDF files that anyone can use.

Besides displaying different font sizes, adding watermarks, merging documents, signed documents, and downloading files, Smallpdf has many other features.

Users of any skill level will find Smallpdf’s interface simple to use. You can even test it out before buying with the free trial version of Smallpdf!

To get to the point of this review, we’re going to describe some of SmallPDF’s pros and cons.

Why should you use Smallpdf?

  • Simplicity – You can edit PDF documents with Smallpdf using a simple interface that is powerful yet easy to use, without having to download or install anything.
  • Security Features – As well as bank-level encryption, every file sent via Smallpdf is encrypted with 256-bit SSL, and after it is processed, documents are erased from the server. Moreover, it offers password protection as well as encryption and decryption capabilities to control who can print and edit documents, and it allows users to backup their modifications for future revision.
  • Popularity – Among the many features of this tool are digital signatures (eSignatures) and password protection. This tool is used by more than 15 million people globally with more than 100,000 organizations!
  • Better User Experience – Simplepdf has an intuitive interface that anyone can use.
  • Advanced Formatting Options – The text formatter in Smallpdf features advanced features such as font type, size, and color; headers and footers; merging multiple documents into one (saving time); and a PDF export feature.
  • Affordable – In the free version of Smallpdf alone, you can edit, convert, and compress PDFs. Paying $12/month/user unlocks premium features and increases the tasks limit.
why choose smallpdf

Top 5 Key Features in SmallPDF

There are many ways to customize PDF files using SmallPDF, as mentioned earlier. It is devoted to highlighting and describing the key features so that you will be familiar with what to expect.

1. Convert to and from PDFs

With SmallPDF, you can easily convert Word, Excel, PPT, and image files (JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF) into high-quality PDFs. Documents are instantly converted into PDF after they are uploaded, and can be downloaded almost immediately.

The process can also be reversed to facilitate editing and viewing of PDF files in other document or image formats.

Multi-file processing is possible, and OCR can be used to extract text from scanned or image-based PDF documents. When it comes to converting PDFs, SmallPDF’s outstanding results are always delivered.

2. Compress PDFs

SmallPdf Review - compress pdf

SmallPDF cuts the size of PDF files so that they are more manageable.

If you are seeking a particular size or quality, there are two compression modes you can choose from. A good example is the Basic compression mode, which delivers a medium file size (-40%) while maintaining high quality.

Another option is a stronger compression mode that yields the smallest file size of good quality (-75%).

The use of compression allows you to meet the size requirements for uploading and sharing PDFs, as well as archive them more effectively.

In an email, for example, a scanned PDF can be reduced down to just 144dpi for easier uploading.

3. Split/Merge PDFs

smallpdf 1

Consider the case in which you need to work with a single page or a number of pages from a multipage PDF file.

Besides saving time, SmallPDF makes it easier to handle PDF files by allowing you to break individual pages into smaller files, or a page range, depending on what you prefer.

It has a preview function for ensuring you don’t lop off unnecessary pages, as well as batch split capabilities. In addition to splitting, SmallPDF also allows you to combine multiple PDF documents into one.

To ensure the final PDF file is just as you wanted it, you can rotate, rearrange, and even delete pages that are not needed during the merging process.

4. Edit PDFs

SmallPdf Review - Edit PDFs

You can easily add text data to PDF forms using the online PDF editor.

Additionally, please note that you have the option to add shapes, pictures, freehand annotations, and pictures as well to meet your goals. Additionally, you can alter the font, color, and page orientation of the PDF files.

Doing all that ensures that the output PDF file is tailored to your liking and that the intended information is passed in a comprehensive manner.

In case of a mistake, you can undo or redo the edit. The edited PDF file can be printed or shared directly from the editing window with a single click.

5. Sign PDFs

Smallpdf is always ready to handle sign PDF files when the need arises. You can add a digital signature to a PDF and even request that others do the same since it’s verifiable.

Sign PDFs

It is possible to sign using the mouse, add initials, type text, or upload a pre-taken image.

It is possible to add a date and checkboxes when necessary.

With the help of eSign, it is possible to sign multiple PDFs with ease. Signing a PDF means assigning the file to an individual or group of individuals.

Is Smallpdf safe?

Once the processing is complete, Smallpdf will remove the files uploaded by users from its server. Additionally, they encrypt files with SSL.

Smallpdf JPG to PDF Converter

Convert JPG To PDF

In this Smallpdf review, I will talk a little bit about the JPG to PDF converter, one of the most popular tools on the site.

Any JPG image can be converted to PDF format using this web app. As an additional option, PNG is also supported as an input format. It’s quick and easy to convert.

Your computer or cloud storage like Dropbox can be used to upload a JPG. Drag and drop an image from your computer to upload it.

The converted PDF file can be downloaded to your computer once the app has finished processing.

Once the files have been converted, Smallpdf’s servers will delete them, making them safe to use.

Smallpdf PDF to Word Converter

PDF To Word

One more application from Smallpdf that is popular. Word files can be created by converting native and scanned PDF files. PDF files can be scanned and image-based.

The application stands out because of this feature.

Download the Word document after manually uploading a PDF file. You can perform the conversion on different platforms, including macOS and Windows.


Simplepdf makes your life easier. Platforms on which it can be used are not required to be installed.

If you only use the site occasionally, there is no need to register. Unregistered users cannot use it incognito.

There’s no file size limit for free users. In addition to its free service, Smallpdf offers paid services, such as the following.

  1. Unlimited use
  2. No ads
  3. Faster processing
  4. Batch mode
  5. Desktop app

SmallPdf Pricing Plans:  

Users looking for an affordable solution tailored especially to their needs may take advantage of Smallpdf’s 7-day free trial period.  

smallpdf pricing

FAQs About SmallPdf Review 

👉Can you trust Smallpdf?

You can edit your documents online with Smallpdf’s PDF editing software. Browser-based, it does not require installation on your computer.

⁉️Where is Smallpdf from?

It’s a company that’s based in Switzerland with servers in multiple countries. Their founders had years of experience in the industry and sought to solve some of its problems. As a company that’s self-funded, Smallpdf is not affiliated with any other businesses.

🔎How do I contact Smallpdf?

Smallpdf can be contacted via email at info@smallpdf.com or by filling out the contact form on their website. The company is also active on social media and posts updates frequently.

⏳Does Smallpdf save your files?

You don’t have to worry about losing anything because Smallpdf automatically saves your files. By downloading a copy of the latest version of the file, you can also create a backup. Besides offering free storage, Smallpdf also offers the option of accessing your files from any device as long as you wish.

💲How is Smallpdf free?

You can try out Smallpdf free for 30 days. The Smallpdf premium plans start at $12/month/user, depending on what you need and what you want!

📎How does Smallpdf make money?

The Smallpdf PDF editing software is monetized by offering premium features.

Smallpdf Pros & Cons


  • 21 Tools for creating PDF documents
  • Create PDFs in the cloud
  • Sharing documents has never been easier
  • Providing reliable and affordable service
  • Adaptable to multiple platforms
  • Integrates with Google G Suite and Dropbox


  • Online versions have fewer features than desktop applications.
  • The free version has limited conversions.

Quick Links –

Conclusion | SmallPdf Review 2021 

Smallpdf makes it very easy to manipulate PDF files because it provides all the tools needed for a reliable and efficient process.

Thanks to the cloud services integrated, it is very easy to collaborate on documents and to create high-quality results.

With SmallPDF, you get the wholesome experience all to yourself. Take advantage of smooth PDF handling by trying it now.

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How to Use Google’s Messaging App, Spaces?



It’s been a day now Google has launched their new messaging app called Spaces. Did you download it? Or are you waiting for a first-look post to find out whether it’s worth downloading?

Well, if you’ve been curious about it, today you are going to find out how to use Google’s new Spaces app!

How to Use Google’s Messaging App, Spaces?

I know you have at least one online messaging app on your phone be it WhatsApp, Messenger, Hike or Kik.

Maybe you are a consumer of a bunch of messaging apps. Hence, it is common to have a shadow of a doubt that what makes Spaces different from a plethora of other apps.

What is Google’s Spaces App?

Google knows their content sharing platform Google Plus is going the way of dinosaurs And, it wasn’t a very well-kept secret that they were looking for the best way to come up with another platform to replace Google Plus! That’s how the idea of Spaces came to be!

Truth be told, Spaces is not just a messaging app. Though it allows you to have conversations between your friends, it is more of an online content sharing platform with the feature to choose who can see your shares.

What Makes Spaces Different from all the Other Messaging Apps?

Still wondering why on the earth you need to download Google’s Spaces app? Read the following point.

1. It’s not only a Messaging Platform

As I said earlier, it is not a one-to-one messaging platform on which you can chat with your close one. Spaces are intended for sharing content rather than interacting.

I would have called the Spaces to be a rather stupid endeavour if they had kept it to be a messaging app only simply because they already have a popular platform called Hangouts.

A venture becomes popular when it has got the potential to solve a problem. In that sense, Spaces is an amazing try to aid with people who are struggling to find perfection in group chats.

You could say it’s more of a social network with only the people you invite as members.

2. Spaces is not just a Mobile App

Secondly, don’t think Spaces to be a mobile app only. It is true that they have apps for both Android and iOS. But Google put a lot of effort into launching a web version as well.

By visiting spaces.google.com, you can do everything that you are able to do on the mobile app. The interesting fact is Google allows everyone to visit the web version from the mobile browser too.

How to Use Google’s Messaging App- With Download Link for Spaces?

I hope you got a concise idea of what Spaces is. Now, we are heading towards how to use Google Spaces.

I have divided this section under different subheads to make it easy to explore the usage of the app.

Downloading the App

If you are a mobile addict who prefers apps over web versions, you must download the app from Play Store or iTunes App store depending on the mobile platform you are using.

Download Google Spaces for Android

Download Google Space App for iOS

You can also start using the web version by visiting spaces.google.com.

It is mandatory to have a Google account to get started. And, you need to sign into your account to start group chatting right away.

Creating a Space

The very first screen you see after signing into Spaces (either via app or web version) is a grid-view of all your spaces. The chat rooms in this app are referred to as Spaces. If you are a new user, you don’t see any space there but a button that says Create a space along with a ‘+’ sign.

Clicking on that button will lead you to the group chat creation screen. A title, ‘Untitled space’ will be given by default which can be changed with a single click.

You can also choose a cover photo to make your space attractive.

When you are done with title and cover image, it’s time to invite people to take part in your group sharing cum chatting room.

Right now, you are provided with three ways to invite friends to join your space; sharing direct links, email, and Facebook.

So you have got an overview of how to use Google’s messaging app.

Sharing Content

Sharing content on Spaces app is not a Herculean task. You can get the share box in two ways as depicted in the second image under the previous section.

The following is the sharing box you get on the web version.

You can share four types of posts on Spaces.

Links: – Whenever you find an interesting article on the web, just come here and use this option to share the same with like-minded people in your space.

Images: – It possible to use your camera (on the app) and pictures from the Photos app. You can also upload images from the storage as well.

Text: – It is like a status on Facebook. You can create a dedicated space for bookworms and post a review using this feature.

YouTube Video (app only): – The direct option to share YouTube videos is not available on the web version. Still, you can share it using the links feature by pasting the video link there.

Starting Conversation

You will notice the small size of images in the newsfeed. It is because the right portion is dedicated to communications.

You can start conversations under any of your (or others’) shares. Surprisingly, the text box has got stickers, image and video embedding options. And, you don’t have to leave the app to see a preview of the shared images or videos.

Searching Between Shares

How can Google be blind towards search?

You can efficiently search through the previous shares to find out a specific item.

The best thing about it is the image search itself. Searching for content inside a photo is quite easy here.

Can Spaces be a Trendsetter?

I really think it has got the potential to be a trendsetter. But do remember the fact that the app still an infant and they haven’t got rid of bugs completely.

The grid-view of posts on the iOS app wasn’t impressive on the first look. Plus, there’s no sign for Gmail integration.

Nevertheless, I am with Google Spaces. Now, I can interact with my closed ones with a lot of features like never before.

What do you think? Have you downloaded Google Spaces? Don’t you know how to use Google’s messaging app now?

Let me know in the comment section down below.

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WPX Hosting Review 2021 : Best Managed Hosting for WordPress ? (Top Features & Pricing)



wpx hosting review

For your website to be successful online, it must be fast. Fast loading times are beneficial for all types of websites, from personal blogs to online stores.

Your website will rank higher in search engine results if your speed improves. Websites with faster loading times also perform better in conversion rates, which determines whether visitors join your email list, click on links, make purchases, or take other important actions.

The purpose of WPX Hosting is to deliver fast-loading sites. We’ll look at the features of WPX Hosting in this review. Read this WPX Hosting review to find out if this service is right for you if you’re starting a WordPress website, or upgrading your current hosting arrangement.

Why You Need a Fast Website

 We’ll explore a few reasons why upgrading to a faster web host could help you improve the speed of your website before we review WPX Hosting.

Some studies suggest that if your site takes longer than three seconds to load, 57% of visitors will leave and go somewhere else. A majority of those visitors won’t return and half of them will share their negative experiences with friends.

During the time between product loading and product availability, Walmart found that conversion rates dropped rapidly when products were available for purchase or download. Even so, with everyone second of improvement, conversion rates increased by 2%. By using Firefox, the site had 2.2 seconds less load time and 15.4% more downloads.

A number of studies and statistics indicate that slow-loading websites suffer negative effects, while sites with quick loading times benefit. If you are not running a multimillion-dollar company, I am certain your site would benefit from a faster loading time.

WPX Hosting Review

wpx hosting review

 With all, we’ve discussed thus far about the importance of having a fast website, what are some methods for making it load faster? Your WordPress website will be faster and more responsive if you choose a high-performance web host. Those looking for a fast-loading website will find this WPX Hosting discount coupons  useful.

Here are some of the key features and benefits of WPX Hosting. The next step is to examine the pricing and user experience offered by WPX Hosting.

WPX Hosting Features

It’s likely that you’re concerned about site speed and loading times if you’re interested in managed WordPress hosting services. WordPress hosts with good management offer many benefits. Typically, website owners sign up with these companies due to the fact that they offer top-notch performance.

Here’s a look at just how fast WPX Hosting really is before we look at the features.

Daily WordPress Website Backups

A daily backup of your website is included in WPX hosting’s service. We keep backup files for 14 days on a separate server, in order to increase protection. You won’t be charged to retrieve backups if something goes wrong. BackupBuddy or BackWPup plugins can also be used to create your own backup system.

Free WordPress Website Migration Service

A WordPress website already running on a slower host may make you wonder if it’s worth the effort to move to one that’s faster. You can migrate a WordPress site using plugins and tools. It is not always an easy process, however.

Thanks to WPX Hosting, you can migrate your website for free. Migration service is reported to have been completed in 24 hours. It will be our responsibility to move your current web host account over to your new WPX Hosting account. Additionally, email migration for that site is also included in the service.

Email Service

WPX Hosting includes email with every plan. Your website’s domain name enables you to send and receive emails. It is possible to forward your email to another address, for example, to your Gmail account, when setting up an email.

Webmail, a client such as Outlook, and a smartphone are other options for accessing emails. Also supported is Google Apps.

Straightforward Management Dashboard

This WPX Hosting review will discuss how to install WordPress and set up your website. In spite of this, WPX Hosting’s client dashboard is very user-friendly.

Your WPX Hosting dashboard offers you access to your account details and services, your email and website management, and any support tickets you have opened. You can also check the amount of disk space and bandwidth you have used.


You may access your server space by FTP or SFTP as well as through the WPX Hosting client area dashboard. By using an FTP client like FileZilla, you can securely upload plugin and theme files. Other files can also be uploaded and downloaded using FTP.

24/7/365 Support

A live text chat service is available 24/7/365 along with a help desk ticketing system at WPX Hosting. I received rapid and helpful assistance from support when I contacted them regarding my issues. A knowledge base is also available online to answer any questions you have.

WPX Hosting Pricing Plans

With its hosting plans and pricing, WPX Hosting keeps things simple. Three plans are available. Between each WPX Hosting plan, you get access to different features and storage capacities and you also have a different amount of bandwidth.

Having the ability to host up to five websites as part of the Business plan is a good feature. This plan becomes more affordable as you own multiple websites or manage a few websites for clients. A discount is also provided by paying annually instead of monthly.

You can also test WPX Hosting’s services for 30 days without any risk.

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WPX Hosting Review Conclusion

It is very easy to use WPX Hosting since it is fast. Whether you’re looking to upgrade, start up, or relocate your website, WPX Hosting is a great choice.

We offer three simple pricing plans to make it easy to get started. People with WordPress websites hosted somewhere else will find the free migration service useful.

A managed WordPress hosting package is more expensive than entry-level shared web hosting. If you are ready to take your WordPress website to the next level, WPX Hosting is a good option at a more affordable price. Prices start at $24.99 per month and include the ability to host up to five WordPress sites.

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Prodoge Review 2021: Is This the Best Cryptocurrency Wallet for Business?



Are you having trouble finding the ideal cryptocurrency wallet? Do you need the finest cryptocurrency wallet for your business? If that’s the case, we’ve got something special in store for you. As you may be aware, cryptocurrency is growing right now, and everyone is trying their hand at it.

However, as the number of people using cryptocurrency grows, a reliable crypto wallet is in short supply. You can handle all of your currencies from one location with a crypto wallet. It essentially serves as your own bank.

Cryptocurrencies are providing people with an alternative to the traditional banking system. What is exciting about this new form of currency is that it has opened up a whole world of opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Crypto Wallet

Image Courtesy: Flickr

The Prodoge wallet was created specifically to meet the needs of business owners who have been struggling with finding a way to accept payments from customers in their own cryptocurrency, and not just in fiat currencies like Canadian or US dollars.

In this blog post, we will go through some features that make the Prodoge wallet perfect for businesses so you can decide if it’s right for you! 

The Prodoge wallet is one of the best wallets on the market because it offers complete control over your private keys (meaning no third-party involvement).

Prodoge makes it easy for non-technical users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies without needing technical knowledge.

So, let’s get started with the review.

Prodoge Overview: (What is Prodoge?)


Prodoge is a cryptocurrency wallet that supports Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, DigiByte, and the US dollar.It is a non-custodial crypto wallet.

Prodoge is a cloud-based system that assists companies and professionals in automating procedures for taking credit/debit card and cryptocurrency payments online. In-person payments, point-of-sale (POS) transactions, smartphone payments, sales/order reporting, and bitcoin compatibility are all important features.

Teams can create and connect checkout widgets with company websites to accept bitcoin payments without incurring transaction or merchant fees with Prodoge. Individuals may use the service to track website sales and generate data to help them make better business decisions. Users may also find payees by searching for profiles of professions or businesses that provide services to transfer money and support peer-to-peer transactions using the search capability.

You may send and receive money with anybody using Prodoge. It essentially allows you to become your own bank, giving your company the tools it needs to succeed. Prodoge makes it very easy to:

  • Send/Receive Crypto Payments
  • Credit & Debit Payments

This may be done with anyone, and there are no restrictions. The best part is that Prodoge makes it simple by allowing you to accomplish everything from a single app. You don’t need to install numerous apps on your phone anymore. Prodoge handles the tasks of many applications, saving you the time and effort of switching between them to transfer a payment. People interested in starting their own Prodoge wallets could download the software from the Apple Store and start creating their own crypto wallets.

Prodoge is a great cryptocurrency wallet that offers two kinds of solutions to its users:

  • Personal Solutions
  • Business Solutions

Prodoge Features

Personal Solutions:

If you’re looking for a crypto wallet that’s personalized to your specific needs, Prodoge is by far the finest option. It simplifies everything by consolidating everything into a single app. Anything you want to accomplish may be done quickly and conveniently using the app. As a result, the entire procedure is quite smooth, and Prodoge makes handling your bitcoins much easier.

  • Send & Receive Money Globally

There are several occasions when international money transfers are restricted. That isn’t the case with Prodoge. You may transfer money to anyone, anywhere in the globe, with ease. The entire procedure is also rather quick, which adds to the overall experience. Payments may be made quickly and simply using credit/debit cards or cryptocurrency.

  • Sending and Receiving Cryptocurrency Payments

One of the finest features of Prodoge is the ability to make and receive crypto payments. There are a number of shops that accept crypto as payment, so you may use the Prodoge app to buy items quickly. You may also send any cryptocurrency, such as Ethereum, Dogecoin, USD coin, and so on, to anybody. All you have to do is input the required information and scan the QR code to complete the transaction. To make crypto payments, on the other hand, you may quickly create payment links and much more.

  • Send & Receive Card Payments

If you’re using a debit or credit card, PayPal and Stripe make it simple to submit and receive payments. If a person has a PayPal email address, you may send him money with trust and fast. People who have a Stripe account are in the same scenario. You may also take all credit and debit card payments using your PayPal/Stripe account. As a result, Prodoge makes it simple to send and receive money from a wide range of sources.

  • Cryptocurrency Wallet

The best part of Prodoge is that it functions as your own bank. With Prodoge’s assistance, you may simply do international commerce. Here, all of the major cryptocurrencies are supported, and everything in your wallet is yours.

  • Buying, selling, and exchanging cryptocurrency

More than 100 countries are supported, allowing you to purchase, trade, and even swap cryptocurrencies with ease. Prodoge also makes it simple to purchase bitcoin. Credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and Apple Pay are all accepted ways.

  • Notifications of Transactions

Prodoge’s biggest feature is how simple it makes accounting. You’ll receive comprehensive transaction alerts detailing the payments you’ve made and received. Additionally, you may export the information to a CSV file. Overall, Prodoge ensures that buying and selling crypto/money is done in a secure and reliable manner.

Business Solutions:

Prodoge’s solutions aren’t just for personal use; they’re also for business. The following are some of the highlights:

  • Invoicing

There are several systems that make receiving money extremely difficult. Prodoge, on the other hand, has totally changed this idea by having being paid an easy task. There is no limit to how many invoices you may send out. As a result, you may begin paying with both cryptocurrency and credit/debit cards. Invoicing is also very simple and intuitive to create.

With the help of Prodoge, you can quickly create professional invoices. Clients may also use the app to pay their invoices. You also get full transaction records so you can keep track of your bills. You can simply customise your invoices with Prodoge premium. Using your company’s or brand’s logo on invoices is a great way to promote it. This can be quite beneficial to your company.

  • Point of Sale

You may take payments from all around the world with the help of Prodoge. Using PayPal and Stripe accounts, you may be paid in cryptocurrencies or credit/debit cards. You can also simply create Point of Sale checkouts using Prodoge. Prodoge allows you to receive all payments instantly. Prodoge also provides a Point of Sale transaction history, which might be quite helpful in specific circumstances.

  • Payment Links

You may simply be paid with the use of Prodoge’s Payment Links. The payment URL can be sent through SMS, email, or social media applications. These payment links accept cryptocurrency as well as credit and debit cards. Prodoge has simplified the process by allowing anybody to quickly establish a payment link. This payment URL is also simply shared. It is also possible to build personal payment connections.

The best part about these payment links is that they are simple to send via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or text messaging. Payment link transaction histories are also available, and they may be exported.

  • Marketplace

Another beneficial feature of Prodoge is that it offers you access to a worldwide market. You may post items and services for sale on this marketplace. This marketplace may assist you in growing your business and receiving payments from all around the world. The Prodoge Marketplace allows you to easily set up an online store. You can quickly add product photos, descriptions, and delivery information. You can also get paid in a variety of currencies, such as cryptocurrency or credit/debit cards.

A customer chat function is also included in the marketplace. You may quickly communicate with vendors and customers from all around the world using this chat. This helps you to expand your network by maintaining contact with other companies. There’s also a search function that you may use to find certain items, services, or consumers.

  • Websites 

 You may collect all donations and payments through your website. Payment widgets may be added to your blogs and webpages. This is a really important tool since it allows you to leverage website visitors to raise funds. You can also choose to get paid in the currency of your choice. Prodoge helps businesses develop quicker by making it easy to track online sales.

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Prodoge Review: Pros & Cons


  • Well Designed
  • Simple to Use
  • A Superb Invoice Solution
  • Detailed Transaction Reports on the Marketplace 
  • Major Cryptocurrencies are supported.


  • There is no drawback as such, It works really well

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of deployment is it?

Prodoge’s deployment is web-based and installed.

  • Which mobile platforms is Prodoge compatible with?

IOS and Android devices are supported by Prodoge.

  • In the Prodoge Wallet app, how can I create a wallet?

Users of the Prodoge App can create several wallets with the same recovery phrase. This new functionality makes wallet recovery and mobility much easier. Make a backup of your 12-word recovery phrase before continuing. You will lose access to your funds if you lose your 12-word phrase.

  • Is it possible to reverse a transaction from my Prodoge wallet?

No, bitcoin transactions that have already been sent to the network cannot be reversed. The bitcoin protocol has a crucial feature that prevents payment fraud. If you require a refund or a return of wrong payment, please contact the person or business you paid. On public block explorers for Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Digibyte, and Ethereum, you may search and view your wallet’s transactions by transaction ID or wallet address.

  • What is the procedure for exporting my transaction history?

You must upgrade your Prodoge account to their premium plan in order to export your transaction history. The free plan does not allow you to export transaction history. After you’ve updated, go to your wallet and history pages in Prodoge and click to export your transactions to a CSV file.

Conclusion: Should you go for Prodoge?

As a result, Prodoge is the world’s first crypto wallet with such a comprehensive set of functions. If you want to transfer or receive money from anywhere in the globe, Prodoge makes it simple. It accepts most cryptocurrencies as well as PayPal and Stripe for debit/credit card payments.

The setup process using Prodoge is really easy. Their marketplace is incredible, and it offers firms a fantastic opportunity to develop. Overall, Prodoge is the best place to start if you want to manage all of your crypto demands.

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