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How to Block Someone on WhatsApp



WhatsApp is a messaging platform which has revolutionized the way we used to communicate. It has actually bridged the communication gap between two or more people. These days it’s damn easy to WhatsApp someone rather than talking in front.

Though it is quite a great platform, but it also let’s other people message inappropriate stuff and texts which can cause severe irritation.

So, in that case, you might want to know how to block someone on WhatsApp? And in this article, we will be telling you about the same. So, let’s get started:

What Does Blocking Someone on WhatsApp Mean?

Before proceeding further, you should know what blocking someone on WhatsApp does?

1: If you have blocked someone on WhatsApp then you won’t be able to message or call the contact until you unblock them. Also, the blocked contact will not be able to message or call you through WhatsApp.

2: Though, the blocked contact won’t be able to see the changes you made to your profile picture section. Additionally, your status changes will also be not visible to the blocked contacts.

3: The timestamp, last seen and online details will not be visible to them, but you will not be removed from their contact list.

4: Once you unblock the contact, you will not be able to receive the messages sent during the blocked time span.

5: If you are associated with the blocked contacts through any WhatsApp group then you may be able to receive or send messages because they will appear in your group window.

How to block Someone on WhatsApp?

Step #1: As the very first step, you will have to launch your WhatsApp application. You can do so by location the WhatsApp icon and then tap on it. This activity of yours will let you open the Whatsapp application on your device. Once you are done with this, then you are good to go to the next step.


Step #2: In this step, you need to open the menu. For this, you will have to tap on the three vertical dots like icon, and this will open a menu for you. From the options which will appear as a result of your recent activity, you have to select “settings” option. This will open the settings screen with some options in it.


Step #3: After successfully completing step #2, you need to tap on the “account” option which is positioned just below the “Profile” option. After this, you have to tap on “Privacy” which appears to be the very first option in the subsequent window.


Step #4: You are now just a few steps away from blocking contacts on WhatsApp. Once you are on the “Privacy” window, you will have to scroll down a bit to reach for the “Blocked Contacts” option which falls under the “Messaging” section. Once found, all that you have to do is to tap on it. This will land you to the next window and for the further instructions; you will have to check the next steps.


Step #5: If you have blocked some contacts previously then they will appear on your screen and if you have not then you will have some instructions about blocking someone on WhatsApp.


In order to block a contact, all what you have to do is to tap on the icon which appears at the top right corner of the window, and this will open your contact list.

All that you require is to tap on the contact, and this will ultimately block the selected contact.

Always remember that you must have internet access for this else you will not be able to block anyone of WhatsApp.
You can revert your action by tapping on the contact appearing at the “Blocked Contacts” section and tapping on the dialog box which follows. This will unblock the contact from WhatsApp.

If you want to block an unknown number which is not in your contact list, then it’s damn easy to block such a number. For this, all that you have to do is to tap on the “Block” button which appears when an unknown number messages you on WhatsApp.

[Additional Information] How to Know If Someone Has Blocked You on WhatsApp or Not?

You might be interested to know that how you will get to know if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp or not. Well, WhatsApp officially doesn’t have any such feature. However, there are some indications from which we can conclude that we have been blocked by someone. Here are some of those indications with which you can conclude the same:

1: If you are doubtful that someone has blocked you on WhatsApp then you should consider looking for the last seen timestamp. If ever, the person has blocked you then you might not be able to see the last seen timestamp.

2: If the display picture of the suspected person never changes for you then this is also one of the indications that you might have been blocked by the person.

3: If you have messaged the person and you are not able to see the double tick sign ever then probably you have been blocked by that contact.

If most of the above indications imply for you, then you have certainly been blocked by the user, and that’s certainly bad news. You cannot do anything until the user unblocks you.

Final words.

This final words section brings us to the end of this tutorial cum guide on “how to block someone on WhatsApp?” We hope that we were efficient enough to satisfy your curiosity about this topic.

We firmly believe that we have left no stone unturned while getting into the nitty gritty of the topic and making you understand the entire concept of it. But if you still have any query blocking someone on WhatsApp then feel free to drop your query via comments below. We will try our level best to resolve that.

Moreover, if you found this article helpful and worthy, do show your love by sharing it socially.
Thank you for passing by and giving it a read.

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How To Reboot iPad?




iPad is a revolutionary device that was introduced by Apple along with its other popular products like iPod, iPhone and Mac devices.

While Apple’s competitors came up with Tab devices, which are pretty much the same with regard to the functionalities, the iPad stands out for the sheer make and feel-good factor it gives to its users.

Every single aspect of the device is made to perfection. When the new iPad was introduced, many people assumed that it was an updated version of an iPhone and iPod Touch. So, they really became curious to know what is so good about the iPad.

One of the best things about it is that the battery will last for about 10 hours per charge and will last for 30 days in standby mode, which is an incredible feature.

One aspect that many new users get doubtful about when they purchase it is how to reboot the iPad, and there are many more such queries that may come to one’s mind.

You can do everything with an iPad that you do on your personal computer. While a computer will take a lot of space and consume a lot of electricity, an Ipad does almost all the functions of a computer, but still, it is just a handheld device and doesn’t require to be recharged for more than an hour.

Of late, iPad has attracted many customers from around the globe. It has set itself up in the global market, and a platform has been created in the visual media. iPad has introduced the most up-to-date route to look at the technology world differently.

It has opened new doorways for database integration. Since its introduction to the world, the iPad has ruled the hearts of millions of fans across the globe.

Some stunning features of this beautiful product are its high-resolution 9.7-inch touch screen; the touch screen is so sensitive that you just need to give it a feather touch to open the apps. There are some features like Quick contacts,

Connectivity to the internet via Wi-Fi or data card depending on the model you choose and some pre-installed Apple apps. Working on the iPad is a lot easier due to its screen resolution and its user-friendliness.

Just like an iPhone, an iPad can be used for multiple purposes; the app store offers millions of apps to users like business apps, gaming apps, finance and funding apps, social media apps, educational apps, ibook – eBooks can be read, and other utility apps are also available.

The iPad comes with pre-installed apps like Passbook, which can be used to book all kinds of tickets online through this app; then there is music and video, which Apple has always been famous for. The clarity of video and music is beyond the word awesome.

Many people also use the iPad to read eBooks as the screen is big and the device is light and can be carried anywhere with ease plus it has amazing battery life.

Ipad also has an exclusive Apple app, which is called Facetime – this is similar to Skype video conferencing, but it is exclusively for the users of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

iPad has actually been a trendsetter for its competitors. Now that there are many competitors coming up with tablets, the number of people who used to use personal computers is now migrating to the iPad as it serves all their needs.

Just like an iPhone, there are many versions to use iPads as well and obviously, with each new version, there is something better about the iPad. Despite its price, people still buy iPad in huge numbers, and the iPad sales have been really high over the recent year. This only goes on to say how much people love the brand Apple and its products.

The number of iPad users is increasing every year, and there have always been multiple forums for iPad users where people discuss everything about the product from its features to issues. One such common issue people have how to restart the iPad. There are many people who do not know how to hard reset the iPad.

Hough these are very simple things, people still are in need of proper guidance for how to restart the iPad. This will be discussed in this article. Do you know that putting your iPad to sleep is not actually rebooting it?

This information is crucial as the number one troubleshooting tip for any device or iPad is to shut it down completely and then restart it. If you are facing issues with the iPad, whether it is unresponsive, or if the apps are randomly crashing, or if the iPad is too slow, it is time to reboot the device.

If you reset the iPad by shutting it down and then starting it back on, the iPad closes all apps from memory, even those that have caused problems to you while using the gadget.

How To Reboot iPad in 5 Easy Steps

This is a neat process for how to hard reset iPad, which will keep all of your data on the iPad – this means rebooting the iPad can help you use the device without hassles if you had any.

If you are not clear about how to reboot the iPad, there are clear instructions.

 Step 1: Hold down the sleep/wake button for a few seconds.

 Step 2: You will be prompted to slide a button to power off. Now, slide the button from left to right to reboot the iPad.

Step 3: In case your iPad is stuck or frozen, press and hold down both the home button and the sleep/wake. This will shut the iPad down.

Step 4: After the iPad shuts down completely, the screen will go black. Now, hold the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds and the iPad will be restarted.

Step 5: When you see the Apple logo in the middle of the screen, it means your iPad has restarted, and once it displays your apps, you can start using it normally.

Apple products need not be rebooted quite often unlike their competitors as these are quality products, which hardly fail. However, there can be occasions when the iPad stops responding due to an excess load of apps running in the background; in such cases, an iPad hard reset might be required.

It’s very important to know how to shut down the iPad and restart it. If your iPad keeps rebooting, you might need technical assistance.

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How to Make Your Own App?



How to Make Your Own App

How to develop an app, this is a question that millions of peoples ask daily but before tell you about How to make your own app; I want to tell you something about what is an app?

Today everyone, every brand and every company have their own app like Uber Cab, Ola Cab, Hotstar and so on. The app is just like a short form of application. You can use apps on your Android phones, iPhone or tablets in the other hand application are used for laptops, PC, and computer.

The application is a software program that's designed to perform a specific function directly for the user or, in some cases, for another application program. If you look at your smartphone or your phone, you will see App Icon that has squares in it.

In 2016 almost 98 % of peoples using mobile phones and peoples want to access the internet from everywhere. Today you can do anything on your mobile, Apps plays a major role in Mobiles as if you want to use a cab just start Cab related app and book cab for you.

If you are hungry just open the food-related app and order any dish.

Today I will explain how to build an app. Let's get started:

How to Make Your Own App for Free

Step #1: To make your own app, firstly open Appmakr official website.

Step #2: Now click on the Login/Edit button as shown in the image below (located at the right corner).

Step #3: This will take you to the Login screen, now use any Google+, Facebook, Twitter or Yahoo account to log in.

Step #4: Now you are in the Appmakr welcome screen, fill up your App name then App first and last name after that your email address and finally click on Next Step to continue the process.

Step #5: This will take you to your App live preview screen as shown below.

Step #6: Now you need to add function to your app, you can see many icons in the left screen. Firstly drag the Youtube function form left the screen to your app.

Step #7: On the right side screen you will see all the details about Youtube, now you can easily change the youtube icon, set the title for Youtube and choose a background image.

Step #8: Click on the video type section and select Video channel option from the drop-down list then type your youtube Username. If you want to change the icon of youtube, click on Icon and choose any Icon of your choice.

 Step #9: Next drag the Website function from the right screen to your App preview. Again change the icon by clicking on the icon and choosing another icon. Then type your website Link title and put down your website link as shown in the image below.

Step #10: Next, drag the Contacts function from left screen to app preview, change the icon if you want. Then type your name, phone number, address, and email. Finally, click on Add this Contacts.

Step #11: If you want any other function to your app, simply drag them from the right screen to your app.

Step #12: After putting common functions in your app, next you should click on Social Feeds. Now drag Facebook function to the app preview, then change the facebook icon and put down your Facebook URL.

Step #13: Next, drag the twitter function to app preview and change the icon if you want to change after that put down Your Twitter URL.

How to Make Your Own App

Step #14: When you added all the function you want, simply click on the Live Preview button to test your app Look.

Step #15: Now you will able to see a live preview of your app, if you are happy with your changes, just go ahead and save all the functions.

Step #16: There are many other functions like News & blogs, Photo's & Videos, Locations, Contacts, Music, and Sports. You can also add them to your app.

How to Make Your Own App

Step #17: If you want to make your app more attractive, simply click on the Background or Splash icon after that click on Image Library, now you can choose an image from the library, and you can also upload your own image.

Step #18: If you want to change the header of your app, simply click on Title or Header Image icon and then you can choose app name colour and you can also upload an image for your app header.

Step #19: Now click on Next icon to continue the process.

Step #20: Now add your app full information, starts from Project Title, you have already done this. Another thing you will get your web address here, simply click on Save And Next Button.

Step #21: This will take you to Pick your Domain name section, click on the drop-down button and choose the name related to your app then click on Save And Next. (Means if you are making your technology app then choose domain name related to technology)

Step #21: Now in the Choose App icon section, simply click on free Library and select the icon for your app, finally click on Save And Next.

Step #22: Now click on Edit Description and describe your app then click on Save And Next.

Step #23: After that write a welcome message and add some Additional Info then click Save And Next.

Step #24: Now you are in Add some Tags, it is important to add some valuable tags because these tags will help anyone to search your app easily.

Step #25: Now choose a category related to your app.

Step #26: Then add your Contact information.

Step #27: In the Demographics section, choose your religion, country and state.

Step #28: After done that finally click on Save and Publish.

Step #29: Now you can see how your app will look like.

Step #30: After done every step click on PUBLISH MY APP NOW.

Step #31: That's it, your app is created. Now you will get a message from app maker that your app has been published live to the web in the mobile HTML5 Version, and your app has been submitted to the Appmakr market as a Native Android app.

Final Words

I hope from this article you got the solution for how to make your own app. If you like the article where we describe how to code an app, then share it on social media.

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How to Use Snapchat Effects?



Snapchat is clearly the next big thing in the world of Social media platforms. It is definitely paving its way through the means of videos and snaps.

The feature that embellishes the platform, even more, is the Snapchat special effects or Snapchat filter effects.

So, you must be wondering how to use effects for Snapchat? In this article, we will tell you how to use Snapchat effects?

How to use Snapchat effects?

Snapchat offers many effects which one can use to enhance the snaps. Let’s see how to do Snapchat effects.

Since there are multiple effects so, for the ease of convenience we have divided the article into multiple sections.
In the firsts section, we will see how to get effects on Snapchat?

Section 1:

To apply face effects such as face swapping, animal faces, character transformations Snapchat makes use of lenses. Lenses are nothing but particular virtual effects that are used during the recording of the snap.

It is applied by the means of Face detection in real time that is one can watch his/her actions while the effects are being implemented simultaneously.

You may have to go through your device details as the lenses feature of Snapchat may not be available for old devices. For Android users, you must be equipped with Android 4.3 or higher to avail this feature of Snapchat.

Also, you must ensure that you are having the latest version of Snapchat on your device. Now, we will see how you can use the lenses feature. So, let’s get started:

Step #1: First of all, you will have to open the Snapchat application on your device.

Once you have opened the device, then you now need to navigate to the selfie mode.

Step #2: Now, position your device in such a manner that the whole of your face is visible on the device screen. This is important because Lenses makes use of the Face detection feature.

Also, make sure that you have proper lighting conditions failing which you may not have the desired results. Sorry, for the bad image quality over here.

Step #3: Once you are done with the mentioned then now, you are required to press and hold the screen till the geometric shape on your device gets completed. Once your face scan is completed then now you will be provided with various lenses.

To choose the lenses, you will have to swipe left and right. Some of the very famous lenses are “Puking Rainbows”, “Zombie” and others. You can choose either one of these. However, you may see different lenses every day. It is because Snapchat jumbles the lenses in a day or so.

Step #4: Now, to apply the selected lens, you may need to follow the onscreen instructions. Like for instance, while using the “Puking Rainbow” effect, you are required to open your mouth wide so that the effect can take place.

Step #5: The moment you are ready then you can now start recording your snap. After recording the snap, you can send it to your recipients.

Section 2:

This section is concerned around “How to use Snapchat filter effects?

At the first step, you need to understand what a Snapchat filter does? Snapchat filters add effects to the snaps once they have been recorded or snapped. On a lighter note, they are very much similar to the garnishing done to the dishes once they are ready for being served.

To enable filters on your Snapchat, kindly follow the following route. Just tap the Ghost icon which is the official mascot of Snapchat. After this, you are required to tap the gear icon which resembles settings.

From the subsequent window, you now need to select “manage” and then toggle the filters switch on.

Now, once you are done with the prerequisites of adding a filter then let’s get started with the process:

Step #1: Simply record a snap or capture a picture.

Step #2: Now, in order to add a filter to your snap, all that you require doing is to swipe left and right for choosing different filters.

Here are some of the different filters which we got by swiping left and right.

Here is one another:

Kindly take note that, you won’t be able to add filters to your snaps if location services are not enabled on your devices.

To enable location services on Android device, you will have to open the Settings application and then navigate to the location and the turn on the location services which is positioned at the top of the window.

For iOS devices, you are required to launch the settings app and then navigate to the “Privacy” option and after that location services. Once you are at the location services menu, then you will have to toggle the location option to on mode.

This way, you can easily enable location services on your device.

Step #3: You can choose from a variety of filters, such as “Geo-Filter”, “Video-Only filter”, “Data Filter”, and “Color filter”. You can add more than one filters on your snaps. To be more exact with the data, you can add up to 3 filters on your pictures while up to 5 filters on videos.

Additionally, if you want to add text-based filters, then you can also do the same by just typing the text which you want to put on the video or picture. For this, you will have to tap on the photo or video. After this, you will have to type in the text which you want to display.

Once you have completed the text then now all that you require doing is to tap on “Done.” This will automatically add the text to the middle of your post.

So, this was all about “How to use Snapchat effects?” We hope that after going through this article on “how to do effects on Snapchat?” you will be able to make use of ” New Snapchat effects“.

If you find the article worthy enough then do not miss to hit the share button. Moreover, if you know anything apart from the information mentioned over here about Snapchat add ons then do let us know through the comments section. We would love to hear from you.

Thank you for visiting.

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How to Show File Extensions?



One of the most popular OS in the world of desktop computers, Windows over the years has become synonymous with the words Desktop PC!  The Windows Explorer always hide extensions of files that are known to the computer.

If you are able to open a file via double click, the extension of the file will be hidden by default. In this article, you'll learn How to show file extensions on each version of Windows.

For example, if you have a file named example.txt, It will appear as  “example”. And if you have a video file name X-Men.mkv, you’ll see only “X-Men”.

There are a number of reasons Microsoft has set file extensions to hide by default. One reason is here when we rename files we can remove the file extension, and this will result in the file not playing or opening.

To prevent this issue, Windows using this default option to hide known file’s extensions.

Attacker: They can affect your computer by viruses or Malware. Let's assume they create a file and name it virus.png.exe! Your computer will show that file named as virus.png, and you will probably think this is an images file. But that will be executed once you double click it.

This creates a lot of issues and problems, such as peoples who try to fix problems caused by notepad and others. A .bat file is created by Notepad program and can be turned into a pretty dangerous virus with some commands.

So it is recommended to use an antivirus program on a daily basis. But wait, Microsoft added an option to easily enable file name extensions. In this post, we'll show you how to do for each window, from Windows XP to Windows 10.

How to Show File Extensions in Windows 10

In Windows 10, this is quite easy to do. Enabling extension on Windows 10 is just a matter of 2 mouse clicks. Let’s jump how to enable file extensions.

Open the File Explorer by clicking either Ctrl+E, clicking its icon in the taskbar or from the start menu.
Now there are 2 methods to do this; you can pick any of these methods to enable file extensions.

Way 1. Is for keyboard nerds, Press the ALT key, next V then press HF, this will allow the extension of files to show.

Way 2. Or click the ‘down arrow' and click on the VIEW tab. (At the top side, you’ll have three tabs. Click the third tab VIEW). A semi-windows-box will slide down, where you need to tick ‘File name extension'.

Now tick the settings that say “File name extensions,” click the ‘up arrow' to close the semi-windows box. This will show file extensions for every file. Repeat the steps to hide file extensions.

Method 2. Doing it the old way, Open the start menu, and type either “Folder Options” or “Folder settings”. You know that there is no floating tip that says you can search from the start menu.

A little knowledge is indeed, however. Click the result and switch to the View tab. From there find the file extension setting and untick it.

From there find the file extension setting and untick it. Now save and check files, they will show their file extensions. If you anytime downgrade to Windows 8, read the next section. Although the steps are almost identical.

How to Show File Extensions in Windows 8

Step 1. Access the Start Screen; it'll be opened as full-screen. (Unlike Windows 10, where you has options to make is boxed or full screen).

Step 2. Type “Folder options” or “Folder settings” without the quote. You know that there is no floating tip that says you can search from the start menu. A little knowledge is indeed, however. Click the result and switch to the View tab.

Untick the option “Hide extensions for known file types-ON. Also, you can set hidden files to show.

Click ok to save it. If you already had upgraded to Windows 10, you can use this same method to enable file extensions.

How to Show File Extensions in Windows XP

First of all, open the Windows Explorer. You can open it by Clicking the ‘My Computer icon on the desktop, or clicking My Computer from the start menu or Pressing CTRL+E.

Look for the menu bar, and click on ‘Tools' ( the menu bar is present just below the top bar of windows explorer. Click the Tools; a pop-up menu will appear to choose ‘Folder Options.'

A new box will open, and you'll see three tabs in it. Click the tab that says “View.”

You may need to scroll a Lil bit to find the “Hide file extensions for known file types” settings. You need to untick it to show file type. Apply or click ok to save this setting. Now you can see file extensions on your Windows XP machine.

How to show File Extensions Windows 7 and Vista

Press the Win button on your keyboard or just click the start menu.

IN the search box type “folder options” (with no quotes). And click on the “Folder Options” that appears in the search result. Next, on the dialogue bix switch to the VIEW tab. Untick the box for “Hide extensions for known file types”.

Click the “OK” or Apply to save the settings.

Extra Tip: Here is how to show hidden files in Windows 7 so you can see hidden files along with their file extensions. Also in other windows show hidden files steps are almost the same.

In folder settings, choose the settings to show hidden files.

how to show hidden files in windows 7

Windows Explorer is more than just a File Explorer That all about How to Show File Extensions, so you'd be able to know the specific extensions of a file. This was a little knowledge you should know to be an advanced computer user.

Also, make sure to subscribe Knowledge cage on Facebook, you'll know our next tutorial as soon it goes live.

You can always undo this tutorial by repeating the steps. If you would like to ask a question related to this topic, feel free – we got your back!

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How To Clear Google Search History



Needless to say, Google is the best search engine in the world. For any query, doubt, or research the only source of help we can think of is Google.

Do I need to say, Google provides the best search results for every query we put in? We spend a lot of time on the internet searching for various stuff.

Sometimes, we search for stuff that we don't particularly want others to find out! In order to prevent our search records from being revealed by some nosy person, we often resort to clearing the browsing search history!

But I've something to share with you. Your search history is not only get saved in your browsers, but Google also stores a copy of it online!

One can still view what you have searched on google so far, even after deleting it from your browser by logging into your google account using another computer.

Many people, however, due to lack of knowledge try deleting the history from browsers. But, If you believe that wiping out your history from the web browsers save you from unveiling your searches from the world, let me tell you are pretty wrong!

Google history delete is a must if you want to enjoy secure browsing. So, to delete google history, I have shared this guide. By following the guide, you will get to learn how to clear google search history step by step.

How To Clear Google Search History

In this guide, I will let you know all the possible ways to erase google history. Clear Google search history really helps us to gain secure internet surfing.

Saving history sometimes proves to be handy, since it allows us to access old stuff we have accessed earlier, but sometimes it may create a fuss which we never want to get into.

In the below guide, I will let you know how you can use google delete history feature and delete voice, youtube history with the step by step procedure.

Deleting Search History From Google

The history appears on Google when we type the same word or similar to the word, we have searched earlier. For example, I have searched on google online shopping websites. Now, whenever I will type even ‘O', Google will automatically start giving suggestions including our old search.

Confused? look at the screenshot below.

The purple coloured suggestions are my search history. After seeing the screenshot, you might be wondering how to clear google history. Right? It's very simple. To delete the search from the list, click on remove in the right of the search suggestion.

Once you do that, it will be deleted from the list instantly without any delay. And a notification will appear in the place of that history saying “The search history was removed from the web history”.

This was a quick way to clear google search, but sometimes when you have a long list of searched items, then you might find difficulty in recognizing the search terms.

So, to clear history google gives a facility where you can delete the entire history that is Google Web & App Activity. Here, you can delete the history according to the time and period by logging into your google account.

If you are already logged in, then you can directly go to the web history page by this link.

Once you have landed on the page, you will see something like the below screenshot.

As you can see, at the front page total searches will appear

Here, you can delete search history as per your requirement. To do so, you have to click on the Menu button at the top right corner (with three vertical dots). After clicking on that, a drop-down window will open. Select Delete Options. 

Once you click on Delete options, a new small window will appear before you Delete Web & App Activity for: 

As you can see there are three options available “Today” “Yesterday” and “Advance” in verticle manner. Select the option accordingly. If you want to delete today's history select “Today” If you want to delete Yesterday's history choose “Yesterday” and confirm delete by clicking on DELETE.

After clicking on the DELETE button, a confirmation window will pop up, click on DELETE again.

Or, if you want to delete history from the past week, select Advance. After clicking on Advance, you will see there appear two options All time & Past 4 Weeks. Select the past 4 weeks.

Or, if you wish to delete all-time history simply select All time and click on delete and you are done. Have a look at the screenshot to get it better.

This was the complete guide for deleting search history from Google. Moreover, you can delete your youtube history from the same window.

To do so, click on the Settings option at the Top-left corner. As you can see there are various options, without thinking much select Youtube Watch History or if you want to delete Youtube search history then select the last option.

For deleting, the further procedure is the same as for the google search history.

Select “Today” for Today's history else, follow the same procedure explained above. That's it. This is how you can delete google search history either it is text search or YouTube from the Web & App Activity page you can easily remove searches.

If you find any difficulty to clear google search history, feel free to ask we are always here to help you. And if you liked the guide, do share it with your friends and relatives. You can check out our interesting guides on how to clear browser history from here!

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