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How to Block Messages Without blocking Profile on Facebook?



How to Block Messages Without blocking Profile on Facebook

With every new update Facebook is becoming a better place to connect to people, isn’t it? Although the process and answer to How to Block Messages Without blocking Profile on Facebook isn’t anything new.

Meaning to say it has been on the network for a long enough time, but it hasn’t gained as much exposure as it’s other features! So yeah if you’ve ever wondered How to block people from sending messages to your inbox, then you’re at the right place.

What this basically does is it blocks the “messages” only, and not the whole of the profile. So both of you can still checkout each others profiles and other data.  The only thing that you aren’t able to do is message each other. This one comes in handy when you don’t want to get irritated at a particular moment.

Or maybe you don’t want to receive inbox messages but aren’t planning on blocking the person’s Facebook profile from yours forever. So yeah, in that case, you can Block a friend from sending me private messages without blocking in general. But you can block the person on Whatsapp.

How to Block Messages Without Blocking Profile on Facebook:-

so in order to block Facebook “messages” without blocking the profiles, all you have to do is..

Click on the name of the person for whom you want to block the messages in the chatbox.


Then you need to click on the “gear” icon that’s for the Options of the chatbox.


And then finally just click on Block Messages button!


This would block the persons messages for your profile.

How to Unblock Messages:-

Yeah, it’s not fair if I show you How to Block Messages Without blocking Profile on Facebook, but skip the unblocking part, right?

Because everything is temporary, you’re bound to unblock that person today or tomorrow, and that’s when you’re going to need these steps. You can also turn off the notification on Facebook from specific person.
So here’s what you have to do to unblock a person’s messages from your Facebook profile.

Go to your Settings page by clicking the “down-arrow” on your homepage, and then clicking on Settings.


Then you need to click on the blocking tab,


And then you’d see a page with lot’s of blocking options. That’s where you find the “block messages” section. This section is where all the people whose messages you’ve blocked appears. Just click on the “unblock” button right next to their names.


Done! Now the persons’ messages are unblocked and you guys can resume your normal chit-chats as usual.

Method #2 to Block Messages on Facebook:-

So in case the first method is too simple or short for you, here’s the longer, traditional and native method to do the same job.

This process too does the same thing, the only thing is it’s the old-fashioned way, involving couple more clicks and pages .

But anyway,  proceed as explained in the above section, and again click on the “Blocking” tab as explained in the above section.


Once you click on it, find “block messages” section on the page.


Type in the name of the person manually for whom you want to block messages on Facebook.



The person would be blocked from sending you messages until and unless you unblock them.

Consequences of Blocking Messages on Facebook:-

If you’re asking “Can I block someone in messenger without blocking them” the answer is yes as you might have guessed by now.

But it’s only fair of me to make you aware of the consequences of doing so. I mean when you block someone’s messages, what exactly would be happening because there might be some results you didn’t expect or want apart from the messages being blocked.

So well yeah here’s what you’re looking at by blocking Facebook messages:-

  • They’re barred from sending any kind of private text to you. This goes both for Facebook messenger and the computer version.
  • Neither can you send them a message from one side. So blocking? Well it’s mutual.
  • Entering a group where the other person also is a member, you’ll be notified about the other person. If you choose to continue, you would be able to see their messages. There’s no way to be in a group chat, and not see the messages of a blocked person.
  • Your timeline activities are intact. Meaning you can visit their timelines, and they can visit yours. The only thing that’s blocked is “private messages”.
  • Both of you can also comment /like/ share each other posts and pictures. In short nothing else on the timeline gets affected.

Over to You:-

So that was it folks, on How to Block Messages Without blocking Profile on Facebook. There’s no rocket science to it as such.

All you’ve to do is, either click on the chatbox > gear icon > Block messages. (This is the shorter, simpler method to do so!.) 

Or maybe you can go to Your Settings > Blocking > Block Messages > Enter Name. In both the cases the results and consequences, effects are the same there’s no partiality. Even if that is not satisfactory to you, you can report the person to Facebook.

The only difference is that in the first method you can choose the person’s name directly and then block him from the chatbox, while in the latter method you’ve to manually enter the name of the person to block him from sending you messages.

If you’ve got any questions or doubts, you’re always welcome in the comment box. Ofcourse if you get stuck somewhere or are unable to unblock your fellow mate, you can leave a comment in that case too! Just in case, you wanted to block emails on Gmail.

And ofcourse, if this piece solved your problem, I wouldn’t mind you hitting the share button.

Evan Derek is the Founder and Chief SEO Analyst @ VebbLabbs. Specialising in Affiliate Marketing and helping newcomers to make it a stable profession in the online world, he boasts 6+ years of experience in the industry. 19 year has he spent on this planet successfully, and plans on spending atleast 50more !


How to Delete Facebook Messages




Facebook has been grabbing users at an exponential rate ever since its launch. Now, most of us know what is FaceBook and what it is used.

Have you ever wondered how you can delete Facebook messages so that you won’t be caught red-handed by your GF or BF? Haha! Don’t worry.

I am here today with a tutorial on how to delete Facebook messages. Most people’s Facebook messages page is a bombshell that it can create waves around their circle if leaked. So, it’s always safe to delete controversial messages after its delivery.

If there are annoying notifications on facebook, you can also delete the facebook notifications.

How to Delete Facebook Messages

Are you wandering around with ‘how to delete messages on FaceBook’ question in your mind? That problem ends right here.

I have divided this post into four sections. Though each of part discusses the same thing (message deletion), you will find the methods, platforms and purposes are different.

How to Permanently Delete Facebook Messages from a Particular Person?

What do you think when you see the FaceBook messages of a longtime user is empty? You sense something fishy, right? So, it’s always a good idea to filter your messages and delete only those you no longer want to have.

Follow the steps given below to know how deleting FaceBook messages from a particular person can be done.

Step 1: Go to Facebook website and insert the correct credentials to log into the widely used social media platform. You will end up being broke if you don’t provide true details.

Step 2: Now, you will be lead to the familiar interface of Facebook. We are not going to use that messages button placed in between friend requests and notifications.

Instead, send your eyes to the left of the screen and scroll down a bit to see messages option. Click on the same to proceed further.


Step 3: Now, you can see each conversation you made. I know you already decided which message in a particular conversation bagged a slot in your blacklist. Choose that conversation.

Step 4: At this step, you will see all the messages in that conversation. Click *Actions to see a set of options.

Step 5: I know you already figured out with which one to go with, didn’t you? You have to choose Delete Messages…


Step 6: Scroll down and up to see messages in that conversation. Make the checkboxes ticked to select the messages you want to delete.

Step 7: Finally, click Delete.

Hurray! You have done it. I hope you will not search for ‘how do you delete Facebook messages’ on Google. Not only that, you can also block messages without blocking profile.

How to Delete an Entire FaceBook Conversation?

Sometimes, we want to delete all the messages from a person. That means you should delete the entire conversation. In this section, I am going to discuss how you can delete a FaceBook conversation completely.

You have to follow until Step 4 in the previous section. That means you should get an Action menu. Then, proceed to the following steps.

Step 5: Instead of selecting Delete Messages… option, you have to click on Delete Conversation. (You can also use Delete All option to delete all the messages in that conversation).


Yeah! Mission accomplished. You will no longer have to fear that sneaky peeks.

How to Delete All Facebook Messages

Oh, do you want to delete all FaceBook messages? As of now, Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t allow us to do so. But I have got a solution for you.

Remember you should have Chrome browser to apply this trick.

Step 1: The first step is not FaceBook login. You have to bag a third-party tool to get started. And, that tool is Facebook Fast Delete Messages Chrome Extension.


The browser add-on is available for free to download. Your browser may get restarted for activation.

Step 2: Now, you have to go to FaceBook and log into your account making use of the correct credentials.

Step 3: By default, the first page you get just after logging in is your home feed. You have to go your timeline. And then, click Messages from the left sidebar after scrolling down a bit.

Step 4: If you are vigilant, you will notice something new there. Yes, the Chrome extension you just installed will add something new to your FaceBook messages page.

Check the image given below to get an idea.


Step 5: Can you see a Delete All button? If you want to delete all of your FaceBook messages, you will have to click on this button. Sadly, you won’t get any confirmation box or something.

So, make your mind before using it as a single click can delete all of your messages without any remnant.

Step 5: This one is optional for those who want to delete some selective conversations from the messages page.

Have you noticed a red ‘x’ button on the image on the right to every conversation? It will delete that complete conversation if you click.

You can use the previous method for this purpose too. But it takes much time as you have to make a few extra clicks and mouse movements.

How to Delete Facebook Messages from Messenger

Here, you will get to know how deleting messages from FaceBook messenger can be done.

Step 1: Launch FaceBook messenger app and you can see all of your conversation there.

Step 2: Long press on a particular conversation. Then, you will see the Delete option. Don’t hesitate to use the same in order to delete the complete conversation.


Step 3: If your choice is to delete one or two messages in a conversation, you have to find it and open it. Then, long tap on that specific message you want to delete.

Step 4: Finally tap Delete option.

That’s all.

Bottom Line

I hope you will not have any issue in deleting Facebook messages. I have given you ways to do it for different purposes and different platforms as well.

The Facebook messenger method is the same for both Android and iOS as well.

Still issues in deleting FaceBook messages? Shoot us your query using the comment form given below.

Make sure you hit any of those (or all) social share buttons to show us some love.

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How To Delete Facebook Messenger?



Everyone uses Facebook to pass the boring time. Barely would be any who are untouched of the term Facebook. Facebook is a social networking site where we can connect with everyone in the world who is using Facebook. It has over 900 million monthly active users which are increasing every next day.

Facebook provides us with many features like sharing our photos with our friends or public, we can gossip with our friends and can be in touch with them which we wouldn’t have otherwise.

Initially, Facebook was limited to its web version only, but now the facebook team has introduced messenger facebook app which let us connect to our friends on our mobile.

There are apparently hundreds of reason for us to join Facebook and Facebook messenger app. But like every other thing, the Facebook messenger has drawbacks too! We are not always in a mood to receive messages over our phone and reply to these messages. In that case, you can go offline on Messenger while using Facebook.

In such cases, the only thing that comes to our mind is how to delete Facebook messenger??? 

When it comes to installing any app, we find it extremely easy. Since we just have to visit the google play store, search for the appropriate app, and install it by following the instruction on the screen. But when it comes to deleting these apps, we feel completely lost and confused!

If you are also looking for the steps to delete Facebook messenger, Stay tuned, we have covered everything you need to know regarding messenger on Facebook in this guide.

What is Facebook Messenger?

Facebook messenger is one of the great text and voice messaging apps by Facebook. It is free of cost and is available on Google Play Store and Apple store for download since 2011. It is one of the fastest messaging apps for Facebook users all over the world.

Facebook messenger and Facebook web versions are completely associated with each other. If you have an account created on facebook web, you can use the same login credentials to sign in to the Facebook messenger app.

Having messenger installed on your phone lets you send fast text and voice messages to your friends for free by just having an active internet connection over your phone. Apart from this, it lets you create chat groups, sent stickers, exchange pics, videos, and more.

Overall, it is a very useful app which has a more feature over drawbacks. But if you have your own reasons to delete facebook messenger, we won’t make you keep it forcefully on your phone. Let’s quickly find out how to disable facebook messenger. 

How to Delete Facebook  Messenger?

Messenger for facebook is the app which most of the people don’t like to uninstall but, since you have decided to uninstall this app, we will guide you through the steps. So are you ready??

The method to delete facebook messenger may vary as per the mobile device you have. We have tried to cover the method for Samsung and IOS and other users.

#Method 1: For Samsung Users

If you are a Samsung user, you need to follow the below steps in order to delete it.

  • Go to the apps page where the messenger is located.
  • Now just tap the overview button(The left button out of three buttons at the bottom). A list of options will open up, one of the options is Uninstall, just tap it.
  • Once done, all the apps which can be uninstalled will appear like the below screenshot.
  • You need to tap on the messenger to uninstall it.
  • As sooner you do this, a pop-up window will appear, just click on Uninstall and you are done!

#Method 2: For all smartphones including Samsung

For those with smartphones other than Samsung needs to follow the below guide to uninstall/disable facebook messenger.

Step 1. On your android phone, just go to settings.

Step 2. Scroll all the way down and tap on Apps. Here in the downloaded section, where the downloaded apps are shown, just scroll down and select Messenger.

Step 3. Now tap on the Uninstall button and click Ok, and you are done with the second method!


Another simple method that doesn’t work in some Samsung phones is tap and hold the messenger icon until it comes to the home screen. Now drag it to the dustbin icon from where you can uninstall the app, after dragging it to the dustbin, it will ask to confirm that are you sure to delete it.

Just click Ok and the uninstallation process will start in a few seconds and the app would be deleted.

#Method 3: For iPhone users:

If you are an IOS user and want to uninstall messenger, then read and follow the below steps carefully.

Step 1. Tap and hold any app icon and all those apps which are deletable will start shaking.

Step 2. Tap on the ”X” sign on the top left a corner of the messenger icon and tap Delete option.

And you are done! Exactly, its that simple! Just two simple steps and you are done.

Although, uninstalling a messenger is really easy but you can avoid deleting it in many circumstances. For instances, one of the reasons to delete messenger for you is to getting access to notifications, then there is an option to mute notifications for the duration you want.

And if you are deleting messenger because you don’t want to get distracted from the message sound, then messenger has a solution for that too. Just go to the notifications area and do the appropriate setting including muting the notification sound. Or you can report the annoying person to Facebook. Here is how to report someone on Facebook.

I’ve seen many people choose to get rid of messenger because they have multiple facebook accounts to operate but they don’t find the option to sign out from it and at last, they just feel like deleting the messenger app. If you have multiple FB accounts, you can block messages without blocking the profile.

If same is the case with you, don’t panic. We have a solution for that too.! Just go to Settings> Apps> Go to the downloaded apps and  select messenger.  Just clear all the app data and you are good to go. Sign with the credentials you want to sign in with and you are done.

So, that’s it for the guide. I think we have successfully satisfied all your queries regarding how to delete facebook messenger from your phone! In the case of any doubt, feel free to comment below, we are just a click away!!

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How to Download Facebook Messenger



Facebook Messenger is a great app that is available for Android, iPhone, and Windows-powered devices; now it is possible for users to have a chat with their friends anytime and on-the-go. By reading this post, you’ll discover what is facebook messenger and the procedure to install facebook messenger.

Facebook Messenger helps you to share photos, videos to your friends using your phone. Facebook made its messenger’s functionality broader in mobile devices, resulting more features such as video calls and voice calls.

Obviously, when you are near to a computer you can use the Facebook’s web chat interface. The messenger app is particularly useful if you are moving out and want to continue your chat. No doubt, the messenger app is better than the traditional chat interface. With so many great features and simplicity, we’ve ultimately just switched to the Messenger app.


Years before there was the only option to use Facebook Chat on a PC, but now Facebook built a messenger app for various mobile operating systems, making it easier to chat in a minimal interface on smartphones. The mobile app is handy and easy to use, it even works on slow networks.

Recently messenger rolling out the group call feature, meaning you can talk to all of your group members at once, or you can choose members. In the US, the features of the payment have already been rolled out, letting users send or receive money inside messenger, sure you need to add a debit card first.

More recent Messenger updates bring some minor features such as displaying your friend’s username beneath their names. Also adding someone to your messenger is becoming comfortable, the new QR Code scan features allows you to do that. In the latest version, you’ll get a bunch of new features.


However, do you know why Facebook messenger is so popular? Because it can easily be a text messaging replacement app. if you compare this app to other instant-messaging-apps such as Google hangout and yahoo messenger, you will see that it’s not like them. It can integrate with your phone’s contacts list, making it simple to send messages to your contents (people) even if they are not connected to you on Facebook.

You must have some friends with you want to chat more frequently; messenger saves you from paying for other text messaging from your carrier.

How to Download Facebook Messenger for Android

Alright, here it goes. Step by step procedure on ‘how to download facebook messenger for android. If you have an Android smartphone, follow the steps to download and install Messenger Facebook app.

Unlock your phone, open the app drawer or something where all your apps are located.

Find ‘Google Play Store’ and tap to open it. You may need to sign in with a Google account if you haven’t already.

  • Once the Play Store app loads, you will see a search bar at the top of the app’s interface. Tap on it and type ‘Facebook Messenger’. You’ll see the messenger app listed there. Now choose the app, and last time tap on ‘Install‘ to download the messenger app. Messenger app will be automatically installed after that.

Alternatively, you can directly go to the messenger app in play store: Facebook Messenger

  • Once installed, open the app drawer and tap on the Messenger App. You need to input your credentials to login into the messenger. Yes, sure, use your existing Facebook credentials. However, you can also sign up in messenger with your phone number, and for that, no Facebook account is required.

If you already have the Facebook app on your phone, you will be asked to continue with your already logged account in facebook app. simply click ‘Switch Account’ if not.

  • On a successful login, your messenger is ready to shoot messages, share photos and videos with your friends. You can record your voice instead of type if you have more to say. Use stickers, there are hell amount of stickers packages, just sniff around and have some great conversations.

How to download Facebook Messenger for IOS

Follow the steps to download messenger for facebook on your IOS powered device. For IOS, you’ll get the almost same functionalities as messenger for android.

Click to download facebook messenger for IOS

How to download Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone

If you own a Windows phone, you can download the facebook messenger and enjoy the cool features of it. Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone

How to download Facebook Messenger for Windows

Nope! Now there is no standalone app for Windows PC; you need a browser such as Google Chrome to use facebook messenger interface.

But I must say you should use the web version of ‘messenger’ as it only has chat functionalities. Of course, you can make a voice call and video call in this web version of Facebook messenger.

To do so, visit messenger.com from a web browser such as Google Chrome. You’ll be asked to log in, enter your Facebook credentials and you are good to go.


Your messenger screen will look like the below screenshot. from there you can make voice and videos calls too. you can do a lot with the facebook messenger’s web version.


The web interface of facebook messenger. Yes, it is distraction free and there will be no Ads. with Messenger on facebook for windows, your chat going right on your PC desktop is now as easy as ever.

Final Words

Admit it; social networking is cool; there are times when you don’t want to open you facebook profile just because you only want to chat with your colleges or friends. in that case, you should love using messenger app on your mobile.

Facebook has always been a place where we like to spend our time, either chatting with friends or promoting your business you can use it in many ways. Sometimes it is not possible to open Facebook just to check incoming messages or message requests; at that point, a Facebook messenger comes handy. It is fast and reliable which let to make voice and video call using WiFi/3g/4g.

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How to Make Money on Facebook?



Making money online is one of the rapidly increasing trends. It’s increasing rate is as fast as inflation! We recently have written an article on how to make money on twitter and today we will tell you the steps on how to make money on facebook.

Wait? Did I just say we can make money on facebook? Well yes, we surely can! There is a proper methodology to making money online and we will tell the exact working method on how to make money with facebook.


With the billions of active users, Facebook is surely the world’s largest social networking websites. There are many other websites but if you ask the internet marketers, online vendors, bloggers and those who earn basically through the internet about their biggest medium of exposure, their answer would be no other than ‘Facebook’.

With the large audience, Facebook has surely brought up new earning sources. If you are completely unaware of how does Facebook make money, this tutorial will guide you through it! Do you know, you can also make money on Amazon. Yes, you read that right. Here is how to make money on Amazon.

How To Make Money On Facebook:

How to get paid on facebook is one of the widely searched terms over the internet, and that’s the main reason for us to bringing out this guide. This guide is designed exclusively for those, who spent lots of their time on their laptops surfing facebook.

If you been wasting lots of your time on facebook and don’t know how to use this powerful tool to bring you some extra cash, here’s how to do that. I can assure you about the relevancy of the guide! Now I don’t find any reason for the further delay, shall we start our guide??

1. Create an Attractive Profile:

Now you might wonder about the connection between making money and an appealing facebook profile. Well, that’s why we are here. We bring out unusual and legit facts and information just to help you out and help you stand in the competition!

Anyway, creating an attractive facebook profile with a professional looking picture, a decent cover and an obviously a great About attract people towards you. That’s a great way to expand your business and do some branding. Like LinkedIn, facebook can also help you get some business.

Your ‘about’ section should show all your skills, current job, and your past business profile in a very legit manner. Now if someone visit your profile and they get to know about your skills, current and past job profile and if they find them appropriate for their job, they can contact you! So this is how facebook can gain you business and money.

But it’s very important that you maintain your facebook appearance nicely and post great and compelling contents, only creating a good profile is not sufficient.

2. Set up an appealing business page:

If you own a business, creating facebook page is a must for you. The facebook page gives exposure to your business and helps you gain the new customers. We all know that facebook has billions of active users. Creating a business page give your product or service an exposure in front of a large audience.

Through facebook, you can make people know about your services, products, their benefits and off course new offers running on them, hence, more customers, more business, and more money.

Besides that, facebook pages help you interact with your customers, create more trust base and helps you know your customers and their interests better. In result, you can enhance your services and expand your business.

If you have created a trust base, you can use it later to sell your product with a link to it in the posts. You can also create a Youtube channel and through it you can bag up extra money. Here is how to make money on Youtube.

3. Build connections:

If used properly, facebook can help you build more connections and expand your business. Due to the big audience base almost every business, entrepreneur, online marketer, and online vendors seek a great business opportunity on facebook.


All of them wants to explore their business and business can’t be done alone. If you manage to create influentials appearance on facebook, no doubt you can build connections with the like-minded people. Hence more business opportunities and more money!

But the important point is your appearance. It all depends on how you portray yourself!

4. Brand Yourself and gain exposure:

Like I said, facebook lets you connect with the largest public in the world. There is no other medium which can give you exposure in front of that big audience. For instance, if you are a singer, you can use facebook as a promotional platform and it gives you exposure in front of the world.

If some music composer found your voice appropriate, he can contact you and offer you an opportunity to sing for them. That’s how facebook helps people in branding and helps you gain exposure, thus, you can make some great money on facebook.


5. Sell goods through facebook ads:

Facebook not only gives you exposure to the large audience but it also helps you make money by flashing ads. However, this feature of facebook is not free but in order to make money, we have to spend some money.

Various Affiliate marketers and e-commerce websites are using facebook ads to sells their goods and services to the targeted audience and making huge money. If you are serious about making money on facebook, learn to use facebook ads, it is a vast topic and we can’t discuss it in here. But we can assure you making money through facebook ads is not that tough, many bloggers, and affiliate marketers are using it thoroughly.

So this is how Facebook makes money to us!

If you have gone through the complete guide, I’m pretty assured about your learnings on How to make money on facebook. Perhaps, making money on facebook is not one of the easiest tasks but it’s not impossible either. You can also make money from Apps. There are a lot of apps that offers you real money.  Here is how to make money with Apps.

With little efforts and some intelligence, we can make real money on facebook and the amount of your income completely depends on your level of efforts and your smartness of executing the above-mentioned points.

I would love to know your take on money-making aspect of Facebook and your best ways for the same. Do share this guide on your social media accounts in order to help your friends earn some extra cash!

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How to Solve Facebook Login Problems?



How to Solve Facebook Login Problems

Facebook the giant social media network. It also helps you to reach possible know friends. In fact, there are many ways to stay connected with your Facebook friends, using Facebook messenger is one.

Facebook let users connect with colleges, family, and other users who share the same interests.  If one of your friends has recently joined Facebook, you can suggest friends to them. Peoples around the world use Facebook to enrich their social experience; some use it to make money and promote their business.

Facebook homepage login page is simple, in the header area of the page, you’ll have to enter your email and password.


If your can’t login to Facebook, maybe something goes wrong. In this post, you’ll learn how to solve Facebook login problems.

Like another social website, on Facebook, there is a number of reason cause a login failure or error. Some of them are due to the wrong credential, and other may occur due to another reason. We divided this post into several segments going through all possible problems and their solutions.

How to solve facebook login problems

First, let’s address the most common Facebook login problems. And after that, we will discuss more problems with facebook.

  1. Wrong password and username
  2. Invalid email

Wrong password or username/email

Sometimes you can’t login to facebook when your typed password is not correct; a possibility is you made a typo or spelling error. If that happens, you should try again and this time, type each character of your password carefully. Also, facebook’s password is case sensitive so you might need to check if your keyboard’s caps lock button is on.

Just in case you forgot your password, click on the ‘Forgotten account’ and follow the instruction to reset your account’s password. If your account is not hacked, Facebook will send password reset code on your email address or your phone number.

You can also click on the link inside the email to reset your password. Then you need to set a new password and after you can login to your Facebook account.


Email/Username/Phone: Keep in mind that you can use email or username, they work same in logging into your Facebook account. If you are trying to log in with an email and getting errors, you can choose your username instead of email address.

You can forget email easily, but you can always check your username with the help of your any friend who is your friend on Facebook. To know your username ask your friend to log into their account and find your profile. Now look in the address bar it should be something ‘facebook.com/USERNAME’ the Username is your Facebook profile’s username.

Just like that if you added your phone number in past, you should be able to login with your phone numbers. You need to enter you already added a phone number in the Email or Phone field.

TIP: In Email field you can also use your username or your registered phone number.


You can also visit the official login help page f0r more information. If that didn’t help, click the ‘Forgotten account’ link and follow the instructions as prompted.

Sometimes if your browser is opening facebook sign in page again, you might want to clear browsers cache and cookies.

Facebook’s Login Page is not opening

At your end, if Facebook login page is not loading which means either your internet connection is slow, or there is a mess with your cookies settings. Make sure you turned on the cookies in your browser settings. If you are using Google Chrome, you must update it to the latest version.

This is another one of the most common problems in which Facebook login page failed to load. In this case, there should be a problem with your cookies. If you are facing this problem, then do take reference of Facebook help section.

Another thing if your login page is not loading and you see a message saying something went wrong, in that case, you need to check other social media, because Facebook sometimes goes down for the maintenance but that happens rarely. You can also search these terms in google to check if Facebook is down ‘Facebook problems today, or Facebook issues today because top news websites cover such news instantly.

Facebook Phishing:


If you clicked a link someone sent and that page seemed similar to facebook’s login page, and unfortunately you entered your login credentials, your account might be hacked. Someone also changed your primary email as well as password. At that case, you might need to recover your account. Click here to start the process.

Even if you believe if you facebook account, is not hacked, here are some tips you should consider these tips to avoid further hack attempts.

  • Never follow a link someone sent you and asked you to sign in with your Facebook details.
  • Don’t circulate your login credentials. Even if you can trust the second person, you can’t trust the third person.
  • Change you facebook account password in a month or two and try to make it complete by adding special characters and space. Example Facebook password: ‘MyPa55word#isnotsimple’.
  • If you are on various social media platform, you might want to use different passwords and to remember that you can use password tools such as LastPass.

Just like that if you are creating a new account you might face some facebook sign up problems, that time you might need to check for the error text. Sometimes it is because the name you entered is not allowed by Facebook, and if your email is already used in another account, you can’t use the same email to sign up.


This guide has been published to solve all your queries about How to solve facebook login problems and we hope it will solve all the basis Facebook login problems. If they don’t work there is a something more serious situation with your account.

But in most cases when you try to recover your account, you might need government documentation for your identity proof. In some cases, you won’t be able to get back your account if you were using a false name or you didn’t follow the Facebook terms and conditions.

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